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Nevada bill would allow medical marijuana users to carry guns – “Nevada lawmakers are trying to address everything from marijuana users’ gun rights to the danger that edible marijuana products pose to children. On Monday, a wide array of marijuana-focused bills were introduced to both members of the Nevada Senate and the Assembly to help regulate the drug that’s now legal for recreational use in Nevada (and has been legal for medicinal use since 2000). Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, D-Las Vegas, introduced a bill, SB 351, which would allow medical marijuana users to possess a firearm and a conceal and carry permit. Sheriffs currently are required to deny an application for a permit to carry a concealed firearm or revoke an existing permit if someone is a medical marijuana card holder.” That probably won’t cut any ice with the feds when you want to buy a gun, though.

With enemies like these . . . Why Judge Gorsuch Should Be Justice Gorsuch – “Of the national gun-ban groups, the first to speak out against him was the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Executive Director Josh Horwitz stated: ‘While there is no paper trail of where Judge Gorsuch stands on guns, his selection by the NRA-backed Trump/Bannon White House certainly gives us a hint. If Gorsuch shares the NRA’s toxic ideology, he is already at odds with the overwhelming majority of Americans.’ Horwitz is not much of a detective, since Gorsuch’s paper trail can be found on the 10th Circuit’s website. Since then, other gun-ban groups have also attacked Gorsuch. The so-called Americans for Responsible Solutions claims, ‘Judge Gorsuch’s views are so outside the mainstream that he has gone out of his way to side with felons over public safety. His irresponsible record indicates he would actually weaken the gun laws on the books.’” Gives you all kinds of warm fuzzies, no?


Can you fill one up? . . . Browning Introduces the Hell’s Canyon Extra Wide Safe – Gun owners in need of added storage for large gun collections will want to check out the new Browning ProSteel Hell’s Canyon extra wide safe. The Hell’s Canyon extra wide safe features a tough 11-gauge steel body with Pry-Stop End Bolts for improved break-in protection. The safe will also feature a 1-1/4” formed door with inner plate, Force-Deflector™ Locking System, 1-1/4” diameter chromed locking bolts on three sides of the door and hardened steel pin lock system. ThermaBlock fire insulation provides 1680° F/90 minute fire protection.

Mother Jones can barely contain her glee . . . The Gun Industry Just Hit a “Trump Slump” – “Some of this slowdown is cyclical, says (Second Amendment lobbyist Todd) Rathner, but a lot of it has to do with the election. ‘Donald Trump is probably the closest ally to the firearms community that has been elected president,’ he says. When Trump called a special meeting of conservative leaders two weeks into his presidency, ‘the gun lobby was in the room.’ Trump even sat beside National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre, who has long warned of impending gun confiscation under Democratic administrations.”

Did he have to buy a $2.oo tax stamp and wait nine days to take possession of the paper to make that silencer?

Purple state blues . . . Bad week for guns on the Great Plains? – “On Wednesday at the Capitol in Denver the Democratic-controlled House State Affairs is all but certain to dispatch three gun-rights-expansion bills, one on gun training for school employees, another that would lower to 18 the legal age for concealed carry permit eligibility for members of the military, and another bill that would repeal the state’s 15-round ammunition magazine limit. Before the committee hearing, the Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence will hold a press event at the Capitol that is sure to be passionate. Speakers will include relatives of victims killed in the Sandy Hook and Columbine school shootings. The speakers will marshal sympathy and anger in support of their cause and accumulating data that supports the gun laws already in place in Colorado.”

This is the very model of a modern frivolous lawsuit . . . Interstate Legal Attack on Range Leaves More Questions than Answers – “’Left’s assault on Second Amendment just got PERSONAL,’ Allen B. West tells readers about a lawsuit targeting his friend’s West Virginia gun range, Peacemaker National Training Center. That’s despite a county noise ordinance declaring its provisions ‘do not apply to: (1) Lawful hunting or target shooting trap, skeet or shooting ranges.’ The complication comes from the fact that the plaintiffs, husband and wife Ben and Diane Goldstein, live in neighboring Virginia. Their supposedly noise-motivated complaint against the range is being bolstered by an apparently activist judge and a protective order that violates the privacy of range members….”

Commendable, but surely DOA . . . Melendez Introduces Legislation to Make California a “Shall Issue” State – “Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, introduced legislation today, AB 757, to reaffirm an individual’s right to bear arms by clarifying the process of obtaining a concealed carry weapon permit. ‘It is our Constitutional right to defend ourselves,’ said Melendez. ‘Californians should not be subjugated to the personal beliefs of one individual who doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment. If a citizen passes the background check and completes the necessary safety training requirements, there should be no reason to deny them a CCW.’ Assembly Bill 757 clarifies that self-defense is an acceptable justification for “good cause” for the purposes of obtaining a concealed carry permit.”


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  1. Well maybe JUSTICE Gorsuch can tip the scales jwm…I liking him. A little too folksy but it could be worse.

  2. Nevada CCW permit holders bypass the background check so medical marijuana users will leave the store with the gun.

    Looking forward to the usual suspects crowing about how gun stores in Nevada are selling to criminals and “won’t we please think of the children and get rid of the CCW loophole?”

    And then, after vilifying these people, they’ll go right back to arguing for legalization of marijuana.

