New Zealand gun buyback failure
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Uh oh. News is starting to leak out — despite all the happy crappy from the mainstream media about 54,000 guns confiscated — that the New Zealand “buyback” was a big failure. At least two-thirds (probably closer to 75%) of the newly outlawed guns were not actually turned in.

It seems an awful lot of Kiwi gun owners chose not to participate in PM Jacinda Ardern’s opportunistic gun-grab following the mosque shootings earlier this year.

Authorities are calling it a success, but it’s not clear how many of these guns were owned by the public. And by the estimate of one New Zealand advocacy group, about two-thirds of the banned guns were not turned in, despite owners now facing up to five years in prison with the amnesty period closing.

“It’s not a number to be boasting about. It’s not successful,” Nicole McKee, spokeswoman for the gun group Council of Licensed Firearms Owners, told reporters. …

“Despite our best efforts to encourage compliance, we know owners have been so disappointed by the settings of the ban and its poor implementation that many can’t bring themselves to comply,” McKee said.

– Tim Marcin in New Zealand’s Gun Buyback Might Not Have Gone So Well

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  1. Typo in the first paragraph? Not being a jerk, I’m just unsure if you meant to say that 2/3 of the guns were actually turned in.

    • In Marxism, criminals are considered ideologically close and civilians are considered ideologically apart, because of their lack of political awareness.

      In the Soviet gulags criminals were given favored treatment. The bottom rung was those sentenced for political crimes. The cult of Communism considered such crimes as heresy and needed extra harsh punishment.

  2. I saw a story some months ago where a NZ journalist interviewed some gangster and asked if the gangsters were going to turn in their guns (no, really). The gangster responded “No, we need our guns, but it’s ok we only shoot each other.”

  3. And other tragic baiting accident claims the bannmed gunms.

    • baiting, no, hosting. Another tragic BOATING accident.

    • “Throw yur left overs in the ditch, Merry Christmas.”

      Why, I just may do that, ‘Marsupial One’, in honor of you and your cousins…

      Merry Christmas, one and all! 😉

  4. VICE had an “interesting” if embellished story of an Iron pipeline of black criminal gun running a few years ago. The main subject was shot to death shortly after it ran…he really DID need a gun. How much more those NZ residents need their gats against an authoritarian gubmint.

    • You raise an interesting question here, especially that is exactly the reasoning behind the 2nd Amendment. NZ, of course, has a socialist government with all the typical authoritarian state assumptions about the need to control the populace. Nonetheless, there is an upside to their failed attempt to confiscate “weapons of war”. Not only is there a widespread popular rejection of the confiscation attempts but those self-same weapons-of-war owners also vote. And even in NZ the power of the voting public can be very destructive to politician’s careers. Ironically, a similar kind of response is how taking place in Virginia. We can only hope.

  5. Maybe they should beg the bikers again. Maybe this time the PM should get on her knees on TV with her hands clasped together.

    • While on her knees she could offer other services, but I doubt many gun owning Kiwis are that hard up, but someone might offer her as much as a broken .22, maybe.

      • I’d give her a broken squirt gun to take a long walk off a short pier. With her record of stupidity and her not so great looks I don’t think many would trust her to do anything but beg.

  6. By the numbers per Global New Zealand Army consists of 9000 soldiers with 2300 in reserve. It has no fighter aircraft,tanks or offensive helicopters. It does have 22 helicopters and 200 armored vehicles. The police have approximately 12000 personnel including office staff (Wikipedia). The number of registered firearms owners is approximately 300,000 consisting of 1.5 million firearms(Wikipedia). If the people of New Zealand truly wanted to be free of government control over their firearms possession. A little FOA might change the perspective of those now in government. Unfortunately like in this country. To many people are willing to grovel at the feet of their superiors. In order to get the supposed safety and comfort provided. It’s easier to live the life of a Subject. Than to fight for a Freedom before it’s lost due to complacency. This should be a lesson to all firearms owners in OUR nation. Unfortunately as in New Zealand. Complacency is the Death of Freedom. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Unfortunately most firearms owners in New Zealand are all about hunting and sporting this is why one obtains a license to purchase firearms .

  7. Cracks in the Media Wall?
    We are talking about people that think AR means Assault Rife
    We are talking about people that don’t know a clip from a magazine
    We are talking about people that think MAGA is racist
    We are talking about people that think having a serial number makes a gun less deadly
    We are talking about people that think 10 rounds makes the first round less deadly
    We are talking about people that think ME not having a gun makes killers less deadly

    These people truly cannot understand WHY Trump won over Clinton

    • Agreed Vice is not calling out the failure of gun control, but rather the failure of this program, like a boss yelling at his employees.

  8. Its seems I care more about what happens in Hong Kong. Than I do what happens in New Zealand.
    In NZ where a crime occurred and the reaction is to make the citizens slaves. In Hong Kong a crime occurred and the people are fighting for their Freedom.

  9. NZ government as I mentioned last month seemed to look at Australian grab and decided to do the opposite of what partly worked there-

    Cheap prices (Australia overpaid by average of 150%)

    Lengthy process to get paid 6-8 weeks. Instant payment in Australia.

    Computer system hacked several times that they admit to. (No local I spoke to has confidence in their details being kept private)

    Rules keep changing every few weeks.

    Plus licence fees doubled

    Numerous statements by politicians calling legal owners criminals.

  10. I’ve often mentioned the US full-auto registration effort back in the day and I predicted based on that event that any confiscation effort here would result in at least one-third of firearms *not* being confiscated – which would leave at least 120 million firearms still on the street.

    So I am gratified to see that *two-thirds* is the more likely figure based on New Zealand. And since all those firearms will automatically be “black market”, obtaining them will be as easy as acquiring drugs on every street corner thanks to the “War on Drugs”.

    So bring it on!

    • run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes…seems to be the core of their strategy…when the majority turn their backs…. it’s back to the drawing board…..

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