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A motorcyclist reacts upon crashing his bike after he was pulled off of it by people protesting the death of Alfred Olango, who was shot by El Cajon police Tuesday, by blocking traffic near the parking lot where Olango was shot in El Cajon, California, U.S. September 29, 2016. Other protesters intervened before a full on fight broke out, calming the situation and paying the man for damage to his motorcycle. REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon
A motorcyclist reacts upon crashing his bike after he was pulled off of it by people protesting the death of Alfred Olango. REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon

The violence in El Cajon, California continues to simmer, especially as many “protesters” turn into rioters once the sun sets. Once more, we saw traffic blockades and violence against motorists, much of it racially motivated. Police made a couple of arrests, but mainly acted to keep the “protest” from becoming a full-blown riot.

CBS News has the story:

El Cajon, CA – Angry protests flared for the third straight night Thursday after a family attorney charged that an unarmed black man was unjustly killed by El Cajon police, and that officials were trying to sway public opinion by only releasing a single, favorable frame from video of the shooting.

Here’s that photo:

More from CBS:

…Olango’s anguished mother said her son was a good, joyful man who suffered a “mental breakdown” over the recent death of his best friend and needed compassion when police encountered him. Pamela Benge said her family had escaped strife-torn Uganda to come to the U.S. for safety and she asked why police didn’t just shock her son with a stun gun or shoot him in the leg.

Where have we heard this before?  “Why don’t you just shoot him in the leg?” “Why not just use a stun gun?”

A better question from the perspective of law and order: Why should we handicap good guys any further when faced with what any reasonable and prudent person would believe to be an imminent and otherwise unavoidable threat of death or great bodily injury?

The evidence we have available to us right now, in the form of that screen grab and police statements, shows a man who has assumed a shooting stance while holding something he drew from his pocket. Given that the man reportedly acted erratically, and ignored repeated police commands, it’s not at all surprising that they fired when he pulled the object from his pocket and assumed a weaver-like stance towards one of the officers.

I’ve read criticisms that one officer fired a TASER while the other fired his handgun. Yes, one cop fired his TASER, probably because that’s all he had in his hand at the critical instant the suspect acted.


But the protesters aren’t about learning the nuances of the law of self-defense or looking at things dispassionately. Increasingly they prefer traffic blockades to harass and intimidate motorists.

Black Lives Matter and similar groups are awash in a $100 million in donations from leftist foundations, including $33 million tied to George Soros through his Open Society Foundations and the Center for American Progress. They’ve got paid people working not to calm tensions, but to enflame them further.


If you haven’t read up on Self-Defense as a Motorist in a Riotous Attack, you owe it to yourself to do so. The national social justice violence world tour might be coming to your hometown soon. It’s always good to have a plan. And know the law, too. Don’t let yourself or a family member become injured, killed or imprisoned for acting inappropriately in the heat of the moment.

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  1. We keep talking about a civil war on this site. 3%ers. That may be them in that intersection. And while we sit around talking about lines in the sand and texit and other bullshit we may be witnessing the second American civil war. With barry, sharpton and hillary the lead players instead of Lincoln, Lee and Davis.

    • Something just occurred to me on this situation –

      With campaign donations being severely restricted for political candidates certain Progressive/Liberal persons who have decided for their own reasons that a Progressive America is what will most benefit them for the future (thinking they are being altruistic and working for the benefit of the people is childish), have discovered that they can bypass those campaign contribution laws by giving massive support to Mom Demand Action, Black Lives Matter, and a myriad of other left-of-center groups. These groups all promote leftist policies and even anti-Constitution policies and so are magnets for Liberal/Progressive leftists.

      The point being that they can donate tens or even hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars to these “causes” and practically guarantee that the publicity will fire up Democrat voters in the upcoming election, a result denied to them by other means of donating to politicians. Added benefit: it gets leftists who would otherwise be un-involved with the process a strong incentive (false narrative) to actually get out and vote Democrat in November when without exploiting and magnifying these incidents those same people would have stayed at home and watched TV.

      It’s the next best thing to going out to the hoods and actually paying them to vote (D).

    • I’ve been called a cop-basher by copsuckers more than once, but I’ve got to say, adopting that weaver stance with anything but a bright yellow banana in your hand is asking to get shot, a cop will shoot you, I’ll even shoot you for that.

