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Moms demand the ability to take action . . . IMPD: Mother kills intruder trying to break into apartment on Indy’s east side – “The shooting occurred around 1:10 p.m. in the 2800 block of White Knight Boulevard near East 30th Street and Mitthoeffer Road. Police say the mother heard someone breaking into her apartment. That woman then came face to face with the armed suspect, identified as 19-year-old Michael Hawkins, before she opened fire. Investigators say Hawkins died inside the doorway of the apartment after being shot. Neighbors say while it’s sad the suspect got killed, they don’t blame the mother for using deadly force. ‘I hate to see that it happened, but that’s what happens when you go into people’s home trying to take their stuff,’ said neighbor Julius Radcliff.”

The horror that’s gradually dawning on the anti-gun media . . . Why Americans Will Never Give Up Their Guns – “The researchers conducted their survey just before last year’s massacre at an Orlando, Florida, nightclub. Curious to see if the news coverage of that tragedy moved any minds, they assembled another group of 495 American men and asked the same questions. The answers were essentially unchanged, which suggests beliefs about guns and protection are so deeply held that they are not swayed one way or another by news of a mass shooting. This is frustrating news for gun-control advocates. Clearly, many American men learn early on life that a.) it’s a nasty world out there, and b.) the best way to protect yourself is with a gun. Change may require the coming of age of a new, better-educated generation.” Uh huh. Good luck with that.

OIG Documents Reveal Issues with the ATF’s National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record – Leave it to the Government to require individuals to register National Firearms Act firearms and screw up the registry leaving a number of individuals with firearms that were possibly registered with no proof or obtaining criminal convictions against those who had firearms that were possibly registered in accordance with the law. Of Arms and the Law editor David Hardy has a pending Freedom of Information Act Request against the United States. Yesterday, his attorney Stephen Stambouleih won a partial motion for summary judgment which resulted in the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General having to turn over documents (note the documents themselves are from 2007).

Crazy doesn’t seem to adequately describe her . . . Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy theorist sentenced for threat – “A Florida woman pleaded guilty and was sent to prison Wednesday for threatening a man whose 6-year-old son was killed in the 2012 mass shooting at a Connecticut school, which she contended was a hoax. Senior U.S. District Judge James Cohn sentenced Lucy Richards, 57, to five months in prison, followed by five months of home detention. She pleaded guilty to interstate transmission of a threat to injure in communications with Lenny Pozner, the father of Noah Pozner, who died in the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.”

Sky News Poll: Most Brits Want Police to be Armed – According to the poll, roughly 72 percent of those surveyed said police should be regularly carrying firearms, while 20 percent opposed police routinely carrying firearms. If those who answered “neither” or “don’t know” are excluded, the number of those in favor of arming police increases to 78 percent while 22 percent oppose. The numbers were similar among categories such as age, gender and region. Londoners were least in favor of police officers routinely carrying firearms; however, 68 percent were still in favor. More than 90 percent of police officers in the United Kingdom are not armed.

Trigger detail shot of the latest Cabot Guns special edition pistol by master engraver Otto Carter.

Firearms: Because You Can – “I honestly believe that this is how it is for a lot of women. As hard as we fight to normalize gun ownership, guns are still not accepted by everyone as a tool for everyone. Of course, these people aren’t necessarily against firearms; they just don’t know anything about them. And they probably have never taken the time to think much about guns. Firearms just weren’t — or aren’t — a part of their lives or their lifestyles. And in this situation, it truly is a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind.'” Happily, this is changing more and more every day.

Life is so much easier when the morons self-identify . . . Teens arrested on their own live video after posing with guns, starting fights – “Three teenagers were arrested on Friday after posting a “Facebook live” video of themselves driving around Mobile and allegedly trying to start fights. All three of the boys are 19-years-old – Hisham Richardson, Johnny Vail, and Reginald Square. They are all charged with harassment and carrying a pistol without a permit. The trio recorded a 40-minute live video that showed them posing with guns, encouraging fights, and then eventually getting arrested.”

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  1. michael hawkins? His mother ensured his failure in life by giving him that made up name.

    • Unfortunately even a master engraver can only remove material, not fill in the stripper tattoo stars.

    • I actually like the 3 stars.

      I’ll never be able to spend that kind of money on a gun, but I like the stars.

    • “All that engraving on the Cabot … and still the three stars. Sigh.”

      Yeah, I know…

      ATTENTION Cabot – The 3-star trigger really puts a lot of potential customers off.

      How about doing the right thing for those customers and include a trigger without the stars in the box?

      Or offer it as an option?


      • Ditto the above. What’s the problem with a trigger have 3 arbitrarily shaped holes instead on 1 hole of the same arbitrary size and shape?

        • There’s no problem with functionality.

          For me, it’s the aesthetics. I think the three stars make it looks cheap. And while I won’t say whether I’m financially able to buy (well, order) one today, I will say that I would not, even if I could, because the stars – to me – make it look trashy.

          And if I’m going to spend that much money on a handgun, it’s d*mn well going to meet my aesthetic standards. Instead I’d probably talk to someone like Jm Garthwaite and get exactly what I want.

