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Chicago violence July 4th weekend Windy City Crime Murder

The Chicago Police Department worked hard over the Independence Day extended holiday weekend. Their bosses told them to put a lid on the all-too-well-known violence in America’s largest open-air shooting gallery. Sadly, their efforts failed. Despite canceling days off, paying a ton of overtime and mandating work for their corps of cops, violence over the holiday weekend exploded. Chicago’s generations of strict gun control failed to make it a crime-free utopia once more.

Preparations for the holiday began weeks in advance. Just as the weekend kicked off, Mayor Rahm’s top cop talked tough. From US News & World Report:

CHICAGO (AP) — After a month in which nearly 15 people were shot every day, Chicago Police announced a July 4 weekend show of force that will include thousands more officers on the streets, officers toting high-powered weapons at airports and teams of officers patrolling the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, tourist attractions, train stations and parks.

“I’m sick and tired and I know that the people living in those communities are tired of it (the gun violence),” said Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on Friday. “If it takes 5,000 officers over the weekend, then it takes that.”

…”We are making it abundantly clear that we will not tolerate violence in our neighborhoods,” he said.

Apparently, Superintendent Johnson failed to make it abundantly clear enough to Chicago’s criminal class. They didn’t give a damn about his edicts. Instead, according to, they more than doubled last year’s body count with 15 dead. Tw0-thirds more people accrued (non-fatal) perforations over last year, according to HeyJackass with 89 people shot (101 per the Chicago Sun-Times).

Keep in mind that in 2014, 54% of American counties did not have a single homicide. Chicago – just one city in Cook County, Illinois – had 15 in one holiday weekend. Yes, gun rights activists, with the help of the courts, have succeeded in loosening Chicago’s strict gun control in the past few years. However, decades of an entrenched gun control mindset doesn’t change overnight.

The FBI had a hand in contributing to the “illegal” gun problem in Chicago over the weekend as well. An FBI agent who left his Chevy Equinox running as he fueled it “momentarily” walked away.  That did not end well for him.

Police say a 17-year-old hopped in and took it for a drive, leaving the G-man flat-footed and red-faced. Second City Cop reported that the kid got away with not only a full tank of gas in the SUV, but also an M4, a GLOCK 17, a GLOCK 22, a GLOCK 27 and not one, but two sets of body armor.

Cops found the car after someone issued it a parking ticket. They eventually found the offender, but made no mention of recovering the guns. Which likely means they didn’t recover them.

Rahm’s Mogadishu on Lake Michigan has a long way to go before its residents can live in anything resembling peace and tranquility. Continued efforts to inflict failed gun control upon them will not help.

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  1. Well it’s very clear that the rest of America should adopt all of the Chicago gun control laws. While everyone else will suffer, at least Chicago’s shooting numbers will look normal….

    • That’s a pretty common practice in gov agencies and gov contracting, if you don’t achieve your desired results than strive to normalize the variance

    • At least thanks to court rulings it’s possible for a normal person to get a carry permit there if they’re willing to jump through the hoops. Folks in places like Baltimore or DC are outta luck entirely.

  2. Nothing to see here, keep it moving. It’s not a gun problem, a violence problem, or a poverty problem. It’s a societal problem. When we pay people not to work, not to be families, and not have fathers, this is what happens. It will continue to happen until we stop making everyone out to be a victim, and start making people responsible for their actions, responsible for their kids, and responsible for their own income.

  3. “Rahm’s Mogadishu on Lake Michigan has a long way to go before its residents can live in anything resembling peace and tranquility.”

    Well, it’s the ‘Chicago Way’, I’ve heard…

  4. Iraqcago is way beyond being controlled by the everyday common city Police and a few FBI Agents. The only way they are going to end the gang and drug related violence in that city is to use well trained and equipped Guard and Reserve military units, with orders to take gang bangers, drug dealers, etc. down with extreme prejudice. Of course that won’t happen, so things will keep on going on and Shitcago will continue to be a wasteland of murder and liberal/progressive corruption.

    • just let ICE/BP/homeland arrest the million of so illegals there in droves like should be done and crime PLUS that poverty rate will drop like a rock overnight!

      Then the city might have the budget for more cops???

  5. Except for the bit where some number of relatively innocent people live in the affected area, I would recommend sealing it off and letting them fight it out.

  6. Sadly, [Chicago Police] efforts failed. Despite canceling days off, paying a ton of overtime and mandating work for their corps of cops, violence over the holiday weekend exploded.

