NRA virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
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The newly Democrat-controlled Virginia legislature begins hearing testimony on a raft of gun control bills today at the capitol in Richmond. Bills under consideration include an “assault weapons” ban, “large capacity” magazine ban, red flag confiscations, universal background checks and more.

Hearings today will be held by the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. The NRA called for the state’s gun owners to show attend and let the committee know that Old Dominion gun owners — as evidenced by Second Amendment sanctuary movement that’s swept the state — will not be disarmed.

NRA Virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy VCDL

There are more than 100 such sanctuaries now, the result of a grassroots movement that highlights how the gun debate divides along regional and partisan lines as well as the influence of grassroots gun activists and lobbying groups.

“Gun control has been seen as purely partisan for quite some time, but it was really urban vs. rural,” said Harry Wilson, director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College and author of multiple books on guns and politics. “They were correlated, but not nearly as strongly as they are now.”

Both sides of the issue have ratcheted up the rhetoric among supporters. Both sides warn that the words and actions of the other side will lead to a “civil war.” Gun owners have accused local government leaders unwilling to become gun sanctuaries as “traitors” and committing “treason.”

– Amy Friedenberger in Rural Virginia Democrats once backed by NRA feel the pressure from gun rights groups

Magpul airlifted 1000 PMAG’s for attendees in support of the gun rights effort effort.

NRA Virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

That apparently triggered the delicate flowers at the CSGV:

As Patriot Picket‘s Jeff Hulbert reports, Virginia gun owners have answered the NRA’s call to pack the hearing room and capitol.

NRA Virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
NRA Virginia legislature gun control
James Delong if Powhatan, Virginia was first in line, two hours early. (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)
NRA Virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
NRA Virginia legislature gun control
The legislature made the capitol and all legislative office buildings gun-free zones last week. (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)
NRA Virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
NRA Virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
NRA Virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
NRA Virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
NRA Virginia legislature gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
Virginia legislature gun control
On the left is anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw. He’s the author of the “assault weapons” ban bill that’s under consideration and he doesn’t look happy about the number of gun owners who have turned out to oppose him. (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)


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  1. Very interested to see what Virginians do on July 1st and in the years ahead. I hope big things but I’m not holding my breath!

    • July 1st is when the laws they pass in the next 60 days take effect. Hopefully this is settled LONG BEFORE THEN. Like in the next two weeks.

    • I think that what will happen politically is that the gun-rights activism will serve to create a new political alignment along lines similar to the conservative insurgency that elected Trump. The Trump voters were a entirely new demographic consisting of working-class and middle-class, multi-ethnic, multi-racial people from both parties who combined to form a completely unexpected insurgent-populist political constituency. The mainstream political parties are still trying to figure how that happened and are terrified of what this means for the future. We should remember that gun-rights is not really a social change movement in the way that gun-control is. We are instead defending our constitutional rights. The appeal of that fight goes far beyond the rather vulgar narrow interests of gun-control.

      • I understand people complaining about Wayne. But all this state law aggression from the antis owes a lot to the nra being weak. And they are weak in part because they are being abandoned. They should be a force in the 2020 election.

        They won 2016 for trump and the dems have been working to break the nra. I’m not abandoning them over 15k worth of clothes over 10 years. I think the way he saved us from a universal registration bill during the sandy hook panic was more than worth it.

        Plus I like zegna brand clothing. Good taste Wayne.

        • Damn Man, get your head out of your ass! The reason the nra is in the shitter is not because of Wayne’s extravagant clothing purchases, (which, by the way, were a HELL of a lot more than $15,000 over 10 years. Hell, he dropped $35,000 in one weekend of clothes shopping on Rodeo Drive!) The organization has become nothing more than an entity that exists to perpetuate it’s own existence. You want to know what’s wrong with the nra? I’ll tell you, The 1934 National Firearms Act, The 1968 Gun Control Act, The NICS check system, The Brady Bill, The closing of the machine gun registry, The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, Trump’s Bump Stock Ban, and the infamous “Red Flag Laws.” Every single one of these heinous pieces of legislation were either written, co-authored or supported by your friends at the national rifle association. A larger group Fudds have never existed than the leadership of the nra. You can keep throwing your money down a rat hole if you want to. The nra will never see another penny of my mine.

