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This is someone who needs to be reminded to breathe . . . Kim Kardashian Pens Emotional Plea for Gun Control — Then Adds 7 Words That Prove She Just Doesn’t Get It – “But buried in the middle of the fourth paragraph were the seven words that gave her away: ‘ALL OF MY SECURITY TEAM IS ARMED.’ She then goes on to explain that she ‘understands the need for armed security’ while completely missing the point: to the average American whose life is not broadcast into millions of homes daily, the only ‘armed security’ most families can afford is a loaded 9mm in a lockbox by the bed or a shotgun in the closet.”

Andrew Tuohy of Vuurwapen Blog has made a motion to dismiss this mess…stay tuned . . . FIREClean Misquotes Larry Vickers in New Lawsuit – “On page 13 of their response to my motion to dismiss, Fireclean claims they can “provide evidence, such as the results of scientifically sound lab tests, eyewitness testimony, and expert testimony, to prove the FAC’s allegations that they did not falsify any video test results or mislead the public” – but if you follow the reference they make to the original document, it’s just the IR testing comparing Fireclean to various types of Crisco – it doesn’t have anything to do with the video. None of their 200 pages of exhibits contains a reproduction or re-verification of the Fireclean Lube Test video.”

Just think how insufferable he’d be if he let his fame go to his head . . . ‘The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper On Why His Satire Gets Personal When It Comes To Guns – “Within the first few minutes of Jordan Klepper Solves Guns, The Daily Showcorrespondent’s new hour-long Comedy Central special, the host seemingly beats the drum of leftist elites whose politics are boisterously anti-gun. ‘I’m enlightened, I’m progressive, and I feel like was put on this Earth to enact righteous change,’ he quips while walking through the National Mall. ‘As a television personality, I’ve repeatedly reported on America’s obsession with guns. Despite my incredible efforts, guns are still a problem.’”

One-stop shopping . . . Browse Guns, Buy a Wedding Dress, Grab a Six…at This Shop – “In fact, to get to the (Hussey’s General Store)’s bridal boutique, the story says, customers must walk past the gas pumps out front, the stock of bagged compost, and shelves of groceries and Maine-emblazoned souvenirs downstairs. “Upstairs, adjacent to the guns and the fishing supplies, is a dusky rose-colored alcove that (owner Kristen Ballantyne) will cordon off for two-hour bridal appointments (although walk-ins are always welcome),” the story says.”

Excitement For Gun Rights, Anxiety For Gun Investors – “The most mind-blowing aspect to (deep retail price discounts) is all of those pistols are wildly popular and good firearms. If it were any other time, they would not need any sales stimuli to sell. They are not bad guns that do not move. The Ruger American Pistol is an amazing value for a solid firearm, the S&W Shield is arguably one of the best and most popular concealed carry choices, and the Walther PPQ is a firearm that is raved about by almost anyone who tries one. So why the rebates and discounts? To me, there is only one logical answer. The manufacturers, not wanting to be caught behind the demand curve they saw after Sandy Hook, bet big on the elections and they were wrong.” We shall see….

Buh bye! . . . Before guns come to campus, this WSU professor is leaving – Deborah Ballard-Reisch, a tenured professor in WSU’s Elliott School of Communication, submitted a letter to WSU president John Bardo this week saying she plans to retire July 1, the day the (campus carry) law is set to go into effect. “Clear, open, critical discussion cannot take place in an environment of threat and fear,” Ballard-Reisch wrote. “As someone who has experienced gun violence personally, I do not feel safe with guns in the classroom.”

More Fake News: Reuters Touts New Anti-Gun “Study” – “Under the headline, ‘Stricter gun laws tied to fewer fatal police shootings,’ reporter Lisa Rapaport’s lead sentence said: ‘U.S. states with tighter restrictions on the purchase and use of guns and ammunitions may have fewer fatal police shootings than places with more permissive firearm policies, a recent study suggests.’ (Emphasis added.) Hedge words like ‘may’ and ‘suggests’ are commonly associated with fake news, and that’s the case here, too.”

Life is so much easier when the morons self-identify . . . Teens arrested after Snapchat video shows them with gun inside school – “Police arrested two teenagers seen in a Snapchat video playing with a gun inside Whitefish Bay High School.”

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  1. Her life is more valuable than normal people’s that is why she needs armed security. After all she is a celebrity. What is it she does?

