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Guns in the time of Trump . . . How Donald Trump Shot The Gun Industry In The Gut – ” The industry swelled because of the “panic buying,” with new manufacturers popping up, old names in the industry swelling their ranks, and more new gun owners pushing into demographics with previously tepid interest. In the Trump era, however, that fear is gone, and with it the market’s urgency to beat the clock on the next “commonsense” gun ban. That’s helped nudge iconic gunmakers Colt and Remington to lay off hundreds of workers and shut down entire divisions of their companies, forced manufacturers to close their doors, and prompted retailers and distributors to offer deep discounts on firearms, with one offering an AR-15 rifle at prices below even the cheapest handguns.”

Next time, keep the argument virtual . . . Mom accused of pulling gun on daughter after text message argument – “A New Hampshire mother is facing several charges after she was accused of pulling a gun on her daughter following an argument on the phone and through text messages. Police were called to the Pembroke, New Hampshire, home of Kayleigh Kousios around 11:30 p.m. When officers arrived, Kousios said her mother, Evamarie Kousios, 50, came to her apartment to continue the argument in a bedroom.”

FN America, LLC announces today the release of two FN 15™ Patrol carbines in short barreled configurations, available to commercial customers. These two new carbines are the first time FN has offered short barreled rifles for sale to the individual consumer.

“Eccentric outliers.”

Preaching to the converted . . . ‘Gays Against Guns’ Launches NYC Ad Campaign Against NRA-Backed Concealed Weapons Law – “Gays Against Guns, an LGBTQ group dedicated to stricter firearm regulations, has launched its first major advertising campaign—an effort that will combine with protests around New York City against National Rifle Association-endorsed legislation in Washington that would mandate “reciprocity” in concealed weapon permits nationwide. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 and its counterpart in the Senate would require any state that gives out permits for concealed weapons to recognize such permits issued by other states, even if they do not have the same eligibility and training prerequisites or restrictions on gun ownership. Gays Against Guns describes ‘reciprocity’ as a ‘long-held goal of the gun lobby and its continuous effort to use fear to sell guns.'”

Learn to shoot like Keanu. In one day. Courtesy Taran Tactical.

Private schools, private property . . . Guns aren’t allowed in schools. But some religious ones could get an exception – “Private schools with a religious institution on-site could decide for themselves if they want to allow armed security or concealed guns on their property, under a proposal that got preliminary approval from a (Florida) House subcommittee on Wednesday. The measure (HB 849) from Polk County Republican Rep. Neil Combee (above) would carve out certain religious private schools from the Florida law that prohibits anyone except law enforcement officers from carrying guns in K-12 schools and colleges and universities, regardless of whether those schools are public or private.”

World’s MOST ADVANCED US Military Rail gun in FINAL TESTING – “The US military Rail Gun program is expected to start sea trials in 2016 the worst nightmare of the Russian military may be deployed in the near future. A railgun is an electrically powered electromagnetic projectile launcher based on similar principles to the homopolar motor. A railgun comprises a pair of parallel conducting rails, along which a sliding armature is accelerated by the electromagnetic effects of a current that flows down one rail, into the armature and then back along the other rail.”


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  1. Yeah The Donald did a # on gun companies. Any sane person would know NOTHING ever remains static. Horrible things happen,evil dumbocrats(and RINOS) push through unconstitutional laws and rioters riot. If you haven’t already buy. And buy again. If nothing else you can turn a handsome profit when the demorats regain power(GOD forbid)?

    • Terrible what’s happening to the gun industry. Maybe I should have voted for Hillary. (Not)

      • The apparently long-gone-but-certainly-not-missed FirearmsConcierge would have agreed. Haven’t seen him post here for months. Maybe abusing and mocking his customers wasn’t enough to drive him out of business, but perhaps the post-Hillary slump finally did?

    • Personally I’m just glad to be seeing some non-BMG bolt actions and wood stocks at gun shows now. I love me my black rifles but holy crap, there was nothing else available at the shows for years.

      • I think McCain and Graham are about the only “true” RINOs left. The rest seem to have converted to Trumpettes. I saw Paul Ryan’s “RyanCare” press conference, and he came out actively praising the President, and it sure sounded sincere.

        The “old” Republican party is dead, it’s morphing into Populist Trump supporters and Jeb/George Bush/McCain/Graham globalist parasitic Democrat-Lites. Former RINOs are having to choose where they stand.

  2. “even if they do not have the same eligibility and training prerequisites or restrictions on gun ownership.”

    Where do they get this crap? Training is one thing, but firearms ownership restrictions are based on federal law, and are therefore uniform. Doh.

    • I guess some states could be said to be more restrictive than others, based on things like pre-crime confiscations due to mental health or protective orders and such.

      But, seriously, when have actual facts ever stopped the anti-gun crowd from making sh!t up? If they didn’t do that they wouldn’t have any useful facts at all.

    • In some states, like NY where this group is based, the restrictions on even OWNING a handgun are much more than in other states. More extensive background checks, multiple neighbor references who have known you for years, mental health checks, etc.

