MG Arms Dragonfly revolver
Mike Arnold for TTAG
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The title reflects how Kerry and Carol O’Day, owners of MG Arms, introduced me to their ultralight Dragonfly revolver. It’s about the same weight (17 oz.) as the cap guns we kids used to carry around when riding our stick horses.


The Dragonfly is MG Arms’ least-known product, but the one about which Kerry is most passionate – handguns. In particular, he wanted me to see, handle and feel the ultra-light Dragonfly and their Model 1911.

I was amazed by these lightweight firearms. I was also amazed to see all of the photos of the largest and most dangerous game species that Carol and Kerry had successfully hunted with the MG Arms handguns.


[Video and photos courtesy of Frances Arnold.]

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  1. From their website: “Available calibers: .32 H&R Mag,.38 +P Special, and .44 Special”

    Impressed that it’s rated for +P in .38 despite being so light.

    I’m wondering if the .44 Special version will be able to run the hotter ammo, though. I know there’s some loads from Underwood and Buffalo Bore that they specifically say not to use in the Charter Arms Bulldog, and that’s a bit heavier than the Dragonfly. Though of course build quality between this revolver and the Bulldog is likely to be miles apart.

    • The picture looks like a lot of titanium. No doubt this gun is better built than the last new Charters I saw. My 442 Smith is +P rated and it weighs about 16 ounces.

      I don’t know if I would want to shoot warm loads in a .44 special that weighs 17 ounces. Ouch.

      • The man said it was rated to +P+.

        “Ouch!” is what I’d say too, but .44 Special was originally a black powder load and soft-shooting (compared to mag), so I dunno…

      • The .44SPL is the only one I’d be interested in. I’ll see if I can get one for review and see what some heavy, huntable loads feel like.

  2. Try the S&W Mountain Gun,it’s available in 44Mag and 45 Colt[and possibly 357Mag].Personally I like the Ruger Redhawk,its heavier but it will handle anything.For a snubby, I’d consider the Charter Arms Bulldog in 44 or 45 vs snubbies in 38Spec/357Mag-less muzzleblast.The nice thing about 45Colt-it isn’t labelled “magnum”. Gives”less ammunition” to the vermin attorneys,prosecutors,judges in the event of a defensive action.Think about that.

    • lefty, I have a 4″ Smith Mountain Gun in .44 mag. It an ideal field revolver. Smith should never have discontinued it. All these titanium and scandium revolvers are too much sugar for a dime.

  3. Far be it for me to dissuade any form of gun content, but what’s up with Dallas Safari Club postings lately?

    In the last couple of days there’s been like 6 postings of their content. It’s guns, so OK. Just curious.

    • Well, it was going on then. The DSC is one of the larger shooting and hunting shows in the US. Since it has a higher-end clientel, who are genrally there to plan, outfit, and book $20k and up hunts, smaller manufacturers that produce high quality, expensive products tend to be there. It’s the right kind of fish all in a small pond, as opposed to something like SHOT show.

      • OH! It’s a show. Got it.

        Maybe I read past that in the posting(s) (blinded by the shiny guns)

  4. Not a fan of the Cerakote look. This $1295 revolver appears virtually identical a $249 Ruger Wrangler…now, if MGA offered it in a brushed or glass beaded Ti finish I could see about allocating some disposable income.

    Looking forward to your review in .44 Special.

    • Mr. Arnold wrote this article, but I have requested Dan get ahold of one in .44SPL (a great “old is new” caliber) for me. I hope I hate it. It’s the middle of January and I’ve already blown this year’s gun “budget”.

      • My bad, I should have addressed my comment directly to your attention. Here’s hoping that Dan can facilitate your review of the .44 Special version. SAAMI specs a max of 15,500 psi for the old .44. I’m curious if this firearm will withstand the 10% over pressures that define most “+P” cartridges without any long-term (or short-term) damage.

        PS: budgets are made to be broken. I offer as supporting evidence the U.S. budgets for the last 100+ years.

        • You make a strong point, sir. As it says in the US Military Code, Article 6 “…I will trust in my God, and the United States of America.”

  5. Well the 44 Special would be fun. A Skeeter load for a 240 at around 950 fps is good for a lot of things.

    The other calibers interest me for fun shooting and a 38 158 grain ( true +p loading ) could probably get 1150 fps out of a 4 5/8 inch barrel.

  6. I noticed this morning (Tuesday) that the lead-in photo is NOT the same one as the original article. Today’s image is mucho mas more visually appealing than the one originally posted. Brings to mind the vendors of Common Core materials who have been known to “edit” their products on-the-fly to present a more socially acceptable version.

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