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Ya think? . . . Chicago too lax on gun crimes, city’s judicial system a ‘joke,’ critics say – Chicago’s historic crime wave has been blamed on gangs, guns and drugs. But now, harsh critics are taking it a step further – pointing the finger at the city’s judicial system and accusing it of being soft on criminals who keep pulling the trigger. ‘The Cook County court system, largest in the country, is traditionally very, very soft on most gun charges,’ said Jim Warren, a policy and politics columnist for U.S. News & World Report. Warren called Chicago’s judicial system a ‘joke.’ In 2016, 762 people were murdered in Chicago. More than 4,000 people were shot. Police recovered more than 5,000 guns from the streets. Yet, federal prosecutors tried just 123 gun cases last year.”

And 2017 gets even worse for Moms Demand Action . . . Unintentional Firearms Fatalities Fall 17 Percent – “Good news on the topic of fatal firearms accidents. The National Safety Council’s “Injury Facts—2017 Edition” shows that the number of fatal firearms accidents dropped 17 percent from 2014 to 2015 to 489, the lowest total since record-keeping began in 1903. That’s about three-tenths of 1 percent of the 146,571 total accidental deaths from all other listed causes, which are up 8 percent from 2014 to 2015. It should be noted that the decrease, which was the largest percentage decline of any category, came in a year that saw record firearms sales to many millions of Americans.”

And they feel fine . . . Two South Carolina lawmakers prepping survivalist communities to ‘restore the fabric of America’ – “For those concerned about societal collapse or impending disaster, two South Carolina lawmakers have a plan. It includes community ammo depots and tactical weapons training. State Reps. Josiah Magnuson, R-Campobello, and Jonathon Hill, R-Townville — both from tiny towns in the Upstate Bible Belt— are in the process of setting up what they call the Virtue Solution Project, a group that is seeking to either save America or survive a societal collapse, which they both believe is likely coming.”

Hogue Announces Polymer 15 Degree Vertical Grips for AR15/M16 –  Hogue Inc. is proud to announce the newest tactical advantage for AR-15 and M16 shooters. Structurally crafted to be the lightest grip of its type, and ergonomically engineered to have the most comfortable fit, the Hogue AR-15/M16 polymer 15 degree vertical grip is the obvious choice for any tactical rifle aficionado. Precisely engineered by Hogue’s expert designers, this AR-15 / M16 grip offers a natural grasp. “When designing this product, ergonomics was the number one priority; it simply had to feel right. And of course, aesthetics was also a main concern; it had to look good too,” said grip designer and Hogue co-owner Jim Bruhns. In terms of performance, this grip is ideal for any AR-15 / M16 user. “It’s for military, for custom builders, for anyone really! It simply feels comfortable for guys who just want to shoot.”

Partnering with the feds . . . Cincinnati Tough Gun Stance Expanding To Columbus – “A Cincinnati Police-federal government partnership targeting violent offenders is going so well the U.S. Attorney’s Office is expanding it to Columbus. In the spring of 2016 Cincinnati and the ATF, DEA, FBI, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and the U.S. Attorney’s Office stepped up efforts to pool their intelligence and identify what violent criminals are causing the most problems in Cincinnati. The partnership included two attorneys from the City Solicitor’s Office on loan to the U.S. Attorney.”

Guns are good for the Cowboy State . . .Wyoming shoots to top in gun study – “Wyoming’s firearms manufacturing industry, combined with high rates of weapons ownership, are among factors that resulted in the Cowboy State being ranked as second-most dependent on guns. The ranking came from WalletHub, a Washington, D.C., personal finance website. The term “gun dependent” may be inaccurate, at least for Wyoming. Anyone familiar with the Cowboy State knows it’s the mineral industry on which Wyoming is dependent. While there have been some longtime firearms companies in the state, many of its high-profile ammunition and accessories companies are new. Nonetheless, Wyoming is gun-friendly, said Ron Gullberg, spokesman for the Wyoming Business Council, which works to diversify the state’s economy.”

Not exactly ground-breaking, but decent animation.

Bloomberg marshaling his forces. . . Fight begins over bill letting gun owners carry across state lines – “They’re gearing up for the fight against H.R. 38, a bill introduced in January that would allow lawful firearm carriers from any state to carry a concealed firearm in any other state. ‘It’s such a danger with, you know, conceal carry reciprocity because some of the states that have weaker gun laws, people will be allowed to come from those states into other states that have stronger gun laws and especially for the severely mentally ill or domestic abusers,’ (Moms Demand Action’s Lucia) McBath said.”

This is what happens when you eliminate a nation’s gun culture . . . North Wales cop taken off firearms duty after blasting shotgun on A55 – “Explaining the negligent discharge (ND), the force said it happened when “following the destruction of a deer, the shotgun used was negligently discharged as it was being unloaded”. This was just one of a total of 66 mishaps reported over the last four years, according to the 39 UK police forces which responded to freedom of information requests submitted by the Liberal Democrats. Party leader, Tim Farron, is now leading calls for more training for officers following the series of bungles where rounds have been unintentionally let loose.”