      • In addition my pistols that I own are listed on the back of my permission slip (Sportsman Permit).
        This permit only allows me to carry to and from a range.
        I also have a Florida CWFL with none of those restrictions.

    • State restrictions on gun ownership range from Illinois’ FOID card requirement to magazine limits to California’s limited list of approved guns.

  3. The Obama Boom is over but the industry is still selling at roughly the same trend as before the boom.

    If Hillary had won, we would be turning in our semi-autos, pumps and anything even remotely resembling military and registering everything else including pellet guns. Gun manufacturers would be put out of business by lawsuits except for one or two selling only to military and police. I am not sorry Trump won.

    • It strikes me that the big companies – Remington and Colt in particular, but perhaps also Gander Mountain – finding themselves in trouble now were in fact in trouble well before the election. The pre-election buying just helped to mask it a little longer.

      • Bingo, the “panic buying” is over for now, but the sales of ammunition, magazines ans accessories continues as well as the growth in gun ranges. Remington is still enjoying robust ammo sales. As for Gander, they screwed the pooch.

  4. Any gun manufacturer upset about Trump winning isn’t a friend to fun rights to begin with, and deserves to go under. In the meantime, I am actually quite interested in a CAR15 type weapon… Keep em comming. And let’s keep the pressure on the GOP. I generally like them, but let’s be real. They’re only our friends when we force them to be.

  5. “with one offering an AR-15 rifle at prices below even the cheapest handguns.”

    Less than a Hi-Point? That’s impressive.

  6. On that 14.5 inch SBR from FN: I gotta wonder who would pay an extra $200 and wait several months just to save an inch and a half. Not me, that’s for sure.

    • Curtis, the people buying 14.5 barrels are pinning a muzzle device that brings the length to 16, versus buying a 16 then adding the muzzle device.

  7. How ironic that the gays in the “gays against guns” group are against country wide recognition of a state issued license.

  8. Where”s trump k12 federal force for any ccw holder and repeal the “gun free school zone act” ??

  9. “Night of the Saint” brought to you by the wonderful folks behind such innovations as the “GRIP ZONE”.

    • I enjoyed that video. I was impressed by the instructor. I found myself thinking, if/when I or my wife get more training, I want him to teach us.

      It’s the kind of video that an open-minded fence sitter might actually watch and learn from. It’s one of the best videos I have ever seen for explaining and promoting the importance of the Second Amendment.

    • Stamping “grip zone” on tbe frame was kind of stupid but the texturing on the area where you actual grip the gun is outstanding.

  10. John Wick with good finger posture and kids in a store with finger on the trigger. Someone needs a cosmic slap and its not John. Dad or mom, or Clerk and the kid thrown out of the show or store? Too harsh. Maybe …

  11. I don’t see the virtue in paying high prices for guns and ammunition. Prices for these commodities have been too high for years while the money drives innovation there is little reason for ammo to be so high and guns based on proven designs priced well above the cost to deliver.

  12. Biggest guns video didn’t mention the German V3, static guns aimed at London. 15cm caliber not anywhere near the biggest, but 130m barrels deserve a mention.

  13. What exactly is the deal with this “Night of the SAINT” thing? Is it just a marketing campaign aimed at getting women into ARs? If so, that’s cool, just wondering why they specifically picked the SAINT as the “AR for girls.”

    • I’m not sure, but it’s no accident that all of the women involved were physically fit and attractive. It’s not all about selling to women.

    • You miss the most imprtant stupid thing about the video. They are pushing combat training. Unless you live in a gang infested neighborhood in Chicago or doing some personal training before your Guard unit gets called up for a trip to Afghanistan, combat training is wholely inappropriate and puts you on the fast track to greybar hotel.

        • Wondering the same thing. How else do you train with an assault rifle? It’s a combat weapon, surely that’s the way to train on it?

        • I guses you didn’t notice the instructer saying that he taught a combat course and not a LEO or self defense course. Combat tactics are decidedly offensive and a private citizen can engage in limited defensive actions. Yoy bring combat tactics to a DGU and you are going to end up in jail.

          And no, an AR-15 is not a combat weapon. It is not select fire.

          • Please explain, with specificity, the difference between “combat shooting” and “defensive shooting.”

            As to the made-up line between the M16/M4 “assault rifle” and the AR-15 “modern sporting rifle,” that’s a bullshit red herring delineation that makes us POTG look like a bunch of assholes. In my ten years (and counting) in the US Army Infantry, I have only ever used the worthless burst function on my M4 when fucking around on a range after everyone has qualified. And I’d much prefer to bring my home-built AR, semi-only lower and all, to combat than my issue M4. Tell me again how the AR-15 isn’t a combat weapon?

  14. AR15s priced lower than the cheapest handguns?
    What’s a Hi Point retail for, $139?
    I’ll take ten of those ARs, please.

  15. Can someone seriously let us know what these insanely low priced ARs are? Even just for reference?

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