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Here’s a man bites dog story . . . Artist recycles old typewriters into beautiful guns

The Art of War takes on new meaning in Canadian artist Eric Nado’s evocative typewriter-guns. Inspired by the old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword,” these beautiful and futuristic Typewriter Guns are fully recycled from colorful vintage typewriters. The powerful pieces explore the impact of words, over arms, in shaping history.

New York Times discovers that gun control laws never seem to work . . . Despite Strict Gun Law, Troubled Doctor Was Able to Buy Assault Rifle

Dr. Bello passed the federal background check, which includes determining whether a buyer belongs to any of nine categories of people prohibited from owning firearms. Among them are felons, illegal immigrants, active drug users, people with dishonorable discharges from the military, people with orders of protection in family disputes and people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.

Dr. Bello had a criminal record, but he had been convicted of a misdemeanor, which would not have kept him from buying the gun.

While the weapon did not have some of the features it might have before the SAFE Act was passed, it was just as powerful.

Just think of the damage he could have done if it had a pistol grip . . . Assault rifle used by Bronx-Lebanon Hospital shooter was purchased 8 days before rampage

The assault rifle a deranged doctor used to blast his former co-workers at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital had been purchased less than two weeks earlier from an upstate gun store, police sources said Sunday.

The AM-15, carefully concealed under Henry Bello’s white lab coat as he entered the building Friday, was bought from Upstate Guns and Ammo in Schenectady on June 20 — just eight days before the rampage that left one doctor dead and six other people wounded.

Yes, he bought it legally.

There may be a little more going on here  . . . Shotgun shooting, seller’s regret: 70-yr-old charged with attempted homicide

Paul Harper, 70, of Portersville, Butler County, faces charges he tried to kill Christopher Galbreath, to whom he sold a used car 1 1/2 years ago, because the man was now trying to resell the car at a profit.

“I’m kind of surprised. I thought he’d calmed down. Years ago, he had problems with one of the other neighbors, but that neighbor’s long since gone,” Ken Klinger, a neighbor of Harper’s, told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4. “I thought he was a little more mellow. I guess not.” . . .

The criminal complaint said Harper had sold Galbreath a car for $5,500 a year and a half ago, and was angry Galbreath was trying to resell it on Craigslist for nearly $30,000.


That depends who’s doing the combining . . . Social Media and Shotguns Prove Bad Combination

A Hayden teen was placed on probation Monday after a Facebook fracas ended in gunplay and an aggravated assault conviction.

Colton M. Mayberry, 18, who was convicted on one count of aggravated assault, a felony, was placed on supervised probation for two years and First District Judge Lansing L. Haynes withheld judgment, allowing the teenager to successfully complete probation before deciding if the conviction will appear on Mayberry’s criminal record.

“This is a kind of social media disaster,” Haynes said at Monday’s sentencing. “People can say and act and do things on social media that they wouldn’t do in a personal situation.”

TASER (now Axon) claims the X2 has saved 184,000 lives world wide . . . California Highway Patrol Purchases 2500 TASER X2 Smart Weapons

The Axon network is a network of devices, apps and people that helps law enforcement become smarter and safer. Our mission is to protect life. Our technologies give law enforcement the confidence, focus and time they need to keep their communities safe. Our products impact every aspect of an officer’s day-to-day experience: …

We work hard for those who put themselves in harm’s way for all of us. To date, there are more than 100,000 licensed users from around the world and more than 184,000 lives and countless dollars have been saved with the Axon network of devices, apps and people.

Obama executive orders = GOOD, Trump executive orders = BAD . . . The Problem in Reversing President’s Order

Several issues result from efforts by sitting presidents to do away with the initiatives of the former one. It allows the president to govern the country in a way that they feel would allow them to deliver their promises to their supporters better, but it does not acknowledge the needs of the country as a whole. Limitations to this power is necessary because millions of people’s lives are being altered for the worse just to please one person and their supporters.

