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Chicago-style wisdom . . . When kids have guns, parents aren’t doing their job

When a 12-year-old kid is arrested with a gun, you can’t blame the child. It’s the parents’ fault.

The child police took into custody Tuesday night after finding him in a West Side alley with a handgun in his possession deserves our compassion. But more than that, he needs help — because his parents aren’t doing their job. …

When parents don’t do their job, gangbangers step in to take their place. And kids tend to do what they’re told, regardless of who is giving the orders.

Maybe not a lost cause, but it’s close . . . Since passage of Prop. 63 the process seems irreversible.

Gun-rights activists often express the view that Americans will not easily give up their rights to gun ownership even if the laws eventually outlaw — or at least greatly restrict — the freedom of individuals to own firearms. The scenario they depict is bleak but simple: When armed agents come to their doors to confiscate people’s arsenals, some of those people can be expected to fight back.

Advocates further assume widespread public support for private gun ownership and expect prominent Second Amendment organizations and Republican legislators to raise hell whenever gun regulations start approximating confiscation.

The experience in California, in particular, suggests an entirely different scenario.

And none of the predicted blood in the streets…go figure . . . Tennessee cities adjust to law letting guns in buses, hubs

The four biggest cities in Tennessee are now letting guns on their buses due to a new state law, but the change might not be obvious to riders from the vaguely worded rules posted by cities that opposed the law.

Transit policy changes in Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga rely on riders to know beforehand, or at least look up on their own, who can carry a gun. Memphis officials are still changing the wording of their policy on guns on buses and in stations, but have started letting permit holders carry their guns.

To comply with the law, which took effect July 1, Nashville changed its transit system’s code of conduct, which had banned all weapons, to banning only those that are “unauthorized.” No mention is made of the new law.

Not all of them . . . A Women’s March on the NRA – but do they represent a woman’s view on guns?

Is there a women’s view on guns? The organizers of the massive Women’s March — which took place the day after President Trump’s inauguration — are holding a protest against the National Rifle Association on Friday. After a 2.6 million strong turnout in January, they have high expectations to live up to.

But Donald Trump received a respectable 42 percent of the women’s vote, so it’s hard to say that there is “a women’s view” on guns.

Smith & Wesson still is still acquisitive . . . American Outdoor Brands Corp. to Acquire Bubba Blade

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., July 12, 2017 — American Outdoor Brands Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: AOBC), a leading manufacturer of firearms and a provider of quality products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast, today announced that its accessories business, Battenfeld Technologies, Inc., has agreed to acquire substantially all of the assets of Fish Tales, LLC (“Fish Tales”), a provider of premium sportsman knives and tools for fishing and hunting, including the premium knife brand, Bubba Blade™.

This is a day that ends in a ‘y’ which means . . . Everytown claims state wins on gun control

“When you look at what’s happening in statehouses across the country, the gun safety movement is winning in state after state — even in this challenging political environment — because volunteers and gun violence survivors have become the counterweight to the gun lobby,” said Shannon Watts, who founded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a part of Everytown.

Nerd alert! . . . Real-Life ‘Monster Hunter’ Gun Replica Is Very Long

This is a full-scale build of the Monster Hunter Aquamatic “Longshot” sniper rifle.

Twitter user Killer 927 posted photos of this recreation, which was made with foam board, PVC pipe, and wood.

From America’s Dairyland . . . Vigil calls for end to gun violence in deaths of Pleasant Prairie residents

For the second time this summer, people gathered Wednesday to mourn two people killed in a murder-suicide.

“We are always saddened by the unnecessary loss of human life, but especially devastated by those lost to violence,” said the Rev. Erik Carlson, pastor of Bradford Community Church Unitarian Universalist during the candlelight vigil, organized by Congregations United to Serve Humanity.

“We’ve lost several such loved ones in Kenosha recently and have been struck by the rash of gun violence that continues here and elsewhere around the country,” he said.

Words to live by! And a great way to spend a lot of money on ammunition.


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    • What about New Orleans, where they took all the guns, not just a few “assault weapons”?

      • Yeah the rest of the country isn’t there either. Utah, Wyoming, Idaho… Now we’re talking resistance country. Just sayin.

      • You mean the place where people were more worried about drowning than guns? That place? I dare say that New Orleans is not illustrative of your point. Show me a red state (or even a battleground state like Colorado) where they confiscated everybody’s stuff in a time where people weren’t dealing with a massive natural disaster. Colorado and Nevada and Vermont show that people aren’t going to roll over.

  1. .Im more interested in what 22 short or starter pistol is pictured.. California?? what is that and who cares about it??
    As long a Im here what in heck is Shannon being delusional about this time?? Winning what?? where??? in whos state??
    I can make up things too….. Unfortunately no ones paying me to say anything.