      If you want a bad shoot to protest, how about jamming a fleeing motorcyclist into the curb (at low speed apparently), finding out you can’t open your door because you wedged a motorcycle between it and the curb, rolling down your window and executing the guy as he tries to pick his bike up? Now that one looks like Murder One, 20 years to life for the cop.

      • “adopting that weaver stance with anything but a bright yellow banana in your hand”


        Seriously, adopting a stance that can be seen as threatening is probably a bad idea, no matter what one is holding.

  2. At least the motorcyclist doesn’t appear to have gone down at speed. Road rash is both gruesome and painful.

    That said … The folks I rode with in Cali always called our riding gear “armor” and generally wouldn’t go for a ride without at a minimum full limb coverage, under the philosophy that it’s easier to sweat than grow new skin. Granted it won’t stop a bullet, but if I ever wind up in a potentially hostile crowd I’d much rather have a good riding jacket on than a tank top…

    • Yeah, but a good riding jacket with armor slows you down plenty once you’re off the bike…

      I had a poor stitching repair job on some leathers split open while sliding across that pavement, had a nice 2×2″ road rash on one butt cheek, man that was a pain, I can’t imagine half your body rashed up!

      • I went down something beyond 70 in midsummer, wearing leather riding gloves with teensy ventilation holes. Bike was totaled, I got on a bus to continue multistate trip. A couple days later I noticed teensy little burns on both hands which corresponded to those teensy ventilation holes. I hate to imagine what my hands would have looked like, or felt like, if I had been without leather gloves, despite them being a bit warmer than optimal.

        Looking again at this picture, I almost get sick at what would have happened if I had been dressed like this guy. I was wearing a T-shirt, all right, but under a denim jacket. I got a bit of rash where my jeans wore through, otherwise unhurt.

    • “… if I ever wind up in a potentially hostile crowd I’d much rather have a good riding jacket on than a tank top…”

      As far as I’m concerned, good riding ‘armor’, as in leathers, is a must.

      That unfortunately opens up a #10 can-o-worms, that being, when you have your second skin on, how in the Hell do concealed carry?

      Your piece inside your leathers will break bones if you go down on it…

      • Lots of jackets have semirigid or hard-backed impact protection these days on elbows, shoulders and back. Maybe one could put a holster between the back pad and the shell, or have a custom pad cut for an existing pocket.

        The Heine Gericke Kilimanjaro I had, had about 30 pockets. I wasn’t a firearm owner then but I expect something could have been made to work.

      • Riding jackets with gun pockets, tend to place them in the hollow (or, what used to be hollow pre McDs) of the stomach. Appendix’ish carry.

    • Was going to mention that but you beat me to it. Very professionally produced materials like that don’t come cheap, obviously bank rolled by some billionaire hell bent on creating unrest.

    • The people actually protesting, while I feel they are misguided, are perfectly fine. They obviously got donations and are using that money. That’s totally fine by me since they’re not just engaged in exercising their 1A rights but supporting local businesses to boot.

      It’s the folks that turn to violence and looting after dark, and admittedly there’s some crossover, that bother me.

      Over a long enough time line these idiots will attack a legal carrier (probably not in Cali) or they’ll attack the police in a way that gets someone on the protester’s side shot or seriously injured. So will commence a spiral that I’m fairly certain I don’t want to see.

      • “That’s totally fine by me since they’re not just engaged in exercising their 1A rights but supporting local businesses to boot.”

        Well, Mexicali and Tijuana are “local,” but I don’t think that’s what you meant. Soros is smart enough to take advantage of lower labor rates and no environmental protections when he’s spending his own (stolen) money.

        No way those were printed in the US. Too expensive.

      • The ones protesting while violence is going on are complicit with any acts that occur from my perspective. They are giving cover and aid to anyone being violent and, in cases like this, are helping form the mob that commits the act even if it only takes a couple of people to yank someone off a motorcycle.

    • “Those protestors sure get nice shirts and signs printed up quickly.”

      George Soros always gets expedited service.

      • That universal uniform has another purpose, when everybody in the mob is wearing the same thing it makes individual identification in the mob a lot more difficult.

