Virginia gun rights rally march
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“On a day that is meant to celebrate what would have been the 91st birthday of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., the nation is grappling with emboldened white nationalist groups and racial tension,” Axios wrote, linking the rally with extremist hate groups. “Surveys show a majority of Americans believe race relations are getting worse under President Trump.”

The media’s misinformation only continued as the rally began Monday.

MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin began his show “MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin” by pushing the line that white nationalists and militia members were all put “in one place” for the rally.

“This is the scene in Richmond,” Melvin said, showing an aerial view of the rally. “They put white nationalists, militia groups and supporters of background checks for gun purchases all in one place. A lot of folks, justifiably so, are worrying about a repeat of Charlottesville in 2017.”

– Shelby Talcott in The Media Was Desperate, But Virginia’s Gun Rally Proved Them All Wrong

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  1. And gun control will move full steam ahead within the several states. Politely asking will eventually fail as it has in Neu Yorkistan, Jersey, Kalifornia, MD, CT, etc etc.

    • StateIsEvil,

      A polite/friendly query is always the right way to start non-violent interactions.

      The fundamental error here: the good people of our nation consider ALL public government business with politicians/bureaucrats to be non-violent interactions, requiring that we always be polite/friendly with politicians/bureaucrats.

      Here is the truth: public government business to violate our inalienable rights, which always include the de facto threat of government agents employing deadly force to enforce those violations, are VIOLENT interactions.

      Imagine that a street thug has a visibly armed gang with him and yells to you inside your home, “My gang is coming inside to take your firearms! Cooperate with them or they will kill you!” You obviously have NO obligation to respond in a polite/friendly manner. Then why are you obligated to respond in a polite/friendly manner when a politician does the very same thing?

  2. Let’s see how the media will spin this to show that it was a violent, unruly crowd? Time to wake up liberal media, your gig is up!

    • They can just ignore it and talked about how people were scared it would be another Charlottesville. Eventually it won’t matter it was a great day it will be associated with something bad.

      This is a morale victory for us. It was also a moral victory as it showed we tried to do things the right way.

      Ignore the opinions of the media, they are the enemy.

  3. And the left is using a system that benefits their goals. We are forever on defense and the only offense we manage to offer is slapped down as racist, violent, and portrayed as ruining society. We anxiously await savior by the courts and even then the rulings are ignored as the media praises the “resistance”

    I don’t know where this ends up or who emerges victorious but it’s going to be ugly.

    • I saw someone describe the left as having a dial and the right as having a switch.
      Eventually they dial up the pressure enough to switch on the right.

      Ugly is soft word for it.

  4. Wake up people!

    Anti self-defense advocates are NOT a group of mild-mannered people who happen to have a different view of firearm ownership. Anti self-defense advocates despise us for not agreeing with their mindset and defying their edicts and decrees. They despise — no, make that HATE — they HATE us so much that they have dehumanized us in their minds and have authorized themselves to do whatever they feel inclined to do to marginalize, suppress, silence, squash, neutralize, and/or eliminate us.

    I implore the good people of our nation: STOP thinking that anti self-defense advocates are tolerant, mild-mannered, “live-and-let-live” types like you. They are NOT. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can formulate strategies which will be effective. Failing to do so will be a colossal error from which we will probably never recover.

  5. Proud of us, as usual. But the sad part is, the only media outlet that will let people see how it really went is FOX, which the haters don’t watch and would deny it anyway.

  6. You people are delusional. This rally did nothing to protect our rights.

    Half the signs were about anti-racism. Well, sorry- if Virginia’s ethnic cleansing of whites continues… you ain’t going to have guns.

    Also- most of the pics I saw were of fat people. Normies were freaked out. This was bad optics.

    • You are right, fat is bad optics.
      This was a good morale booster for the right. Hopefully a few people start to notice the rally was close to 100% white in a city that is 40% white and a state that is closing in on 50% white. Also I hope people notice that the continuous anti racism virtue signalling did not stop them from being called Nazis in the media.

    • If I’m seen in public, it’s bad optics. Got it.

      But tell me…if I don’t show up because optics, who’s going to show up for me? There aren’t any billionaires busing Hollywood extras in on my behalf, last I checked.

      • I am extreme pro-2A. I own lots of guns. I own an AR and an AK and four handguns and a plethora of hunting rifles and shotguns. I mostly hunt, but I practice with my AR for the SHTFantasy. Lol. And I support your right to CCW. (I live in CA, and it’s impossible to get the CCW in my county.)

        This rally was a disaster. My wife, who puts up my gun addiction, asked me “What’s going on in Virginia? Why are all the people dressed up like they are going to war and holding anti-racism posters? Why are all the people fat?”

