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Fewer cops and a disarmed populace means . . . Crime rise is biggest in a decade, ONS figures show

Ministers will also be concerned that the country is becoming increasingly violent in nature, with gun crime rising 23% to 6,375 offences, largely driven by an increase in the use of handguns. Knife crime has also jumped by 20% to 34,703 incidents – the highest level for seven years. The largest increase in knife crime came in London, which accounted for 40% of the rise.

There has been a particular increase in the number of robberies at knife point to nearly 13,000 incidents. Rape or sexual assaults at knife point also show large percentage increases, although the numbers remain low with a total of 142 offences.

All signs point to no . . . Was Policeman Mohammed Noor Justified in Shooting Justine Damond?

Assuming that Noor does not present a defense that claims the shooting was accidental, his only hope to avoid a conviction is to find a police use-of-force expert who can persuade the jury that, from Noor’s perspective, Damond’s sudden appearance at the side of the police car, taken together with the loud noise reported by Officer Harrity, constituted a deadly threat. This is laughable, but one can find so-called “experts” to testify to almost anything, and we can expect this sort of testimony in the case should Noor not accept a plea deal and proceed to trial.

The jury won’t buy it, and neither should you. Noor is headed to prison, and deserves it.

Have you had a shipment (especially an FN) go missing? . . . Ex-UPS worker charged with stealing guns

A former UPS driver was arrested for stealing guns from a delivery truck this month, Lilburn police said Friday.

Seun Long Vang, 32, was charged with felony theft by taking and drug charges, police spokesman Thomas Bardugon said in a news release.

Police also charged Vang’s girlfriend, Chhun Nath Kheav, 26, with felony theft by receiving stolen property and drug charges.

There’s virtually no human activity that a big city paper editorial writer won’t find appalling . . . Guns and hot air balloons don’t mix

That’s right. A new law, unanimously passed in both chambers, allows the hunting of wild pigs and coyotes from hot air balloons. This strikes us as a bad idea. . . .

Instead of focusing on balloon safety, and preventing future tragedies, state lawmakers opted to allow guns on balloons to kill pigs. That says it all.

It takes a good size bra to hold a Model 85…just sayin’ . . . Woman carried loaded gun in her bra, cops say

While speaking to the front-seat passenger, Deisha Acevedo, officers could smell marijuana on her, Berdnik said.

A female officer searched Acevedo and found a bag of marijuana and a .38-caliber Taurus revolver loaded with five bullets.

The pot and gun were found in the woman’s bra, the sheriff said.

Acevedo was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of a handgun.

Given incidents like this one, they can use all the help they can get down there . . . South Australian police look to VR to improve firearms training

The South Australian Police Academy has deployed a new virtual reality (VR) training simulator to assist officers in training with firearms in real-world scenarios. According to an official statement, it allows for training without ammunition, thereby increasing safety, and reducing cost and environmental impact.

The VirTra training system offers a 300-degree of simulated scenarios, utilizing multiple screens, 3D audio, and special effects, the statement said. In addition to testing firearms use, the simulator is also meant to test “factors such as communication skills, de-escalation and appropriate responses,” South Australia Police deputy commissioner Linda Williams said in the statement.

Many in the PETA crowd are, of course, cheering this . . . Female hunter is found dead after apparent suicide ‘following online threats from animal rights activists’

A female hunter has been found dead after apparently committing suicide weeks after she was reportedly threatened on social media by animal rights activists.

Melania Capitan, 27, was a well-known blogger and hunter with thousands of online followers. . . .

She had also reportedly left a suicide note addressed to her friends.

This comes after it was reported that the internet star was threatened online.

Her posts caused much controversy across the internet, especially with animal rights activists who widely criticised her.

The eternal lesson: don’t f*ck with an old guy . . . Nashville man describes chilling armed robbery: ‘They messed with the wrong person’

When they arrived, she got out of the car and went around a building. Two men approached Johnson, saying he couldn’t park there.

That’s when they attacked.

“The other one grabbed me and said give me the money, give me the money, give me the money and the other one hit me, the other one had the gun,” Johnson recalls.

It was a setup.

“I was getting the gun out at the same time while he was asking for the money, when he was asking for the money, talking – POW!  I shot that bastard,” Johnson said.

Sounds like the definition of fun . . . Kansas exotic gun range lets you fire mega-weapons, blow stuff up

A squeeze of the trigger later, I was buffeted by both the deafening raport of the AR-50 going off, and the explosion I had detonated down range. Thank goodness for earplugs.

But that noise was nothing compared to shooting the range’s Anzio 20mm, a super-long-range anti-materiel rifle, used in the military as an anti-vehicle weapon. The thing was about as long as I was tall.

What was most interesting, though, was shooting a functional Civil War-era Gatling gun. The gun, which was manufactured in 1862, was brought out on wooden spoke wheels, and the ammunition was fed from the top of the gun. It was crank-operated and not accurate in the slightest – it was pretty crazy to feel how a soldier in the 1860s would have felt using this thing.

