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No. Next question . . . Can Jeff Duncan silence opposition to his gun bill?

Growing up, Rep. Jeff Duncan didn’t wear earplugs or muffs when he went out to shoot guns with his dad.

Now 51 years old and hard of hearing in his left ear, the South Carolina Republican can’t help but think it might have been prevented.

This isn’t the only reason he’s pushing legislation to make it easier to buy suppressors, accessories that screw onto the barrels of guns to muffle the sounds of bullet shots. But it’s one of them.

Must have been really hangry . . . Irate customer shoots up Marseille kebab shop because service too slow

A customer who got into an argument with the owner of a kebab shop in Marseille after complaining of slow service returned a short time later and sprayed the restaurant with bullets, injuring one worker.

The shooter was one of four men who arrived on Sunday evening at the Istanbleu fast food restaurant in the north of the city, where young men are regularly shot dead in drugs-related gangland killings.

When their order failed to materialise as quickly as they would have liked, they got into an argument with the owner about his establishment’s allegedly slow service before walking out and vowing to settle their scores with the staff later.

This shouldn’t still be necessary, but . . . Affirming Americans’ right to concealed carry

Justice Gorsuch recently vocalized his dissent, along with Justice Clarence Thomas, when the court refused to take up an appeal of the ruling in Peruta v. California, from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which maintained citizens of San Diego County must show a “special need” for obtaining a concealed carry permit. Blatantly a violation of Second Amendment rights, Justices Thomas and Gorsuch issued a statement saying, “For those of us who work in marbled halls, guarded constantly by a vigilant and dedicated police force, the guarantees of the Second Amendment might seem antiquated and superfluous, but the framers made a clear choice: They reserved the right to bear arms for self-defense.” Clearly displeased that the Supreme Court decided not to hear the case, this statement demonstrates Justice Gorsuch is willing and ready to stand by the Constitution and the everyday citizens who want to defend themselves.

The Supreme Court should not shy away from any Second Amendment case, especially in the next few years. This is a crucial time frame that could determine the status of Second Amendment rights in this country for decades to come, and with a pro-Second Amendment majority on the bench, those who respect the Constitution should not pass up this opportunity to strengthen and protect one of America’s most sacred rights.

If you’ve never shot sporting clays, you have no idea how much fun you’re missing . . . Providence Hill Farm Sporting Club Hosts  2017 NSCA South Central Regional Sporting Clay Championship

Over 500 competitors are expected from around the world

JACKSON, Miss. (September 5, 2017) ­– Providence Hill Farm Sporting Club will host the NSCA South Central Regional Sporting Clay Championship beginning Wednesday, September 6, through Sunday, September 10, 2017. Sporting clay shooting is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, and the NSCA South Central Regional is one of the largest sporting clay events in the world, expecting to draw over 500 competitors and more than 1,000 visitors from across the nation. The 2017 Championship marks the first time an NSCA regional tournament will be held in Mississippi.

But that’s illegal. Especially down there . . . Guns used in series of Perth home invasions overnight

POLICE have appealed for information after a succession of home invasions in Perth overnight, which may be linked – two of them involving the use of guns.

The first robbery occurred in Garratt Road in Bayswater at 9.15pm Sunday, when two men forced their way into a house, knocked the occupant unconscious and stole a Mazda 3, a replica-style firearm and other property.

A little more than two hours later, men armed with a firearm forced their way into a home in Marlee Court in Langford armed with a firearm. Money was stolen and the men left in a Mazda 3.

Well, it appears to be a military academy, so . . . Take a look inside a Russian school where middle-schoolers learn to shoot assault rifles along with normal classes

At The General Yermolov Cadet School in Stravropol, Russia, academics and military training occur side by side.

The state-run school, named after Alexei Yermolov, a former Russian general and hero of the Caucasus War, blends a normal academic course load with physical drills, weapons training, and overnight camp-outs.