      • Wrong, the Disingenuous Bastard Founders of the U.S. deliberately wrote 2a in the vaguest of terms because they feared the proletariat and even denied them the right to vote. Its working out just as they had planned from the very beginning. The Ruling elite (the rich and powerful) stay in power for life and rule over the troglodyte starving worker slaves.

        • Blah blah blah. I could write a computer program that spouts more interesting gibberish than you. Actually, it’s already been done, see: ELIZA, 1966

        • Remember, if government is hell bent on confiscating your firearms it is because they plan on doing something that free people would shoot them for doing.

          We went through the first steps of this crap in last year’s legislative session here in Nevada. They pushed through universal background checks, red flag, stricter safe storage and an unnecessary bump stock ban. Despite many hundreds of us to each Everytown shill showing up in both the capitol and the satellite in Las Vegas. We saw the same thing over a longer period of years in California where I used to live.

          The message is clear…. the time and place to stop these kinds of shenanigans is before they start; at the polling place on election day. Turnout in many districts, in Virginia and Nevada, was abysmally low and now we suffer a tyranny of a minority. Showing up to committee hearings is great , and all, but it is closing the barn door after sleeping through all the horses escaping for all those who did not make an effort and vote.

        • to Frank

          ====================Turnout in many districts, in Virginia and Nevada, was abysmally low and now we suffer a tyranny of a minority.===============

          Unfortunately 67 per cent of all Americans do not own guns so gun owners are the minority and when they sit home eating pizza and guzzling beer and passing rectum gas it guarantees that they will lose in the elections and that is exactly what happened.

        • Vlad, hi back to reading “Reds” and having improper thoughts of executing all those class enemies.

        • Seriously stop replying to this troll. The Founders owned slaves, drank, smoked, womanized, did drugs, ran guns and killed people they did not agree with. Yet they still managed to form the most perfect form of Government yet. Either you understand the concept or you don’t and he clearly does not.

  2. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s logo is an AR with a prohibition sign. They’re focused on ARs and the NRA which just shows how ignorant they really are.

  3. Who paid for the free mags, the NRA or Magpul? If it was Magpul, it’s funny how they reflexively blame the NRA.

    • It’s been reported elsewhere that Magpul sent the mags to the NRA so that the NRA could hand them out.

    • I imagine they are convinced the NRA somehow threatened or blackmailed Magpul into donating them so the NRA could distribute them. They don’t know much about Magpul and their history in dealing with magazine bans.

      • I count 10 boxes in the back of the truck, but only 9 boxes seemed to made it to the capital photo.

        Hmmm… Did one “fall off the truck” during transport?

  4. I’m forced to wonder if Harry Wilson is a reincarnation of Nicolas Vaca or if Mr. Wilson will be embarrassed by a reincarnation of Nicolas Vaca.

    Time will tell.

    • I’ve also had very good reliability with the 40 round Pmags. A little heavy with 300 blackout sub loads loaded…but worth it.

  5. Good on the N R A, especially name-checking the other orgs they’re working with, who got there first.

    Oh, wait. Half good on tbe N R A.

  6. Given how they’ve been smeared in the anti-people’s propaganda, is the N R A the best org to have out front in this? Or given how they behave?

    • The NRA needs to contribute to helping State Organizations more proactively. It’s their only path and some type of redemption.

      They’re 15 to 20 years late to the party though. Should’ve been helping out in funding State Organizations instead of using their money to party at “Club Conservative Inc” with GOP Establishment F***-Ups.

  7. It is really inspiring to see so many hundreds of patriots showing up and standing together at the capitol to support and defend their inalienable right to keep and bear commonly owned arms.
    I would have loved to see thousands of supporters even more.
    Next week, on the 20th, all who came today and for sure thousands more… Be there. Make you voices heard!

  8. What good is an advocacy organization thwt lets itself and its constituents get smeared?

    Asking for 5,000,000 friends.

    • What good is an advocacy group that lets their “leader” use an expense account to buy dozens of $1,000 suits, book himself vacations at beach resorts, and makes rookie mistakes over a decade into the job?

      Wayne shoulda been fired years ago.

