Henry Classic Lever Action .22
But Jacinda Ardern said she only wanted to confiscate milintary-style semi-automatic weapons. (Travis Pike for TTAG)
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New Zealand doesn’t have firearms registration so police are getting creative in finding other ways to determine who owns them. And they’re apparently targeting critics of PM Jacinda Ardern’s failed gun-grabbing scheme.

This is for a lever-action .22LR that’s designed to hit paper or be used to hunt bunnies. What happened to going after the “weapons designed to kill people” as the police minister Stuart Nash has claimed?

The implications of this are rather stunning. I took the photo and publicised the details about this firearm as part of the select committee process. This good-faith evidence was used by the police as a justification for their raid. Do we now live in a country where public evidence given to a select committee will be used against you to suit the political purposes of the police?

Anyone who’s publicly talked about or posted a picture of their grandfather’s little .22LR pump/lever action can get raided, as these rifles all had 10+ capacity prior to the draconian new rules. Admitting you had one a year ago is reason enough to warrant a raid on your property today.

I suppose it’s no coincidence that I pointed out in an article last month just how bad the numbers are when it comes to compliance. When I said that New Zealand gun owners aren’t “rolling over for anybody”, this is not quite what I had in mind—again, why raid the guy publicly pointing out the truth?

I’ve been vocal about my opposition to many of this government’s policies. I live a very conservative life and hold traditional conservative views which I am public about. I’ve never promoted non-compliance and was rather shocked by how low the numbers really were. This left me wondering: was this a politically motivated action by someone high-up in the bureaucracy ordered to make examples?

– Dieuwe de Boer in The Raids Have Begun & I Was the First; All for a .22 Bunny Gun

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  1. Can you say “police state” boys and girls? Read your history, this is exactly how it starts. It’s what your dem reps have in mind for you, for your own protection of course.

    • This is many steps past the start.

      Soon enough, too soon really, people will be staring at the horror and wondering how their lovely New Zealand fell so far, so fast into a distopia.

    • The cops, who endangered the man’s family more than likely identify as conservatives. This is an example of how the criminal gang members are better defenders of Liberty, than the law abiding subjects are. The cops go after the mortgage holders who value wealth over Liberty, because the gang members will justifiably put hot lead into to the officers, if they tried to disarm them.

      Luckily, the 2nd Amendment is not a death pact for the Citizen, where the Citizen has to get into a gun fight while out numbered by armored cowards, who mean the Citizen’s family harm. The 2nd means that Citizen can meet his arresting officer, prosecutor and judge from a couple hundred yards away with rifle rounds, at time of the Citizen’s choosing.

      • Correct. That may not help the guy who is attacked first, but that leaves years before the effort is complete. Even if it takes six months for people to wake up, when bodies begin to drop the tyrants will notice. And I believe they are all cowards, will probably lead the effort from outside the country after that.

    • Yup. Those “Dems” really want what they want. One way or another. Federal or state level action.

    • Correct.

      Ask the disbelieving Jews in 1936 Germany.

      Kill ALL who come for your firearms and your rights.

      “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”

      “Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.” ~ Heinrich Himmler.

      1938 – Germany disarmed its citizens, and between 1939 – 1945 they murdered 6 million German Jews and 7million Gentiles

      • I want to say its unbelievable that in this day and age the six million figure is still being passed around, but given the average person / voter, its not surprising. Interesting how, in the days of the Nuremberg trials, four million allegedly died at the infamous Auschwitz, and finally in the 90s, that figure was dramatically reduced by several million, because, “oops”. Now its allegedly six million for the whole war. Academic research on the subject is demonized and if you don’t repeat the lies, you are destroyed.

        But, I suppose the Lusitania wasn’t running guns, Arabs hate us for our freedoms, Vietnam sank a ship that didn’t actually exist, multiple skyscrapers fell on their own footprints, and of course Jeffery Epstein killed himself.

        Keep in mind, it was a world war, and everyone across Europe was starving and dying from all manner of causes. Woe, how little attention the Red Famine gets, how little mind is paid to the millions murdered by Russia, or Britain’s genocide across India. Its not about how many died, its about who was attacked.

