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Expect more of this (not that it’s likely to do much good). . . After London Attack, British Gun Activists Call For Right To Bear Arms – “British activists are advocating for looser gun laws in response to the Saturday night ISIS terror attack that killed seven people and wounded nearly fifty others in central London. ‘These tragedies may have been the eye opener to just how ineffective our laws are,’ Dave Ewing, a representative from the gun ownership advocacy group, Firearms-UK, told Vocativ. Firearms-UK, along with other advocacy groups like Arm UK Citizens, Legalise Guns in the UK, and England Wants Its Guns Back, have flocked to social media to slam the British government for maintaining harsh restrictions on gun ownership in response to the attack at London Bridge, which was the third terror attack on British soil in as many months.”

In the mean time, this is what happens to a disarmed populace . . . London attack: Football fan shouted ‘F*** you, I’m Millwall’ and took on knife-wielding terrorists with his bare fists – “A football fan reportedly yelled “F**k you, I’m Millwall” as he single-handedly took on the three knife-wielding London terror attackers armed with nothing more than his fists. Roy Larner has already been hailed a hero, with a petition launched for him to be awarded the George Cross medal for his actions in the Black and Blue steakhouse on Saturday night. In fighting back, the 47-year-old Millwall fan gave dozens of others who were in the Borough Market restaurant the chance to escape.”

Which at least partially explains why . . . North Carolina, Michigan press for vast expansion of gun rights – The North Carolina and Michigan state legislatures are both set to take up bills aimed at loosening laws regulating gun owners, an intensifying trend across the country where Republicans control the vast majority of state governments. … The trend toward loosening gun rights has spread across the nation, as a historically high number of state legislatures are controlled by Republicans. In April, Iowa approved a massive expansion of gun rights, which included granting citizens the right to defend themselves with force, even “deadly force,” in public if they feel threatened.

Or we could put guns in more people’s hands and avoid ghetto-izing gun owners more than they are . . . Pennsylvania Republicans Push Bill to Make Gun Owners a ‘Protected Class’ – “Twenty-four Republican Representatives and one Democrat are pushing legislation that would make Pennsylvania gun owners a ‘protected class.’ Gun owners would be protected from discrimination by having their right to keep and bear arms firmly ensconced in the Pennsylvania Human Rights Act (PHRA).

Let’s hope you never need this . . . 10 Tips for Surviving a Terrorist Vehicle Attack – “In the event you missed it, there was an ISIS terrorist vehicle ramming attack in London last Saturday night. This attack followed another ISIS vehicle attack on a second bridge in London, as well as previous Islamic vehicle terror attacks in France, Canada, Israel, and Germany.  The United States has not been immune from such attacks either.  In fact, one of the first Islamic terrorist vehicle attacks occurred in North Carolina in 2006.  Another occurred last year on the campus of the Ohio State University. Why all the vehicle attacks?  The ISIS propaganda publication Rumiyah has specifically called for Muslim terrorists to use vehicles and knives as weapons against the Western world.”

Expanding California’s list of disarmed groups to those guilty of bad-think . . . California Bill Would Bar Hate Crime Offenders From Owning Guns – “New California gun legislation would ban anyone convicted of hate crimes from purchasing a gun. Current law bans criminals convicted of felonies from owning guns. The Disarm Hate Act would apply to misdemeanor hate crimes. Charleston. Orlando. San Bernardino. It doesn’t matter where the shooting happens, Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles), says the motive is often the same: hate.”

I think they mis-spelled ‘civilian disarmament group’ . . . Another Debate for Trump? London Tweet Prompts Invite From Gun-Violence Prevention Group – “Just hours after a workplace shooting in Orlando, Florida, on Monday, where the perpetrator killed five people, Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, asked Trump to name a time and a place for a gun debate. The Brady Campaign works to extend background checks at the national level for all sales of firearms, including transactions at gun shows and on the internet. ‘I’d be more than happy to help him understand why gun violence is the most pressing public health epidemic in our country,’ Gross said in a statement. ‘So, the president is right, we should have a substance-based policy debate on gun violence and the solutions to address it, and I’d be happy to meet him anytime, anywhere.’” It would be nothing if not entertaining.

