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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam should apologize to the thousands of gun owners who turned out Monday for their annual, and peaceful, Second Amendment rally, and to the thousands more his hysteria kept away, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Following a peaceful gathering of law-abiding gun owners protesting the gun control extremism of Northam and his Democrat colleagues in the General Assembly,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb,” Gov. Northam should beg forgiveness from every Virginia resident his Chicken Little drama both offended and demonized over the past several days.

“Northam’s paranoid emergency disarmament order ignored years of peaceful tradition and treated Commonwealth gun owners as common criminals,” he continued. “It appears to us that his true motive was not public safety, but discouraging as many angry Virginia grassroots activists as he could from participating in Monday’s rally.

“How many more thousands of Virginia citizens did not attend Monday’s peaceful rally because of the governor’s alarmist rhetoric about possible violence,” Gottlieb wondered. “We will likely never know the answer, but what we do know is that this anti-rights governor and his Democrat cronies now in control of the Assembly are worried about the hornet’s nest their gun control crusade has kicked repeatedly since the November election.

“Today’s huge turnout in Richmond, and last Friday’s rally in Olympia, Washington sent a message that America’s law-abiding firearms owners are not about to just go quietly in the night,” he observed. “After months of demonization by Democrat presidential candidates, and a winter’s worth of gun control threats from Virginia’s new Democrat majority, the wrath of citizen activists has been sparked.

“Ralph Northam owes his citizens an apology,” Gottlieb stated. “His gun-hating hysteria has spawned a remarkable Second Amendment Sanctuary movement that we support and hope to see expand in the months ahead. Grassroots gun enthusiasts are fed up. We are tired of being treated like second-class citizens because we defend the Second Amendment that Northam would like to destroy.”


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    • Gov. Blackface is preparing to explain to the world how EFFECTIVE his emergency “protections” were. Because he had the foresight to declare a State of Emergency and ban guns outside, thousands of violent white supremacists and neoNAZIs were prevented from attacking the many peaceful gun control supporters. And inside the State House, no violent assailants attacked any Assemblymen because he banned guns there too.

      The Governor’s plan worked perfectly, and once common sense gun confiscation is passed by the Assembly, Governor Blackface will sign it and forever protect urban liberal elites from having to see people who disagree with their RIGHT to be victims!

      • GeorgiaBob

        Only like everything else that the dim-dems have been pulling it is going to blow up in his face. The sleeping giant is fully awake and will not be rocked back to sleep.

      • Yes , and the liberal media helps perpetuate the lies spread by the Democratic party and financed by that hypocrit Bloomberg

        • I wouldn’t call them media, they are nothing more than the communistic Bloomingturd owned propaganda puppet talking heads spewing out what he commands them to say. Seems very familiar to Bloomingturd’s idol and mentor, Adolph H!tler.

      • What I saw on Monday, while the rally was occurring, on both Fox news and ONN was that ONLY the police’s show of force held back the violence planned by the “evil” gun rights activists. I thought these guys were at least ” fair and balanced”. NOT

      • It’s such GARBAGE that he got off the hook for his infanticide stance. That IS the reason that whole “blackface” thing was released. Most people here bought the distraction too. KILLING CHILDREN is so much worse than an insensitive costume.

    • Black shoe polish face Northam won’t apologize. It’s not in his DNA as a narcissist and bigot. All that can be done permanently is vote this guy out of office as soon as possible as he and his obsessed buddies will destroy people’s rights in order for them to gain power and control over American citizens.

      • BootsOnGround – “Black shoe polish face Northam won’t apologize. It’s not in his DNA as a narcissist and bigot. All that can be done permanently is vote this guy out of office as soon as possible as he and his obsessed buddies will destroy people’s rights in order for them to gain power and control over American citizens.”

        Yeah, all lie-berals are unapologetic. But there is more that can be done to lessen, if not outright prevent, the damage that the traitor might attempt. And a real big show of it was done yesterday. Can guarantee that the dim-dems didn’t think there would be that large of a response, and attention drawn. The demonRats are surely aware that they would be ensuring their own demise by continuing on with their unconstitutional gun control schemes. As I’m sure that many are aware of what had transpired after the Klintoon ‘Assault Weapons Ban’. Which is that the demonRats had lost BIG TIME in the next election. Self-Preservation can be a very powerful motivator.

    • never gonna’ happen…it was gratifying to see him made foolish with his ridiculous overreaction, though…

      • frank speak – “never gonna’ happen…it was gratifying to see him made foolish with his ridiculous overreaction, though…”

        Indeed, but I’m still holding out hope that the Virginia dim-dems are going to be stopped in their treasonous attempt. As the Federal courts have been stacked with conservative judges and justices. And they can do some instantaneous rulings that can stop any unconstitutional laws dead in their tracks. But of course that remains to be seen.

