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“I work with troubled kids who threaten to kill each other with guns. This is teaching children who are disturbed how to shoot a gun. It just infuriates me. (The legislators) don’t know what they’re doing to these kids.” – Madison psychotherapist Laurie Asplund in Wisconsin Republicans, Democrats spar over gun safety course in schools [via]

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  1. Maybe they should stop teaching kids to ‘stop, drop and roll’ in case there’s a psycho kid out there who thinks it would be cool to light another kid on fire.

  2. maybe,just maybe deal with ROOT cause for their issue(s)… that is your field,right ms.asplund ? or are you a custodian? acting as a psychotherapist ?

    • Well the root cause in one community is that 70%+ kids have no fathers.

      But they can’t talk about that.

      Let’s just focus on teaching 10YO’s how to put condoms on cucumbers because look how effecive that is!

    • Bingo, the most effective way to fix a problem of almost any type is to determine the root cause and address. Anything else is most likely a patch job that leaves a weakness. A classic example is drowning. The most universal way to address the risk of drowning is to teach the kids to swim, warn them of the dangers provide them a place to practice and get comfortable with water instead of panic. If all you do is tell the kids to stay away from water instead or try to build fences around water, they will sooner or later jump in a lake or stream out of curiosity without the skill to protect themselves.

        • Most definitely an excellent analogy! As a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor who taught hundreds of kids to swim through some years where the number of kids swimming in a given summer more than tripled but the number of drownings held steady, I know the value of teaching — and also as an instructor in a community where the drowning rate among kids was brought to near zero by the expedient of requiring swimming lessons for physical education in three different grades of school.

    • Most likely yet another crazy who entered the field in an attempt to understand her craziness, then learned that her conflict could be resolved through projection. She likely thinks she is the only sane person in her world.

      • Exactly. The women (or men) who go past Psych 101, all have serious issues, at least in my experience (with the women anyway).

        Great fun mind you, but you can tell from the photo, you should probably leave around the end of week two, or be prepared to wake up with a butcher knife at your chest….

        • Agreed. Back when I did college in the 80s, I never met a psyc major that I would call sane. Not a single one. They all wanted to “feel my aura”, or tell me that I wanted to sleep with my mother(would have to meet my mother to know the ridiculousness of that!). All based upon a “look” that I supposedly had. What infantile foolishness.
          I realized then that all psyc majors were loony tunes, and only wanted to study why. And they became today’s Psychiatrists. No wonder we are in such dire straights as a nation.

  3. Well, OK, skip the Gun Education for inner city schools or lobotomize teens who have been embedded with violent tendencies.

  4. So….. She’s confirming that Democrats (and their children) are violent, uncivilized, and unfit to live in a civilized society?? Who knew?? *sarc

  5. So this dingbat has clients issuing death threats against people and she is not informing the police? Remind me where the threat to public safety comes from again??

    For those who don’t know, client confidentiality goes out the window when it comes to credible threats against oneself or others.

    • Which means that she knows perfectly well that these threats are just childish posturing and yet she is using them anyway to advance her anti-gun agenda.

  6. A leftist psychotherapist in one of the most left of center towns in the US doesn’t like guns, and this is news? For those who haven’t been there, Madison is a hard left college town that could give Berkley, CA a run for it’s money.

  7. I guess we should quit teaching kids sex education because adolescent teens that are randy shouldn’t be taught how to have sex.

    • Well, a few times a year it seems some teachers ‘freelance’ instruct their students and get tossed in prison for it… 😉

  8. She thinks that that don’t already know how to use it well enough to kill others and that learning the safety rules/proceedure would make things worse?

  9. “This is teaching children who are disturbed how to shoot a gun.”

    Not like it’s fucking rocket surgery lady, give a monkey a pistol and sooner or later he’ll probably figure out how to make it go bang.

  10. Dear Ms Psychotherapist

    I agree with you for the most part that there are things that need to be excluded from school properties. It is very clear that students are killing other students (some with and some without guns). They are also raping, assaulting and stealing from other students also. Then it dawned on me; It is not guns that are causing the problems, it is students. Now that we have jointly figured out the problem (as you have stated “I work with troubled kids who threaten to kill each other.”) we should ban STUDENTS from school grounds. That way you will never again have to work with these troubles students. Killings, rapes, assaults and larcenies on campuses are guaranteed to drop dramatically (if not entirely) and the liberals will be proven correct. Now doesn’t that make even more sense?

    • How about we just ban children altogether. Then no one can any longer use the “WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?” bullshit justification for restricting adults from doing adult shit?