      • well this is why and look at ‘Who?’ she dated and married

        I like big butts and I can not lie
        You other brothers can’t deny
        That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
        And a round thing in your face
        You get sprung, want to pull up tough
        ‘Cause you notice that butt was stuffed
        Deep in the jeans she’s wearing
        I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
        Oh baby, I want to get wit’cha
        And take your picture
        My homeboys tried to warn me
        But with that butt you got makes (me so horny)
        Ooh, Rump-o’-smooth-skin
        You say you want to get in my Benz?
        Well, use me, use me
        ‘Cause you ain’t that average groupie
        I’ve seen her dancin’
        To hell with romancin’
        She’s sweat, wet,
        Got it goin’ like a turbo ‘Vette
        I’m tired of magazines
        Sayin’ flat butts are the thing
        Take the average black man and ask him that
        She gotta pack much back
        So, fellas (Yeah) Fellas (Yeah)
        Has your girlfriend got the butt? (Hell yeah)
        Tell ’em to shake it (Shake it) Shake it (Shake it)
        Shake that healthy butt
        Baby got back (L.A. fits with the Oakland booty)

      • When the lens is COATED with Vaseline, she don’t look half bad ! But with NO photoshopping, her butt looks like 2 very large stiff bags of wet cement.

    • “What is it she does?”

      She’s the world’s most absurdly well-compensated whore, both of the usual sort, and the “attention” variety.

  2. Im sorry but I cant even waste my time to read this post. It cant contain anything of real value that these airheads who think they are better then me needs to be read.
    Its all been said before.

  3. Gotta hand it to the Left, they never fail to deliver, in equal measure, the biggest moron/hypocrite as their spokesperson for (insert SJW topic here).

    So predictable, so ironic, so doomed to fail. It will be glorious.

  4. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am these (completely out of touch) talking heads are here to teach us the right way to live. I was almost living my life wrong before I took a Kardashians (or insert your favorite useless Hollywood type here) advice….

    [edit] I will admit I took John Wayne’s advice, life is tough it’s tougher if you’re stupid, I made a point not to be stupid. So I did take some Hollywood advice once

  5. Jordan who?

    “Clear, open, critical discussion cannot take place in an environment of threat and fear,”

    Like when the poli-sci class you have to take to make a core requirement, is being taught by a professor with the reputation for giving bimodal grade distributions: A if you agree with her, otherwise F (for) you!

    That threatened my scholarship, and I was fearful that if I lost it I’d have to drop out of college. That’s the only threat and fear I experienced in the classroom. (Unless you count chem lab … different kind of fear, though, with Bobby Tenthumbs at the next bench.)

    • My English Comp 2 professor was like that. She ramrodded her feminist opinions into everything we had to read (which mostly consisted of stuff like Glaspell and her ilk) and her opinions were to be taken as objective and non-debatable fact. A few of us felt that male students were getting graded by a stricter standard than female ones (good luck proving that to the dept. chair, of course). It was my last required core class, so I put up with it. Ripped the old bat on her evals.

      • “Ripped the old bat on her evals.”

        … which matter only a little before the prof. in question gets tenure, and then zilch thereafter.

        And for a lot of college professors, it shows.

        • My daughter tells me that there are now on-line places to rate professors and the kids pay close attention to those. Eventually the colleges will find themselves with a large surplus of professors with near empty classrooms. They can then decide if the concept of tenure is something they will be able to continue supporting. State supported colleges will be the first to eliminate tenure, and wealthy private schools supported by endowments will be the last. In the end even Harvard and Yale will have to bow to market pressure.

        • Yep, Rusty. Ratemyprofessor and such. They give breakdowns on pretty much everything. Homework volume, course difficulty, office hours availability, style of teaching, test vs class content, and even attractiveness.

          That said, many colleges only have 1 prof teaching certain classes. It doesn’t matter how poorly they rate, you will have to endure them if you want to take the course. Its a great reference if you have multiple options though.

      • With fearful anti-gun liberals, it is not their fear of you, the honest, law abiding gun owner, that drives them, it is their fear of what they themselves would do should they ever be allowed to carry a weapon. They cannot conceive that a person armed with lethal force would also be, by that very fact, more strongly constrained from ill-considered, stupid actions. They know that they are unable to control their rage at those who oppose them or resist their tyrannical hold over their students, and they suspect that it would only be appropriate for a disgruntled student to explode into rage and blow them away over a poor grade. They convict themselves. As they do not rely on the strength of their arguments or knowledge, but rather force of personality and security of tenure, they lack the academic discipline of actually listening and considering a countervailing argument. They are hypocrites and do not belong in any teaching environment.

  6. “The searchers all say, they’d have made Whitefish Bay,
    If they’d put 15 more miles behind her…”

    • I visited the Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial as a kid about a year after the wreck. It always gets really dusty wherever I am when that song plays.

      • Huh, didn’t know there was a memorial (though not surprised). In MI or WI? We were gone from the glove by ’76, so it wasn’t on our summer travel schedule.

        • It would have been in Michigan because we were visiting my cousin who lived in Traverse City at that time. I was 10, so it may have actually been the Maritime Cathedral mentioned in the song. Dad’s gone and mom’s in her late 80’s and doesn’t remember either. Hmm… I might start embellishing the story with Gordon Lightfoot sightings.

    • That Whitefish Bay is a rich suburb just north of Milwaukee also known as “Whitefolks Bay”, The EFG was trying to get into the cover of Whitefish Bay of the South East corner of Lake Superior.
      Just in case there is confusion.