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  1. A Taurus 85 stuffed in her bra? Well it IS an Ultralight…he he. RIP Melania. I don’t get killing yourself but damn people are evil.

    • I wonder if she would have gotten the same abuse had it not been for sharing the same uncommon first-name with the First Lady.

      With regard to the Justine Damond thing… I think we need to wait for all the facts to come out.

      That said, the PJMedia article also gave this possible interpretation:
      “The likely explanation Noor will offer is that, upon hearing the noise and seeing Damond, perhaps mistaking her cellphone for a weapon (the phone was found near her), he believed she presented a deadly threat and fired.”

      Even if it were a gun and not a phone, that wouldn’t justify shooting her unless it was pointed at someone and/or she ignored lawful orders.

      That said, I sympathize with Mayor Hodges that policing may be best performed by a force with demographics that model those of the general population of that area. That shouldn’t be the case, but there’s so much distrust and hatred towards police and members of ‘oppressor’ classes these days that anything you can do to lower the tension of police/citizenry interactions should be explored.

      • I doubt it. Those so called “victims” hate cops of their own race FAR more than they hate white cops, because they’re seen as traitors and sellouts.

  2. Criminals will always fill the void where law enforcement is spread thin and the people have no right to self preservation, in the same way that one criminal element will fill in the void left by a criminal element which has collapsed.

    Are we positive it was suicide? Sadly, some very good people can not face the peer pressure imposed upon them by senseless people who believe that only they have the right answers.

    • Yes, all the reports say it was suicide. She wrote letters to her friends one of whom said that the suicide was over a personal matter indicating it had nothing to do with cyber bullying by animal rights idiots. Somehow I can’t picture a woman like that killing herself because some morons didn’t like her. Of course these are preliminary reports and as we know it is best to wait before drawing any conclusions.

  3. ““Now for this next one, do you want an exploding target or a regular one?” Harter asked.

    We all know there’s only one answer to that question.”

    Despite the hipster beard and glasses, inside him ,there really is a man, struggling to get out.

    Although the whole “not available to the general public:” is nothing but journalistic hype. Anybody with some money can get all of those toys – I have a friend with an original Gatling gun, another with a Ma Deuce, Reising, real M14, Tommy Gun…. The only thing my circle of gun friends doesn’t have is an Anzio.

    • Barrels are fairly easy to come by. I’ve still got an urge to build a 20mm. I think it would be a fun rifle.

    • “Despite the hipster beard and glasses, inside him ,there really is a man, struggling to get out.”

      I’m inclined to hope it never gets out…

    • “Although the whole “not available to the general public:” is nothing but journalistic hype. Anybody with some money can get all of those toys…”

      Well, that’s the whole point of the “general public” thing, isn’t it?
      The “general public” not only doesn’t have the money to buy these toys, most don’t know anyone who has them. Thus, they aren’t available to the “general public.”

  4. Old dude was being beat by one punk and threatened at gun point by another punk. Wonder how many hours he spent letting an ex seal teach him to be bad ass? Tacticool?

  5. Re British cops … Sure. If I were one I’d be rethinking my career choice too.

    Re the hunter … This is one reason why I have little social media presence at all. I’m not a hunter by trade, but those in my chosen profession have been vilified by SJWs and I have no desire to go through that or put my family through it.

    Re how a soldier felt behind one of the first Gatling guns … I’m guessing kind of like the guy who’s sitting behind the fire control screen of a CIWS in manual mode. It was, at the time, one of the most advanced arms on the planet. (For that matter, I’ve heard that steam locomotive engineers of the era were more like fighter pilot in attitude, than an old guy with a greasy rag and a funny cap that we picture now.)

    Re hot air balloons … why oh why do we continue to question the magnificence of the wisdom of New York socialites? Oh the humani… Oh, look, a pig! *BLAM*.

    And now I want to go mount a Gatling gun on a hot air balloon.

    • I believe those old steam engineers were like that, those old engines were just a bomb that you slowly bleed energy from. You screw up and they’ll be finding boiler parts a half mile from the crater where your train was.

  6. Aww, the Taurus revolver wasn’t dangerous. It only had “bullets” in it. Morons.

    (When I was in high school, I only heard of girls using tissues to stuff their bras.)

  7. Does anyone know how the UK defines “gun crime”?
    If we compare, as a percentage, the numbers in the OP to murders and attempted murders with a firearm in the US, the UK percentages are significantly higher than the US.
    However, if we just consider it as any crime where a gun was present, weather it was actually used in the crime or not, then the UK gun crime is between 10% and 15% of the US’s, depending on the year.

    • Why would the UK define “gun crime” at all? Subjects there aren’t allowed to have guns, so clearly there can be no such thing.

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