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If aerial hog hunting no longer floats your boat (so to speak) . . . Dubai tour company offers pirate hunting cruises off horn of Africa

Like any proper cruise, you can choose a type of stateroom with offers ranging from the humble sounding “standard inside” to the opulent “Hemingway suite.” The similarities to any other cruise end abruptly when you begin assembling your personal armory. With offerings such as the predictably yielding “bazooka package” and a “mercenary madness” kit, you can personalize your weapons cache almost endlessly. The “mercenary madness” package includes rental of a M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle, an AR 15 assault rifle, and an 18kt gold plated Desert Eagle pistol. Bow and arrows are also available for purists. Flamethrowers can be rented as well, though require a 3 day licensing course prior to departure.Ports of call include the otherworldly Socotra island known for its Dragon’s Blood trees, and Mogadishu – the most dangerous city on the planet.

While this article did not, in fact, appear at, the odds seem high that it’s yet another example of fake news.

Why are anti-gun bureaucrats so racist and misogynistic? . . . Problems with Discretion: Few Concealed Handgun Permits Given to Hispanics, Blacks, or Women in Los Angeles County

In 2013, LA Weekly obtained a list of the 341 concealed carry permit holders in Los Angeles County, California. That is only about 0.0045% of the 7.7 million adults living in the county in 2013.  As of January this year, there were only 226 permits. By contrast, today over 6.5% of the adult population in the US has permits. LA Weekly pointed out that the people given permits were judges, reserve deputy sheriffs, and a small group who gave campaign contributions or gifts to then-Sheriff Lee Baca.. . . .

(W)e identified the race of 135 people (who were granted a permit): 4 Hispanics (3%), 7 blacks (5.2%), 15 Asians (11.1%), and 109 whites. Only 16 were females (11.9%). Hispanics and women had much lower permitting rates than the general population and the rates that those groups obtained concealed handgun permits in places that don’t allow authorities discretion in determining whether people have a justifiable need to carry a gun for protection. Asians were not as different than their 14.4% of the population in 2013.

Kate Steinle’s murderer says it was the gun’s fault . . . A gun’s history of accidental discharges

Some gun enthusiasts have objected to the Lopez Sanchez defense team’s assertion that the SIG Sauer is known for accidental discharges. They invoke its reputation for quality when fired under ideal conditions. Yet, claims the gun is accident-prone cannot be brushed aside — that’s because the SIG Sauer operates exactly as designed. It’s an elite handgun intended for law enforcement and military personnel who may need to fire it with split second notice. Hence, it has a hair trigger in single-action mode. Even among well-trained users, it has a lengthy history of accidental discharges.

Most police agencies don’t make records public, but those that do reveal disturbing data. In a four-year period (2012-2015), the New York City Police Department reported 54 accidental firearm discharges, 10 involving SIG Sauers. Los Angeles County reported more than 80 accidental discharges between 2010 and 2015, five involving SIG Sauers. From 2005 to January 2011, the San Francisco Police Department reported 29 accidental discharges (a time when it issued SIG Sauers as its primary sidearm).

Don’t like a gun owner in the People’s Republic? Drop a dime on them! . . . Paul Soglin launches immediate gun bounty program for guns used in violent crimes

Mayor Paul Soglin said Tuesday he is launching a gun bounty program, aimed at generating tips about people who use or hoard illegal firearms, using money from his own office budget.

At a news conference Tuesday, Soglin said the city is studying gun bounty programs in other cities, such as Baltimore, but said Madison can no longer wait until those studies are finished. Under the program, which Soglin said is effective immediately, rewards of up to $1,000 will be given to anyone who reports others who possess guns that have been used in shootings or those being stored by people not legally allowed to possess them.

Hogue Knives Introduces the EX–A05 Automatic

Hogue Knives is pleased to announce the expansion of their automatic knife line to include new EX-A05 models. “Our X5 folder, which was introduced last year, proved to be so popular that our customers wanted to see the same unique design in an automatic version,” said Hogue managing partner and master toolmaker Jim Bruhns. “The result is a lightning fast spring action knife that is a reliable work horse each and every time you need it.”

The EX-A05’s blade is made from cryogenically heat treated CPM154 stainless steel and its edge is hand sharpened and honed for a lasting edge. Available in both spear point and modified wharncliffe styles, the blades are finished with either a tumbled stone wash or a kiln baked black CerakoteTM finish.

The STL has a higher murder rate than Chicago . . . State troopers to begin patrolling St. Louis interstates, freeing up police for violent crime

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is announcing a plan aimed at reducing violence in St. Louis, calling the city “the most dangerous in the United States.”

The plan announced Monday calls for the Missouri State Highway Patrol to help patrol interstate highways in the city, targeting violent felons and saturating areas of high crime. The proposal also calls for the state Department of Corrections to remove what the governor says is 450 criminals from the streets.

