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“Here comes a guy on our side of the aisle using clever satire and parody, putting the CNN logo over the face of Vince McMahon, a video tape of Trump at a Wrestlemania a long time ago, CNN logo. (laughing) CNN can’t take it. CNN goes bonkers, claiming that this is going to cause violence against journalists. Meanwhile, the only violence taking place is against Republicans, and it is with guns, and it’s being perpetrated by deranged followers of left-wing news such as CNN, the New York Times, the Huff and Puffing Post, you name it.” – Rush Limbaugh in Limbaugh: It is the End of CNN [via]

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  1. [Violence] is the continuation of politics by other means. What the left better be praying for is that we do not abandon traditional means. At the end of the day, the right is just plain better at violence than the left is.

    • “The right is just plain better at violence than the left is.”

      When that loser shot up the GOP baseball practice, initial reports were that he’d shot 50 – 100 rounds and didn’t kill anyone. I was joking with friends that, at that point, I’d just shoot myself out of pure shame.

      • Oh it was worse than that. He had the element of surprise and a supported shooting position for engaging targets at less than 100 yards. Quite frankly, that clown should be a polite reminder to ANTIFA and other commie scum that their so called “redneck gun club” would have all the staying power of a glob of spit in a blast furnace against people who shoot competitions on a weekly basis.

        • Did they ever do toxicology on that sack of shit? From what little I’ve learned of ‘ol Walter Sobchak’s background, the dude was a drunken wife beater, who was seen slowly shuffling/stumbling across the street on the way in by one of the witnesses. From that perspective, his aim was about on par with any other drunken buffoon firing wildly in a crowded nightclub any given weekend in the typical liberal hellhole.

          Scalise is apparently having some more complications; may he heal well, that the rest of us don’t have to deal with an unwilling martyr raised above our more cowardly, back-stabby congressmen.

      • That reminds me of the story about the Trump election protester that tried, yes TRIED, to set himself on fire, in protest, but was unsuccessful. I say there’s a reason people like this are unsuccessful in life, they can’t even complete simple tasks, and they wonder why no one will hire them. Two reasons: first is you’re deranged, second is you’re incompetent.

      • It IS a terror tactic to do only marginally well at shooting up an enemy and looking like a small or individual force, then you wait for the first responders to really shoot things up.

        He was “working alone” MAYBE. He could’ve even had a film crew filming the whole thing and we wouldn’t know until the film was made known.

        If he shot up more people there would have been greater outrage and push-back, and likely we’d be stretching (D) pelts on the side of our barns. Either way, he shot the man he was looking for, evil POS (D) Mission Accomplished.

      • Scalise was moved back to the ICU and his condition downgraded last night.
        Some kind of infection.
        I hope he pulls through, but should he not, then he will have been murdered
        No matter how removed the demise is from the shooting, if its a consequence of the shooting, then it’s a murder.

  2. Turns out that the 15 year old kid did perpetuate violence. If he hadn’t posted that meme CNN would not have violently threatened a teenager. See, it’s the kids fault!

  3. Reminds me of a phrase regarding schoolyard bullies when I was growing up …

    They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

    Seems apropros here.

  4. Production of Julius Caesar stabs Trump look-alike dozens of times: It’s just art!

    Pro Wrestling clip altered to put CNN logo on head of person getting beat up by Trump: Political violence!

    Can’t the MSM make up their minds?

    • That’s the result of progressive mental illness, it only gets worse over time.

      • Well when you base your life on feelings and lies that’s about all you can fall back on. Falling back on values and truth is honestly easier. I don’t get why most of them try so hard. Don’t lie and you won’t have to keep lying to explain it. The average street level leftist is really trying too hard.

    • …getting beat by trump in an obviously staged pro wrestling performance – key word: PERFORMANCE.

  5. The ones who are threatening violence are CNN. They tracked the kid who did the meme down, and threatened to dox him if he didn’t take it all down and apologize. This is a much more Orwellian story than it appears at a glance.

    If the kid does anything CNN doesn’t like, they’ll release his name, and guaranteed some of the violence prone liberals will go hunt him down. Which is against he law in several states….

    • I had to look up dox on urban dictionary. I’ve got to bulk up cause apparently I’m only an OWG that’s missing the F.

    • Technically, what CNN did there is a federal felony. It’s called extortion. Time to send in the FBI and shut them down.

      • Yeah, I think it’s even still extortion if you make the whole matter public like they did (third degree retarded extortion, though). At any rate, it appears this kid wasn’t even the droid they were looking for, so…more of a collateral damage Boston-bomber-style-screw up (that hopefully doesn’t result in a suicide this time).

