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In the video below, NRA commentator Dom Raso takes The Daily Beast to task for creating and publishing the incendiary image above. (The Beast placed it over a piece by three Marines entitled The NRA Enters the Province of Cowards.) “We don’t encourage violence,” Mr. Raso declares. “Or even encourage it.” Mr. Rason ends his piece by . . .

using the controversial Dana Loesch catchphrase: “the clenched fist of truth.”

Which is, let’s face it, a metaphor that contains a whiff of implied — though unarmed — violence. I wonder how [older] NRA members felt when they saw the “clenched fist of truth” as embodied by the 1968 Olympics Black Power salute. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Excellent commentary from Dom Raso, and BTW…..the metaphor of “The Clenched Fist of Truth” does “not” contain a whiff of unarmed violence….unless you’re a brain dead or a progressive moron. It simply means putting the truth out there in a “verbally” aggressive manner. There is nothing wrong with that unless you’re a Sheep, instead of a Sheepdog!

    • Do you wear a flag-patch hat and a fishing vest when you’re sheepdogging around? That’s a term we need to downplay these days.

      • You’d rather be a Sheep, rather than a Sheepdog? That definitely sounds like a personal problem, but hey…..have at it if that’s how you want to roll. ?

  2. The ’68 Olympics? I’m sure the most likely patriotic old white fogey’s were appalled when Smith and Carlos did their bit. While being representatives of America…very ODD bringing that up. I see a huge backlash against the NRA with many negative comments on FB. Clueless most of the time…NRA helped elect Donnie. I frequented my local Cabelas today and was struck by how nice and NORMAL things were.

    • +1… if remember correctly the Black Panthers were openly advocating violence towards cops and people based on race. I think the BP’s used the term “clenched fist of truth” tongue in cheek as a smoke screen. I don’t recall the NRA using the clenched fist of truth to avocate the murder of anybody in particular. As a matter of fact their using it literally. As in: vehemently expose media perpetuated leftist hypocrisy.

      • People with a clinched fist don’t bother me. I have a clinched fist too. In 1968 there were plenty of “white only” signs in the south. And in the north and west they didn’t need signs. They just refused service to all the blacks.
        The south was just honest about their bigotry.
        When a black soldier was killed in the Nam and his family was disrespected in america, I think the black athletes had a right to complain about the nations treatment of blacks in 1968.

        And just a reminder the Muflord Act was signed into law in California in 1967.

        • “And just a reminder the Muflord Act was signed into law in California in 1967”.

          One of ‘St. Ronnie’ the RINO’s many pieces of anti-gun legislation.

    • The Aussie who won the silver in that race, and looked very uncomfortable on the podium, was banned by the IOC for life but the two who raised the salute were not.

      SJWs are not new.

  3. Lefties, anti’s, snowflakes, hoplophobes do not know what truth is. They believe their own lies. I can tell myself all day that I can have a pet rattlesnake and that he is a loyal as a dog, but in the end a snake is a reptile, and from where we get the term “cold-blooded” , it will bite me. They are being bitten. The truth is right there, more pro gun laws, more women and minorities are buying and carrying firearms, colleges like Mizzou has lost 1500 students and is facing 32 million in shortfall. Yet they will continue to lie and believe in their Utopian no guns exist dreamworld.

    Their socialist, communist dreams are fading because the people had enough. The silent majority is standing up for itself. They are finally realizing they do have a backbone.

  4. Metaphor yes. Violence? Dunno.

    I get strength and resolution from a fist. It definitely can also be anger.

    Do you think wearing a gun is an implicit statement of violence?

  5. Metaphor yes. Violence? Eh.

    It’s not the metaphor I’d have picked for truth.

    To me that clenched first means resolution and yes, strength. Perhaps anger as well.

    Do you believe, as some claim to, that the wearing of a gun is an implicit statement of violence?

    • Wearing a gun is an implicit statement of “I will not be a victim”. No more, no less. But I have no doubt that you already know that.

  6. Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. These feelings, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.

  7. The Daily Beast picture is bad, but the NRA does indeed use fear mongering, and I criticize that organization of which I’m currently a life member.

  8. “Which is, let’s face it, a metaphor that contains a whiff of implied — though unarmed — violence.”

    An implied whiff?

    You are mixing up your penumbras with your emanations.

  9. Dana clarified exactly what she meant by “the clenched fist of truth”: she held up a picture of “the resistance”‘s logo: a (wait for it) CLENCHED FIST! So she said “we are fighting back with the clenched fist of TRUTH”, and got vilified for fomenting violence, by those whose own symbol is exactly what they’re complaining about.

    The hypocrisy is stupefying and hysterical.

    • I haven’t seen any explanation of “the resistance’s” clenched fist as anything other than advocating violence, so I wouldn’t say that the NRA’s “clenched fist of TRUTH” is the same as “the resistance’s” clenched fist.”

      The “clenched fist of TRUTH” is just another way of saying “the pen is mightier than the sword.”

  10. You can’t use logit to win a disagreement with a crazy person. They are like a teflon coated surfaces, nothing sticks. Now 8 months after they lost, they are still acting like little spoiled brats.

  11. There is no relationship between the raised gloved fist at the Olympics and the Black Panthers. Actually there was division among the Panthers and a change in their philosophy and actions over time.

    The NRA video has a different meaning. How I choose to view it is subjective. How susceptible it is to being maligned is a PR decision. In this day I’d make sure that my message wasn’t easily misinterpreted. Why? Because the long view. Your mileage may vary.

  12. I agree. The NRA has never encouraged violence. But it has spoken that all members and gun owners by their free choice to own and carry would and should be ready to face it if it comes to them. And on that I believe we all can agree.

  13. I am trying to contact Dom Raso and Colin Noir to let them know that I just found out that someone is using you identity to scam. As I an one of the most recent victims. I have pics and information. If you would like me to share this with you. Pls contact me at my email or 480 329 5980
    Thank you

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