    I would argue that Chicago Police efforts to put more cash in their own pockets was wildly successful. After all, isn’t that what everything boils down to for the ruling class and their enforcers?

    • Given that it’s Chicago, I understand your cynicism. But you’re wrong. This isn’t a money-making scheme from the CPD. It’s the politicians scrambling to do anything to suppress the violence and try to pretend that liberal administrations can do something about crime and violence. They have been offering voluntary overtime (VRI) for years to try and make up for a deeply undermanned department- but here they are actually mandating huge overtime hours. And it’s not because they want their normal patrol cops to get a bonus. It’s because it’s looks bad when homicide numbers somehow go up every year.

  7. Why should the CPD do anything but stand around with their thumbs up their ass’s? If they risk their lives arresting these people they get to see the same people back on the streets before the paperwork is finished.

    And heaven forbid they bring a gun into play. Get charged with murder for doing your job? Fuck that.

    • They’re free or resign and go be copsos meplace more serious, if they find that the Chicago deck is stacked against them and stacked against success. Until then, CDP is just part of the problem. No sympathy here.

      • How so? Anything they try to do to actually solve the violence problem is immediately condemned by the community. If one believes in governing by consent, what do you expect them to do other than what they have been trying to do- which is to pick the lowest hanging fruit (dumb criminals), answer calls, but not get themselves prosecuted by doing anything actually hazardous (car chases, foot chases, anything that could require using force, etc)

  8. When I fuel up, I not only turn off the car, I always take the keys out of the ignition. Is that too much common sense to ask for from an FBI agent in a bad neighborhood in Chiraq?

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure he has a college degree and is very mature and well paid. (callback to a previous article from today)

    • I don’t even live in Chicago. I turn off the car, lock the doors, and look around me while I pump.

      • I don’t. But I don’t have a g-ride with multiple guns in it, including one class 4 weapon (well, assuming the report is accurate).

        …the only gun is on me, and I’m next to the car.

    • Some FBI agents used to be cops.
      Cops only start government cars once a day. They aren’t paying for the gas, and they like always having the AC running, especially when wearing body armor.

      And yes, it annoys me when I walk past the pizza shop at noon and see three empty squad cars idling out front.

    • Every gas station in Chicago (and everywhere else I have been so far) has signs reading “Turn engine off”. But that’s just for us little people, such rules apparently don’t apply to alphabet soup agents.

  9. Who cares about Chicago. The people have brought all this on themselves. It’s a worthless city in a worthless state. The only value left in Chicago is letting it be a lesson to everyone else. This is what will happen to your to your life if you allow Democrats to take control of it. Name one city or state for that matter that isn’t full of crime and corruption that is or has been in the control of Democrats in the last 50 years? Democrats need victims so they can pretend to be the cavalry and save the day. Except they promise to save the day only to send in Their version of General Custer and either get slaughtered or surrender. If the people of Chicago won’t stand up for themselves and rid their city of this menace. They will continue to get what they deserve.

    • “The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout ‘Save us!’… and I’ll look down and whisper ‘No.’

      They had a choice, all of them. They could have followed in the footsteps of good men like my father or President Truman. Decent men who believed in a day’s work for a day’s pay. Instead they followed the droppings of lechers and communists and didn’t realize that the trail led over a precipice until it was too late. Don’t tell me they didn’t have a choice. Now the whole world stands on the brink, staring down into bloody Hell, all those liberals and intellectuals and smooth-talkers… and all of a sudden nobody can think of anything to say.”

    • I wish I could live to see what that hell hole will look like in 50 more years. It will be very interesting I’m sure.

    • Why don’t you go and help them? Or, (perish the thought!) are you just some random dude on the internet whose idea of “standing up” is talking shit about others in an unfortunate situation?

  10. The photo of the cops processing that scene in Chiraq reminds me of similar photos from places in Brazil where the police basically act as a cleanup crew.

    • “Sadly, [Chicago Police] efforts failed. Despite canceling days off, paying a ton of overtime and mandating work for their corps of cops, violence over the holiday weekend exploded.”

      Chicago has money for overtime? Where’s that funding stream coming from?

      • Well they just passed a $5000000000(5 BILLION)tax increase for Illinois. Bleed the shite out of everyone. We ALL got SHOT today…

      • Chicago is one large pyramid scheme reaching its natural end. They constantly underpay in the present by promising to overpay in the future. For example, they make deals to avoid planned cost-of-living raises to city workers by increasing pensions. But then when the future rolls around the city leaders scream that the unions are bleeding them dry. Then the city does everything it can to go back on the deals it made to avoid paying in the first place until it gets smacked down by courts. Chicago in particular has been circling the drain of bankruptcy for a few years now.