        I don’t like kool-aid, you can drink it all.

        If people paid any attention at all to history, they would know that confiscation of weapons usually results in a lot of people dying. This is has been going since spears and swords. If you conquer a nation in ancient times, kill off their black smiths and force them to pay yours to sharpen their tools. They can’t make their own weapons anymore and won’t be able to throw their new masters off.

    • This is the mechanism of Hitler, Castro, Mao, and Stalin used to develop a dictatorship. If the New Zealanders do not rise up in revolt to throw out their officials, they will soon come under the yoke of an oppressive government dictating their rights to freedoms and self-defense. This is a lesson for Americans in the politicians call for “gun control.”

        • “And it’s fing stupid! Seems to me the one that day that are the ones that won’t fight back!”

          *Rolling Eyes*

          Does it really need to be spelt out for you?

          What it means is, you retrieve them at a time of YOUR choosing, not the government’s, when you do fight back. Is that clear enough for you, dumb-ass?

      • @ Duane
        Guns? What guns? Nobody that comes to this website have guns! We’re just a bunch of folks that get together and while the women folk play cards the men go bowling and have a beer.
        Dear me, real men don’t have guns, real men talk it out and shake hands!

      • Starting a revolution, are you?

        If not, you don’t have much highground to talk about what others should or shouldn’t do.

        • It’s ALREADY started. The good people of Virginia, are about to drag that worthless Dictator of a Governor out of the state house, along with his butt boy, the AG. You can only govern, those who will allow you to, and if you become a tyrant, as Northam has, you will be removed, maybe physically. Northam is stomping on the citizens rights to defend themselves, because he was bought, along with the Virginia Legislature, by that self made tyrant BloomTurd, who actually thinks that he’ll get elected. The self-centered prick thinks he will though, so let him try!

    • So, you admit you have acquired guns at some point?

      We will come to check if you really lost them. We have gun detection dogs, metal detectors and scanners. You won’t mind because you don’t have anything to hide.

      Make sure to file a proper report of where you lost your guns so we can get divers down there. The public is in danger if we can’t get those guns.

      • “We will come to check if you really lost them.”

        Let’s break this ‘genius’ idea down, shall we?

        Call it 100 million gun owners, more or less. A few thousand cops hunting for those guns.

        Do the math… 🙂

        • Absolutely, officer, come right in! (BANG, BANG) Honey, bring the shovel! No, he never showed up here. Have a nice day! (BANG, BANG) Honey, bring the shovel! Who? Why would you think he came here? You have no one to send, you need me to come in? Sure, I’ll be there tomorrow. Haha. Don’t hold your breath.

  2. When this starts, if you have hidden your personal guns there are plenty of guns in police cars you can use………………

    • The Crimson Pirate,

      When it is time for good people to hide their firearms, it is time to use them.

      • Yes. But if you don’t want to get your family killed in a shootout with the cops during dinner and thus you have either divested yourself of your firearms or have them confiscated, then there are plenty more in police cars that you can use.

        • More or less, this.

          This isn’t early America anymore, you can’t just shoot once from the bushes and vanish into the night. Its not even the old west days where men were on equal standing against gang members in blue.

          These days, its either all or nothing, and one should expect to be found on hundreds of cameras going to or from the area. Data is damning. Most people simply aren’t familiar enough with surveillance age warfare to be effective in anything but being another dead “crazed gunman” on the evening news.

          People are too entrenched with their homes, families, hobbies, money, etc, to go all in, so they wait for others who don’t have so many attachments to get fed up and hoist the black flags. When that happens, everyone else will join in.

        • Arc, if we’re going to be concerned about that, we need to start shooting cameras long before we start shooting the government.

        • LarryinTX

          One guy did shoot out red light cameras with a .22, I don’t recall his name, but I shall simply refer to him as “A patriot”.

          Sadly, he was one person, and only one person. People are simply too pacified to care anymore and I’m more or less getting to be the same way. There won’t be any grand revolution, no returning the federal government back to the powerless institution it used to be, no restoration of rights and liberty, none of it. People are going to bend over and take it, because taking it is less painful than resisting.

