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The title says it all. Hornady‘s Neal Emery discusses a new0ish product line – the A-Tip Match bullet. This particular bullet is capped with an aluminum tip, and has been in the Hornady shop for a while. However, it has just now become economically feasible for a wide array of ammunition due to the increased populartity of long-range shooting.

Neal describes not only the bullet’s characteristics, but also the developmental process that led to the re-introduction of aluminum-tipped projectiles into the Hornady line.


[Video and photos courtesy of Frances Arnold.]



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  1. How does it perform on game. My Kimber Montana .270 drives tacks with Hornady 140 grain interlocks and kills whitetails like the hammer of Thor. Are they worth the extra money?

    • Well it’s a match bullet not a hunting bullet. My guess is unreliable. Totally different intended purpose.

    • If I had to shoot something at 1000yards the a-tip would probably perform far better than the blunt interlock.
      At the 50yards I usually see deer, the interlock will be better.

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