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Ronda Rousey: ‘Punks’ Broke Into My House…Stole My Guns

“[The crooks] stole my Olympic rings, stole my guns, stole all my precious jewelry, every headphone in the house, credit cards.” The good news for Rousey … she’s got security cameras at her home and they were quickly able to identify the thieves. “We saw that they were a bunch of kids with skateboards,” Ronda said … “And there’s a famous skate park right across the street cause we’re in Venice.” “So my man’s 6’7” like 260. He like beelines it straight to the skateboard park, finds the guys right away.”

Would you go after the guys who burglarized your house and stole your guns?


What was the date that SkyNet became self-aware? . . . Israeli Military Buying Drones That Can Hold Machine Guns

The Israeli military is buying drones that can hold machine guns, grenade launchers, and other weapons from a Florida-based startup, according to Defense One. Duke Robotics was co-founded in 2014 by a former Israeli battalion commander, Lt. Col. Raziel “Razi” Atuar, who said he was motivated to develop the small drone, dubbed TIKAD, in order to prevent loss of life in street battles.

Dash-cam video from Ferndale police shows a citizen crash his car to help them arrest a suspect who was fleeing from police last week.

You’re darned tootin’ . . . Time to pass National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

It is time for there to be national reciprocity for concealed carry permits, instead of the patchwork of laws governing reciprocity that vary by state. Virginia, where the (baseball) shooting happened, has reciprocity for some states’ concealed carry permits, but if members would have brought their guns back and forth from D.C., they would have been breaking the law. It should never be a crime to be responsibly prepared to defend yourself in any possible situation.

Garmin® announces the Foretrex® 601 and Foretrex® 701 Ballistic Edition for outdoor and tactical use

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announced the Foretrex 601 and Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition, its newest wrist-mounted GPS navigators for outdoor and tactical use. The Foretrex 601 and Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition helps users keep their bearings nearly anywhere in the world thanks to the built-in GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite system support.

In addition to its high-sensitivity GPS, the new Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition adds Applied Ballistics Elite® software to calculate aiming solutions for long-range shooters. After a dominant showing at this year’s King of 2 Mile shooting competition, where the Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition with AB Elite software made its first appearance, the advantages were clear. “Handling the various devices required to spot and engage targets with precision rifle fire can be an overwhelming task. Having your AB fire control strapped to your wrist frees up a hand for other tasks, which enables the shooter to execute more efficiently,” said Bryan Litz, champion shooter and Applied Ballistics Chief Ballistician.

From your lips . . . The Second Amendment Issue the Supreme Court Can’t Avoid

“The question is, did I really lose?” Peruta asks. He points out that Trump’s electoral victory was spurred, in significant part, by concern about the future interpretation of the Second Amendment and the makeup of the Supreme Court. It was his case that “Second Amendment people” were watching anxiously as they went to the polls last November. Now, with Trump in the White House and Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress, those gun rights advocates might get their desired outcome, even without waiting for the high court to weigh in.

“Regardless of what happens, there has to be reciprocity,” Peruta says. “Reciprocity means you don’t have to buy five different permits to carry in every state you go through.” National reciprocity legislationwhich would give gun owners the right to do in New York and Boston what they can do in Atlanta and St. Louis—has been introduced in both the House and Senate, and Trump has already expressed his support.

Is this a great country or what? . . . Alabama roofing company giving away AR-15 with every roof

Digital Roofing Innovations is making quite a splash with its early marketing campaigns. The Decatur-based business has only been around about a year. A July 4 ad promoting the special on Facebook had been shared more than 400 times in its first six hours online.

“Donald Trump says make America great again. I say make America gun again. MAGA!” Owner Zach Blenkinsopp says in the ad, shirtless, wearing cowboy boots, an American flag hat and short star-patterned shorts while holding an AR15. “Some of you might be sitting there saying, ‘Man, this sounds like a gimmick.’ A gimmick you say? Well I’m a gosh darn Navy veteran, active duty eight and a half years. My roofing company’s not a gimmick and this baby’s not either. It’s here to protect you and your family.”

You don’t say . . . Gun owners more likely to be politically active, says survey

The majority of Americans favor stricter gun controls, but gun owners are much more likely to be politically active and to contact public officials about their beliefs, according to a new survey that goes a long way toward explaining the political power of Second Amendment advocates.

Twenty-one percent of gun owners said they have contacted public officials about their feelings on the issue, including 9 percent who had done so in the last year, according to the Pew Research Center. Just 12 percent of nonowners said they have ever contacted a public official on the subject.