Oh, and the Governor’s wife was robbed at gunpoint in the city back in December.

This “research” consisted of interviewing “about a dozen” professors, no doubt selected at random . . . A judge tossed a campus carry suit Friday. But the law’s chilling effect is ‘clear,’ researcher says

At the campus, which he could not identify because of the study’s confidentiality, one professor avoided meeting with a “combative” student out of fear of personal safety.

Another moved office hours to a public space to avoid private conversations with a student who may be carrying. A third said she needed to be “a little more cautious” when she discussed Sigmund Freud and femininity in the classroom. He plans to survey faculty and staff more broadly after these initial results.

Cradit said that future lawsuits against campus carry may be more effective if they are led by students or the institutions themselves. With evidence that teaching changes as a result of campus carry laws, he said, students may argue that they’re receiving a lower-quality education as a result.

News flash: gun owners vote Republican . . . Gun ownership emerges as a divide, can shape political behavior, study finds

Increasingly in presidential elections since 1972, a partisan divide has emerged around guns, as someone who owns one is more likely to support a Republican candidate, according to a new study by University of Kansas researchers.

“While this ‘gun divide’ mimics growing partisan division in the country, it is more than that,” said Mark Joslyn, professor of political science and the study’s lead author. “Gun ownership may include an identity, a long-standing culture that shares identifiable traits and behaviors. The identity appears to have strengthened in recent years, and opposition to it has grown as well.”

FN sure can build ’em. That SilencerCo can, though, wasn’t made for that kind of punishment . . . Suppressor Meltdown! 700 round burst through an M249 SAW!

The suppressor used in this video was a Silencerco SWR branded can. We fired 700 rounds in one continuous burst through a full-auto M249 saw. The can ended up breaking around the 350-400 round mark. The gun itself ran wonderful and had no problems. The only problem we had afterwards was someone was going to have to clean it. We wanted to see how far we could push a full-auto rated suppressor.


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  1. Consider that the article about hunting pirates is from April 1st 2011… yes, it’s quite fake.

  2. St. Louis is a disgrace. I live 1.25 hours south of STL and its a different planet here. Everyone has guns here and its probably has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

    I recently blew up a suppressor with a M16. It was rated for full-auto but apparently wasn’t. I replaced it with a Rugged suppressor which is belt-fed rated. 🙂 I would have faired better than the 249 than that Silencerco!

  3. I’m not surprised the most racist state of California is racially discriminating against Blacks and Hispanics. But it most be said the mayor and police chief in LA are both Hispanic. The Mulford Act was passed a long time ago. But the power in California now, white homosexuals and Hispanics like it that way.

    • It should also be said that Sheriff Baca was publicly very pro-gay rights. While its seems he was at the same time denying civil-rights to blacks and others. The LA weekly is a gay newspaper. I don’t think they will be asking to closely just how many LA county permit holders are white gay people.

      Is this an example of white gay privilege or just regular white privilege????

      • Don’t overthink it – it’s just “money privilege” and/or “fame” privilege. Which is to say, the same thing that has gone on as long as there have been some humans who have more of something than others.

        • 16v
          Its not over thinking. The LA Weekly is a proud gay newspaper. But it is also an anti-civil rights gay newspaper. They are against RKBA. They think they can cover themselves by “finding racism.” But they are a racist gay paper if they think only the government should have guns. The are attempting to create a distraction. The LA weekly is an enemy of liberty. They only like the 1st amendment when it applies to them.

          And whats wrong with asking if only connected white homosexuals got gun permits????
          I will bet that those “in the closet” gay gun permit holders are against anyone else from having guns.

      • Of course, it might just be that they based their assessment on which group was the most violent. Seems to be in the correct order of denial, including the women. There are some very violent female gangs in LA. They are mostly Hispanic as I recall, but there are some Black female gangs. They are not the ones who hang with male gangs. They have their own separate organizations and ranks.

        What I love is that Jerry Brown left Oakland to run for governor on a law and order platform. Just like the city he deserted, things have only gotten worse. Rotten apples don’t fall far from the tree (Gov Pat Brown was his father, and his social programs cost us dearly. The liberals actually stood up and voted with the conservatives to bring in Ronald Reagan who cleaned up the swamp. We need another good strong charismatic conservative… not like the RINOs like Wilson, or the whipped like Swartznegger.

        • DaveW
          I remember the really good education, and economic changes Jerry Brown was doing in Oakland. He seemed to really turn things around in Oakland. But then he left Oakland to become Gov Moonbeam again. The socialists destroyed the school he created that the parents and students wanted. He abandoned them. It seems his time as Oakland Mayor was all just a show, for conservative voters.
          Conservatives donated to him when they never did before.

