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I mean, if it weren’t for double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all, right?


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      • Yell it from the rooftops. American or African. The only ones who can legitimately call themselves “African-American” or any hyphenation are those who were born elsewhere, but came here and became citizens. Their children, born here, will be Americans.

        • Indeed. I would also add that we should have reparations for the descendants of the victims of the African slave trade. Anyone who can establish their ancestry to slaves is eligible for $10,000 and a one way ticket to the west African country of their choosing. Package deal, all sales are final.

        • I ask my dad once after a history class when I was young, ” Who are we?” His reply was ,” We’re Americans.”

        • Hey Haz please go to Compton and instruct these folks as you outline, above. You will be doing the rest of us a service.

        • “The only ones who can legitimately call themselves “African-American” or any hyphenation are those who were born elsewhere“

          So no American-born person may call themselves Irish-American? No more Italian-Americans unless you were born in Italy?

          Or is that somehow different?

        • @unicorn,

          I just spit out my coffee!! Thanks for a great start to my Tuesday! 🙂


          No, I do not refer to myself as “Irish-American” or “European-American”. I’m an American of Irish, English, and Norwegian descent (did I just genetically doxx myself, lol?). Proud of my ancestry, and proud of my American heritage. Not so proud of today’s American leadership.

    • That whole cookie jar thing is straight up entrapment. I mean, clear glass, on the counter in plain sight, high enough out of reach to establish intent and with a chair conveniently located nearby, c’mon! It’s the polar opposite of Safe Storage™.

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  2. Cute meme- fun and games.

    To be serious for only an instant, however:

    It never hurts to remind people that I/“we” should not be necessarily influenced nor held responsible for the idiocy others believe or espouse- only for that which I/“we” know is true.

  3. Ya ‘forgot’ one – when a criminal shoots a cop it is because the cop was 1) racist; 2) the cop was depriving the criminal of his rights; 3) the cop disrespected the criminal; 4) all of the above.


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