American citizens do not deserve to have their basic human rights taken away from them because one group of people feel it would benefit them better. Every time a new president comes into office, they should not be able to disrupt the lives of millions without there being some sort of guidelines or limitations. As a president, I think your main concern should be making sure the majority of citizens are content with their government and trying to make changes to benefit and help them, not harm them.

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  1. Wow I buy and sell for a living. I never had anyone try and KILL me for making a PROFIT?That typewriter gun is cool…

  2. Assault weapons are illegal in NY unless they are pre 1994, owned before 2014-ish and registered. Non of those criteria were met and the gun was legal. There for it’s not an assault weapon by NY definition. It was just a semi auto rifle. These lying idiots make me sick. More Fake News from the media to push their anti 2nd amendment agenda. They consider all semi auto rifles assault rifles. They won’t be happy until they are all banned.

  3. If that is a photo of the actual firearm used by Dr. Bello to shoot all of those people (and then himself), I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! It defies adult comprehension that a any rifle lacking a handgrip could accomplish such a nefarious deed. I am dumbfounded!

  4. Didn’t someone recently actually beat a plowshare into an gun. Well, a shovel into an AK to be more exact.

  5. Wow, according to the MSM, all these assault rifles are being used after being purchased legally. See, I was under the impression that assault rifles were heavily regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934, and then essentially outlawed (or at least priced way out of the average person’s means) by the Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owners Protection Act. But, clearly I was mistaken. Aren’t we all so grateful to have such brilliant, informed journalists telling us what to think? Clearly, they know better than we do.

    Do I need to add a /sarc tag?

  6. What an ugly rifle.

    In the case of that kid, I’d like to know who actually kicked in the door. I’d think you could figure that out with shoe prints. If it was 3 on one, that’s a bit of a rough go for being at a house. I think I’d have rather seen an affirmative defense personally.

    In terms of the EOs, I’d rather see actual legislation get pushed through congress, and a limit on executive power. The people enacting the law should have limited leeway in defining it. That’s how we wound up with garbage like the ATF doing what they do.

    • Executive Orders. Right.

      This is what comes from the Left where they believe in a powerful executive being able to enact rules equivalent to legislation as a dictatorial authoritarian. They then presume that those Executive Orders are the law of the land just as though they were actual legislation and adjust their lives accordingly.

      But the president is NOT a dictator able to bypass Congress. His orders are administrative and exist only so long as the next Executive agrees they were appropriate and does not revoke them or issue different orders. Sorry, that’s the way the system works and short of a Constitutional Amendment changing the prerogatives of the Executive Branch regarding those Executive Orders I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      If you are living your life and planning your future based on some Obama Executive Order being in your (temporary) favor, you had best consider the long-term effects should that order be reversed.

      IMO Trump should have a list of EVERY Obama executive order and in his spare time be going down that list one at a time to determine how many of those orders should be revoked immediately.

    • I actually think the AR15 Spur and 10-round mag look kind of slick. It’s real “low-profile,” you know?

    • As far as EOs go…
      Legislation is designed to take time. And time is the enemy of the “We want it NOW!” people. So, an EO is in order. Remember, Obama said he didn’t have the power to change immigration law, then someone whispered “Executive Order” in his ear, and PRESTO!, he had the power. That’s the siren call of the EO. The deliberative action of the legislature is sidestepped, and what the president hears as the will of the people is suddenly possible.
      And when the next president sees the previous president’s EOs as nothing other than an example of that president’s desire to force his agenda on the American People, another EO wipes it out.
      Unfortunately, this is how our country is run now.

    • “I think I’d have rather seen an affirmative defense personally.”

      Me too, but that might have been hard to prove in Idaho or even in Texas. It really depends on what was going on when he shot the car.

  7. Wait, that’s the actual gun the guy used? How the hell did he become a medical professional AND hit 7 people with that intellect?