CZ + SilencerCo Summit Package at KyGunCo – SilencerCo is proud to bring you this unique package exclusively through Kentucky Gun Company. The 455 Varmint features a heavier, stiffer barrel than its predecessors making it the perfect rimfire rifle to suppress. The 17.2” long, .866” diameter cylindrical barrel gives the 455 varmint an accuracy advantage across the wide variety of rimfire loads available today. This one-of-a-kind rifle comes equipped with a Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rimfire Optic, two interchangeable barrels, a hand rubbed oil finish, a rubber butt pad and a walnut stock with the SilencerCo logo subtly engraved on the grip of the stock.

It’s hard to cheat Darwin . . . St. Louis men were ‘playing’ with guns when one killed another, charges say – “Three witnesses told police they and a fourth man were “playing with their newly-acquired” guns Sunday when Demonte M. Turner’s gun discharged and killed Spencer Weber in the city’s Carondelet neighborhood, court records say. On Monday, prosecutors charged Turner, 22, of the 200 block of Bates Street, with involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in Weber’s death.”

D-Day: The greatest day of the 20th Century – “By late afternoon, the U.S. forces had finally secured Omaha Beach. Across the Allied front, forces were gaining a small foothold in Normandy. D-Day succeeded not because of a brilliant plan, not because of special intelligence, and not because of technology. D-Day succeeded because of the ingenuity of 18-year-old-privates, the bravery of 22-year-old junior officers and the innovation of their commanders. D-Day succeeded because everyone knew the stakes at hand. They knew that to live in a world conquered by the Nazis was not an option.”

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    • Please let that be sarcasm.
      With GB and the Domination of Stupid it could be true.

      Roy’s my new hero. Somebody’s got get that guy into a movie role…

    • I tell you, I get no respect. I single handedly take on 3 terrorists using nothing but my fists and I get arrested for ‘utilizing my fists as weapons’. I get no respect.

    • “They knew that to live in a world conquered by the Nazis was not an option”

      Nope, but they could not wait to live under cultural marxism. They came back from the war and either stood by or could not wait to vote for people to give everything away to everyone but their own people/posterity.

      Open the borders up to the marxist voting hordes of the 3rd world
      Gutting freedom of association and property rights
      Never mind trading our future in space for a “Great Society” and a “War on Poverty” all because “muh feels”
      Never mind the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Hughes Amendment 18 years later

      Never mind the mindset of “I fought in the war, therefore you can not talk back to or disagree with me”, and the classic quips like “these kids are lazy”, never mind you outsourced factories and imported millions of workers.

      And lets not forget the generation of morons they did not raise well enough and who fell for the lies of cultural marxism`s 2nd gen programs/supporters The boomers.

      “Greatest Generation” my ass.

      • Oh, bull!
        They came back, they were tired of fighting. The pajama boys of the day (men with hollow chests) had avoided the war, and spent their time building power. Put the blame where it belongs.

        • He’d rather whine. It’s easier than actually doing something.

          Lotta momma’s boys blame everybody else for how bad things are. It saves them, in their own minds, from having to do the work of putting things right.

      • Mr. Bowman, you sir are an ass. You understand neither the greatest generation, of whom my father was a member (and was at Omaha on D-Day) nor of the cultural shifts that occurred after the war. Those returning just wanted to go back to work and their families, and that resulted in the biggest economic boom in history. Don’t blame them for Roosevelt’s progressiveness or Johnson’s social ideals.

        • “I’ll have those n***ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”………the depth of lyndon’s “social idealism”

      • I’m a boomer, worked my ass off all my life, hunt and fish when there is time. Belong to NRA, TSRA, my wife and I raised 2 children that are hard workers and intelligent. We never had our hand out for freebees and we are all very conservative and love our country. I’m damned tired of people blaming all of a generation for what the stupid liberal pot smokers that were too lazy to get a real job so got into politics did to our country. Quit being so damned ignorant with your blaming.