          Now, I simply stopped playing the game. The world is what it is and you gota crawl through it as best you can. I’m just working on making as much money as I can, so I can find a quiet place to live way out in Idaho, so I can work on my stories and artwork in peace while waiting out the rest of my days.

        • Our systems are already overwhelmed in places where they have to deal with the stupid criminal drug dealing gang banger tribesmen. Survailence, enforcement, prosecution, and imprisonment systems can’t keep up with the tempo of criminal activity….. Now, imagine that “the system” has to deal with organized and disorganized groups and individuals who are smart, sophisticated, unpredictable, and ubiquitous.. People who built the system and are a part of the system. Tax payers, truck drivers, doctors, teachers, plumbers, garbage men, disaffected cops and soldiers, etc. ….. when it comes, its not going to be “us” vs “the system”. Its going to be the system turning in on itself.

      • “When it is time for good people to hide their firearms, it is time to use them.”

        A lot smarter move is to use them against the enemy at a time and place of your choosing, not the enemy’s.

        Make them the ones losing sleep not knowing where they may be. Or even if they exist at all.

        After all, guessing wrong can go very badly for them. 😉

        In a free country, the government fears the people. With tyranny, the people fear the jack-boot of the government. I chose freedom. After all, it’s a free country, isn’t it?

        • Exactly. See, somebody gets it. The battle lines have been drawn a long time ago. It’s no surprise, but it is chess. Either keep them guessing or stay off their radar. Stay Gray until it’s time. When you do act, it’s on your terms. Wolverines.

  3. lol
    of course

    Why would anyone ever think any of this wouldn’t be a thing? You think it’s private? none of it is. Your email just as much as THIS website. What do you really think all those high dollar server farms were meant for? Do you really think it was JUST to handle high traffic loads?

  4. Here we go, folks. That’s exactly what would happen here in our great free country if we allow the government to take guns away from Americans. Of course, people won’t comply. Basic common sense tells us that like food and water, citizens need their firearms for self protection and their family’s protection and to remain free Americans. But equally important, to prevent the government from controlling, manipulating, and harassing us as Americans.

    We must all band together, shoulder-to-shoulder, as citizen patriots of this great nation to resist confiscation of firearms. The police state always takes over its citizens to control them when it confiscates firearms, without exception. And in a police state, citizens are abused, intimidated, harassed, and even killed for resisting confiscation of their firearms. We, as law abiding gun-owners, cannot allow our government(s) to confiscate our firearms under the any circumstances that is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

    You see, the government is telling its citizens that gun confiscation is for their protection and benefit against crime. Where do we see that crime goes down where guns are confiscated by the government? Look at Chicago. Crime is the highest in the nation in that city where its citizens cannot own a gun for protection from criminals.

    No, we will not allow this to happen to us as free Americans who want to remain free. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, founding fathers of our country, knew that citizens had to keep and bear arms to prevent the government from taking control of its citizens. These were great men with great wisdom. We are to abide by what they said and wrote with regard to gun-ownership to remain free citizens.

  5. Looks like the citizens (Royal Vassals) of N.Z. NEED to full 1775…Authoritarian Police-State, The ONLY lessons for STASI is for THEM to “hang around” by a rope looped around ones neck…A teaching moment for would be militant Totalitarians…History appears to be repeating itself once again….

  6. The government changes laws and uses them to control citizens, not just criminals, but all citizens. As James Madison, founding father of our country wrote, the people have to resist the government, not by committing any crime with guns on anybody, but by writing our congressmen/women, senators, and even our President who supports gun-ownership that we must preserve our right to gun-ownership for the sake of our freedom; and more importantly, voting out anti-gun liberals and supporters of anti-gun legislation. We boot them out at the polls, folks, because gun-grabbers are truly dangerous to our freedom.