    I laughed at the Virginia shooter trying to kill people hundreds of yards away with an iron-sighted 7.62×39, but this is even stupider.

    • Where did you get the idea it was hundreds of yards? The shooter was outside the fence on the third base side, shooting into the infield. Scalise was at second. That puts the range at 100 feet or so.

      • Didn’t find information about where the shooter was when I looked. Google map of the park showed most possible shooting locations were pretty far away. If he was at the fence, the fat middle aged guy would have had to run up to it across open field.

        Didn’t one of the other witnesses mention using one of the structures as cover? Were his other targets further away?

        • Since this attack was per-meditated and the shooter had only recently asked bystanders to verify that these were in fact his intended targets it seems highly likely that he could have pre-positioned his rifle and ammunition before the fact. I doubt there was any security at that ball field earlier in the morning when it was dark so he could have easily carried the rifle to his “hide” and then simply walked there in full view of everyone with no suspicions.

          He was crazy, not necessarily stupid.

        • Nanashi – According to the news reports I heard/saw, most of the intended victims were huddled in a dugout as it was the only shelter available.

    • Hitting people at 200+ yards away? Really?

      Yesterday,myself and several others (who also aren’t Jerry Miculek) were routinely hitting soft-ball-sized Tannerites at that range with an iron-sighted Dragunov. .

      At 100? Jeebus, learn how to shoot….

      • Me and some friends were hitting a fence post at about two hundred yards with compact handguns once. It was in a flooded stream, so we could see where our misses were hitting and adjust accordingly. The point is, that just about any gun is good enough to make most shots the bullet can reach. The real limit is the shooter.

        If that stream wasn’t flooded, it would probably have taken me more ammo than I had to hit that post.

    • He shot 7 people with it quite easily because: it’s still a rifle being used on unarmed people.

      …which is why ‘assault weapon’ laws are stupid. The fact that he couldn’t have an adjustable stock did exactly nothing to ameliorate this tragedy. The fact that he couldn’t have a threaded barrel or bayonet lug did not effect him at all. The lack of a pistol grip might have made for uncomfortable shooting but his results say it didn’t matter- he didn’t even need to reload with one of his 10-round magazines (an 11-round magazine would be a CRIME in NY, lawdy lawdy!).

      Not to mention that if he wanted to he could have ordered any of those parts and put them on the gun after he bought it.

    • Killing people a 100+ yards with an iron sighted AK variant is hard? Are you kidding?

      None of us being Jerry Miculek, we were routinely hitting volleyball-sized Tannerites at 200m+ with an open sight Dragunov a coupla days ago. if you can’t do minute of human with an AK at ~200m with open sights, I would suggest getting your firearm smithed, a visit to the optometrist, and/or clean-slate retraining on how to use a gun.

      • For a Libby shooting a chicom type 59 sis knock off and a draganov are two very different things, plus Jerry Miculek would miss quite a bit shooting at people dodging and running for their lives after the first couple of shots too. How much do you train on moving targets under stress when you are operating operationally hot rod? The shooter was a political terrorist but I hate when internet trolls equate their weekend beer can shooting exploits to gunfighting. A recent Marine Corps study showed experienced Marine Infantryman equipped with M4a1 rifles and combat optics only hit 40% of targets from 50-150 meters moving steadily at 8.8 mph for a 2.2 second exposure on a rifle range with no stress. Can you do better with a prepped reject 60 year old Chinese rifle? Shooting and gunfighting are the same like drivers ed and driving in the Daytona 500 are the same.

        • I know I can hit rabbits running around a field with an AK. And that’s both me and the rabbits running (just me with the AK). Sure the distances are smaller, but so are the targets. I imagine it’s a lot less stressful, but I wouldn’t know. A lot of dangerous experiences in my life that I would have expected to be stressful were not.

        • For a Libby shooting a chicom type 59 sis knock off and a draganov are two very different things, plus Jerry Miculek would miss quite a bit shooting at people dodging and running for their lives after the first couple of shots too.