  11. She’s confusing malice with accident. The purpose of education is not prevent malice. Nothing can prevent that save total genocide of the human species. Your classroom of degenerate psychopaths will cause harm if they want to regardless of education. The purpose of education is to prevent accident.

  12. I tip my hat to everyone who has commented on this article so far today … your insights are remarkable and cut to the quick!

  13. Teaching gun safety does not nessesarily mean teaching them how to shoot, it is teaching them how NOT to shoot. The ones that do pick up a gun and blast away should learn how not to hit things they are not aiming to shoot.

    Sadly, if we taught gangbangers how to shoot, the collateral damage would be down and the gang bangers’ object of interest(another banger) would get it – which doesn’t really concern me.

  14. Firstly. It’s really funny that these statements are coming from a psychotherapist.

    I work with troubled kids who threaten to kill each other with guns.

    Sounds like they need to teach the kids how to behave properly and not kill each other (with anything – knife, hammer, poison, cars, guns, etc).

    In all honesty, they should have taught them this prior to teaching them how to safely use a firearm.

    Regardless, firearm knowledge isn’t the problem here. The lack teacher and parental guidance in their behavior and morality is.

    • I think what she’s saying, is you can’t teach a hammer to love nails, and she’s entirely given up on these monsters of hers functioning in normal human society with even a modicum of self restraint. Why that doesn’t lead her to have them committed for their/our own good is an interesting area of discussion, I’m sure.

  15. The vast majority of problem behavior is attention seeking/maintained.

    To wit: the subject says, “I’m going shoot you.” You physically or verbally exhibit that such a statement is upsetting or worthy of attention, and you engage the subject with some form of attention or communication. The subject now knows that such a statement will garner attention/response and the subject can use that as a tool in their repertoire.

    Congratulations, Doc! Through your pseudoscientific, “how does that make you feel”, treatment, you just shaped up future problem behavior…

    Do you even behavior analysis, bro?

    • Therapists gonna therap. Or is it psychotherapists gonna psycho. Most of them have no clue about behavior analysis, they are taught that it treats people like robots.

      • “Most of them have no clue about behavior analysis, they are taught that it treats people like robots.”

        Pretty much. It’s does not treat people like robot, it’s merely realizes that behavior is lawful and orderly. And mandates that assertions and actions are backed up by data and evidence, not opinions and feelings… you know, like every other valid science.

      • An awful large number of them seem to have entered the field in order to understand their own psychological problems, too (IIRC the carrot-job who shot up that theater was one such example)

  16. So these leftist believe that ignorance is better than knowledge. Well, that explains their worldview pretty well, doesn’t it?

    • That is leftism in a nutshell. They infiltrate institutions and destroy them from within. They would prefer a world where educational institutions stop teaching the truth, law enforcement not enforce the law, and government not serving the people.

  17. I read the article.

    I’m not sure if they completely understand that the bill will ALLOW firearms education. Not MANDATE it.

    As to the “no janitor teacher etc will know if a gun is loaded.” that is an insanely simply problem to overcome. Merely insist the firearms come in a locked hard case that the school would provide and has the key for. The parent would have the other key. The child would not.

    Or even more easily, let the school provide the gun for the education. Considering the price of things, the cost of a few dozen glocks will be largely insignificant.

    Her issues are largely with the concept of gun education I’d guess. But who knows.

    • “no janitor teacher etc will know if a gun is loaded.”

      Sounds an awful lot like an argument for gun safety training…. Doesn’t it?

  18. I haven’t followed the details of the proposals. However, I don’t think they involve taking kids to the range to teach them better/proper shooting techniques. I don’t think it will require every school to offer the courses. I believe it mostly clears the way for them to be offered if they choose to. It is a gun safety course, not a marksmanship course.

    • When I went to school, a loooooong time ago, we had “Health” class that taught us a lot about health and a bit about reproduction. We were not required to have sex, not that we wouldn’t have like to, but that was not part of the class. Gun safety wouldn’t necessarily have to have real guns in the hands of the students. You could use blue guns just fine and teach gun safety just fine. It sounds stupid but many kids don’t think that you can hurt/kill with a gun. Haven’t connected the dots. That is what education is for.

    • The little monsters she’s raising to murder their classmates must not be; that’s all I can figure

  19. She’s ensuring a lack of safety for the rest of the ‘non-troubled’ kids, because of the known troubled kids who make no promise of safety or upholding Societal Agreement in return.

    More “We’re F’d up, we ned to bind your hands to prevent you from protecting yourself from us”.

    • “…for our own safety, since we’re just as valuable to society as you.”