    • Ah no Jay-that is the gun taken from the Chiraq pre-teen. That’s nothing it was reported an armed SIX year old robbed some one with a “shiny pistol”. The aninals have truly taken over…

    • It looks like a rohm rg10 or rg22.
      I have one and it is indeed a .22 short. Also a piece of crap. Only worked properly at best half the time.

  2. And 96% of California ain’t California. Unfortunately, that’s the land mass, not the voters.

    It’s not all about guns here. Today Gov Moonbeam was spitting angry that the working poor were complaining about his huge added gas tax which is only going to hurt those who can’t afford it. He also went off about cap and trade being a life and death situation and that California following the treaty no matter what was the right thing to do. These sickos don’t even care about Democrats. It’s just about them now. There is no Democratic Party because they don’t do anything in a democratic way. This is now pure dictatorship.

    • Change will come only if the controlling elite alienates enough voters to swing elections. The majority must like the way the state is going since they keep reelecting the politicians who are driving it in that direction. Hillary complained about losing the election despite winning the popular vote. If you take out California, she didn’t.

      • True, but I don’t think you know just how angry the people, including those who are not conservatives, are becoming. Recalls have begun. The gov and his minions have tried to scare off a group who wants to get rid of the new gas tax, sending people to harass voter lists collectors supporting the overturn. Temperatures are rising and the state is nearing the point of becoming a powder keg. As England learned long ago, you can only mistreat the people to a point. Then it blows up in your face. Under the present Democrat rule, law enforcement groups are rising up and standing with the people. Time will tell.

    • 63% voted for it. The summary text was misleading, not really describing the cluster and overreach that it is:

      Requires background check and Department of Justice authorization to purchase ammunition. Prohibits possession of large capacity ammunition magazines. Establishes procedures for enforcing laws prohibiting firearm possession by specified persons. Requires Department of Justice’s participation in federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Fiscal Impact: Increased state and local court and law enforcement costs, potentially in the tens of millions of dollars annually, related to a new court process for removing firearms from prohibited persons after they are convicted.
      Measure Text

      A YES vote on this measure means: A new court process would be created for the removal of firearms from individuals upon conviction of certain crimes. New requirements related to the selling or purchasing of ammunition would be implemented.

      A NO vote on this measure means: No new firearm – or ammunition-related requirements would be implemented.

  3. As usual, Shannon Watts is living in a world of her own making. Unfortunately for her, there are far fewer people living in “her” world than she thinks, or will admit to.

  4. “…his parents aren’t doing their job.”

    I taught in the NYC public school system for a year, in a supposedly select high school in Brooklyn. I had about eighty students. On the class lists, there were only about three students whose guardians had the same last name as each other and the student. Assuming there were actually two guardians in the first place.

    So, I ask, what parents? Welcome to the poisonous fruit of the welfare state.

    • Since only 25% of black babies have two parents at birth the odds of them having two at age 12 is probably less than that.

      • People remarry. For ever one that loses a biological parent by age 12, there’s probably another who gains a step parent

        • In most cases they were never married to begin with. Where do you think the term ‘baby-momma’ came from? Black women often are raised with no self-respect and see getting knocked-up as a pathway to a husband and home. When the guy (who only wanted to get his rocks off) bails on her, she moves on to the next smooth talker. And the next. Men in black America aren’t raised on notions of how great it is to be a dad. I should know. That’s the world I grew up in. I made it out by determination and sheer dumb luck. I use to lament that I didn’t have ‘game’ or whatever ‘bad-boy’ image young women want. Now I’m thankful everyday that nobody saw me as ‘baby-daddy’ material. I don’t have three bastard kids to pay for (note, I said pay-for, not raise). The nuclear family is all but extinct in black America.

  5. “When a 12-year-old kid is arrested with a gun, you can’t blame the child. It’s the parents’ fault…”

    I actually agree with that, given the context of the story. But the next question is: so what? What do you do about it? Jail the mother for neglect, as the author half-suggests? What will that do? Where’s the dad (rhetorical question) to take over while mom is in jail?

    So, yeah, parents are dropping the ball, but that’s like looking at someone dying of an infection and saying “You’re in trouble because your immune system is unable to contend with the viral load you’ve developed.” Cool, but you need a next step.

    The disease here is in the culture. And the culture resists any attempt to change it.

    • It’s simple. Stop subsidizing them. Take the kids, and if they have more, take them too. When they stop getting a check (i.e. the government stops making poverty lucrative) the problem will solve itself.

  6. Sorry, but the gang is the only way the kid can walk to school without a beat down by the other gang next block over. He is forced to join or else is is just fresh meat or fish in the jail lingo. The only hope for these kids is for the family to move. The parent or parents have thier connection with the neighborhood and were gang members as were thiers. Many want to be close to the drugs and the drug sellers they know, so the child has no real choice – until the state gets involved and takes the child and that is even worse.
    The extended family have to get involved and take the kid to live in a 2 parent home where at least one parent has a real job. The state does not want to pay the upkeep for the child, so they have to be dedicated at the expense of thier own children.