    • The FOUNDING FATHERS were clear in several things in thier arguments for 2A. There never was a consideration of self defense. That was a GIVEN. The question was what to do when a government becomes overbearing, when it places its foot on the neck of the people.
      The founding fathers wrote not the right to own pistol and rifle but to BEAR ARMS as a warning TO THE GOVERNMENT. Arms as defined at the time specifically include, cannon, mortar, sword, rifle, pistol, battle axe. Any arms of WAR not just rifle and pistol. The Founding fathers INDIVIDUALLY OWNED SUCH WEAPONS.
      Further, the Founding Fathers wrote that these RIGHTS SHALL BE INALIENABLE. CAN NOT BE SEPARATED FROM THE INDIVIDUAL. What part of this does the government here not understand? THEy understand it all but deny that it exists. Any LAW diminishing the right to bear arms from the Constitutional definition based not eh language of the time is the foot of the government on our neck.

      • Look around you and you will realize you have been subjugated by an oppressive government. Petition and change your Constitution to give you the rights similar to our 2nd Amendment. It is not only protection against oppression but of the inherent right of self-protection every human should have.

  7. NZ is a tiny country with a tiny population. And you think your “elected” hildbeast can’t find you and your “bunny gun”?!? I guess that Aussie azzwhole succeeded in his mission😩

  8. So the New Zealand police are shooting up social media post as targets. I know what a hedge post is, but what’s a social media post look like

  9. What we need to do is find out what the social media site he uses and flood them with weapon photos.
    Also leave out where you live and watch the fun..

    • We don’t need you to tell us where you live to find you once you connect to the internet. Also photos can be exposing as well.

      • Hey, chickenshit, you gonna come on down? We’ll check your address from your ID (removed from your body) and send your family to join you in hell. The game will not be one sided, and there are more of us, and we are armed.

        • Are you threatening a law enforcement officer?

          Federal law allows a charge of terroristic threat since you used the internet to communicate that threat. Texas DPS is very helpful…

        • Are you trying to tell us you’re a law officer, Censor? If you are one, so much of your BS suddenly makes so much sense.

        • It is against the law, cheif censor, to represent yourself or to allow the general public to believe you are a law enforcement officer if you are not. And sense you’re using the internet if you are not a cop there may also be wire fraud involved.

          Let’s let the feds sort this one out. Have nice day.

        • A lot of popular VPNs are owned by governments or can be forced to turn over data. Also, governments have access to the server farms that VPN providers rent.

          You have to setup your own system and bounce off that. Even then you must take precautions on top of that.

          Using Tor immediately puts you on a watch list. ISPs automatically detect that traffic and government wants to know who is trying to evade their tracking.

  10. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say on social media can and will be used against you in a court of law or court of public opinion.

      • Yeah but the biggest difference between investigators digging into your internet history and social media is that on social media you’re snitching on yourself. They’re voluntarily posting incriminating evidence for the world to see. It would be as if Jussie posted his receipts for the rope and bleach and then took a selfie with his “attackers” while they beat him up. Lol.

        • Google keeps everything forever. Even if you don’t use their services, it’s likely you communicate with someone who does, which means they still know too much about you. It doesn’t seem right at all.

        • If even 10% of internet users would install addons to feed google and search engines junk data, we just might make a dent

    • When those doing the confiscating find themselves under fire by “Grandpa’s deer rifle” as they head home after kicking in doors, they may re-assess the wisdom of what they are doing.

      And there’s historical precedent. Read the letter written by the British about their journey to the safety of home in Boston after trying to grab the guns in Concord and Lexington. Bitter complaints of how the “Jethro’s” “didn’t fight fair” as they were picked off one by one on that long march back to Boston… 🙂

  11. There is only one way to stop a govt. that crosses this line and it isn’t the ballot box. The people in Virginia know this and have made it clear they will fight. The people in New Zealand have a choice to make. If they won’t stand up and fight, then they have no right to complain.

  12. “…was this a politically motivated action by someone high-up in the bureaucracy ordered to make examples?”

    Ya think? Tell us, how hard are they going after those gang leaders who declared they’d be keeping their guns; no threat to “civilians” as they only shoot at other gangs.