  11. Well, whatever they’re doing in Chicago apparently isn’t working.

    But Liberal / Regressive logic tells us that when we do something and it doesn’t work, it’s empirical proof that we didn’t do enough of what doesn’t work. We must do more of what we now know doesn’t work.

  12. Well at least someone got to do a little shooting on independance day. A the ranges near me were closed.

    • Like John’s article says….”America’s largest open range shooting gallery”….they need an annual 12 hour “Purge” just like the movie series where we can all grab our high-powered rifles and go into “Madiganistan” and clean up the streets with our guns and help reduce the surplus gang populations.

  13. This is a clear indication of why nobody is building gun ranges in Chi-town. They’re so unnecessary when you can just go shooting on a street near you. And you don’t even have to set targets!

  14. As long as we make new laws, like smoking in public, LEOs will write tickets for this and non violent petty crimes rather than go against criminals with guns. When we tatke the guns away from good people(or just make it illegal to carry) anyone with a gun just might use it against a LEO. They don’t want that, getting shot is the least of the problem. No one wants to get into a shooting that will involve a civil lawsuit. Until the state backs up good people with guns(including LEOs), the bad guys have the upper hand – it is the 12 and 13 year old kids that get given the guns by the gangs the “prove” themselves, so how can they trade bullets with them?

    The only solution is moving all families of youthful offenders out of the hood they made thier chops. The other gangs will punk him or the families can leave Chiraq.

    • It’s funny you mention ‘smoking in public’ laws. I worked someplace with such laws and it was the most common complaint, bar none- “your cops aren’t writing enough tickets to those dirty smokers!”

      Got to the point where your ass would be in a sling if you were found to have walked by a smoker without smacking em with an expensive ticket. Not to mention fifteen asshats coming up to you every hour saying “hey, I saw that guy smoking ten minutes ago!” and then staring expectantly at you as if they want you to tackle him. Depending on where you are you can substitute various other local ordinances in for smoking and get the same result “Officer, do something, he’s riding a skateboard in an alley when he’s not supposed to!”

      and yet these are the people who end up getting laws passed…

  15. It’s amazing how clueless the progressives are on this. It doesn’t matter how many cops you put on patrol. Unless you can literally put one on every street corner, the criminals can always be where the cops aren’t.

    More importantly, this is the result of their own poisonous political narrative. They have preached for years that minorities are being held down by the evil white man and that the cops are the jackboots of the oppressor. Their policies encourage fatherless-ness and irresponsibility. They teach that the rest of the country owes them something but the evil white people are holding it back. As a result they have created a population of resentful people who don’t believe that they have any way to get ahead in society. Is it any wonder that they turn to crime? Then the progressives decided that the criminal justice system is another tool of oppression and abolished it in all but name only, so their revolving door prisons put criminals right back on the streets. It’s the perfect storm, and the perfectly logical consequence of progressive idiocy.

    The only way to ever solve the violence problem is for the community to trust the cops and stop sheltering the criminals. That can’t happen as long as the useless politicians demonize cops to pander for minority votes. Even if they did change their narrative today it would take a lot of time to build that trust. I feel bad for the innocent people in these neighborhoods who have bought into the lie of oppression and owed reparations. As for Rahm and all the useless progressives, they deserve to be hoisted on their own petards. They deserve to be exposed as the failures that they are. They should be made to answer for the decades of lies and failed policies that have cost so many lives.

  16. While Cook county seems to lead the nation, it is nothing new. No matter where you go in the world, you see the same thing with this particular demographic, Baltimore, LA, Europe, Africa etc. These People will always have poverty, violence, etc. It is a common denominator. Take any city in the US, when they start to populate a area, neighborhoods get destroyed, violence goes up, school systems go down. It is like a Cancer. Constantly spreading and a birth rate that is ridiculous. The more money US tax dollars go into their pocket the more they want. Violence, poverty, just a natural part of the culture. Sorry if I am not politically correct. Go have a meltdown if you like.

    • I’m not sure what demographic you refer to. If you mean poor people, I can go along with some of whatyou say.

      But if you mean people​of color, the birth rate for African Americans is just slightly higher than the birth rate for Whites. A quick internet search will confirm that.

      Speaking as a man from a poor white state, I don’t think there is any demographic in the country that I would compare to a “cancer”.


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