      A lot of this mindset is due to universal suffrage, btw; to an elected official, there is literally no difference, except that the thug is more likely to be easily manipulated into supporting him through a simple bribe. The only downside is he eventually becomes a non-voting felon, but at least while he’s in prison he’s bringing home all sorts of bacon in the form of prison funding (and once released to wreck havoc, in the form of law enforcement funding)

  20. It should be simple enough not to require a course in gun safety for all children. They are minors. Parental consent, or teacher or therapist recommendation needed for course. Doubt she works with more than twenty kids, not hundreds.

    However, I’ve got to agree on one point, politicians have done more to screw up the public education system. This shouldn’t be one of them.

    • What tree did you fall out of EJQ? Let’s not make fire safety, traffic safety, electrical safety, drug awareness programs mandatory either! Hell, leave that up to the parents as you would like! NOT you moron! From the time the kid enters school, they should have mandatory training in firearm safety just like they do for everything else. And it should be mandatory all the way up until they graduate! Before the damn liberals got a hold of the schools, firearm safety was a regular mandatory course in all schools back after the war and up until early 70’s. Then the morons took over, banned the courses, got rid of rifle ranges and rifle teams and the shootings skyrocketed. Respect for the law, firearms, gun safety replaced by their BS philosophies that zero tolerance was the way to safety in the schools. And we’ve all seen how well that has worked.

  21. Do they still teach “Drivers Ed” in schools?

    More of these “students” will be more at risk everyday of their lives from automobiles and their use/involvement with them they will ever be with firearms.

    • No Drivers Ed in my area. In fact I’ve had a young intern working in the dept. this summer.

      You would frankly be shocked at the lack of a true education our system provides. The kid is smart, but as I’ve told him from time to time, “The system screwed your generation over period.”

  22. What utter BS. What the lefty progressive hack is really saying, “GUN EDUCATION” goes against the corrupt brain washing American education system. So Lady STFU and please stop teaching our youth.

  23. Firearm safety courses don’t teach a kid how to shoot a gun at school. What damn dumb blond psycho! Shooting her mouth off without knowing any facts! But what can you expect from a dumb ass blonde liberal like her? Intelligence? Not in a million years! She wasn’t bred for that! School courses teach children the dangers of firearms, respect for the gun, respect for the law, what to do if finding a loaded gun and who to tell. They teach them how to be safe around firearms. All of which the liberals like her object to because dead kids sell more news than live ones!

  24. I work with troubled kids who threaten to kill each other. Sex Education is teaching children who are disturbed how to make babies. It just infuriates me.

    The above argument has every bit as much value as the one she made, but would have gotten her laughed out of academia if she’d made it out loud.

  25. If her work with “troubled kids who threaten to kill each other” were working, this wouldn’t be a problem, would it?

  26. While they aren’t entirely sane, teenagers especially so, I’m not clear that all schoolkids count as “troubled” or “disturbed”, even in Madison. (Just because all the adults in govt there are completely bat-guano, doesn’t mean all the kids are infected … yet.)

  27. Dear Larry Cowden,

    Absolutely no reason to get juvenile and start throwing insults. Have you had kids in the public school system in recent years? Youngest of mine just graduated H.S. last year.

    School resource officer taught all sorts of safety, such as what you mentioned to my kids 1st through 12th. There was a rifle team in H.S., but my kids would rather shoot real bullets at a gun range. However. I am blessed with children who were not troubled. Not so with many of their friends, some who have left us due to suicide. ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, molested, you name it, it was there. I’ve known parents who locked up their kitchen knives.

    But, we, as parents, were responsible for fire and gun safety, such as “Don’t touch a gun” long before they ever got to kindergarten. Later, when they could understand the four rules of safety, they were taught.

    Again, as long as it’s not MANDATED for every child, I’m fine. Some mentally disturbed kids are gonna have to grow up without knowing how to use a gun.

  28. Another useless idiot that need to be laughed at and then ignored. This kind of pants-on-head stupidity needs to be pointed out as pants-on-head stupidity and pointed out in such a way as to embarrass them for saying this kind of stuff out loud so maybe they think twice before opening their mouths a second time.

  29. So what! “Troubled teens” is a nice way of saying children broken by age 7 from violence, sexual abuse, etc from a failed community. They will likely never be productive, law abiding adults. Why do we have to cater to the failures when the other 95% of children are normal?

  30. According to the article, this bill is meant to address the facts that 1, there are already school sponsored trap teams, 2, schools already have the authority to have gun safety classes, and 3, the schools don’t know how to develop a gun safety class (because educators are super stupid, I guess).

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