    • The problem is that the extended family lives in the same ghetto, and they don’t have any two-parent households to take the kids to. Real solution? Let them suffer. Stop sending money. Take the kids because almost anything is better than growing up in a gang.

      • It’s a hell of a situation all around.
        There are several “solutions” that might work, but we, as a society, are afraid to try them, because “rights.”
        The children, however, don’t have “rights,” because they are minors. Their “parents” (including whoever their guardians might be that week) have the rights, and can’t be forced to do what’s right for the children. (I know, some courts try to make that decision fro the children, but the end result is usually the same, because we simply can’t place an officer of the court with the children 24/7.)
        Unfortunately, the end result of this will be a lost generation or two, and several “no go” areas.

  7. We in CA donate to NRA, FPC, Calguns, CPRA. It’s not like we don’t fight back. We have to contend with a “representative” system that is broken and flawed. Example for every 1 state senator they essentially represent 930 plus thousand and each representative 704 plus thousand. On top of that we have to battle with voter fraud and illegal voting (not to be confused with illegals voting but I’m sure there’s plenty of that too.

  8. I agree about the first story: when kids end up with a janky, hunk-of-shit Röhm RG10 revolver like the one pictured, the parents haven’t done their job. Letting your kid shoot anything less than a Bearcat or Single Six is child abuse.

  9. Did Shannon have a bunch of plastic surgery recently? She looks like some horrible space creature instead of the dope she looks like in the usually-posted picture.

  10. The picture with the Spectator article reminds me of this:

    “We hear that the Russian ninja engaged in the suppression of the Chechens have now taken to wearing face masks. I guess this is a trick they learned from the American cossacks – a sort of cultural exchange.” – Col. Jeff Cooper, 1995.

    “I have been criticized by referring to our federal masked men as “ninja,” when in the view of the critic the traditional role of the ninja in Japan was to fight against oppression and tyranny. Let us note that almost no one ever resorts to force and violence unless he is convinced that his cause is right, but without going into that let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic.

    It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.” – Col Cooper, 1994

  11. I love it when people get all pissed off about being grouped by belief (we’re not of a block mind!) then proceed to claim their group believes a thing.

    Cute tactic, trying to guilt all (women, homosexuals, democrats, whatever) into believing what you want them to believe. You’re simultaneously not a true Scotsman if you don’t believe as we do and you’re a bigot if you think you can define the true Scotsman. Join the herd. It’s safe and warm in here.

  12. “Chicago-style wisdom . . . When kids have guns, parents aren’t doing their job”
    so you dont agree with that? seems obvious. most gangbangers get into gangs because of problems at home. at least the ones knew did. I’m not really sure who else could be to blame for a 12 yr old having a gun.

  13. Predictions of blood in the streets in response to governmental civilian disarmament, whether sudden or slow motion, have largely proven to be as hollow and fantastical as predictions of blood in the streets following legalization of open, concealed, or even constitutional carry.

    Americans are a peaceful people, but they’re also a slothful, sleepy, insouciant people, as well. What prevents the division of the house isn’t some well kept constitutional balance of power, perched on a Second Amendment fulcrum. It’s Mutually Assured Inconvenience.

    Neither government fat cats and bureaucrats, nor the couch potato middle class and welfare cases, want to rock the boat. Just keep the debt fueled good times rolling, and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    • You’re probably right.

      It also explains a lot about how we got to the current state where we’ve been buried under bureaucracy for so long that nobody seems to realize what it used to be like before everything was choked by the progressive kudzu vines. And of course nobody wants to suffer the effort and inconvenience of rooting all those things out…so here we sit, watching them kill the trees our ancestors planted and telling ourselves it’s better this way.

      • Your reference to the Kudzu vines is a good analogy. The “progressive’s” kudzu keeps growing and comes closer every day to their goal of suffocating every freedom we have.

  14. “When kids have guns, parents aren’t doing their job”
    Fake news. It’s never anyone’s fault, it’s the guns fault.

    “Since passage of Prop. 63 the process seems irreversible.”
    California really is ‘special.’

  15. “you can’t blame the child.”

    Yes, yes I can. Children are little people and some people are bad. Blame does not have to be singular, I can blame both the kid and his/her parent(s).

  16. California is a prime example of how incremental gun control works. Start with small restrictions or ones that effect limlted amounts of people (assault weapons ban) and pile on after media worthy events happen. Normal gun owners adapt to changes, because they have never known anything else, particularly for those that love California and can’t Image living anywhere else.

    As a native of California, I can’t believe the bullshit my family puts up to live there. It’s not the California I grew up in (I enlisted in the Army and visit When I can).

    Those truly interested in how it works visit the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

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