        This is retarded. Calling people racist is one of the ways whites are attacked. Taking away their guns is another. And when they take away your guns, racism will be given as a reason. The whole 2A movement is so myopic that don’t see what’s really going on. I work in Silicon Valley, and these liberals did not care about your “I have an Asian wife, ergo I’m not a white supremacist sign.” They saw fat LARPers open carrying AR15s into the capital.


        If Northam is actually a racist, should he be allowed to own guns?

        • Why are all the people dressed up like they are going to war?
          -In order to normalize it, and let people know this is their legal right and it doesn’t mean they’re criminals.

          holding anti-racism posters?
          -Because they knew the media would call them white supremacist racists, which they still did. Someone seeking the truth can see what liars they are.

          Why are all the people fat?
          -Too much processed food, etc., not enough exercise. That’s how America looks. Did your wife just get here?

        • You missed the point. Normal people don’t like it. People wearing ties and dress clothes open carrying at a Starbucks is cool. Dressing like Jerry Miculek’s concealed carry video with a 50cal and a plate carrier will make normal non-gun nut people scared.

    • I was there. There were too many people to go through to get to the capitol grounds so a lot of the media was on the outskirts with the people that came armed because that’s where the armed people had to stay.

      I’m not sure where you get that half the signs were anti racism but that’s not a bad thing. There was a good mix of people there. Of course national media is only going to show the most provocative photos.

      Honestly, the militias kept there shit to a minimum and showed impeccable firearm safety. No more than a handful of people gave a shit about Alex jones and proud boys.

      No racist bullshit abounded and I only saw one lame VA Battleflag/American flag combo. It was 20-30k ordinary Virginians from across the state gathering peacefully.

  7. Well the Powers That Be are lacking, used to be they’d send in infiltrator’s and rabble rouser to cause a big hub bub.

  8. Northam is Racist!!! He went to a then-socially acceptable party 30 years ago!!! He committed thought crime!

    Should racists be allowed to own guns? What about people who opposed gay marriage? Should they be allowed to own guns?

    • All of the Christians who are promoting this racist Northam meme are going to be in for a rude awakening when:

      20 years from now they will exposed as Christians who opposed gay marriage. They will lose their job or be sent to a privately-owned-prison gulag. And everyone will support this because they on the wrong side of history.

    • It’s almost like using the leftist framing and worldview is a good way for us to lose without even fighting.

    • To answer your question. The ACLU over 30 years ago went to court for the civil right of Gov Northams Klu Klux Klan friends to march in black neighborhoods while carrying guns.

      In fact the ACLU has always supported the Klan carrying guns and marching. They just don’t defend the rights of anyone else to March and carry guns.

  9. They didn’t want us there and claimed that gun owners would be violent. We weren’t.

    We didn’t want Antifa there and claimed that they would be violent. They weren’t.

    Okay, so maybe the enemy of my enemy isn’t my friend. Maybe the enemy of my enemy is simply the enemy of my enemy. For me, that’s enough.

    • Antifa said they would not be violent and wanted to attend but they decided not to because they didn’t want to be associated with the wrong people.

      “Patriots” were putting out a lot of fake news about Antifa. They claimed they were going to show up on Soro’s buses wearing MAGA stuff and start violence.

      There was so much fake news being put out from “patriots” trying to scare people off from the lobby day or to cause tensions between groups to divide them.

      • “There was so much fake news being put out from “patriots” trying to scare people off from the lobby day or to cause tensions between groups to divide them.”

        If so, sounds like opposition to leftists are starting to adopt some leftist tactics. Not sure that’s a good thing, but I suppose it was going to accelerate sooner or later.

        • I would say the person arrested was with Antifa but no one has reported that….why else would she keep covering her face? Wonder if she was the one plant the Senator warned us about. But since she was arrested she did not get to do anything to get everything started.

      • There were definetely Richmond area anti fascist there. Theres not that many to begin with but they were there.

  10. Stop worrying about the Press. They’re never going to change. Any news media group that goes out of its way to only show pictures of white people at this rally is simply racist.

    And call them that. They’re were simply too many people of different ethnic backgrounds and color at this event to ignore. Unless that’s your goal to ignore it.

    The real racists are the left-wingers who have a soft bigotry of low expectations for blacks and anyone else who’s not white.

    I think our country is in pretty good shape. This Lobby Day of open carry and speaking to the represenitives proves it.

  11. Ya’ll a bunch of cry babies as usual. Someone could give you five million dollars and you’d complain about the number of bills you had to count.

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