  9. They spit the room with half of the room pro rights, and the other half MDA fascists. There are a lot more pro rights people in attendance but they wanted to make sure it was “equal”. Its all for optics.

    SB16 was trashed. That means the even nastier HB AWB with rectal exam is still in play. The combined a few bills together which makes voting in awful stuff much easier for them.

    • What did SB16 do? Wasn’t that the Senate’s AWB?

      IMHO, Virginia will at least see new laws that include; 1 Handgun Per Month, Red Flag Law, Suppressor Ban, 5 or 10 Day Waiting Period, UBC’s, and a “High Capacity” Magazine Ban.

      Look at Colorado in 2013. That’s what’s coming at a minimum.

      • 16 was the AWB with no grandfather and registration, just straight ban, and you had to sell or surrender your property.

        The new AWB demands registration with the state, but doesnt grandfather parts (a spare muzzle break is a felony), or silencers or trigger activators. Those have to be sold/destroyed/surrendered.

        • NFA *registered* cans will be outlawed? Without compensation?

          In slightly better news, Cory Booker, the last person of color the Leftists were running has bowed out.

          How *racist* of them to not run a person of color…

        • Gabbard and Yang will disagree. Plus there’s Bloomberg who’s supposedly Jewish, which I’m told is definitely NOT white, even though you couldn’t tell them apart without maybe a massive nose, which Bloomberg lacks. We can’t leave out the wannabe Cherokee and the gay Mayor. I’m told being gay is essentially like being a person of color.

  10. Next monday is the real deal, the nra as usual, coming in and crashing VCDL’s hard work, the people of Virginia did this organically on their own, thats what has got em scared, im sure the nra is working hard in the background on a compromise that insures they can peddle fear to rake in cash, all the while not really fighting for anyone’s rights, without the threat of gun control where would the nra be? Support goa, the vcdl saf etc, the nra are literally controlled opposition, they might not be controlled by some spook agencies but their actions in order to remain relevant and funded are no different.

    • imo i think everyone is going to be wondering why the VCDL is making such a big deal when the issue is already decided… whichever way it goes it is likely to be a done deal by next Monday.

      • Silence is consent. If the people did nothing, then the optics are that people were fine with the laws being passed. In one election, VA is being sent on the path to ruin like all of the other super majority leftist states. While the time to fight this transformation was really at the ballot box, all peaceful avenues to avert these laws being voted on and signed into law should be used.

        • But the Democrats say we have to ask the other person every 10 minutes if it’s okay to continue screwing them.

  11. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.
    Ayn Rand

    Virginia is gonna pass a metric shi1tonne of gun infringement. We need massive non-compliance, and tens of thousands peacefully marching with their banned weapons and magazines, proving VA cannot possibly enforce these laws and that gun owners aren’t the problem. And neither are our “scary” black rifles, that were used in fewer than 4 murders out of Virginia’s less than 400 murders in 2018.

  12. Is it time to inform the moms infringing on 2A is how they will get more violence, not less? Or are we still playing law abiding victim game?

  13. The NRA, GOA and the FPC, I am a lifetime member of all, they must join forces to beat this shit and whip their fucking asses in the courtroom and send Bloomberg and that piece of shit Governor back to hell where they came. And if anyone does not agree, then you do not need to own firearms and as for going around and spewing Michael Bloomberg bullshit about the NRA or anyone else can just get the hell out of here as far as I’m concerned. Either stand up and fight, or get the hell out of our way. And if you have a better plan than you name it , but this is the best we have and it will work. So quit bitching

  14. The Stalinist’s are in control now. All the laws will be passed. The gun hating courts will bless them and taps will play for 2A. Finis.

    Reality check: The Dems were elected on gun control and it would be political suicide to back down. The majority of the population is with them all the way. Its called Democracy and the Fat Lady has sung because its all over now.

    • Yes the next step is blaring loud speakers in the streets giving the proletariat 5 minutes to throw their weapons out onto the street for the waiting front end loaders that will scoop them up and take them to the smelter while news cameras roll and crowds cheer. Helicopter gun ships manned by brainwashed stone cold killers will be ready to fire rockets into any homes that resist ala David Koresh style. The Fat Lady has sung.