        To enhance their looting experience by reducing the chance of getting caught hauling off their new 4K UHD TV…

    • I noticed in Charlotte they had professional signs that said National Guard Go Home! I thought it was odd because I don’t think I’ve seen too many all night print shops in the ghettos. Especially why they looted the Jimmy Johns and just passed by the printers…

      Doris group gave them busses, liquor, money, and the big one was marijuana. Remember when Eric Holder said the justice department wasn’t going to prosecute pot after Colorado legalized it? So now they are drug running across state lines for their revolution and we can’t do anything about it. If you cross the state line with a handle (1.75 liter) bottle of liquor you’re considered the same as a moonshiner. We’re being hand held into the camps.

      • States’ rights, Bub. If your state wants to criminalize someone bringing in liquor, that’s fine. If your state wants to criminalize bringing in marijuana, that’s fine. Those acts can be prosecuted at state or local level.

        In my state, you may bring as much alcohol in as you like, if it is for personal consumption. Perhaps you should lobby your Legislature to change the law.

        • Thinking locally, states rights, is going to kill what little freedom is left in this country. The bad guys, soros, bloomberg, barry, hillary are all thinking and acting nationally and internationally.

    • “turn us against ourselves?” What do you mean, who is “us and them”? You’re implying unity that is now degrading, but there has never truly been unity between black ghettos and white communities. And these people, fed by a sympathetic media and white guilt, are so steeped in their own persecution complexes that a legitimate shooting is met with widespread rioting. Disgraceful. They may as well just go and piss on the graves of real civil rights activists, like MLK and Malcom X.

      • Us = Americans, Them = Americans. I agree, there hasn’t been “unity,” I wasn’t implying that. Just suggesting that instead of focusing on “other” issues (many), one group of Americans are now focusing on the other, and vise versa – all over bullshit. Seems to be snowballing, and driven by… who knows.

  3. Nothing a judicious application of common sense and avoidance can’t fix. And there that fails, a few 230gr slugs if they immobilize my SUV. The only question is will they run after the first few fall? Or become my hood ornament…

    • Couldn’t agree more. I started keeping 2 extra boxes of ammo in my jeep. Anyone tries to pull me or my wife out of the vehicle gets shot. If they don’the scatter, 4 wheel high, and I drive through them. Enough of of this pathetic horseshit already.

  4. “they fired when he pulled the object from his pocket and assumed a weaver-like stance towards one of the officers.”

    See, that’s the problem right there. If he had assumed an Isosceles Stance, he’d still be alive today.

  5. Personally, I ride armed. If a mob knocked me off my bike they’d quickly be staring at the wrong end of Mr. .357.

    • You may want to upgrade to something with a bit more ammo. A .357 is a fine choice for one or two attackers, but 5-6 rounds against a mob? And one that’s likely to have more than a few folks who KNOW that you only have 5 or 6 rounds? Shit, these folks are angry enough, they might decide they like those odds. After all, you can’t shoot everyone.

      • Or they get really ticked when you shoot their buddy and they no longer care…

        I imagine that shooting a black person in front of a mob carrying signs that say “Stop Killing Black People” would cause a fair amount of consternation in that particular group of people.

        • Once they are over 100 yards away and around a corner, could be. Possibly in a liquor store they are casing for later. Definitely not in your face while you are still holding that gun and pieces of that friend’s body are still dropping around them.

      • Interesting question: best handgun for riotous mobs? I’m going FN Five seveN for ammo capacity with decent ballistics.

      • If I knew I was about to ride into angry racist mob I’d change direction, not my EDC.

        All depends on how irrational these people are, and they’ve got to be pretty irrational to knock someone off a motorcycle. I’m pretty sure my initial reaction would be to draw and demand they back off. Odds any one of them thinking ‘he might kill me but eventually my buddies will get him’ are probably pretty low. If there is such a brave soul in the group I’m pretty sure that the impressive report from the Double Taps and the sight of cerebrospinal fluid spraying into the air would greatly discourage the rest from taking similar action. If not it’s just a matter of whether I’d take 6 of them with me or 16.

        • Your first is spot on. Of course you’d have to know.

          My worry actually isn’t about what gun exactly you carry it’s that a situation like getting knocked off your bike means you have to get that beast back up on it’s wheels. If you just shot 1+ of these cretins I’d worry the crowd might try to rush you as you work to get your bike back up, or, when you run out of ammo with whatever you happen to be carrying.

          Sure, you can abandon the bike but now you’re on foot and in less that friendly environs, with a crowd that would very much like to beat you to death for busting a cap in their friends, not very far removed from you.

        • No worries. They will scatter like cockroaches when a firearm is pulled. Ammo capacity is irrelevant.