          I’ve shot many a $99 SKS (but never owned one). Dragunovs aren’t 6.5 Creedmoors, they’re just another AK variant. SKSs are just about an AK. Yeah, yeah, Polytechs were made in the same factory, by the same employees that made the $129 specials I used to own a pile of. As to the rest, pure conjecture on your part. Ever hunt feral hogs? Humans are far more predictable.

          How much do you train on moving targets under stress when you are operating operationally hot rod?

          Operating operationally? Egads, he’s picking off unarmed targets at close range. He should have picked a better hide. The only fire he was taking was from,a coupla cops with handguns.

          The shooter was a political terrorist but I hate when internet trolls equate their weekend beer can shooting exploits to gunfighting. A recent Marine Corps study showed experienced Marine Infantryman equipped with M4a1 rifles and combat optics only hit 40% of targets from 50-150 meters moving steadily at 8.8 mph for a 2.2 second exposure on a rifle range with no stress. Can you do better with a prepped reject 60 year old Chinese rifle? Shooting and gunfighting are the same like drivers ed and driving in the Daytona 500 are the same.

          i hate when people don’t understand basic logic and resort to logical fallacies (including ad hominems). This was a politically motivated terrorist attack, and a pretty poor one (thankfully) at that. The Marine study, how many people? How long have they been shooting guns? What qualifies as ‘experienced? What exactly constituted a hit? What was the size of the target? 8.8 MPH is really good for a healthy human (thought we can sprint to 25ish for a short duration). How fast are a bunch of Congress Critters? 2.2 second exposure? He had far more time than that, and people are pretty predictable.

          Can I do better with an old Chinesium rifle? I can certainly put it on paper, know how it shoots, and pick a far better hide. I guarantee there are hundreds (thousands really) here alone that would do “better”. Thankfully, we aren’t that type of people, and we’re nowhere near that yet.

          As to your last “analogy”, I know and have met hundreds of guys over the decades who race cars at 90%+ of lap times of any real race in similar cars. It’s pretty easy for a decent achiever to get 80-90% as good as a pro in hundreds of fields. The harder part is that last 5%, and what puts you on a podium in that crowd is being the 99.9%.

          He wasn’t in a gunfight, he made piss poor planning choices (thankfully) about his ambush.

  8. ““…and because he was shooting his victims at close range, he had no need for a gun sight, which is also banned…”

    The NY Times thinks that gun sights are banned in NY.

    And they expect to be taken seriously?

    • Nothing else from people who switch from “”Pistol Grips and Military Features are meant to Kill”” to “changes such as the elimination of a pistol grip and a flash suppressor, which critics say are more cosmetic than functional.” when needed.

      For some, ignorance is not a bliss, it is a job desciption.

  9. Anyone else notice the irony that that New-York-legal rifle, with a 10-round magazine and no pistol grip, was easier for that shithead to conceal under his lab coat than a proper AR would have been?

  10. An alleged “law enforcement official” allegedly told (hey, it was put in quotes) the NYT reporters the following:

    “They turned an AR-15’s aiming and firepower into a World War II rifle without the bolt action,” the official said.

    “It was point and shoot for him because he was shooting up close, and the lethality here was enhanced by the large rounds — the .223 that’s in that weapon — as opposed to a handgun or something else,” the official said.

    Are police officials really that stupid? I was tempted to tell these two idiots that five minutes in Wikipedia would have told them that this guy was talking smack. I mean come on, a .45 acp bullet is twice the diameter and four times the weight. Which is the larger round (it’s a trick question)? And I seem to recall that most American soldiers were equipped with Garands or M1 Carbines, not bolt action rifles. DOH!

    • They also called it an ‘assault rifle’ in the title (to be fair, that was some dense editor who didn’t read the article I bet).

      Oh, and of course they went with ‘clips.’