  7. I read earlier today that Josh Duhamel said he does not talk politics because he knows nobody cares what he thinks. If that’s true, then Mr. Duhamel is a smart man, and the rest of Hollywood should take note. But sadly, he’s not entirely correct. Too many people care way too much what celebrities think.

    • I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard that Michael Jordan wouldn’t endorse his friend for political office “because Republicans buy sneakers too.”

  8. Haha, Husseys! Maine represent!I my kids and wife always get a kick out of it when we go visit my parents. It’s a store that has just about everything you need.

  9. If it wasn’t for a gallon and a half of olive oil on her bare ass nobody would know who this broad was.

    You want to do this country a solid. Be ready with a propane torch next photo session.

    • You forgot her dad that defended an accused domestic homicide perp who did his deed with a knife. How ironic.

      • And that is WHY she is famous now—her whole life stands in the blood of two innocent people IMO

  10. “…she is concerned that people without a license or any gun safety training will be allowed to carry weapons into classrooms and elsewhere on campus.”

    ” “If I see you walking down the street with a gun, if I see a gun in your bag, I don’t feel safer because I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what your intentions are,” she said. ”

    All the licensing requirements and training classes in the world aren’t going to give you an insight into who a person is or what their intentions are.

    Plus, y’know….criminals tend not to apply for a gun license or follow other laws in the first place. That’s kind of their thing, darlin’.

  11. Jordan Klepper has some delusions of grandeur. You aren’t a unique and special snowflake, you are a meat bag, just like the rest of us. Get off your high horse and go do something in inner city Chicago to stop the violence. Leave the rest of us the hell alone.

  12. er… how did that security team work out for you when they were tested, Kim?

    Just kidding, I don’t care.

    • It’s kind of funny isn’t it. The reality is she owns guns, she just subcontracts out their utilization.

  13. There was a cartoon bird in that movie “Rio”, has anyone inquired as to its stance on gun control? How the flying F did we get all the way down the list to Kim Kardashian already then?

    • Cliffs notes version:
      -Daddy was OJ’s attorney
      -Video was “leaked” of her blowing some B list rapper
      -Famous for being famous ever since
      -Fascinating to trailer park denizens, hood rats and the intellectually impaired

  14. I am sick of her and her whole family.
    I dont care that you got robbed… where was your armed security?
    I dont care who you married.
    I dont care what your kids name is.
    I dont care about you.
    You are nothing but trash whos daddy got rich off the horrible deeds of another piece of trash.

  15. FireClean just needs to go away already. They ruined their reputation, whether they’re Crisco or not, and so what if they are? IIRC Tuohy doesn’t do anything other than draw comparisons, he doesn’t shit on the effectiveness of FC (or Crisco for that matter) but just remarks on it’s remarkable similarity.

    I like Vuurwapen Blog, I like Andrew’s content, I even liked it before he even did his post on FC, and I feel like this drawn out mess with them will just tire out a great blogger and we will lose him for fear of more unjustified reprisal.

    Pretty damn annoying if you ask me. I can only imagine how Tuohy handles this mess.

    • I have some fine examples of firearms, and I have guns that need to run. The former get it old school, and the latter get WD40, gear grease, lithium graphite grease, or anything slick that can take the heat at times. Optimal? No. Workable? Oh yes. Paying too much for lube is a thing, and has been for a long time. Some people got money, others will try anything for some perceived advantage. I say to you, if my weapon fails in combat because of the quality of its lube, my ammo supply is going black very soon anyway and it hardly matters, we are already standing by to be overun. The problem is logistical, not tactical. It’s difficult to think of individual logistics, so tactics wins as a topic of discussion. However, logistics wins battles. Lube is on the list, just like ammo, and just like ammo, the type of lube hardly matters, as long as we have enough of it.

  16. I’m an elite and know whats best for the unwashed. Besides, I have big floppy boobs, big ole backside, and a porn tape.

  17. People just HAVE to keep looking at Kim K., expecting her clothes to fall to the floor any second now …
    And the expression on her face just confirms that SHE expects that to happen, too.

  18. And yet the irony with Kim K is that she could conceal any number of firearms on her person without any difficulty. She could hide a Desert Eagle in a FlashBang Bra Holster, and she has a very large hip line for anything else. Her security team’s firearms were distinctly MIA when most needed, so it makes one wonder whether this was just a publicity stunt, as most of her life has been. Apparently, she is a reality TV performer, but as I never watch any of the genre, her activities do not appear on my TV screen. She must be possessed of the wisdom of ages to have such a high number of Twitter followers. Or am I missing something?

    • Mon Dieu, She was in France how could she have an armed team there.
      That is in defense of her armed defenders but not her.

  19. All day I’ve been wondering what bell that face in that lead picture set off in my head.

    Anybody look at that photo and think “Creature From The Black Lagoon”? She’s a ringer for that critter.

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