        • Hopefully (and most likely) the knowledge that I’m armed is all I’ll have to disseminate to receive all the space I want. When you’ve been assaulted by an angry mob you have to assume that they mean to do you grave bodily harm, so letting them get close enough lay their hands on you is a sure ticket to a life threatening beating. If you draw and they call your bluff you have no choice but shoot or die. If you shoot and they keep coming you have to shoot again until they stop. If you run out of ammu nition and they’re still coming you’d probably be dead anyway.

          That said I have a P95 with 3 mags that would be on my hip when the rioters come down my street. There will also be the big .357 in a shoulder hol ster and either a 12ga. or a .30-30 in my hands. Little too much to carry for EDC.

        • The problem Hawk is that they don’t always scatter like roaches, especially if they’ve been imbibing alcohol that they looted from a store.

          Thugs and especially drunk thugs do dumb things. I’ve seen it first hand. Simply assuming that they will respect the gun isn’t a bet I’d want to place. Assuming that they’ll run is similarly a bet I don’t want to take. Shoot the wrong person and a bunch of “ride or die” type gangbangers aren’t going to let you off the hook. They’re gonna pull their own heaters and it just hit the fan.

          Gov, you need some scabbards on your bike to EDC that much!

        • ‘…scabbards on your bike…’

          Now there’s a brilliant idea.

          The scatter like cockroaches scenario is by far the most likely but certainly not the only one. But assuming you’re into one of the others, I’m not sure what an extra 10 rounds will buy you. Best bet is to make a quick right turn when you see the fires and give your right wrist a hard twist.

        • In the kind of situation described here, if I draw I have pre-decided to shoot anybody whose *front* I see. I agree with Hawk that once the mob realizes you have a gun, all you will see is backs, as they scatter. If some are too drunk or crazy to retreat, start picking them off, preferably moving away toward the dark at the same time. Since we have *NEVER* heard of someone being beaten after killing five attackers, much less 12, I’m not going to concern myself with that possibility until I get qualified for fully operational operator.

        • Gov:

          They make scabbards that are easily attached to a bike. Of course there’s the obvious security issue when you’re not with/on your bike but some plastic coated cable and a lock should mostly fix that.

          Honestly, this right here is the best idea: LOL! Don’t get taken off the bike just mow down the crowd and ride through like XXX!

          Now as for the scattering thing, a more serious note: I say “Don’t count on it”. Crazy people who are angry do not react the way you expect. I lived across the street from a Section 8 house for a few years. A real craphole of a neighborhood. The riff raff rotated in the house in question but some of them were legit gangbangers.

          One day a group of other gangbangers show up at this guy’s house and a confrontation ensues over some gangster shit or other. The guy from the house pulls out his heater, well he tries at least. Do these other guys run as we might assume they would? No, they rush the guy (they were already pretty close), get his gun off him, toss it aside and the beat the living shit out of him.

          Actual protesters will probably run. Gangbangers are a whole other kettle of fish. They don’t have a long life expectancy and they know it. They also often use narcotics that remove fear from the equation. They are extremely unpredictable and they will do insane things “just to get a rep” or for the rush of doing it.

          Keep in mind these are the same kind of nuts who knock over a liquor store and kill the clerk just for funzies.

        • My biggest reservation about the bike scabbard would be the attention it might bring from the local PD. The M240 on the other hand would just add too much weight.

          Yes, when they’re high on jenkum you never know what they’ll do. But if you’re in that kind of up close confrontation the odds of getting off rounds 7-16 are pretty low. Add to that the ballistic advantage of full power .357s and it kind of seems like a wash to me. I mostly carry what I carry because IMHO it’s the coolest weapon I can afford to carry. But beyond that, with a revolver you don’t have to worry about pushing the slide out of battery on contact shots (bear in mind that the slide doesn’t generally return to battery all by itself, you’ll have to get a hand free to give it a nudge). On the other extreme, I have no doubt that if I can find a rest I can take out a bad guy at 100 yards (probably even without the rest). Maybe I’m just rationalizing my choice but there just doesn’t seem to be that many incidents where more than 6 rounds are necessary. I’d bet even LEOs very rarely actually need more than 6 (not to be confused with how many rounds trigger happy cops actually fire).

        • Aww comon’ gov you can save weight by ditching the radio, M4 and MBT LAW!