      Who said the good old days of massacring civilians Vietnam style with helicopter gun ships would never come again. We cannot let the troops get rusty without any live fire practice.

      • And you love it, don’t you, Vladski. You’ll be skipping down the street behind them, saying, “I told them so! I told them, but they wouldn’t listen! Now that you’ve won forever, can I be on your team?”

        And then you’ll finally discover, as they force you to your knees in front of that ditch and start tipping the corpses of the insufficiently pure into it one by one, that they picked their team a long time ago. And you ain’t on it.


        “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Why did “certain” teams in the NFL refuse to hire a black coach this year? Because of white racists/supremacists who exist in the NFL front office.++++++++++++++++++

        More of your veiled racism. Remember law enforcement is watching you. Go to supper now your mother is calling you.

    • The fat lady is dead. Laws don’t mean a damn thing if the vast majority of the people tell you to shove it and where. Laws only mean something if you can enforce them. That’s not going to happen in VA or anywhere else these socialist scum try to play this game.

      • Your delusional and are ignorant of gun ban history. It wins every time and stays on the books until the end of time. The proletariat must know their place and not be a threat to the power elite who rule for life. Its the corrupt American political way.

        • “Why were no black coaches hired this year? The NFL is to blame.”

          They’re trying their best to diversify the NFL since nearly 70% of players are black. Make up your mind. I thought you guys wanted it to reflect the country as a whole. That would mean only 13% of blacks in the NFL. So is that what you want?

        • Hey Dude and ING and others are you people too stupid to notice that the FAKE VLAD HAS NO MONIKER. And do you not notice his overt and veiled racism that he uses against black people and minorities.

    • Hey Vlad the Fudd. Do you really think they’ll let you keep your pre-1964 Winchester model 70 with Redfield scope after it is classified as a “sniper” rifle and therefore a danger to the people?

      These revolutions have a habit of turning on their supporters. If not now certainly later. So you had better put on your guilty face for the show trial.

  15. I am glad for the VCDL doing so much work for this. Also glad the NRA is there as well.
    Think of the NRA like an offensive line backer. They are big enough that politicians can sit and scream about them all day long. Meanwhile the VCDL and FPC can work in freedom for freedom.
    Not going to point fingers or get butthurt. A win is a win if we can get it.
    Just be thankful you aren’t stuck in California!

    • I’m sure we have all had that one (or more) person (s) at work that only shows up after all th heavy lifting is done, only to claim as much or more credit for the results. That would be the NRA.

  16. I buy a few Magpul mags every payday. Prefer the 20 rounders. Anyone supporting gun control has committed treason and should treated as such. It’s really that simple. Virginia can pass all the laws they want. The real question is who will attempt to enforce it.

  17. Joining the VCDL the other day, somebody on here put a link up and thank you and I guess it’s kind of like a Family Feud, some people like the NRA and some people like the GOA and I guess the two families can squabble together later, right now somebody’s in our house and they are not welcome and very dangerous and if we win, maybe the two can combine some ideas. But we need to respect each other and beat this thing together

    • “I guess the two families can squabble together later, right now somebody’s in our house and they are not welcome and very dangerous and if we win, maybe the two can combine some ideas. But we need to respect each other and beat this thing together”.

      That may be so, but I’m for kicking the no good bum NRA out after this is over. If your ally is just as bad as your enemy…then you need to pick better allies.

      • And at the next state election, actually go out and VOTE! If you don’t vote, don’t complain about the result.

  18. What is going on in Virginia proves the absolute corruptness of the gun hating power mad Courts that are ignoring their own prior rulings. 2A’s is worth no more than toilet paper that you wipe your ass with. And thank both Republican and Democratic Judges for this as they are all as crooked as a dogs hind leg.

      • Sorry THE FAKE VLAD is not my account.

        Anyone with any reading comprehension can tell that FAKE VLAD’S juvenile responses reveal he is some high school kid playing on the internet. His syntax is even quite different or did you not notice?

  19. The Democrats do have a majority in both the house of delegates 55-45 and the Senate, 21-19 however it is not an overwhelming majority as you can see. After all, if you are a Gun-Grabbing Democrat, how much crap are you really going to take for a part-time position that pays a salary of $20K per year ?