    • But gang members standards of firearms safety and proficiency are somewhat lacking, so it is inevitable there will be non-combatants caught in the crossfire.

  13. I, for one, look forward to no-knock raids on whack-jobs who declare their plans n manifestos on social media. Like the Mosque-shooting whack job who’s big plan was to instigate an authoritarian collapse version of Helter Skelter. That is, until his rampage was halted by a good guy with a credit card machine.

    Meanwhile, Big Sister fell right into the over reaction. And continues. By going after a guy peacecully engaged in the political discussion.

    Seems clear who the apparatus thinks is the enemy.

  14. I forget where I found this, but it seems applicable:
    “Let’s start with this number: 262 million.
    That’s the number of unarmed people murdered in mass killings by governments during the 20th century.
    It’s a democide that’s murdered at least 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century.
    Read it again: 262 million.
    Do you trust your government now, and forever in the future, to protect you, keep you safe, and never commit theft or violence against you? If you have complete faith and trust in them, then by all means, let them run your life as you pledge fealty to the all powerful state.
    If you have the tiniest shred of doubt, then there is nothing to debate on gun control, and all your arguments otherwise are fallacious and intellectually slothful.”

  15. That person isn’t so smart. They don’t understand the situation they live in. They have been well indoctrinated to believe the State is their friend.

    “Friend, why do you do this to me?”

  16. I love the “I don’t have anything to hide” crowd. You see, its not up to you what you may or may not have to hide and what qualifies as hideable changes day to day without any input from you.

    • Yep. As they said in Soviet Russia, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” and Three felonies a day.”.

  17. “Do we now live in a country where public evidence given to a select committee will be used against you to suit the political purposes of the police?”

    The short answer is yes. NZ’s head of state is also a member of a “Socialist International” so is comes as not great surprise to me that NZ cops are now turning themselves into police state enforcers. Socialists do what socialists do. It continues to amaze me how so many “progressives” (and I use the term derisively here) actually believe that an bureaucratic-administrative state run by “experts” will somehow protect liberty and freedom. It will not. What’s happening now in VA and what is Bloomberg, Sanders, and the rest of the Democrat confederacy of dunces propose is simply NZ’s brand of socialism writ large. I know there are a few liberals floating around here and, knowing what we know, I have to wonder how they can continue to support Democrat candidates?

  18. Fox has a docudrama about Randy and Becky Weaver and the Ruby Ridge attack tonight. Check your local listings.

    • That’s FOX news channel, 9pm Central time. Thanks. Would have been easy to miss, I’ve been watching the channel most of the day and hadn’t heard shit about it.

  19. A “democratic” police state may be worse than somebody like Hitler because people will be doing it to themselves and there is no single destructive entity to fight. STAY THE HECK OFF SOCIAL MEDIA and no “conversations” about firearms in emails. Snail mail or face to face until you can rectify the situation. Take lessons from the various WWII resistance organizations.

      • He means facebook, myspace, etc. Yes, TTAG, Discord, Telegram, IRC, role play websites, blogs and any comments section is social media.

        In order to stay off social media, one would have to never visit social media or ever speak across the internet, to anyone, about anything.


    • People like this who think that the Republican party gives a rat’s tail about their rights are the problem.

      • “People like this who think that the Republican party gives a rat’s tail about their rights are the problem.”

        Given there are only three choices (Really Bad, Bad, Doesn’t Matter), what alternative do you propose?

      • ” People like this who think that the Republican party gives a rat’s tail about their rights are the problem. ”

        Absolutely true, but hardly a revelation. The Dems and Reps have been two holes on the same ass for a long time, and everyone pretty much acknowledges it (except the party hacks).

        So what to do? Can’t fight both at once since there is no viable third choice. So we pick one to take down, and that would be the Democrats. They are in full-court press against the 2A, and proud of it. We know they are the enemy simply because they’ve declared that they are. The Republicans are not all that much help– the best that can be said for them is they support 2A when it is convenient and the rest of the time they are mostly indifferent. If anybody is going to hang themselves over gun rights, the Republicans are only too happy to let the Democrats do it.