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  1. Pretty cool in South Carolina… although maybe sounding a mite “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. Oh yeah Chiraq sucks…

    • This is the South Carolina that completely bans open carry, wouldn’t accept my Arizona permit, won’t even let people from neighboring Geogia CC on their permit, and killed a constitutional carry bill in committee despite overwhelming support. Also, a bottle of southern comfort costs $30 and can’t be purchased after 5PM. Screw that place.

      • Ah yes. The good old Red Dot stores. Don’t miss them from my time as a student in Charleston.

      • You’re off on a few points there. SC recognizes GA carry permits, liquor stores have to close at 7pm, and there is a provision for open carry in state law. I don’t know how much Southern Comfort is, I drink Glenfiddich. Not the best, but best bang for the buck.

        SECTION 16-23-20. Unlawful carrying of handgun; exceptions.

        It is unlawful for anyone to carry about the person any handgun, whether concealed or not, except as follows, unless otherwise specifically prohibited by law:

        (4) licensed hunters or fishermen who are engaged in hunting or fishing or going to or from their places of hunting or fishing while in a vehicle or on foot;

        I don’t want to be the test case for this, but there it is. No municipality can have laws restricting where you can carry and we have a constitutional carry bill again this year. There is one state senator that killed the bill last year, not sure if he is still there but I’d guess he is.

        Oh, all NFA items are good to go. It’s far from perfect here, but not as bad as it could be. For the record, I’m not ok with the ABC laws or the carry permit laws. I haven’t read the constitutional carry bill, but I hope it passes.

  2. You should try living here…. 10% sales tax. Toll roads everywhere. Overly aggressive drivers.

    It’s a real paradise I tell ya.

  3. Paperwork for NFA is the least problematic piece of the process. It’s the complete and unnecessary 9 month+ wait for the same approval every gun store does for basic stuff over the counter. Not to mention the extra $200 on top of already overpriced goods.

    • And then, when you are cleared to pick up your new toy, you still have to go through the NICS check, because *NOBODY* trusts the ATF, for anything!

  4. Liberal/Progressive = Woman threatened with rape should barf, poop in their pants, or lay back and enjoy it.

    Conservative = Woman threatened with rape should use a firearm in any appropriate manner necessary for self defense.

  5. In 2016, 762 people were murdered in Chicago. More than 4,000 people were shot. Police recovered more than 5,000 guns from the streets. Yet, federal prosecutors tried just 123 gun cases last year.”

    First of all, the feds do not prosecute the murders, and even if they did, it would not be in the Cook County Court. So this is pretty much an oranges to apples comparison. Second, many of the guns used in crimes are stolen, and/or have passed through so many hands that they are effectively untraceable. This is to say nothing about how difficult it is to prove a straw purchase case beyond a reasonable doubt. So what is the complaint here? The complaint should be that the Cook County DAs are dropping gun charges in favor of slap in the wrist out in 18 months felonies that they don’t have to try. Obviously they would want to prosecute murderers, but that would require the CPD to actually arrest perpetrators, all from neighborhoods where the residents rightfully fear testifying against the gangs. So what do you expect?

    • I’m also not sure why federal prosecutions are so important in that piece except that (a) it can focus on the GUN problem as opposed to the violence problem and (b) it’s riding the coattails of the former US Attorney who penned an article a little while ago about Chicago.

      Federal prosecutions aren’t the problem. The judges in Cook County- almost all democrats- and the prosecutor’s office, invariably headed by a democrat- are the ones letting people out of jail and have been for long enough that it’s a joke now.

    • If CPD picks up a felon with a gun, it should be a slam dunk conviction for the US attorney. I can see why state courts are so lenient. If convicts were sentenced properly, Illinois couldn’t afford the cost of keeping them in prison. My state (Nebraska) has the same problem. The prison system is overcrowded by 50% but the state government won’t put more money into it. The newest prison, which should be in the best condition, had a riot that killed two inmates and did $1,000,000 damage. Last week they had a mini-riot that killed two more. Guards are attacked frequently. There aren’t enough of them so it’s routine for them to work lots of overtime. Although the prison is located in a rural area with few other jobs, pay is so low and working conditions so hazardous that applicants are few and turnover is high.

      • But, you don’t want the taxpayers to pay more taxes, do you?[/sarc]
        If we decide that we can’t afford to enforce a law, we shouldn’t have that law.
        A society needs to consider many things when making a law; how important to the society is that law is one of them. If it’s important, then funding to enforce it is necessary.
        If society decides that the government isn’t going to fund that enforcement, then society needs to take appropriate steps; those steps can include moving and replacing the people who refuse to fund enforcement.
        We get the government we deserve.

      • After such a riot, lock all the doors, shut off the power, and take a week off. When you come back, interview survivors to determine attitude improvement, if not, rinse and repeat. The world is overpopulated. Costs will go down.

  6. The problem in Chicago, as is the case in the entire country, is that violent crime is not punished harshly enough. If you run from the Police in a high speed chase going 90 MPH, nearly kill people, but don’t, the most you’ll get is a year for it, plus whatever else you get charged with.