  1. Sig MCX in the house. Its very interesting to observe how the elite anti-terrorist cops in the UK are equipped. They’re also BMW’d out with SUVs and motorcycles…I’ll strongly encourage you to take a hint on that one too.

  2. I guess Millwall will have to change their chant now.

    There are some pics of the Black and Blue steakhouse online. I wonder if the stools were bolted down or not.

    • See, THIS is why we have to outlaw guns in Britain. If a normal football fan is that much a badass, imagine what a hooligan could do with a ghost gun that fires a 30 caliber clip in a half a second?

  3. Roy Larner has balls as big as footballs (soccer) but he could have won with a pistol.

  4. Trump should take Dan Gross up on the debate offer. But the President is a busy man, so he should send John Lott in his stead. Put that on TV.

    • Gross somehow thinks he is on some kind of par with POTUS? Absolute moron, with zero backing other than some hidden billionaire, zero positions not constructed of lies. Have him apply for an interview with a mid-level NRA functionary, his credentials and standing do not qualify him to address management.

    • If I was the president, I would counter his invitation with one of my own. I would invite him to debate Lott for my benefit. Let the person with the best arguments convince me. As president, I wouldn’t have time to prepare to debate him and his lies myself.

      He would reject the offer because the anti-gunners always refuse to debate Lott.

  5. Spock !!!

    I read THAT and peed a little.
    Soooo on point.
    Kudos to the creator of that pic.

    That’s my new screen saver.

  6. Does Roy Larner have a go fund me page? If so I’d send him a cheque- and a GUN?

    • There really are plenty guns in Old Blighty. Last I checked, the “deactivation” process is a joke and most could readily be returned to firing condition.

      • That changed years ago. Now, it seems that the chamber/barrel extension and bolt are cut at opposing 45° angles. No locking surface to work with, basically, and replacement parts are very difficult to source.

  7. “Gun violence is the most pressing health epidemic in this country.” Man that guy’s a liar. It’s at the bottom of health issues killing Americans.

  8. “… The trend toward loosening gun rights has spread across the nation, as a historically high number of state legislatures are controlled by Republicans.”

    Strengthening gun rights, not loosening them.

    Interesting how the guys in that AK-50 test-fire video just looked at the bolt and proclaimed “zero deformation” without measuring its concentricity – runout.


    June 6, 1941 – Normandy, France.

    President Regan gave what is considered his greatest speech on the 40th anniversary of the invasion, his “These are the boys of Pointe du Hoc”, written by Peggy Noonan:

    • Interesting how the guys in that AK-50 test-fire just looked at the bolt and proclaimed “zero deformation” without measuring its concentricity – runout.

      His biological arms have been replaced with FARO arms. 🙂

      Just another chucklehead doing a project. It may work out fine, but making pronouncements like that? I’ll let somebody else put 10K rounds through it before I shoot one, thanks.

  9. Are the guys in the ski masks the good guys or the bad guys? (Aren’t ski masks a bad guy thing?)

    And why are they all carrying around late 90s era cell phones on their chests?

    • Just a guess, but maybe they are on a much older Gen of wireless tech so that the jammers don’t affect them.

      • lol… they are not older wireless tech. They are modern radios that happen to look somewhat like older cellphones.

  10. Excuse me? A 50 Cal AK in the works? If they can produce it at an AK-ish cost, they’ll take my $2k.

  11. ‘Gun owners would be protected from discrimination by having their right to keep and bear arms firmly ensconced in the Pennsylvania Human Rights Act (PHRA).’

    And after the PHRA, dare I hope that someday we will be EVEN MORE protected from discrimination when our right to keep and bear arms is firmly ensconced in the constitution?

    Wait a sec…

  12. Why does a .22 rimfire rifle with a heavy varmint barrel and a silencer need a rubber butt pad?

  13. “California Bill Would Bar Hate Crime Offenders From Owning Guns”
    Hate is one thing, violence another. Under this bill, it would seem, spray painting racist graffiti would qualify for a lifetime weapons ban. and then all they will need to do is expand the definition of hate crime, and pretty soon none of us will be allowed to have guns. Crush the First and Second amendments in a single blow. Son’t you just love incrementalism?

