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‘6 th & Center, LLC’ owns the property located at 220 W. 6th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas – the property on which Power Ultra Lounge operates. In exchange for payments (at least some of which were, upon information and belief, cash payments), “6th & Center, LLC” permitted Power Ultra Lounge to operate publically [sic] as a nightclub and concert venue on its property, despite that the property was not zoned for such activity; despite a lack of proper licensing and permits; despite a consistent failure to pay city and state taxes; and despite that in the twenty-four (24) months preceding the July 1st mass shooting, there were approximately forty-eight (48) incidents involving police at the premises, including no less than ten (10) violent crimes committed on the premises, including multiple prior shooting incidents.” – PATRICK HARDY PLAINTIFF V. NO. 6 th & CENTER, LLC; POWER KITCHEN & BAR, INC. d/b/a POWER ULTRA LOUNGE; and HERMAN LEWIS DEFENDANTS

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  1. I live in Little Rock (where this happened). It was not a surprise. What was surprising is that there were no fatalities.

    • ” What was surprising is that there were no fatalities.”

      As I’ve said before, the state of marksmanship in this country today is a disgrace…

    • I live outside of Little Rock. The club’s near the river market area. Crime around the area, which includes the Clinton Presidential Library, is virtually never reported. I’m surprised this shooting made the news. Gotta keep the tourists coming.

  2. “… despite that the property was not zoned for such activity; despite a lack of proper licensing and permits; despite a consistent failure to pay city and state taxes…

    What do these and “cash payments” have to do with the violence here? None of those things are required for people to operate safely and profitably, nor do any of them prevent violence and stupidity. Unrelated, unless of course it is the government that brings in the violence to enforce their extortion.

    • I think the point is, the whole operation was illegal from top to bottom. The cash payments were likely part of money laundering operation front for a drug gang or ????

      • “Illegal” – just another way to say uppity slaves. The only thing that is actually wrong is aggression, the initiation of force against anyone. Those who pretend to have “authority” to make things “illegal” use aggression to enforce it. “Money laundering” is merely another made up, bogus “crime.”

        • Dear Mama,
          If a hog slaughtering facility, or an asphalt batch plant, or an outdoor concert venue began operating directly upwind from where you live, you would develop an newfound respect for zoning laws.

          • That’s a typical, and very funny straw man argument. I’ve lived most of my 71 years in rural areas with little or NO “zoning” BS, and not one of those things ever happened. Not even close. People who want to run those kinds of businesses or operations know that they must have the cooperation of their neighbors to succeed. And that goes for any business – unless, of course, they have the full weight of GOVERNMENT to force their neighbors into compliance with the intruder – or move away.

            Ever see some big shot operator get a “variance” on your precious zoning? The power to tax, control, lie cheat and steal is the power to destroy. Individuals and ordinary businesses don’t have that kind of power. Your “government” does… all of them, and makes full use of all of them too.

        • Ahh, but Curtis, noxious and possibly sickening vaporous emissions are an infringement on one’s rights by technically being an assault on one’s person. “Money laundering” has no impact on the neighbors, other than the made up effects enforced by the GOV. It was a term invented to stigmatize tax evaders. If the IRS didn’t exist, neither would money laundering. Asphalt fumes can still kill an asthmatic.

        • I thought everyone preferred clean money. Some of the best hotels will deliver to guests freshly pressed cash, taking in their wrinkled bills. Cash should really be dry-cleaned.

          As for Mama’s claim that out in the country no one opens a noxious plant upwind of nice folks….rubbish. Hog farmers have been doing it all over farm country for decades. See, especially, the Carolinas, but Indiana and elsewhere, too.

          • Didn’t say it didn’t ever happen. I said very clearly that I’ve never seen it happen anywhere I’ve lived in 71 years. That’s a completely different statement. The fact is that there are many ways to deal with such a problem, and any one of them is better than some stupid “zoning” law.

    • The State knew the place was a shithole and had the pretext to shut it down but chose not too. Those of us paying taxes are suckers paying for the scum who don’t. The police are the clean up crew when dumpster fire finally rages out of control.

      • If you think some place is a “shithole” – then don’t go there. Why do you think you should have anything to say about what others consider doing with their own lives? Everyone has the right to defend themselves from attack, but zoning and business licenses, etc. have nothing to do with that.

        Don’t want to pay taxes for the cleanup? Don’t “elect” governments to rob you in order to do so… or even more, NOT to do so and keep your money anyway. Why do you think that any “government” answer is better than individual choice and responsibility? Or do you simply have a conviction that you should and must choose for everyone else?

        • MamaLiberty, I just speak for myself and I claim no magic powers to tell people what to do. 🙂 Sorry for posting on your thread, I should have just posted on the article itself. I am not actually disagreeing with you. I am generally dissatisfied with city living in general. I think I am going to bail for a smaller town where a individual might actually have a healthy relationship with the government i.e. we ignore each other.

        • I agree with electing officials who will use taxes responsibly, but I would strongly disagree with taxes being “robbery”.

          “Render unto Caesar (or Washington)…” you know…

  3. The title sounds like a bad anime title. Power Ultra Lounge: Mass Shooting. Still though with that many calls why wasn’t the place shut down before then?

    • 48 in two years!?! I’d be concerned if it were 248….48 in 2 years is only 1 every other week. 1 every other week sounds like they runnin a ship shape shop. You guys never watched a jersey shore snippet!?? Cops allllllways around. Kids,drugs and alcohol? I take it back I’m surprised it wasn’t 1248 times in 2 years

    • “Still though with that many calls why wasn’t the place shut down before then?”

      Where do you think the cash payments went? The gas company?

      • Read Salty’s post, drinking and young adults nightly and only a call every other week, that’s not a bad record. Throw in a culture that looks at crimes like dealing drugs and prostitution as positive things and this place was almost like choir practice.

  4. OK, here’s the deal –

    The business model described is somewhat common in the ‘Deep South’ when it comes to running nightclubs, particularly in certain parts of town. (Yeah, I’m trying to be polite.)

    The way it works is, someone owns a building, and someone else runs the ‘business’.

    The person running the business makes a cash payment agreed upon (and it can *vary*(and usually increases) as time goes on) by the building owner. It can be a lucrative arrangement for those involved, as a large part of it is run ‘off the books’, and in *cash*. The building owner can often make substantially more money than other buildings in the area with similar square footage, and ‘not get their hands dirty’, so to speak.

    A company I worked for in the early eighties (coin-op video games, pinball, etc.) serviced a few of those businesses. Once a week, month, whatever, I’d show up with the keys, count the quarters with a machine, and split the take right there…

    • Little Rock can hardly be considered the “Deep South.” It is as liberal as Austin or Chicago.

      You branch too far outside the city and you will find out what “deep south” really means.

  5. Patrick Hardy: “I’m shocked — SHOCKED!– to find that drinking is going on in here!”

    Bartender: “Your drink, sir.”

    Hardy: “Oh, thank you very much.”

  6. Lived for almost twenty years on and next to a hog farm while growing up. Did it smell?Sure did. Smelled like lots of money. Most generally when you have people complain that a business smells. It’s some city near do well who moved to the country expecting the business to conform to their idea of country life. Seen it happen hundreds of times. As for this situation the city allowed this to happen knowing the whole time what was happening. Criminals are going to commit crimes that’s what they do. Taxes pay the city and police to deal with the criminals. Unfortunately some of the most lucrative criminals work in government.

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