All’s well that ends well . . . Attempted Helicopter Theft Ends In Shooting

A man who tried to steal a helicopter at gunpoint outside a flight school in Oregon was fatally shot by police on Monday. The incident began when a man wearing a gray hoodie, with the hood up, approached the Hillsboro Airport’s chain-link fence and climbed over. An observer, who was there with his family to watch the planes, told police, “For a moment, I thought to myself that it was a little warm for the big, thick, gray hoodie with the hood over him,” according to the Oregonian. The man told reporters when the man jumped the fence, he rushed his family into the car and left the scene.

At 11:23 a.m., the man went up to a helicopter with a flight instructor and student inside as it was parked with its rotor spinning at Hillsboro Aero Academy, Lt. Henry Reimann, a Hillsboro police spokesman, told the Oregonian. The man opened the door, pointed a gun at the student and ordered the student out.

Taxpayer money well spent . . . Stockton program would pay men not to shoot each other

The city is exploring a couple options in the hopes of curbing the number of violent crimes in the city.

The first option is out of Detroit called Project Greenlight. In this situation, live cameras would be set up inside and outside of businesses in Stockton, and the cameras would be monitored in real-time from the police headquarters.

The second option is more controversial out of the Bay Area. Richmond’s Advance Peace uses taxpayer dollars to pay men with firearm history to not shoot guns.

In exchange, the men can participate in adult fellowship, mentorships and job opportunity programs.

That program has shown some success at decreasing violence, but it’s unclear how sustainable to program can be.

I haven’t shot anyone in weeks. Where do I go to get my check?

Follow-Through (2017) from DucksUnlimited on Vimeo.

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  1. Weeks? It’s been decades, and I’ve still haven’t shot anyone in Stockton. I have some serious backpay due.

      • Well, it is a bit of a trek from Seattle. But at any time since my 18th birthday, I could have purchased a gun, driven to Stockton and shot someone. I can show multiple instances of me not doing that.

        Pay up, Stockton.

        • In order to qualify, you first need to establish your credentials by demonstrating a history of criminal activity with firearms involved, preferably involving you shooting someone, same as most taxpayer money gveaways. I’m too old to even get started.

  2. To answer the first question, yes. If I was Rhonda Rousey’s man, I would have to, or she’d destroy me.

      • There’s no contest. Even in a 5 on 1 fight, I have a better chance. Then again, judging from the size description of her man, he probably doesn’t have an issue.

    • Because if you’re Ronda Rousey’s man, you’d have to be Chuck Norris reincarnated*.

      *Normally you’d have to die first to be reincarnated, but of course Chuck Norris can never die.

    • On the serious side, no, I would not confront the punks. It would have all kinds of legal risks. In most jurisdictions, you become the aggressor if you were to walk over there to confront them, and if you are big and fit like her man, then as disgustingly unfair as it may be, the punks can claim self defense after shooting you. But, I would certainly tell the police that the kids who stole my guns were across the street. The dozen or so police officers converging on the skate park with guns drawn would certainly send a more convincing and effective message.

  3. “He like beelines it straight to the skateboard park, finds the guys right away.”

    Related to my comments on the other story: and how fast would the cops have found the guys?

    Honest answer Probably never, but if they did, well after all that stuff was pawned off or sold on the street.

    • “Honest answer Probably never, but if they did, well after all that stuff was pawned off or sold on the street.”

      Pawning stolen guns is not too smart for the seller.

      It works like this in the pawn biz – Serial numbers are recorded on the pawn sheets. The sheer volume of items pawned means there’s no way in hell an over-extended PD (unless they are swimming in cash, and nearly none of them are) is going to put in the labor to enter every single serial number for every TV they take in. In my area, when LE shows up to pick up the pawn paperwork, they scan through them looking for locally-known thieves and particular items, like gold jewelry.

      Some departments will enter that data into the national databases on a piecemeal basis, as time allows. Most never get reported to national.

      The one exception is guns. *Every* gun gets logged into national.

      This is good news for owners of guns that get stolen, but there is one *tiny* problem with that. Gun people horse-trade or sell guns to other POTG. Far too many of them never record the serial numbers. They’re not worried that the guy they bought the $200 gun from was selling them a hot gun. And they are most likely right. But when that gun is stolen from them, most of the time all they can tell the cops is that a Glock 17 was stolen. But not its number.

      I have seen instances in the pawnshop where a gun stolen *years* back has popped up on the national database, and was returned to the rightful owner. It does happen. Not often, but it does happen.