  14. The Brady Bunch want to debate about the most pressing public health crisis in the nation? I didn’t know they were going to take on opoid abuse. Good for them! About time they did something meaningful.

  15. Tip #11 to surviving a terrorist vehicle attack; .50BMG to the engine block.

  16. Dan Gross should know that my rights aren’t debatable. And I, in addition to millions more like myself, aren’t just willing to fight and die to protect them, but are willing to kill for them, too. And Trump should agree to the debate and send Chris Cox in his place. Force every tv station, including cable networks to preempt programming. Cox would so thoroughly destroy that Liberal Terrorist™, that it would mark the end of the gun control movement, forever. Gun control gets leverage mostly because of ignorance on their side. But after such a public exposition, gun control could only ever be pushed from what would have to be considered a position of malevolence, giving Citizen Militia’s the right to persecute the traitors, in the streets, under summary conditions.

    • If such a debate were to come to pass, there must be serious work and preparation involved to assure real-time fact checking. Essentially *every* claim of grabbers is based on lies, they must be called out on each one instantly, before the sentence is completed, INSTANTLY.

  17. Unfortunately the ability to survive a vehicular attack pretty much begins and ends with location. Sprinkle in luck, if you want.

    Even if you’re armed, the chance that you will be able to bring your weapon to bear against a car that is incoming at you (i.e. driving right at you) is slim, given the time constraints. If it’s a semi-truck, you don’t have much of a chance even with a rifle.

    • Situational awareness helps a lot too. Being in physical condition to get out of the way is another thing you can do. But if someone can get close enough, and you can’t react fast enough, they can kill you with just about anything.

  18. Eh, I’m not ecstatic about North Carolina trying to pass pro-gun legislation now. They completely ignored gun rights for years but now that they have a Democrat as governor they are going to do everything possible to put him into tough situations. Basically the governor can either sign the bills and upset his base or he can veto them and upset a state that is most likely pro-gun.

    Needless to say, had the governor still been Republican, I doubt these laws would ever leave committee. The Republicans aren’t stupid. They want to dangle “gun rights” in front of our face for as long as possible so we keep voting for them.

  19. “It doesn’t matter where the shooting happens, Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles), says the motive is often the same: hate.”

    Well, I would suppose very few people are killed because their killer loves them.
    Certain victims of football players excepted, of course.

  20. I will ask the question that everyone else will never ask. Where was the homosexual who was empty handed to take on a murderer in a gay night club in Florida????
    Are homosexuals not brave enough to defend their fellow gays???
    May god protect Mr. Millwall and his family. He is an example of the bravest of men. Also it was a British man who with three Americans all empty handed who took on a terrorist with a rifle, and hand gun and six grenades on a french train.

    There use to be homosexual men who were brave. For those who don’t know President Ford was saved by Oliver Sipple a merchant seaman. There plenty of stories of the bravery of merchant seamen in war time.

    • One of us doesn’t read so good, I saw that article say he “lived with” a merchant seaman, not that he ever was one. He was a Marine, and we didn’t ever have questions about a Marine’s courage.

      • LarryinTX
        I stand corrected! Thank you. When I read the article it reminded me about the Merchant seamen who died by the thousands during World War Two. My uncle had his cargo ship blowup from underneath him.

  21. As far as California goes.
    You got legal marijuana intoxication. You got strap on dildo attire proudly displayed in public, just like in UT Austin Texas. You have mannequins set up in window displays having good gay sex to help sell clothes and shoes and “other things.”

    But you can’t have a window display with a poster of a gun in a gun store in California.
    They are even working on getting the government to give you free crystal meth to improve your sexual experience.

    This is a dream come true for the three L’s. Libertarians, Liberals and the Left. That is government spending they support.
    You don’t need guns. You are getting exactly what you voted for.
    I know there are conservatives who don’t support this crap in California. My comments are for the three L’s who claim they support the Bill Of Rights.

  22. Roy Larner is the kind of guy I want to drink with. As a matter of fact Roy, I’l buy you a pint anytime mate. That is if I ever get back to London or you come over here.

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