      • I’m not familiar with VA procedures, but when we ousted Gov. Gray Davis back in 2003 for the first (and so far only) time in CA history, the recall included a fresh election, not a default stand-in from an existing politician. This is why the nation saw the media circus as all the dingbats took their turn walking across the stage, including has-been child actor Gary “WhatchtalkinabowtWillis” Coleman, porn star Mary Carey, David Laughing Horse Robinson (his real name), a man calling himself Michael Jackson, and over 100+ others.

        The ballot itself as printed was absurd:


        • IIRC, it does because when there was originally talk of recalling all three as the scandals came out, there was a huge hubbub that the next in line was a Republican then everything was promptly dropped. But, I’m geezing and could be wrong.

  1. The whole “blackface” thing would never have been discovered if Dems weren’t trying to distract from the fact that he promoted late-term abortion and infanticide on live radio, which is far worse than wearing blackface. “Babykiller Northam” is a much more appropriate nickname.

  2. Don’t hold your breath waitin for that apology! Dems have one reality, they’re smarter than and they’re always right!

  3. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam should apologize to the thousands of gun owners … and to the thousands more his hysteria kept away …

    Virginia’s Governor “Infanticide” Northam supports murdering infants after birth; is trying to disarm good people and ensure that violent criminals successfully rob, beat, rape, maim, and murder said good people; and is trying to stop good people from peacefully collecting and recreationally shooting firearms. Those are indisputable facts that are easily verifiable and on full display.

    Why does anyone think that Governor “Infanticide” Northam will feel any shame or remorse for his recent actions?

  4. “Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam should apologize to the thousands of gun owners who turned out Monday for their annual, and peaceful, Second Amendment rally…”

    Not a snowballs chance in Hell.
    Tyrants never appologize because in their twisted minds they’re doing no wrong.
    I would actually be far LESS surprised if he’s feverishly working on a way to make felons of everyone who was at that rally.

    • Exactly why my phone identified as a hamburger, wrapped in a double layer of tin foil, to keep it warm of course.

  5. I honestly think this dufus will take a victory lap about how “safe” it was because of his provoked propaganda hysteria last minute “emergency” trying to make all gun owners look like they are the problem.

  6. Reminds me of the part in Josie Wells when they are lined up turning themselves in for amnesty, “It’s them that owes us an apology” Then they all get shot to hell. , ,. Congratulations Virginia , this State has set the president for further gunm control. No we will not go peaceably into the night, the United States of America becomes united. I’d say Nothams plan backfired

  7. Coonman ain’t apologizing! Perhaps the worst governor in America(I think ILLinois Prickster has that title)😩

    • Proconsul Cuomo-the-Younger. Unlike these other guys are amateurs, with him, it’s the family business.

      Just today, Gov Soprano announced that the run-off for an newly open seat, long held by The Feckless Opposittion, will happen on D-party primary day. Who you think is gonna win that one?

      Let’s not forget who got to the “ban all the things” by emergency shenanigans first, with the SAFE act.

      • Cuomo does rather well at serving his constituency, who’s are all about abusing the proles.

        Sadly, the rest of us don’t get the government we deserve; we get the government they deserve.

  8. Asking a Democrat to apologize for depriving others of constitutional rights is like asking a dog to apologize for licking his own balls.

  9. Yeah, an apology. That’s not gonna happen. Northam is an anti-gun, anti-Constitution, corrupt piece of liberal trash. He isn’t interested in anything but gaining power over citizens by removing their rights and confiscating their guns. He won’t stop until he is removed from office and the sooner the better.

  10. I wouldn’t bother worrying about the apology or how Northam will claim victory.

    In the immediate I’d counter the “it’s not a big deal because only like 22,000 people showed up” narrative. I’d start that ball rolling by publicly asking the rhetorical question if it would be “no big deal” if 78% of the LEOs in the state showed up to the Capitol since that’s about what percentage of them 22,000 would be.

    • Saw 22,000 used several places as the number of protestors there. But I also seen 60,000 plus. We know news media will underestimate because it’s us, so figure the actual number is somewhere between that low and high number.

      • The media learned from the anti and pro gun rallies in Sydney in the 1990s. Inflate the anti-gun rallies by a factor of 10. Decrease the numbers of a pro-gun rally by at least two-thirds.

      • So, take the low number as I have here and ask the question. It’s still a tough one for them to answer.

        You don’t win a fight by whining your opponent pinned you and fished around under your jaw with a finger to get mount. You win by fighting back with what you have when you have it, forcing a scramble and choking that asshole the fuck out.

    • Yep. Make it really hard for them to answer.