          Of course, there’s also the shole five stars is top of the line, three is … average. Not for that price.

  2. Golly so all I need is more edu-macation and I’ll give my guns away! Silly me…I’m such a brainwashed and ignorant OFWG?

    • Guess that makes 2 of us. Funny thing…. my next door neighbors went to the range with the wife and i last week. First time they had ever been shooting. Both are in their mid 20s and said that schools taught them guns were bad, evil things.
      It told them anything can be bad or evil if its in the wrong hands.
      Look at what Hitler was able to do using just words.
      Well she tried out my 9mm and he used the 357. Both were grinning and i think she might have had a crisis when i unpacked the ar.

      • The first crisis when you unpack an AR for a noob to shoot is not bringing enough ammo… bet she had a great time.

      • I’ve taken quite a few newbies to the range who have told me they realized (after shooting) they’d been lied to.

        • That’s a chink in the armor. Once they realize that they’ve been lied to about guns, hopefully they’ll start to question the remainder of their socially-engineered education.

  3. I do not deny that Sandy Hook happened, it certainly was not a hoax. However, there are more inconsistencies with it than any other mass shooting.

  4. Does Otto ever sleep?
    I suppose he does to dream up his artwork.
    Or, could be good meds. Carlos Castaneda type meds. ?

    Poor Lucy. One of our own home “groan” down here in Flori-duh.
    There’s crazy, bat sh!t crazy, and Flori-duh crazy.

    I was really expecting the young men that were trying to turn their lives around by reaching out for help on social media to be from here also.
    But alas, they belong to our neighbors to the north…

    • A “man” is responsible and acts accordingly, a “boy” runs around acting like fools with no regard for the actions

      These are “boys” regardless of age

      • A man is a male person old enough to be held accountable for his own actions. A “boy” or “teen” is a child to young to be held to account.

        • By the legal definition, but the law is always the lowest common denominator. I choose to hold people to a higher standard, mostly because our country is exhibiting a steady culturally slide into dismissing people’s actions because they “didn’t mean to hurt anyone” or “it’s not their fault, their upbringing causes them to act this way.” I refuse to buy into the lowest common denominator of society being the acceptable standard, grow up and hold yourself accountable for your actions

          I’ve met too many people that started life with no real prospects for upward mobility that changed their life by working hard and being respectable and responsible.

          These “boys” are immature at best

  5. One of the best indicators I know for someone who is about to cause trouble is any guy walking around without a shirt in public but not at a beachpooletc.

    I’m sure many are fine upstanding citizens trying to stay cool, get a tan, or some third wholesome activity.

    But it also serves as a ‘come at me, bro!’ broadcast, like wild animals in rut.

  6. I don’t consider 19 year olds , “boys”. Considering Uncle Sam gave me an M-14 at age 17.

    • Kind of a tough call, though…I certainly wouldn’t be calling them “men.”

      We’ll compromise and call them “persons old enough to be sent to prison for their stupidity.”

      • Stick with “young man/men” Still accurately points out as not a juvenile but still an idiot. Unfortunately many of the millennials are stuck on stupid as neutered immature progtard snowflakes.

  7. It looks like the Mother defending herself was the second DGU this week for Indy:

    Note, also, the DOA perp in this one had been busted in April for having a stolen gun on him.

    So, two examples of law-abiding citizens using firearms to protect themselves, and one example of a criminal getting a gun in spite of laws against theft and unlawful possession. I’m sure this will be on all the national news services soon. Really. Honest.

    (Do I really need a sarc tag?)

  8. “The horror that’s gradually dawning on the anti-gun media . . .”

    Truck windshields are not bulletproof


  9. No. 100% of british police officers are armed, not just 10%.
    It’s just that 90% of those claiming to be law enforcement aren’t enforcing anything. They are complete jokes that regularly get beaten up by drunk teens and can’t do anything about that. They aren’t the police but more like traffic cones. They wear bright colours and are completely useless once somebody decides to ignore them.

  10. Those feral, shirtless Rhodes Scholars dindu nuffin. They were just lost and asking directions to the local NASA lab. They didn’t want to be late for their first day as interns.

    • weird, here i thought you could criticize idiots and/or criminals without a helping dollop of racism. guess you proved me wrong!

      • That’s not necessarily racism. I live in a small farm town in rural Ohio, yet there’s white kids here talking like that. They even call people the n-word. Last week I heard one kid say he told another kid that he was “gon punchem inna dome cap”. I’m assuming that means “punch them in the head”, but I could be wrong. And since when did “smash” become slang for sex? I can’t keep up with the dumbass slang people are coming up with lately.

  11. “…learn early on life that a.) it’s a nasty world out there, and b.) the best way to protect yourself is with a gun. Change may require the coming of age of a new, better-educated generation.”.

    I think they meant “better-indoctrinated.” Better education only supports your position if it happens to be true.

    “Eduction / indoctrination”; “Potato / po-tah-toe.” What difference, at this point, does it make?

  12. Lucy Lunatic was from Florida? I reckon that must mean she’s from Port St Lucie, or at least St Lucie County. That whole area is cray-cray.

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