        My theory is they aggressively and publicly went after this person before they knew he was either 1) a kid, which makes their actions a super-felony, or 2) one of their employees, possibly even an important one, who likes to moonlight as an alt-right racist troll on the chans (either for giggles or as a pathetic repressed creature). Having already announced their intention to find & destroy him, they now need some fig leaf of an excuse to avoid disclosing the name.

        As if they’d protect a cis-conservative-racist source over something so stupid, even if he apologized –it’s just moronic. My God, I just realized it’s probably Anthony Wiener again!

    • You need to update your info. The “Kid” is actually a middle-aged man and he wasn’t even the one who first created it.

      The original creator was tracked to some anon in Mexico. Knowing the anonymity of the internet that person probably isn’t even from there either but the IP address they used is.

    • If I was the person responsible for the CNN gif and they threatened to release my name on their station I would say , go ahead with your ratings so low as long as it is on CNN nobody will ever see it .

  6. I got nothing but love and respect for DJT, CNN provoked the (fake) WWE violence.

  7. Backfiring for CNN big time. Just check out Twitter with hashtag #CNNBlackmail.

    Also, CNN spent a lot of time going after an individual on the internet for making a political cartoon. They should probably write some nasty letters to newpapers that also print political cartoons.

  8. Subverting the press and free speech, first move of a dictator. He basks in praise, all else is lies, fake news, etc.

    • a single mocking tweet cannot subvert free speech. if anything, it bolsters the institution of a free press because more are made wary of the duplicity of a large corporate entity and may broaden their news sources.

    • “Free speech” does not protect defamation or pushing enemy propaganda. The former is a civil issue, the latter is treason. CNN is guilty of both by pushing the “Trump-Russia conspiracy” bullshit for six months even though they know there is no evidence to support that bullshit and are on camera saying so behind closed doors. Quite frankly, at this point the entire leadership team at CNN needs to be strapped to a water board so that we can find out who was giving them their marching orders.

      • The Russian conspiracy theory is straight out of the Hillary Clinton campaign. In other words, John Podesta.

    • *Clinton News Network. It’s where they try to rig elections against other candidates from their own party. What a joke of a network that is.

    • Actually, it’s worse, the leadership at CNN is guilty of interstate extortion. Time to shut them down hard.

      • I don’t think the federal extortion statute applies. The one I’ve seen is about threatening to report a crime unless something of value is given.

  9. Those memes were hilarious.
    And hunting down a kid to force him to take down a meme????
    Are they insane? What did they think was gonna happen?

  10. If the kid knew any history, he would have found the gif of the jihadi with the donkey friend (replace the donkey head with cnn logo). So much symbolism there.

  11. “A free press” does not mean that you are free to just make stuff up or to report things that you know are false.

    Since most cable packages include CNN and MSNBC, I did my part by simply unsubscribing and going to the Roku stick. In addition to doing my small part to contribute to the demise of of these seditious networks, I have now a better high-definition television experience than I had with Dish Network and save a boatload of money besides.

    • Indeed. At this point, CNN is guilty of pushing enemy propaganda in an attempt to destabilize the government of the United States. That’s treason. When their entire leadership cadre is on tape saying that they know that the Russia story is “bullshit” or a “nothingburger”, that’s basically a confession to knowingly giving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States by deliberately undermining the President of the United States. The entire organization needs to be shut down, their broadcast license revoked, their assets seized, and their leadership thrown into the darkest hole we can find.

      • the “CNN is committing treason by pushing enemy propaganda” argument sounds batshit crazy. i’d like to see that claim fleshed out because it comes off loopy as a crochet convention.

        • Since they are in tape admitting that the “Russiagate” story is a “nothingburger” there is a very simple question to ask.

          cui bono?

        • CNN benefits from the ratings boost. that CNN producer said as much in that undercover video.

  12. Silencers Helping Us Save Hearing Act just introduced to make suppressors OTC. love the acronym. usual suspects apoplectic, too busy gnashing teeth and rending garments to bother with a coherent counterargument.

  13. I dont think we should be calling a known racist as someone from our side of the aisle but i will stand up for anybodies 1st amendment rights.

  14. While I may not agree with everything people say. I will fight to the death to protect their right to say it. Free Speech means Every Fucking Word.

  15. CNN. Bwhahahaha! They’re flipping out right now that the interwebz has returned fire with threats to doxx their employees.

    WTAF did CNN think was going to happen when they picked this fight?

    I posted about this a few days ago. It’s all playing out as I said it would. When the script gets flipped and the Left is held to their own [lack of] standards they fall to pieces.

  16. I’m not concerned it will cause violence against the media. I am however concerned that our President acts like a petulant child whenever he doesn’t like something or someone. You’re the leader of the free world for God sakes. Act like it.

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