      • Yes, there are differences in the demographics. but this is a very limited sample–because both Baca and AL City Police chief Beck were of the firmly held and immutable belief that more guns means more gun crime, and thus established virtual “no issue” policies. The lack of women CCW holders may have two or more cause, one being that most women in LA are democrats and thus anti-gun, and I think generally fewer women apply for CCWs than men. The Uber-wealthy who are anti-gun just hire armed guards.

    • The mayor and police chief may be Hispanic, but it doesn’t mean they are friendly to their own people’s needs.

  4. “Gun ownership may include an identity, a long-standing culture that shares identifiable traits and behaviors. The identity appears to have strengthened in recent years, and opposition to it has grown as well.”

    Well, duh.

    We’re in a culture war, and we have the guns. Sounds good to me.

    • “identifiable traits and behaviors”
      Republican/Gun owner: “I’ll do it myself.”
      Democrat/Gun Bigot: “There should be a law, let the government fix it for me.”

  5. Yeah there’s a political divide. Duh…that’s some funny shite from Commiefornia. They hate everyone except their own. And St. Louis is the most dangerous town? I’d say WHATEVER hellhole you’re caught in is the “most dangerous”. I vote Chiraq…

      • Guys, come on. There’s no need to argue. You both live in horrifically mismanaged, crime-ridden hellscapes.

  6. If a gun has a “hair trigger” and goes off without the shooter wanting it too, it is not an accidental discharge, it is a negligent discharge. If a gun has a design flaw and goes off due to that flaw that is an accidental discharge based on the negligence of the manufacturer.

  7. Tourist hunting pirates reminds me of the movie “Hard Target”. Van Damm plays a ex soldier being hunted by tourists with rifles. That was in 1988. Now art becomes reality. A Flamethrower??? Talk about smoking somebody!!

    • “Van Damm plays a ex soldier being hunted by tourists with rifles”

      The inspiration on that movie may be from a rumor in the early 80s there were people bringing rich Europeans into Beirut for a ‘sniper holiday’. Putting them into well-concealed sniper hides overlooking the no-man’s land in downtown Beirut to kill for fun. Can anyone verify that rumor?

      EDIT – Now this is interesting. ‘Kid Rock’ is running for the US Senate in 2018:

      I wish Bob well in his campaign…

    • I hope they send the remains of the can back to Silencerco and ask for a warranty repair…

    • Using an auto weapon like that is only done for two purposes:
      One is for shits and giggles.
      The other is in a last ditch effort to keep the enemy away.
      In the first, it’s considered abuse, and I seriously doubt it would be covered by any warranty (but what do I know?).
      In the second, if you’re around afterwards, you just count yourself lucky, and buy another suppressor.

  8. “Money talks, bullsh*t walks.” Although Madison is a bullsh*t liberal city, they just may have come up with an idea to get criminals off the street and into prison where they belong. Getting money is the lure for a great deal of urban “gun violence”, i.e., eliminating competition in the drug trade, so why can’t money be an incentive to get the criminals and their illicitly-gained firearms where they should be, locked up? It’s too much to expect most urban dwellers to give them up out of a sense of civic duty but (see first sentence). It sure beats the idiotic “gun buy-backs” which far too many cities have adopted as a way to get arms out of the hands of criminals – which does neither eliminate criminals from the streets or the firearms they illegally carry.

    • Sounds like he wants the guns, no mention of prosecuting the bad guys.

      Madison is beautiful, but run by lunatics.

    • I wonder how well thought-out this plan is… They want you to rat out violent criminals who are known to be armed. Considering that the gangstas and thugs we’re talking about tend to exact lead-based revenge on people for the tiniest slights and most inconsequential of beefs, is $1000 really enough for people to potentially risk a vicious reprisal if it’s discovered (or even just suspected) who turned them in?

      • One of the facets of the program would have to be absolute, total, and complete anonymity of anyone given a reward for turning in a “bad guy with a gun”. Otherwise, you’re absolutely right.

        • Which assumes the police don’t have a corruption problem or mole in the ranks. Stuff leaks from departments all the time. Also, if homie gets pinched for a stolen gun, and you happen to end up with a 1000 smackers, you might be suspected. I wouldn’t be caught dead angling for this reward because there’s a real possibility of being jus plain dead before you can collect or spend it.

        • The vast majority of the people with the information needed to turn someone in under this program have a relationship of some form with the person in question. And such people aren’t generally known for being all that smart. When that person suddenly starts spending money, even 2+2 is easy. Said person will immediately (or soon, anyway) be under suspicion for being a rat.
          Of course, as far as society in general is concerned, that may not be a bad thing.