      • (and I did send a correction, along with probably a half dozen other people, but we’ll see if they change anything)

  11. “American citizens do not deserve to have their basic human rights taken away from them because one group of people feel it would benefit them better.”

    Oh the irony.

      • I know quite a few 8 to 10 year olds who are very capable of critical thinking. It usually only takes 6 more years of government “school” to beat it out of them. Except the lucky ones who are homeschooled, of course.

  12. Mayberry, who had no previous criminal history, is accused of shooting the car of another teenager with a shotgun, twice, after the teen and his three friends came to visit Mayberry at his Hayden home to discuss some of his Facebook posts.

    According to court records, Stephen Koetsier, 16, and his friends sparred with Mayberry on Facebook in March before Koetsier drove his mom’s car to Mayberry’s Hayden home for a visit.

    The door of Mayberry’s house was kicked in — no one took responsibility for the damage — and Mayberry appeared with a shotgun causing the boys to flee. There were two shots fired, according to court records, both resulted in buckshot striking Koetsier’s car.

    Too young for firm grasp of ROE and for properly setting gangsta guests for a meeting with police. Pity.

  13. Bad example for Trace to use to push capacity restrictions. The good doctor was on a hunt for certain targets not looking to cause as much damage as possible. We have no reason to believe that if armed with ten beta c-mags he would have shot any more people than he did.

    If he were looking to cause damage there are plenty of flammable and explosive things in hospitals and gas hasn’t been this cheap in over a decade.

    • Also, the guy lit himself on fire, ran around, and only then shot himself. I think he killed everyone he was going to kill.

      Now they might have a case if someone charged and stopped him when he was doing a mag change because that is their argument.

  14. EO: there was this ass wipe on Fox News that said, after the president sign them, they are published and 30 days later they become law. EO are nothing but the American sheeple and the MSM have made them into god’s law.

    • “DR bello was not a doctor. He was a pharmacy assistant.”

      This is a bit clearer as to what Bello was, employment-wise –

      “Surely, a career high point for Dr. Bello was his graduation in 2010 from the Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica, an island in the Caribbean — despite its reputation as a fallback for students who cannot earn admission to medical schools in the United States.”

      “Fresh out of medical school in the Caribbean, Henry Bello took the first job he could get on the road to working as a doctor: a pharmacy technician with the city’s Health and Hospitals system. Then, in 2014, he got his break, when Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center took a chance on the sharp dresser from California, someone who, in his 40s, was arriving late to the profession. He was hired to be what the hospital described as a “house physician.”

      With a limited permit from New York State to practice medicine as an international medical graduate, Dr. Bello was essentially an extra pair of hands for the department of family medicine at the 17-story hospital, one of the biggest and busiest in New York City. Dr. Sridhar Chilimuri, the hospital’s physician in chief, said Dr. Bello could treat patients and prescribe medication, as long as other doctors were looking over his shoulder, and only at Bronx-Lebanon.”

      So, they gave him a conditional tryout, and not liking what they saw in him, booted him out the door…

  15. The use of Isaiah 2:4 is often done in a way that turns the meaning of the verse on its head. Worldwide and lasting peace will not happen until the Messiah will “judge between the nations”. No Messiah = No Peace.

    Mankind is not going to user in a peace so solid that getting rid of your weapons is a good idea. Man will keep doing the two “f” words well so stay armed.

  16. The executive order article is one of the worst things I have ever read. Every sentence is stupid. They are either wrong or blindingly ignorant in the context of the article. The article begins “When a president comes into office, he (and one day maybe she)” right next to the picture of the author in a prom dress.

      • I’m not worried about the stupid, just impressed by the volume and fact it was published.

        It’s Billy Madison “may God have mercy on your soul” levels of stupid. I see a lot of stupid every day. This was noteworthy levels of stupid. I noted it.

        • Indeed, sir. As a retired street cop and supervisor, I have seen more a$$holes than many proctologists. I shall leave it to a better mind than ours, Albert Einstein, when he proffered, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”


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