    • Absolute power is what politicians live for and many would gladly work for free, if you can even call their jobs work.

    • There’s plenty of money in state politics, and it doesn’t come from their salary, although many of them have other business interests.

  20. I don’t see why the NRA is getting all the credit for the hard work done by the VCDL and other local groups.

    • They might get undue credit (no arguement here) but they also get quite a lot of undue blame.

      I would rather the NRA not just be in the fight at the beginning but part of what prevents all this craziness to start with. I’m not yet convinced that when it gets this big, gun rights can when without the NRA. I also don’t see anyone else bringing in Magpul. Big names need to be very publicly seen.

      • At this time, I think it best to not refuse help from any organization be the NRA or PTA. Right now it is important to show a unified front vs multiple splinter groups. This is not the time to alienate any help available. Blame or credit can be distributed at a later date when and if all is well…

        • Having multiple groups is way better than one large corrupt phony one. When all the groups assemble there is a diverse collective joining together in a common cause. That looks way better than the typical NRA front. It shows America that it’s not just the stereotypical NRA shindig. You don’t have rich man Wayne passing the hat around for you to fill with money.

  21. Gun owners have no one to blame but themselves. They sat home during the election guzzling six packs of beer and slopping down pizza’s while passing rectum gas. The Stalinist’s swarmed the election polls yelling Komarades!, Stalin! Stalin! Stalin, Хейл победа (Hail Victory).

    If you think this is bad wait till the 2020 elections, Trump the loser, could be beaten by even Jimmy Carter who is in his mid 90’s

    • “wait till the 2020 elections, Trump the loser” will still be your president in 2020,2021, 2022, 2023, 2024…

    • Vlad the impostor to chicken to use his own moniker is back.

      “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””People of color, immigrants, and the indigenous tribes of America support this agenda.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””

      Your racism is sickening. Your a far right wing Nazi that needs monitored by law enforcement. Any violence against minorities in your area should immediately put you as a number one person of interest with law enforcement.

      • Wait…. you’re complaining someone encroaching on your PROPERTY RIGHTS and using what’s YOURS?

        Oh, it is quite the day….

  22. I’d switch to magpul if I wasn’t already using them , they are the best around.

    I even have some of their clothing line ( expensive but really good ). I wish they had kept it up.

    Maybe I’ll buy some sunglasses of theirs.

    • I was going to order some PMags butt discovered that PMag wasn’t the abbreviation for Playboy Magazine. Besides, I don’t own any long guns anyway!

  23. “Abhorrent and dangerous,” says the CSGV. “Handing out magazines at a lobby day.”

    I thought they were just anti-gun. Now they’re agitating against the First Amendment too?

  24. Your rulers don’t care about your rally, your mags or your rights comrade.

    Nothing will change. Your gestures are meaningless and ineffective.

    You took to long to wake up.

    Move to a free state.

  25. Extremeist=Exercising constitutional rights?!?

    I love that they clearly stood against our constitution and identified themselves as the traitors and enemy of republic! Can’t dodge that statement!!

  26. Quote from the beginning of this article:
    “Gun control has been seen as purely partisan for quite some time, but it was really urban vs. rural,” said Harry Wilson, director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College and author of multiple books on guns and politics. “They were correlated, but not nearly as strongly as they are now.”

    Another interpretation of the behavior called “Gun Control”:
    I take issue with the explanation above.
    This issue is so loaded with energy because Gun Control is a reflection of the ancient battle of the sexes. We all know that the legislation being cooked up does not control guns, nor even crime. It does far more disproportionally impact men and empower the irrational fears of women. The democrat party is the party of the female and they are riding this fear in women into office. Add in the always present desire for more control and power that government seeks, and the republican simps, and you see the results of this man bashing coalition.

    If you do not see this side of the gun control issue, ask yourself why there is NO financial push back from republicans equal to the money dumped into Virginia by Mikael Bloomburger. Blue pill men fear the sanctions of their women and do not have the backbone to stand up.

    Gun Control is Man Control.

  27. It’s better to hand out free 30 round magazines in Virginia than hand out free sex toys in Austin Texas.

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    who genuinely knows what they are discussing on the web.

    You actually know how to bring a problem to light and make it important.
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