Angstadt Arms MDP-9
Dan Z for TTAG
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If you didn’t see the announcement of the new MDP-9, check out our post here. It’s a lightweight 9mm roller-delayed blowback pistol with a non-reciprocating reversible charging handle and no buffer tube.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9
Dan Z for TTAG

Here’s Chris Angstadt to give us the tour of the new parabellum pistol.

COLORS: Black, FDE & Tactical Grey
ACTION: Roller-delayed blowback
MAGAZINE: GLOCK 9mm double stack magazines
PISTOL BRACE: 1913 rail with SB Tactical side-folding & telescoping options
UPPER ASSEMBLY: Monolithic assembly with continuous top Picatinny rail, M-LOK interface and QD points
CHARGING HANDLE: Non-reciprocating forward charging handle (left or right side)
WEIGHT (EMPTY): 3.6 lbs
BARREL LENGTH: 5.85″ 3-lug barrel with fluted chamber
MSRP is $2599 or $2799 with an SB Tactical side-folding brace.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9
Dan Z for TTAG
Angstadt Arms MDP-9
Dan Z for TTAG

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  1. This is cool, but if I wanted a roller-delayed blowback 9mm in this price range, why not get an HK MP5?

    The only answer I can see is another question, “Does it take Glock mags”. (This is sarcasm I read above it does)

  2. Very cool, and I’d like to have one, but I’m curious as to why so many of these recent product releases have been so expensive? $3000 (including tax) for each piece might be within budget for a metro LE Dept with some slush money, but it’s a bit rich for the Average Joe’s blood, especially when you can build your own similar platform for sub-$1000.

    As far as this article goes, I *do* like reading about these, so keep them coming. They’re kinda like reading a supersport car mag…that new Ferrari looks great and probably drives like a dream, but only a few people would ever want to pony up the cash for it, and an Acura will take you around town just fine for a lot less money.

    • “Roller-delayed blowback” is the main reason this one is expensive. Instead of just moving a bunch of mass you’re using machined bolt with guidance roller bearings for holding and working the bolt head(where the extractor is). My experience with roller-delayed blowback is with a CETMR .308 and just shooting full auto mp5s, so my words might not be exact but the process is 5 times more complicated than a hi-point carbine.

    • It’d be my guess keeping the gunms out of the hands of low rent citizens is the plan. A HiPount can only do so much

    • Agreed on the pricing. There are so many other options. There’s a new 5.7 compact PCC for $1300. The 9mm MPX for $1400. Build your own blowback 9mm for $900 with a Frontier Armory receiver and HK MP5 mags. And I am just getting started.

      This looks like a way overpriced, overhyped PCC.

      I own a Glock. I will never own a PCC that takes Glock mags.

      • So no MechTech PCC uppers, eh? 🙂 Hickock45 tried a 9mm version, then later the 10mm, and said the 10mm with the G20 (or P80 equivalent) lower is a very fun gun. Wish I could have one here in the DPRK.

  3. I thought this looked pretty cool, until I saw the laughable MSRP. This would be an interesting option if the price was competitive with the CZ Scorpion and the Beretta Storm. MSRP under $900 with a street price of $600-700. Until then, my $400 Sub2k is good enough.

    Maybe blowback operation is needed to get the price down?

    • Speaking of the Sub2K, have you seen the new integrally suppressed one? The barrel even twists when you fold it so your optic doesn’t get in the way! If only they’d make it in 10mm with interchangeable barrels!

      • Not sure why people want Keltec to put 10mm into a gun that has blown up with 9mm. I’ve owned a 2nd Gen, without issues, but being in the keltec club I saw several that were in pieces. The good news is Kel tec makes it right, bit not a situation I want to have happen inches from my face.

    • The better comparison is vs the MPX or the SP5 where it is still high but at least competitive. The better question is why the keltech is 400 and the scorpion is nearly double even though both are just moving a pound of steel back and forth on some internal rails.

  4. Ruger really needs to get busy making a Charger version of their PC9. They wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand! And 10mm! And some of those lesser calibers. 😉 Then the price of all PCCs would come down.

  5. It would be nice if they offered this as an upper option for standard lowers compatible with glock and colt mags. The lower doesn’t look that far off from an AR lower except for the buffer tube ring (or what ever its called) and the “glock only” mag well.

    • They are offering it as a complete upper that is compatible with any AR-9 lower or AR-15 lower. According to their website it’s only available in 9mm. Hopefully they release it in other calibers like their UDP-9.

      • The website says its only going to be compatible with certain lower configurations. I’m guessing this means “glock mag only” like CMMG’s radial blowback guns. I hope I’m wrong, but everybody seems to be glock-mag-centric these days with AR pattern PCC’s.

  6. The integral upper is really neat and all but $3K? I mean CMGG has the radial delayed blow back bolt and barrel for under $400. It’s also a few inches shorter but still.

  7. Delayed blowback (of any sort) on a PCC is good news, but why oh why did they make their lower for Glock mags? That to me is a negative, not a plus. I know they are ubiquitous, they are proven, they are very affordable, but take advantage of the fact it’s a PCC and for crying out loud pair it with a double feed magazine.

    PSA got the memo with their new PCC the PSAR-V or whatever it’s called. An AR that (finally) takes Evo mags. Which are well on their way to being ubiquitous (manufactured by CZ, PSA and Magpul no less), have proven themselves (after some teething– er, feed lip issues) and while not as affordable as a Glock magazine of similar capacity it’s far from breaking the bank. Of course they’re double feed magazines, which is what makes them great. PSA even went a step further and took a page from Noveske’s book and thank goodness gave it a paddle mag release.

    If only they were delayed blowback, but I am holding my breath that they will sell stripped upper/lowers anyway so it can be paired with a CMMG radial delayed blowback kit. It’s unlikely this MPD-9 upper would work (you can buy the upper itself) with the PSA lower as, from what I’ve heard, Evo mags are too wide for your standard AR upper to accept.

    You could of course buy the upper of this and put it on a Colt lower but unfortunately the Colt mags seem long in the tooth and the only polymer alternative is ProMag which is no real alternative at all. That and curved 9mm magazines are proven to have better geometry over straight ones anyway. Not that there’s many complaints over the reliability of those but for modernity and looks you have to hand it to the Evo. It’s a sore sight to see an otherwise completely modern firearm in the form of an AR9 rockin’ an old magazine. That’s the least of my complaints but I can nitpick if I want.

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