        It seems pretty obvious then that the Dems are the ones to get. That means EVERYBODY who gives a crap about gun rights (or any rights for that matter) has got to go vote and has got to vote Republican. Don’t get hung up on any other issue. Keep it a single issue vote. Once the Democrats are crushed, we can turn the tables and do the same to the Republicans if they fail to see that voters actually do matter.

        That’s the strategy, anyway. Getting it to work is another matter. Getting massive numbers of voters to focus on a single issue is, to say the least, chimerical. But as long as we’re turning in squeak-by elections, neither party can claim a mandate and both parties can claim “broad support” for their platforms. Until one party or the other gets totally bitch-slapped at the ballot box, that isn’t going to change, and what’s happening in Virginia will become the new normal.

        The only alternative to this is — boogaloo.

  21. I have been telling people in interest groups not to post photos or write a list of their firearms to show off to the world. You’re just making it easier for the gun grabbers who can track your ip address. Look up your google searches , history. it’s all there, every search about guns, ammo, resistance groups etc. The grabbers will not hesitate to violate our rights “for the children”.
    Next …I wish some of these tough talking posters would just cool it, you’re only drawing attention to yourselves. I know that’s what you want (to be important) but kicking the hornets nest will backfire and bring grabbers to all of our doors. We’ll plan and prepare without your boasting, it’s easier and quieter.

      • You have to do more than not use google, you have to forbid their scripts and spider bots from running. You can visit websites that have nothing to do with Google and still get touched by their tentacles.

        Firefox, Noscript, Adblock origin, Privacy badger, Tamper monkey, Smart Referer, and no-coiner. Get a good VPN like NORD VPN or Express VPN. Full drive encryption with a password wall when the computer is not in use.

    • Some of us are much better than the authorities, especially when your the one who taught them. Most of us in Law Enforcement will not assist, and The Guard will be federalized, just like what will happen in Virginia. When Northam completes his overstep, he will be removed, by the people. You can only govern a people who will allow you to. When you don’t have the willingness of the people, you’re starting to be a Tyrant, and that will not stand.

  22. “Do we now live in a country where public evidence given to a select committee will be used against you to suit the political purposes of the police?”

    Sounds like the US and air travel (REAL ID, No-Fly List, etc.)
    Or the US and digital privacy (FISA courts).

    We need to be on guard too.

    • With even less success. Thankfully DJT will get a second term and continue to rebuild the courts. So there will be no gun bans here.

      • He’s not so much an idiot as he is a backstabber and traitor. An unstable and not very bright gamma male who will do ANYTHING to get on the winning team, even if the winning team is evil.

        Despite his bluster to the contrary, he knows progressivism and socialism are evil twins — it’s just that he has been convinced that they’re going to win, so he’s completely and desperately clinging to their bandwagon even though he secretly hates himself for it.

  23. I often post photos on social media about my firearms range exploits (mostly photos of my .22 target pistol and targets from the day). While I realize this is risky for a variety reasons I was doing it because most of my FB friends aren’t knowledgeable regarding firearms and I was hoping to normalizing them a bit. It’s easy to be against something when can dehumanize the folks who are into it, and I hoped to combat that in some very small way.

    I don’t live in NZ but I think I’m going to stop doing that. If these posts can be used later to justify a police raid on my family, the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

    • I think that’s what big tech wants in the U.S. anyway. They want fewer people to be introduced to an alternative to the left wing narrative. That’s why they quit promoting right wing videos on Youtube the same way they promote left wing videos, or just mindless videos (I’ve noticed an uptick in that lately). It’s a very dishonest business practice. They can’t even claim it’s for money because there are some right wing accounts and non-political firearm content accounts with very large followings.

  24. Maybe we fought the Japanese during WWII saving New Zealand and Australia. Maybe we just gave our blood for nothing. Maybe we should have just let the Japanese have them.

  25. If you give up your firearms you have lost the battle before it begins. History shows that they will come for you in due time. Speak up before they come or resign your freedom to the whim of those who wish your enslavement. Die on your feet or live on your knees!

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