          Also, I’m pretty sure that’s an M249.

          No, in all seriousness it’s a tad ridiculous without a sidecar.

          As for the other issue. As I said if there are members of the crowd in the mood to just flat out harm you and not be deterred I don’t think that any gun you could realistically carry is going to work out well for you. I’d give it 90% odds that 100% of the crowd scatters just seeing a gun. 5% you have to drop someone(s) and 5% max that they rush you after you do. If they’re in the mood to go after you post-shooting 6 rounds or 20 doesn’t much matter.

          I’m merely saying it’s a consideration, which is why I agreed that you simply avoid the area if at all possible.

      • There have been a couple instances over the last year where people pulled a gun when they felt threatened by the protesters. In each case the protesters backed off, but unfortunately as far as I know all of the people defending themselves were charged with a crime due to the local BS gun laws.

        • The sad truth is that our ‘public servants’ prefer us to fear them more than the mob. Let yourself get beaten half to death and your attackers will walk free or at best a slap on the wrist. Dare defend yourself and it’s ‘off with your head!’

          Imagine how peaceful these ‘peaceful protests’ would be if the majority of innocent bystanders were armed.

  6. My question, why did they call the cops in the first place? If he was suffering a mental breakdown, the EMTs may have been a better choice. I don’t know how 911 operators handle situations like this. What about friends and family instead? Why did they even let him leave alone?

    I guess hindsight is 20/20…

    • One guy that died this month called 9-1-1 for an ambulance and got executioners instead.

      When he finally quit begging them to take him to the hospital and tried climbing into the back of a squad without their permission, they got tired of dealing with him and killed him.

    • Usually, dispatchers will send in law enforcement first into any scene that’s reported as threatening. EMT’s and paramedics will follow when the LEO’s give dispatch the call.

      Fortunately, where I am, we don’t have to deal with too much of that, but it still happens.

    • EMT’s in almost ALL major jurisdictions WILL NOT touch a rambling, ranting, individual of ANY race for their own protection until law enforcement arrives “on-scene” I know this from firsthand experience.

      In ’91 my first weekend as working foreman on the night shift in Staten Island N.Y at a bus garage we had a crack dealer crawl under our fence at about midnight to escape his assailants who put two slugs in his thigh. His pager was going off, he was ranting and raving about using the phone in our dispatch trailer. I called 911 FOUR times in a 1/2 hour the last two times telling them if they didn’t get the POS out of our lot I would wrap a chain around his ankles and drag him out into Forest Ave near the Goethal’s Bridge and leave him there. It took EMS a full 30 minutes to arrive, no they weren’t busy were on a shift change, once “on-scene” they stood back by a good 40 yards away and refused to treat the piece of crap until NYPD arrived. NYPD uniformed officers showed up at the 45 minute mark, again they were on a shift-change and had to come clear across the island from their precinct one of two in that borough. Only when officers were “on-the-scene” did EMS begin to treat the scumbag and only after he was “cleared” for weapons by NYPD. Oh the stories I could tell.

    • Once enough EMTs got attacked and injured by the citizens they were trying to help they decided to stop doing that until the police could arrive.

      I don’t blame them- this guy was willing to get himself shot, you don’t think he was willing to hurt someone else? I can’t be sure but I wouldn’t want some unarmed EMT to have to find out.

  7. Although I don’t think the police did anything technically wrong in this and the Charlotte shootings. I have to start to wonder why the police don’t taser the individuals in these situations much sooner instead of letting them get to this point they have to shoot?

    • Per recent rulings (4th Circuit) the police cannot use a taser when facing suspects not posing an immediate threat of violence. This suspect would have be considered noncompliant but non-violent… until he was. The second between those two states is insufficient time to react.

      As usual, the courts and protesters have tied the hands of the police from using force early so it ends up being used late… and then it’s a gun. Now, some of the cases that brought these rulings were over the line, but the court has reacted by establishing broad rulings that mean tasers are now no longer an option in many, many cases.

  8. I dare these “protestors” to carry that banner (the “Stop Killing Black People”) into black neighborhoods in Chicago.

    They might save many more black people than they’re going to save by protesting in lily-white liberal areas.

    Then again, they might end up shot in the head by (you guessed it) black people.

    • The race card is now pulled so frequently without reason that it’s meaningless. I have seen no racism yet. Only factual observations.