    • The only problem is that that requires one to lie on their 4473, which is a Federal No-No. More concerning at the moment should be SB 115 that just cleared the Senate. Fucking Democraps will vote lock-step for the dumbest stuff if told to. Hopefully Sandoval will have the balls to veto it, but who knows…

      • Yeah, that’s my issue. The potsmoker will think it’s cool with the state cops (because it is) and thinks he’s in the clear. He’ll buy the gun. He’ll lie on the form, but won’t think it’s a lie, because after all, it’s cool with the cops. They know. It’s literally public record that he smokes pot and they have no issue with him carrying a gun, why would they have an issue with him buying one?

        So he buys the gun. He’s now committed a crime by lying on the form. He’s now a statistic for the other side to argue all sorts of BS.

    • CCW holders in Nevada would almost certainly have to start submitting to background checks if this law passed.

  3. I love how the anti’s FLIP about the removal of the 15 round mag limit.

    Newflash: NO ONE ENFORCES IT! Other than certain items mags like a PMAG or certain mags made for military orders even if they tried to enforce it, it wouldn’t be possible to prove anything unless the person had a receipt taped to the damn mag!

    All this law does is encourage people to ignore the other stupid rules that come out of Denver and thereby push the state closer to a flat out Irish Democracy where the diktats coming from Denver are nearly universally ignored.

    • Their mag limit was so full of holes it was essentially impossible to enforce.

      One interesting bit when I first saw it was that at one point (and I believe all the way til it gets repealed) that it didn’t have the “or parts readily assemblable into” language in the law, so a pile of mag parts wouldn’t be regulated, but a fullly assembled one would.

      IIRC assembling one from parts wasn’t an offense either. It’s like the gun rights folks in the legislature took advantage of their opponents stupidity on the subject and neutered the ban as best they could.

    • Actually, here in Utah with guns like the Glock 17 who’s most common magazine holds 17 rounds and like my CZ 75 with 16 round capacity… it’s blood in the streets. Those extra one or two rounds in the most common full sized pistols are used to kill hundreds of thousands of people who otherwise would be just fine.

      I think it’s been proven time and again that if a person contemplating murder is limited to 15 rounds he or she would choose to finish a degree and donate to charity and become a productive member of society instead of murder. Life is just better this way.

      • “…he or she would choose to finish a degree and donate to charity and become a productive member of society instead of murder…”

        Thanks, that made my morning!

  4. The 4473 “drugs” question is ridiculous. There is no question about prescription painkillers, or perhaps the most dangerous drugs of all—-anti-depressants. There is far more possibility someone will do something irrational or dangerous while under the influence of those. For pete’s sake, the listed side effects are homicidal or suicidal ideation. Not a mention…

  5. Shame that Colorado is going downhill so fast. I at one time contemplated moving there but with the way it is going, I’ll be staying away. Place will be California Jr. in 10 years.

    • The mag ban, as written, is unenforceable. Feel free to visit, carrying your CCW from a reciprocal state, and your standard capacity magazine (Standard = Whatever the manufacturer put in it) is fine. There is a specific carve out for out-of-staters.
      I bought a Ruger SR9C with (2) 10 rd mags. I then bought a pair of 17 rd Ruger repair kits containing everything I need to repair my pre-ban mag. Everything. Box, baseplate, spring, follower.

      The law is a joke. The Dems that promoted it allowed some amendments without thinking them through. They got their ban passed, but it is a castrati.

  6. A judge’s “position” and opinion matter in a government of men, not laws. In a government of laws, not so much. I know which one I prefer. Our d-party friends seem to think it is, and prefer, the other.

    I expect Chucky, Feinkenstein, and Call-me-Al to “gun” for judiciary policy making (policy by other means.) When The Fabulous RBG, The Wise Latina Woman (<- That's redundant, right?), and even TheSwingingJudge talk freely of what policy *should* be, it's no surprise that a judge who seeks to apply the law vs make law is anathema.

    I wish Gorsich had said flat out: "That's the law. You don't like it; change the law. That's your job." I do wish judges would occasionally include candidate laws in their opinions: "You wanna 'fix' citizens owning guns 1) repeal it. 2) amend it to redefine 'arms', 'kèep', 'bear', or 'infringed.' 3) tie citizens' arms to a government-run militia explicitly."

    It's a legacy of the E R A, I think. They couldn't get that through, so switched strategy *entirely* to "one vote, one time, for the right guy", then that anointed one can do the right thing. Through executive orders, "Czars" vs cabinet appointments, "agreements" that aren't treaties, and "discretion" of various kinds, say.

    They don't seem to get that it can all be undone if a "wrong" guy gets in who plays as hard as they do. Sad.

    As for the E R A, and frankly a bunch of "civil rights" activity, I wonder what we'd gain from half as much effort applied to applying "equal protection", and the post- Civil Was amendments, as written.

    I can see the current nominee, or Scalia before him, writing decisions that amount to: "What the h-e-double-toothpicks are you doing? Equal protection. Get even-handed, or we're shutting your circus down right now." That would be very interesting applied to any number of "assistance" programs that seem mostly to make things worse for the designated downtrodden they allegedly help. (For me candidates run from aggressive policing to housing assistance – I'm equal opportunity.)

    The problem is that a discrimination correction industry needs discrimination, or they're out of work. (Pointing out what others do wrong without having to fix it yourself is a nice gig, if you can stomach it.)

    In the end Fauxcohantis and the rest like their screeching posts; they're against judges who apply the law, because if judges just apply the law, they'd have to do their jobs.

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