      Folks, for own sake, record those numbers somewhere. In a ziplock bag buried in the back yard is fine, or at a neighbor or relative’s place if you are paranoid about it.

      Don’t give a scumbag gun thief a break if yours gets stolen from your truck…

      • Apologies for the imprecise statement.

        When I said “pawned off” I meant the jewelry and stuff. When I finished that sentence with “sold on the street” I was referring to the firearms.

      • “Far too many of them never record the serial numbers.”

        My preference would be for firearms to not *have* serial numbers, I do not believe they will ever be a help to me or you. I reported my 4″ Python stolen in San Antonio in 1969, never heard a damn word since. If it was found, the cops kept it, and screw me. Have I recorded mine since then? Not a one. In fact, I didn’t record that one, but I had just gotten it back from servicing, still had correspondence with SN on it.

  4. Most of Rousey’s hot air had already been taken by Holly Holm. Amanda Nunes emptied out the remains of her bluster stash.

    • She’d still beat the ever-living crap out of 95% of American men.

      The difference is that for Holmes and Nunes would destroy like 98% of American men.

      • The problem with her is she’s an emotional wreck. She lost one fight (ok totally beat down, but still) and openly said she thought about killing herself due to shame. That’s just weakness. All fighters lose fights at some point, then get back at it and fight again.

        • I don’t think she could have become a world level Judokan if she was weak mentally.

          I’m not an M.D. but I really wonder how much brain damage she’s taken over the years and, I would point out, that the shot Holmes put on her almost certainly gave a good concussion which can really screw with your thought process and emotions. It was reported at the time that she was advised to remain under care for a potential concussion rather than travel and declined to take that advise.

          She also probably fell victim to some of her own hype.

          It’s also not true that all fighters get back up. Some people can’t do completion but shine brightly in training. The reverse is also true. However, when people do as well as she did for as long as she did and then get utterly destroyed, seemingly out of no where, it causes serious questions in their mind. Some rise to the challenge where others pack it in. A number of UFC fighters have lost fights they were picked to win and then announced their retirement at the end of the match. Same thing in Pride.

        • I get that, but remember she used to talk an obscene amount of shit about her opponents, it’s kinda hard to feel sympathy for someone like that. Also the whole suicide thing remains pathetic. It’s just so typical of the mellenial mindset that someone who’s job is to fight, would have a total meltdown because they lost. Sports players around the world from the NFL to the NBA to FIFA train all year long and dedicate their whole lives to the game, then go out there have seasons like the Cleveland browns just did, losing nearly every game in embarrassing fashion, while the world watches. None of them killed themselves and completely gave up, though I assume some may have retired.

        • It is fun reading these comments, but truth be told, she can beat the crap out of nearly everyone on this site. In a previous life as a military cop, I watched a small framed female SP singlehandedly pull a big, muscular truck driver out the window of his semi and restrain him like he was nothing. And that is just one example I saw of women kicking a$$. Never under estimate someone simply because they do not have a Y chromosome.

        • No way she could beat the crap out of me! If she was after me, I would run so fast, so far, that she would never catch me, then hide so deep she couldn’t find me.

      • strych9, Only due to the feminization and pussification of (some recent) “men”, would she stand a chance against the percentage (whatever it is) that isn’t a couch-dwelling pile-o-lard.

        I love the characters Maggie Q plays on TV, and she’s holding up well for 50. Hell, I’d date her (if I she wasn’t a ditzy former model). But, the chances of a 105-150#-ish woman doing anything to a decent size/condition man (without a weapon, ‘natch) is about zero.

        It’s a fun entertainment fantasy, feminists like to push such nonsense, but pound for pound, task for task, women are simply not men. And Rousey is more that a little, umm, unfit. Good golly, does she even have biceps?

        • Rarely can I say this about your comments here 16V but in this case I really don’t agree.

          Rousey was a world-champion level Judokan. The number of men who can take her on successfully, outside the world of professional fighting, is virtually 0. I’ve been training martial arts for nearly 2/3rds of my life and I wouldn’t go up against her on a bet. She’ll wreck most guys. Even guys with years of martial arts experience really don’t have a chance. There’s a MASSIVE difference between training self-defense/martial arts and having it be your actual JOB.