    • The Left has raped the word racist to the point that it is meaningless….in fact I embrace the term, just like xenophobic, homophobic, bigot, blah,blah,blah.

      In fact the Left has raped the word rape down to the level of meaning “regrets the following morning after a tequila fueled hookup” or even an unwanted date request.

  9. Robert sure took the random accusations that TTAG was swinging anti-cop to heart by hiring a writer/sycophant who clearly thinks all cops are the bee’s knees and can do no wrong.

    I want to be clear here; I think that “protesters” showing their anger by stopping traffic are wrong and are going to earn the broken bones they get.

    But the way Boch acts like the cops wouldn’t shoot his gun-toting ass for twitching is foolhardy and smells like he feels safe because he’s part of some kind of protected class.

  10. Yet another uprising based on no information other than incomplete, misleading and inflammatory media coverage.

  11. Anybody else want to question the wisdom of applying the Napoleonic solution of “a whiff of grapeshot” to these assholes?

    • I’d prefer something a bit more lethal.

      I carry on my bike. If I had gotten knocked off it and surrounded by a violent mob, I’d draw after the first person hit me and start shooting.

      • I’m pretty sure a cannon loaded with grapeshot is a hell of a lot more lethal on crowds than your pistol.

        Not dissing your pistol mind you, but a 12 pounder loaded to be a shotgun has a bit more impact on a crowd of people than anything you could possibly carry on your person other than maybe a suitcase nuke.

        • I stand corrected. By whiff, I thought serge was implying a shot across their bow, not up it. And props to both of you on your knowledge of esoteric military history.

          However, I think a backpack nuke would be easier to “carry” that a piece of field artillery.

  12. Did anyone else notice the possible double meaning of the sign “Stop Killing Black People”? Kind of like fighters of God or the lamb is too hot to eat. Projection by its nature cannot see what others might see. While many are worried about cops killing black people, blacks in America are facing an existential crisis with homicide rates rarely seen in history. Please for the love of black people . . . black people stop killing black people.

    • It is one of the most annoying things about the lily-white gun control advocates’ mindset that existed in the 1970’s through 2000 or so, then they sort of went away until recently:

      The lily-white gun control advocates don’t give a rat’s rear end about crime victims in minority neighborhoods. They lose not a wink of sleep on the issue.

      It is only when criminal violence spills into their tawny neighborhoods that they get up in arms. Blacks killing blacks? No problem. Some minorities target whites? Pearl-clutching commences. One of their own little spoiled lily-white twerps shoots someone with a gun? Oh, stop the presses! We need to form a group to address this issue!

      The worst thing about the rates of violent crime in urban black areas is that national social welfare and immigration policies espoused by supposedly “racially aware” liberals are the root cause of the problem: the breakdown of the black family through social welfare programs, coupled with high rates of unemployment in young black males caused by flooding the market with immigrant labor.

      • DG:

        None of what you describe as problems are bugs in the system. A lot of this is by design.

        No one trips, falls down and comes up with what some might call the “new plantation”. The same way that no one trips, falls down and the schools are a total mess.

        If the problems were fixed with some rapidity I might believe they were an accident. The fact that they go on for 50 years tells me they are not.

  13. So what do I do when:

    I’m trapped by BLM thugs;

    a thug is about to shoot me through the window;

    I’m boxed in, the only way out is front;

    the BLM thugs chanting at the front are not posing a lethal threat, and there’s no way I can prove that they are accomplices in my about-to-be murder?

    How do I get out alive and jail-free?

    • Kobayashi Maru. When you carry a gun and take responsibility for your own life you must accept that you may face a no win scenario.

      Sometimes you have to be satisfied that you did your best and that it just played out wrong.

  14. “If you haven’t read up on Self-Defense as a Motorist in a Riotous Attack, you owe it to yourself to do so. The national social justice violence world tour might be coming to your hometown soon. It’s always good to have a plan. And know the law, too. Don’t let yourself or a family member become injured, killed or imprisoned for acting inappropriately in the heat of the moment.” I don’t give a F#ck what anybody else thinks I should or should not do in that situation. If I can’t drive out of the situation, I will shoot my way out of the situation and then drive out or shoot my way out and then run like hell. No subhuman garbage is going to take me down or trash my whip without a fight.

  15. That’s my plan too. I didn’t do anything to those worthless black lives that don’t matter. I’m not going down without a fight.
    Wait and see thug boys.

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