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The Houston flood brings out the cockroaches . . . 40 arrested in Harris County for looting

In the southwest part of the county, a man in his mid 30s with a badge, a gun on his hip and a police windbreaker knocked on several doors in an elevated Missouri City subdivision to tell residents they needed to evacuate. Those people called police, who confirmed that there was no evacuation order in place. Missouri City police did not return calls about whether anyone was arrested.

West of Houston, Memorial Villages police warned residents of a man they suspect was attempting to scam residents under the false pretense of offering help, said MVPD Chief Ray Schultz.

“He had freshly made up flyers that said ‘Flood Restoration,'” Schultz said. “He had an old broken carpet cleaner with him but no other supplies. While checking him out, he was found to have a criminal history and no valid ID in his possession. I am absolutely certain he was looking to victimize an unsuspecting resident.”

OMG! A non-celebrity posing with a gun! OMG! . . . Brooklyn Beckham under fire from fans after posing with a gun in controversial new shoot as Chloe Moretz confirms they are back on

Wearing a white T-shirt with rolled up sleeves, the son of David Beckham and Victoria appears to be channelling James Dean while using the dangerous prop.

Another image, captioned ‘Double shooting with @brooklynbeckham what’s your favorite?’ sees him flexing his muscles while holding the gun against his chest.

While many loved the hunky images of the star, others were shocked that he agreed to pose with  a weapon – particularly considering the debate around gun laws in America.

It’s (almost) never too early to get them started . . . Teach Your Children Well: Pistol Tips for Kids

Guns are something every child learns about. Even if you are not living an outdoorsy lifestyle, full of hunting and firearms, your kids will see guns in movies, video games and history books. Guns are part of human history, and an important one. Whether kids become interested in guns because of what they see in movies, or in games like Battlefield, making sure they understand firearms in a concrete way is something parents need to facilitate. It’s like learning about lawnmower safety—we wear eye and ear protection, and we don’t walk in front of the chute that spits out grass because it can kick out rocks and sticks. Lawnmowers are dangerous but useful tools. Pistols are like any power tool: They can help us, but we need to respect their power.

Where do you hunt? . . . Why You Need to Hunt Waterfowl in the Rice Fields

For multiple years I headed south to the warmer, humid temperatures to take aim at the mini-F14-like Blue Winged Teal. If you haven’t partaken in the hunt, I must warn you that it’s an addicting one. While I’m not a fantastic shot at the zinging orange clay targets at the range, I’ve become quite proficient at blasting the little speed demons from the sky.Also see: Five Mistakes Rookies Make During Early Teal Season

Three years in a row, I cherished those marsh memories. One September, the northern cold snaps hadn’t hit, and the birds with the blue striped wings were sparse. My daughter and I shared blinds with our guides for two mornings and saw no speedy teal. We love the beauty of the marsh, so we considered the trip a success. We realize hunting sometimes leaves one with an empty bag.

A little perfection to celebrate the long weekend.

What other reason is there? . . . Why this KU student now carries a gun to class: ‘I have a way to defend myself’

His professors are unaware. And only a handful of his closest of friends even know he carries it.

But to Tom — a college senior who didn’t want his last named revealed because, first, he knows that Kansas’ new law that allows him to carry concealed handguns on campus is charged with controversy and, second, because he doesn’t want others viewing him negatively or trying to steal his gun — having a handgun at the ready just makes him feel less vulnerable, more prepared.

“I mean, I’m just a normal student who cares about their safety and the safety of people around them,” he said. “You see all this stuff on the news about people getting killed and having no way to protect themselves. That is why I choose to carry.”

Have you ever wanted to shoot your spouse? . . . Man shoots wife at point-blank range during marketing stunt. This is how it ended.

Colombian entrepreneur Miguel Caballero, designer of a bulletproof clothing line, demonstrated the viability of his product on an unlikely target: his wife — and this wasn’t the first time he’d done it.

Caballero’s MC Armor clothing line recently expanded its market to the U.S., and to demonstrate his product’s design, Caballero and his wife, Carolina Ballesteros, filmed an attention-grabbing promotional video.

He was “manipulating his gun when it went off” . . . UPDATE: Neighbors worry after man accidentally shoots, kills grandmother

Neighbors of the 19-year-old man who accidentally shot and killed his grandmother are stunned and worried.

“You just never know what can happen-especially with a gun. that’s very scary and hard to imagine,” said a neighbor.

Police are treating this shooting as an accident, which probably offers comfort to the grieving family, but it’s hard to fault neighbors for wondering what if it was their wall that was penetrated by the stray bullet?

News you can use . . . Rappers Who Caught Gun Charges

20 Rappers arrested for carrying unlicensed, illegal guns possession. The story behind their arrest and the way they face law. From Lil Wayne, to Jaz, Snoop, Dogg, The Game and many others we break down all the details.