    I understand that some people ought to be given a second chance, but Judges sit on their high bench and pretend to be God and don’t care what happens in the hood or ghetto when they themselves live in a gated community.

    I don’t have faith that any system that’s supposed to promote civility when criminals and gangs are in control of neighborhoods in cities. I think the justice system has failed and it’s up to the people to take matters into their own hands. The time for vigilantism has come and when a few good men hit the streets and the gangs harder than they’ve ever been hit before, you will see crime rates and shootings DROP like you’ve never seen before.

    And as a result, the police will be patrolling like you’ve never seen before, because a few good men, who aren’t getting paid a penny, will be doing a better, more effective job than the pork chops ever could. Not even police want competition and that’s why so many police chiefs in urban areas are so opposed to permitless carry.

    Besides, most of the cops in cities like Chicago, NYC, LA, Detroit, etc. are on the take anyway, if not work outright for drug gangs.

    • All right, Mr. Paladin. You go shoot up some cars running from the cops, maybe hang a couple of guys you found standing on the corner. Have fun!

  7. 1) “Google discriminated against Tech Eyes Inc.’s business by suspending its advertising on the Google AdWords platform while permitting ads from its competitors”

    2)”the company alleged in a complaint filed in the California Superior Court. Tech Eyes alleged Google suspended its advertising because it sold weapons.”

    1 and 2 do not go together. Why would google suspend one company making weapons but not its competitors which, being competitors, also sell weapons (or telescopic sights)?

    Also: too bad. You don’t have a right to have another business support yours.

    • I missed it, at first, too. Companies that produce or sell sights only (no weapons) are good to go under somebody’s coocoo rules, but this company, advertising scopes, ALSO sells firearms, or knives, or bows and arrows, or maybe rocks, thus are certifiably evil. Don’t try to figure it out, you will injure your thinker.

  8. The “Beware of Machinegun Dog” picture always makes me think of the Metal Max series, which has been rocking the machinegun dog thing since 1991.

    Shame only 2 of the games have been released in English (Metal Max Reloaded and Metal Saga), one of which was a fan translation.

    • Totally fine to muzzle yourself after you’ve cleared everything and are working on your gun. After all, how would you know if there is damage to the crown of your muzzle without peeping inside? It’s like any machinery. If you are working on hydraulics, you pull the fuses and hang a sign telling everyone to not touch anything. Then you start digging around in a space that would crush you to death were it active. Or like replacing your fan belt. There’s no other way. Just make triply sure everything is disconnected, unloaded and unpowered and get to work. And also that no one is handling anything without your knowledge.

  9. “..It’s such a danger with, you know, conceal carry reciprocity because some of the states that have weaker gun laws”

    We need to point out the absolute arrogance of this idea. “Those states” is really no different than saying “Those people” and we need to hammer them on it and hammer them hard.

    • We could at least start by asking for comparative numbers of “those states” versus your own. While screeching like a maniac, I am certain you have those numbers right at your fingertips, why else are you even here? And, BTW, no, I do NOT know, explain that.

  10. What’s with the bizarre focus on Chicago when it isn’t even the most dangerous city, as far as shootings go, in the U.S.? It’s something like 18th on the list with the Big Easy being numero uno.

    • Because Chicago has become the poster child of badly run cities, pure and simple.
      Why? Any such city could have been chosen; Chicago just got lucky.

  11. … the number of fatal firearms accidents dropped 17 percent from 2014 to 2015 to 489, the lowest total since record-keeping began in 1903. That’s about three-tenths of 1 percent of the 146,571 total accidental deaths from all other listed causes …

    But, but, but … even though negligent firearm handling only accounts for 0.3% of unintentional homicides, the DISTRESS LEVEL is far greater than all other unintentional homicides combined!

  12. “Police recovered more than 5,000 guns from the streets. Yet, federal prosecutors tried just 123 gun cases last year.”

    You should have posted the analysis for those numbers! It seems that the prosecutors have found great difficulty convincing the gun witnesses to testify during the gun cases. They mostly just remained mute, refusing to even give their names. Thus, despite the best efforts of prosecutors to overcome the steely resolve of the witnesses of whatever caliber, many guns, and apparently their cases as well, have escaped official scrutiny. It is unfortunate that the prosecutors cannot investigate/interrogate the human accomplices of those guns and their cases, to gain a better perspective of their guilt..

  13. “This is what happens when you eliminate a nation’s gun culture . . .”
    Yes, absolutely correct. My suspicion is that the majority of armed police in the UK did not grow up around guns, didn’t have the “Never, never let your gun…” rhyme drilled into them. In short they are only introduced to guns as adults when they are learning gun safety lessons that should be reflexive in children.
    I met a pest controller who was forever getting the armed cops called on him (people see gun: panic and call police) and after the first few times he started saying “No. I will unload the gun before I put the it down” as the armed police unfailingly would not have a clue about any but the ones they’d been trained on and would fumble and fuck it up. (Hertfordshire Constabulary btw).
    I wonder if they’re playing identity politics with the recruiting because it is still possible (just) to find people in the UK who have been brought up know the basics about firearms.

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