Information about the school is sparse, but images in a Reuters photo package offer a unique glimpse into the daily lives of students, also referred to as cadets.

What Can Pew Research Tell Us About NRA And Gun Owners?

The survey found—based on the percentage saying “yes” to the question about whether they are NRA members—that more than 14 million Americans consider themselves NRA members. That’s far higher than the actual NRA membership of about 5 million, even accounting for any statistical error the survey produced.

What this means in terms of polling—and one thing that Pew and others simply do not make clear to the public when reporting on the survey results—is that Pew did not survey actual NRA members. Any views, beliefs or opinions ascribed to “NRA members” is a simple guess on the part of those writing the report. Pew does not know what percentage of NRA members support one law or another, how many guns they own or anything else for that matter. At best, Pew can claim to have the responses of Americans who say they are NRA members, but they certainly cannot say much beyond that.

It was just common sense . . . Here’s How Ubisoft Convinced Nintendo To Let Mario Use Guns

So much about Kingdom Battle is surprising, but the thing that I still can’t get over is that in this game, Mario shoots his enemies with a gun. This is Nintendo’s mascot we’re talking about, and the game wasn’t developed internally. How the hell did anyone get Miyamoto to sign off on that?

Very carefully, Davide Soliani, creative director at Ubisoft Milan, suggested in a recent interview with IGN. When Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto challenged Soliani to make a Mario game without jumping, Ubisoft decided to give the plumber some weaponry. It was, from the sounds of it, a tricky subject internally at Ubisoft—but it worked out.

“It was of course, not an easy topic,” Soliani told IGN. “But we used common sense. We said, ‘as this will be the only—the first game—with Mario, with weapons, we should come up with something which is colorful, joyful, not scaring at all.’”

Try not to drool.

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  1. That ain’t a rifle that uniformed youngun is shooting.

    What happened to the story a minute ago about Florida going to get it’s ass kicked by that next hurricane?

    • It wasn’t accurate in terms that the state can’t ban gun sales during a hurricane. So keeping with integrity they deleted it. Everyone should also be made aware there is already another hurricane forming behind Irma, which is Jose’. Looks like it’s gonna be like that year we got 3 in a row here again. Lock and load and get ready for the hurricane apocalypse.

    • Must be a mortar, judging from the muzzle elevation.
      Either that or little Yuri is trying his hand at instinctive shooting from 1 kilometer.

  2. Two things:
    1) that is obviously a Saiga 12 (maybe a Vepr but I doubt it) shotgun the Russian Yoot is shooting and
    B) “Istanbleu” has got to be the most awesomest name ever for a Middle Easter food joint!

  3. Dang that young comrade looks badazz. Here we blur kids faces and get apoplectic if little Johnny goes on a gunshop fieldtrip😫 Yeah I was also looking for theFlorida story…stay safe AND armed Floridians.

  4. I just had a thought (I know, rare and really kinda dangerous) on how we can get 50 state reciprocity.

    Each state has standards on the firearm training requirements to be credentialed law enforcement.

    Make each state’s requirements for rookie LE the standard for carry permits.

    Nothing more, just the minimum to qualify for each state’s LE credentials.

    The beauty of this is two-fold.

    States can never make the training for LE so onerous that their own cops could never be credentialed.

    The Leftists loose a talking point on cops being skilled gun experts, since we will be able to shoot just as well as LE.

    Just throwing this out there for debate…

    • EDIT – Bonus for the Daily Digest-

      The Leftists have a new board game, ‘Secret Hitler’.

      Players are divided into two teams, ‘Liberals’ and ‘Fascists’.

      That’s it, you are either a Liberal or a Fascist. No in-between. Just the way the Left sees *everything*.

      In this game, If you aren’t a Liberal, you send people to Auschwitz.

      Apparently the first run is sold out.