          It was her day job to train to fucking wreck people. Full stop. If that’s not your job then you basically don’t stand a chance unless you’re a damn high level kickboxer or something. If you’re not putting in 40+ hours a week she’ll shit down your neck in 99% of cases unless you get damn lucky. How do I know this? I’ve seen a 105lb high school chick absolutely destroy all comers including male police officers over 6′ tall and 200lbs. Destroy them. Like maul them to a tap or unconscious in under 30 seconds. At a certain point skills overcome natural advantages so much that the natural advantages might as well not exist.

          The girl I’m talking about, shit I know I can’t beat her and I’m bigger, stronger, faster and train the same arts. I’m not half bad either. I’ll put her up against ANYONE on TTAG and at $100/bet I’ll walk away a very, very rich man.

          Rousey got wrecked because she was dependent on one art, Judo, and as MMA has taught us that’s not a good idea for long term success in the competition world of MMA. That said, she’s not someone your average Joe is going to have a prayer against. She’s not even someone your average defensive martial arts person is going to have a prayer against.

          Seriously, what do you think your chances are against a world-champion level martial artist?

        • strych9, I agree that we don’t often disagree, however, in this arena I really believe that you’re selling yourself short if you think that chunky Keebler elf would actually take you…(Or perhaps you’re 4’5″, 85# and she actually could. But I doubt it…..)

          Rousey herself has acknowledged that she wouldn’t stand a chance against a male MMA fighter. Even in the same weight class. I won’t argue that maybe a woman gets a fortuitous kick to the throat/knees/nads especially in a no-holds-barred scenario. Otherwise, they really don’t have a prayer against even an “average” guy. She’ll punch/kick, he’ll snatch her up, and that will be the end.

          The only things that matter when push comes to shove are mass, momentum, strength, leverage, as well as old age and treachery beating youth and skill. It doesn’t matter at all that she may put a move on, what matters is that one can overpower her and put her in a submission hold. (A few of my friends’ kids are late teenage “black/brown belts” in a variety of disciplines. This hardly matters if one is not playing the game in a judged match – take the hit, tackle, wrestle, submission hold, be 50+ pounds heavier with greater strength, prevail. There’s money and ‘cool points’ in it if they take me, so I’m pretty sure there’s no being polite. Especially the girls.)

        • Clearly never been in the ring with a woman. I did Thai drills once with a woman 30 pounds lighter who competes in lower level stuff. I have some experience and am generally one of the stronger guys in the gym for my size. That lady left me with ribs bruised for 2 weeks.
          Bet Rousey would destroy most average sized men through technique and speed alone.

        • “Rousey herself has acknowledged that she wouldn’t stand a chance against a male MMA fighter.”

          Yes. A male MMA fighter who fights professionally. That’s different from Joe Blow down at the local watering hole.

          “The only things that matter when push comes to shove are mass, momentum, strength, leverage, as well as old age and treachery beating youth and skill.”

          All the rest, with the exception of absolute strength, are part of skill. The whole point of arts like Judo and BJJ is that you don’t have to be stronger, the more technically skilled fighter will generally win. Rousey is, in most cases that we’re discussing here, the more technically skilled fighter by light years.

          Maybe I’m totally off base, but I’ve been in this game quite awhile and, outside one former pro UFC fighter that I used to train with I can think of about three people I’d be willing to bet on if they went up against Rousey and all are at least Black Belts in something and didn’t get their belts from a McDojo.

        • In most situations fighting hand to hand with most women, you’d be right, 16V. But just look at the video of the little Russian girl just destroying the guy that had stolen her phone in a russian subway. She was maybe 5′ or a little more , maybe 120lbd against a guy that at least 6′ and 200 lbs. She was trained in martial arts and she did a couple of defective punches and kicks, then she made a solid kick into his groin that lifted him off his feet, once he was on his knees, she side kicked him in the head and he was down for the count. It was beautiful!

          Against a Rhonda Rousey or a Holly Holm? Unless a guy was trained at a decent to professional level in martial arts, most would not stand a chance.

        • 16V are you doubting the entire Hollywierd feminist meme of the little 110lb chick kicking ass? Entire movie carriers built on such delusions.

        • Disregarding the “men vs women” thing, don’t you guys recall the facts which came out during the “Rocky” movies and around that time, with movie touch guys training with actual professional boxers. Their eyes were very seriously opened. Exercising to get your body all ripped to look good, vs hours every day training to hit hard, gives totally different results, everybody who took a half-speed punch from a pro was torn to shit. Rousey would be the same, never mind a woman, she’s a pro. I’d bet there is next to no one (like less than 1%), male or female, of any size, who has not competed professionally or trained for a professional bout in the past year who could even make her sweat.