      10,000 votes flipped the state house from R to D a couple months ago. If that’s a mandate from the public, then what do you call 22,000 people in the streets?

  11. The only time he might possibly apologize is when he’s looking at a long drop and a quick stop. Until then he’ll declare victory, call us Nazis and keep pushing ahead.

  12. Why would he apologize? He said there was credible intelligence of drone strikes! Thank God he erected that bomb proof / bullet proof fence with the little door. There’s no telling how many lives that saved! And if there was a fire or some kind of attack, I’m sure people would have been able to evacuate very quickly…

  13. So, after their grand plan is vocally opposed, their “hearings” don’t go their way, counties n town are declaring this isn’t what they want, thousands of granular protests, people attending local govt hearings to declare against. Then Gov Authoritah can’t keep enough people out of lobbying their representatives (on lobby day) to skew even those results. And the side-issues like “violence” all break the wrong way too.

    Yet, he persisted.

    One wonders who he’s representing, to what end, and how he knows this is what they want. It sure ain’t voters in the state who will have to live under his grand plans.

  14. I wonder if black-face Northam even bothered to notice or give a damned that so many people showed up in support of the Second Amendment? I am not sure he cares, because he has the majority, and seems to think he can walk all over everyone. I wonder what Virginians will do-if push comes to shove-if/when anti-gun legislation is passed, either now, or after he thinks everyone has “forgotten” or “gone back to sleep”? I read of not only anti-gun legislation that is “in the pipeline”, but other, draconian bills, as well, and it is damned scary. Nothing like turning Virginia into an East-Coast version of California. Trying to, anyway.

    • Really firearm issues are the tip of the iceberg. If you want to double your heat bill and pay to bail out privileged college students / graduates / drop outs (while essentially punishing the people that paid their college debt), then be sure and vote democrat.

  15. One of my coworkers showed me several bills that have been introduced that would take the Governor’s term to 8 years without an election, a bill to basically abolish the Electoral College, YET another bill to make an Electoral College like system that can be controlled by DEMS for the Governor’s position. So much going on behind the people’s back……

  16. Someone made the comment about media. There is no more mainstream media in this country. Its nothing more than a propaganda machine by the controlling elite. Were no better than a communist country when it comes to national media. Very upsetting to realize that.

    I was at Lobby Day 2020. Being from Illinois I wanted to show support to the Virginia residents. I was blown away by the experience. The show of force was so impressive. Everyone was truly so nice. Thank you Virginia for being such good hosts. There is hope in stopping Democrats in your state. Ballot box!!!! You have to vote. This happened because you didn’t exercise your vote. I’m sure that won’t happen again.

  17. I don’t think Ralphy poo is going to apologize.

    But! There’s an environmentally friendly item made from the finest industrial hemp… it’s called “rope”…

  18. Let’s be fair, I don’t know if it was confirmed the Governor was the one in the photo wearing black face. He could be the one in the klan outfit.

  19. He’s never going to apologize. In fact he made a statement the other day thanking his “teams” for deescalating the situation and basically tried to take personal credit for the fact nothing bad happened. My first thought when reading it was that he’s the one responsible for escalating the situation in the first place with the proposed laws, the state of emergency, and the crowd control in front of the capital. Dude is seriously narcissistic.

    • He is not responsible…..He would not have the balls to introduce this take over without Bloomberg’s millions that was given to make sure VA goes the strictest gun State in the Union.

      Yellow Devil, he may have not come out and confirmed that it was him but I would lay money down that it was. Why else would this photo come out after he admitted to his infanticide ideals. Someone close to him in the past Knows this was him and leaked this in hopes that he backed down. An investigation was done that said nothing could be confirmed but an investigation can be screwed the way you want it…..Same as Russia Collusion against Trump when it was actually Hillary that colluded

  20. I personally don’t care for an apology from this excuse for a man. What this dimwit fails to understand is the parallel to Prohibition. The problems are identical. The ownership of firearms crosses party affiliation just as the love of drink did. Thus political genius that coonman Mcbabymurder is, he has alienated all of one side and a significant hunk of the other.

  21. Don’t hate him because he kills babies.

    I Don’t hate him because he is taking our gun rights away.

    I Don’t hate him because he wants to show that he a racist at parties attend by local Klan members.

    No we don’t hate you Governor Ralph Northam.

    Hell as a black man that lives in the screwed up state of California (somebody please get a bar of soap and wash my mouth out for stating that online please).

    I Own 12 long guns 2 handguns and I sure in the hell will not be giving them up soon.

    I have to know the laws backwards forward and freaking sideways in this screwed up state.

    No Governor you are just proving what has been said about the political people is correct.


    So you can bite my shiny black ass.

    Thank you.
    Semper Fi

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