      • I’ve played that game. It is really fun! It was a friend’s game so I haven’t read the rule book from cover to cover, but it didn’t have any modern political connotations as far as I could tell. While I think hard core liberals are modern fascists, I think we should resist the urge to see politics in everything, especially a relatively obscure game.

        • Not political? Then why did the creator send a copy to every single state senator? Amusing as it might be, the game once again shows how antifa really thinks the world works.

        • Politics is a stupid game. If there’s a group of people, e.g left, right, whatever that do not believe in nor do not want to uphold or abide by peoples’ natural, God given rights then these people simply cannot be neighbors and cannot be allowed to have any sort of power over other people who disagree in a fundamental way.

          The only peaceful answer is secession. Let people who do not believe in certain rights to move and live peaceably amongst their own like-minded kind and leave the rest of us alone to live and enjoy freedom.

          Liberty cannot be merely a political construct it also requires a pretty homogenous culture.

          I do not want any Federal anything forcing 50 States – a vast land mass – to do something they do not want to do. That is the opposite of what we should be trying to accomplish. It’s too bad the Tyrant Lincoln had his way…that staved off the inevitable for another 100+ years and has led to more and more tyranny of forcing people who would not be natural neighbors to be unnatural ones.

    • in my state that would mean a 16 week 40 hour per week course that cost upwards of five grand. That would be insane for a ccw

      • In your state, the police actually get more hours of firearm training than I got in Basic Training and AIT combined?
        What state is that?

      • But he didn’t say that one would have to take the course. Only qualify. In other words, take the final, but not the training. At the least, that makes for a more interesting debate. If a citizen(no capitol “C”) can score as high, or higher, on the qualifying exam as a so-called ‘well trained’ LEO, and with NO formal training, then that would be even more embarrassing for Team Blue. That might help to lower their egos down from the size of Alaska to maybe as small as Texas….

        • ” I doubt the firearms training/qual takes more than a day”

          Yep, and it kills their argument since the qual is the proof we can shoot.

          The deviousness is what I really like about it… 🙂

  5. People lied on Pew surveys? No way! I’m shocked.

    I’ve been lying to those cold-call survey people since forever. If I’m not getting paid to take the survey, I’m not telling the truth. How’s that for social “science?”

    I also have fun with those fake tech support, “credit services,” and fake IRS people, too. I love the Indian-accented swear words they yell at me when they finally figure out that I wasted their time. They don’t call me much anymore, though. I think they’re catching on and removing me from their autodialers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Been contacting Judge Moore in Alabama about his position on NFA repeal+HPA. Staff has been very nice and sorry they can’t get my answer, but I don’t think I’ll get anything before the hurricane(s).

    As for the NRA survey, I suspect former members who donated once are counting themselves as members while the NRA only counts actual members. Or you know, Pew’s methodology is just lacking somehow.

  7. Beautiful old guns, and obviously I am not going to ask what they are worth. But one thing I know for sure, not one of those ivory handled pistolas is coming to California. Now why they banned the sale of antique ivory when they banned the sale of ivory generally is a question too arcane for a simple minded person such as myself to comprehend. Heck, you can’t even buy mammoth ivory, an animal that is under no threat of immediate extinction.

  8. Remember when Mario used a hammer to smash a monkey? Remember when hammers were used to kill more people than all rifles?

    • I think tools in general are still used more than rifles in general. As well as with fists and feet. Rifles are pretty far down on the list of objects used to kill.

  9. I’m glad Thomas and Gorsuch are on our side, but squealing that Roberts won’t take unwinnable cases doesn’t help us. With the squishy judge on the bench, any 2A case is iffy. They ought to focus on convincing Kennedy to retire, so a decent judge can take his place. Trying a case that ends up getting decided against us for ‘the principle’ doesn’t help us.

  10. How many times do we have to question why people even quote Pew? If it ain’t a push-poll their throwing it’s something fabricated from the ground up.

    Pew = Poo

    Our motto regarding Pew should be:




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