        • Right off the top of my head I’ve witnessed at least 4 times where women have beaten men in a bare knuckle brawl. One guy should have gone to the hospital and another dude had to go. By ambulance.

          I literally watched a woman pick her husband up, knew them both, and toss him like a rag doll. And none of these incidents involved the women that went 250 while their husbands did 135. Saw those too.

          Women were pioneers, farmers, homesteaders as much as men. They plowed with mules, drove wagons, worked in the fields and fought bad guys along with their husbands. Sometimes without.

          Hollywood is guilty of passing on the myth of the defenseless female needing John Wayne, Gary Cooper, etc. to save them from the bad guys.

          Some folk have trouble sorting propaganda from reality.

  5. Already went after someone who broke into my house and stole my 3 screw Ruger .44 This was decades ago. I followed foot prints for hours in the snow and thought and thought who it could be until it popped into my brain. What threw me is there were two of them and they had identical shoes and shoes sizes. When you are tracking foot prints, that really messed me up. But in the end, I got my stuff back and they got busted.

    • Reminds me of a saying from a favorite police sergeant I once had: “That dumbass couldn’t track a hemorrhaging elephant after a snowstorm”. Glad you’re better than that and you got your stuff back.

  6. Gee I just caught Rousey in Battle of the Network “Stars”. She doesn’t look like she’s been training. Maybe her boyfriend is just a badazz and isn’t afeared of her. Man I wish I needed a new roof …in Georgia 🙂

  7. “The question is, did I really lose?” Peruta asks.”

    Yes. Yes you did. Yes we did. First of all, the chances of meaningful national reciprocity passing are almost nil. But, hey, it could happen. But even if it does, it can be easily undone in the next election.

    Legislative action is good, but SCOTUS actually treating the 2nd Amendment as a ‘real’ right and not a second-class one is what we need.

  8. That citizen who drove his van into the fleeing car … anyone notice that he immediately opened his door, stood up peering out between his windshield and door, and looked like he was about to draw a handgun from his right hip?

    • Yeah, I noticed that. I also noticed that despite all the scary stories, the cops paid absolutely NO attention to the pretty obvious indication he was armed, recognized a good guy instantly.

  9. “Would you go after the guys who burglarized your house and stole your guns?”

    I wouldn’t, but Rousey’s boyfriend is Travis Browne, who is a giant and a ranked heavyweight in the UFC.

    If I was as big as Travis Browne, I’d make people pay me just to let them live.

    • Yes. My house. My property. The house my family feels safe in. If I know who you are I’m coming for you.

  10. Ronda Rousey? I know you have been hit in the head several times in life?

    But they have these metal square box things now….they call them …ahhh ‘safes’ that’s the word safes. To keep your stuff, you know ‘safe’???

    You have enough money by now, so go buy one ya moron!

    • How long do you think the cops will take to start asking questions about why the guns were not locked up?
      The cops will investigate her failure to lock up her huns before they will investigate the burglars

  11. From the helicopter story: ““For a moment, I thought to myself that it was a little warm for the big, thick, gray hoodie with the hood over him,” according to the Oregonian. The man told reporters when the man jumped the fence, he rushed his family into the car and left the scene.”

    Smart man. Rather than getting out his smart phone and videoing a dangerous situation, he protected his family by splitting. I applaud him!

    • Right? Clearly he’s not of my generation. Damn good call on his part; your family’s safety is NOT worth another few thousand views on your Youtube channel.

  12. I wish there was a collection of all the spirited gun control letters to congress. Just page after page of “common sense” suggestions, rants about the dangers of “shoulder things that go up,” hilarious misnomers, etc. That would make an awesome coffee table book.

      • What if they don’t exist?
        If they don’t exist, then tables are glasses.
        Have you ever read the letters sections of newspapers and magazines? They are replete with all kinds of “suggestions” that make absolutely no sense at all.

        • Are those real letters from real people or like the “Dear Penthouse” letters are they written by staff writers?

          I live in the heart of the liberal San Francisco bay area. Gun owners and guns are common here. I don’t see and don’t believe I’ve ever heard for a great cry for gun control here.

          The msm, the pols and folk with an agenda, yes. But the man on the street?

        • JWM: Why do you think handguns are so tightly controlled in SF?
          Why are there so few gun shops in SF?
          Why do you not see letters to the editors of whatever newspapers you have there about elephants running wild in the streets?
          If you honestly think gun owners and guns are “common” there, try coming to Phoenix.
          You don’t see or hear a great cry for gun control there because you already have it. Why demand what you already have?


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