Adams Arms is happy to announce the release of the much anticipated P-Series ADJUSTABLE Micro Block!

Would they have gotten a lighter sentence if it had been an Allied pistol? . . . Brit pair sentenced to 28 years behind bars for smuggling Nazi pistol and loaded machine guns in tourist coach

Two men have been jailed for 28 years for importing a Nazi pistol and loaded machine guns by hiding them on a tourist coach.

Nicholas Barbary and Mark Maynard admitted stashing the deadly arsenal under a bus returning from Belgium, before retrieving it in a UK coach park at the side of a motorway.

Training future Olympians . . . 2017 Junior Olympic Development Camp a Huge Success!

The Scholastic Clay Target Programs (SCTP) yearly Junior Olympic Development Camp (JODC) was another huge success! The camp, held this past August 7th – 13th at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado featured 24 athletes and 4 coaches from 16 states around the country who were selected to attend!

These athletes and coaches were able to take part in a camp designed to introduce them to the International Disciplines of Bunker Trap and International Skeet. Athletes were immersed in the day to day work of an Olympic athlete including training at a high altitude, nutrition, hydration and some really good training tips and techniques from Olympic caliber coaches like Terri DeWitt, Joe Buffa and Lance Bade!

This is why we carry . . . Holly Dunn reveals what it was like being attacked by serial killer

Angel Maturino Reséndiz, known as the Railroad Killer, was crouched behind an electricity box when he saw the couple walking towards him.

He jumped out and asked for money, but being two poor college students, they had nothing to give him.

Holly told CBS the killer then shook Chris’ backpack but there was nothing he wanted.

“He asked Chris to get on his hands and knees,” she said as she recounted the 20-year-old horror.



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  1. “Neighbors of the 19-year-old man who accidentally shot and killed his grandmother are stunned and worried.”

    ‘Accidentally’ my ass.

    More likely, this:

    (Nag, nag, nag,nag, nag,nag, nag,nag, nag, na- *SNAP*)

    (Ahhhhhhhh… 🙂 )

    Those little SMGs do look *sweet*.

    • I am still amazed at how many stories there are of people cleaning their guns who have negligent discharges while doing so. I mean I can only think of two ways this is possible:

      1) Trigger needs to be disengaged before disassembly but forget there is a cartridge in the chamber.

      2) “Cleaning” to them only means wiping the outside of the gun and calling it a day.

      • 3) (and the most likely true) “I was playing with it, practicing a fast draw, pointing and saying ‘pewpewpew’ when I pulled the trigger.”

      • Not having picked it up in months, being unfamiliar with the weapon and while trying to unload/disassemble or figure out how, fingers slip on old oil run across the trigger…

        Even when holstered on my desk my pistol still faces the outer wall and out into the trees. If it some how ‘went off’ its still above standing height of anyone that could possibly be outside in the middle of nowhere. Cleaning is the same cup of tea, Glocks need the trigger pulled to release and its more or less a ritual to clear several times and disassemble pointed at the floor, or outside wall.

        Mine is overdue to have the sweat wiped out of it again

        I should add that it gets its own special out of the way place that is still within one arms distance.

  2. Would they have gotten a lighter sentence if it had been an Allied pistol? . . . Brit pair sentenced to 28 years behind bars for smuggling Nazi pistol and loaded machine guns in tourist coach

    Apparently commie pinko “machine guns” were not as objectionable as the Nazi tool.

    The pansy brits count INDIVIDUAL rounds “157 rounds of ammunition The once proud UK has fallen further than any other nation still existing on the earth. Sad

  3. Lots jammed into this blog entry.

    BTW, my 16 years old nephew just joined the 2nd Amendment exercisers with his birthday present 22/45 Ruger MK IV.

    Yeah, I’m the “Cool Uncle”.

    He gets his NRA Life Membership for Christmas.

  4. Chloe Moretz? She still seems like a 12 year old to me. It is creepy thinking of her dating. If Big Daddy was still around I’d drop a dime on that Beckham kid.

  5. 28 years for smuggling a machine gun?!? Worse than most British murder sentences. Pathetic country…I’m not buying Callalero popping his wife. She didn’t move or even flinch. And I’m not talking “knockdown power” either. Fishy I tells ya’ 🐬🐬🐬

  6. I love that VEST wearing Poff’s line in that linked story via the Concealed carry on KU campus.

    “”””“I remember a time when discovery of a gun in a building of higher learning would have meant an immediate evacuation of everyone on the premises by the police to protect public safety.””””

    I remember a time when it was the old war vet that taught me the class carrying LIKE A REAL MAN should! And not some whinny guy!

  7. I was going to chronicle all the bad grammar and spelling from the rappers video, but then I realized a video reinforcing the street cred of 20 thug wanna-be’s would be self defeating if proper Queen’s English were used. No-Wut-I-sa-in?

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