    • As a resident of the People’s Republic, I can tell you the powers that be in Madison tap dance like hell around the violent crime issue. This new bounty to combat “gun violence” is just the newest iteration. The problem is, as white lefties, they felt unfulfilled without a local ghetto of their own to exercise their white guilt in. Therefore they’ve had the welcome mat out and the pillows fluffed for the vermin from Chicago and Milwaukee for years. The results have been entirely predictable. Violent crime in Madison is almost entirely the domain of subsidized crime incubator neighborhoods and their denizens. “Gun violence” is simply a way to avoid looking at an uncomfortable truth. The ability to blame shift to the right side of the political spectrum is an added bonus.

  9. “rewards of up to $1,000 will be given to anyone who reports others who possess guns that have been used in shootings or those being stored by people not legally allowed to possess them”

    OK. These people have officially crossed over into the domain of the Nazi, Fascists, and Communists from their prior socialist position. Let’s teach neighbors to turn on neighbors, coworkers on coworkers, children on parents just as they do in the middle east, the eastern block, China, Korea, et al. Nazi Germany where it was patriotic for people to turn in anyone who spoke against the state, harbored Jews, etc. Not that I didn’t think they were all treasonous bastards anyway.

    • WTF? There was a time when giving information on criminals to law enforcement was considered to be a civic duty and an admirable thing to do. To conflate this with the policies of autocratic regimes in the past defies common sense. We’re not talking about innocents who have done nothing wrong other than being an opponent of the government’s policies or those of a religion condemned by a government composed of lunatics. We’re talking about turning in vicious thugs who peddle death in powder form to those who would succumb to their blandishments to “Just try it, it’ll make you feel better” and get them hooked and will kill anyone who tries to horn in on their drug-dealing territory.

      Son, you ain’t right in the head.

      • He’s making sense to me.

        If you’re paying people, you’re deputizing them. It’s one thing to turn in a neighbor because he’s a problem. It’s another to turn him in for money.

        Also, there’s something in EVERYONE’S house the government would find objectionable. I don’t want the government passing out rewards to people and turning surveillance into a cottage industry.

        • Herp – Oh, I get it. Don’t cooperate with the police. Maybe even come up with a catchy name for refusing to help the cops get the gunslingers off the streets and into prisons. Hey, I got it! How about we call it “Stop snitching!”? Yeah, that’s pretty catchy, right?

          And don’t consider for a NY minute how those gunslingers fighting over drug turf affect us, the POTG. Never mind that every time an innocent person gets caught in the crossfire of the drug dealers’ gun battles that it drives the undecided to the anti-gun faction. No big deal, right?

          If you have a better incentive than cold, hard cash to get people to “do the right thing” and turn in those thugs terrorizing urban neighborhoods, post it up. I’d like to see it.

  10. Sigh. From a NYT profile on a New Hampshire cop

    Adams grew his hair long and arranged undercover buys, a Glock .27 concealed in a holster beneath his jeans. Later he would return wearing a bulletproof vest, surrounded by fellow officers, to kick in the door with his pistol drawn.

  11. So, when law-abiding citizens conceal-carry for their protection and mine, I am too skeered to learn. When I am sitting in a “Gun-Free” shooting gallery, I’m just fine.

  12. Hilarious that california dumbasses think DA/SA pistols have “hair triggers”……..the guns were designed to prevent ADs…….you have to be a drooling tard with a sub 70 IQ to have an AD/ND with a p226/229

    • Yeah, they have a pretty stout DA pull, are they holstering them with the hammer cocked with no manual safety?

  13. Hahaha. You should have saved the Pirate Hunting story for April Fools Day (Although the Bullet Cam story was pretty good).

  14. I just hope that tiny blonde actually uses that epically huge dong she’s holding up.

    • I just received a LightDraw OWB holster from Vedder Holsters for my Sig Sauer P 320C. Arrived as advertised, and the fit and finish is top tier for a kydex holster. I Really like it and the price is right. Nice work Vedder! I’ll continue to use their kydex.
      I purchased from them due to the fact that I needed a second holster for the same pistol and Bravo Concealment chose to discontinue the OWB holster I bought from them three years ago, so they could cater to all the glock suckers! ?

  15. “Even among well-trained users, it has a lengthy history of accidental discharges.”

    Associating police with well-trained…. LOL!!!!! The majority of LEO visit a gun range when it is time for their “qualifying”. That is why you see so many LEO with NDs when “cleaning” a gun, missing a majority of their shots (I understand that “heat of battle” can cause misses), shooting innocent bystanders, etc. NYPD missed 83 of 84 shots on one suspect, they also shot 9 innocent bystanders when dealing with another suspect.

  16. Interesting defense, blame the gun, list its’ history, only. No other comparison to another brand of gun.

    I’ve dried fired a Dan Wesson 1911, used competitively ,with a true hair trigger. Talked to the owner, who was ready to sell. As a family, we own quite a few Sigs, along with 1911s, with factory set triggers. While the Sig triggers are nice in single action, they don’t compare.

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