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Snowflake objects to being labeled a snowflake . . . NRA Recruitment Video Basically Labels the Left Violent Snowflakes

So, basically, the NRA thinks “they,” or the “left,” are violent, even though they’ve repeatedly referred to those on the left as basically having the fortitude of snowflakes.

So these violent snowflakes, the ones who are still waiting for the NRA to speak about the police killing of Philando Castile, and countless similar deaths at the hands of police officers, are the ones the NRA needs protection from. And NRA members need to protect themselves by arming themselves with guns.

OK. Got it.

This was somehow published by The Trace…and Mikey Moneybags isn’t going to be happy about that . . . My Abuser Shot and Killed Our Son. I Found Healing at the Gun Range.

I told my parents, “You guys have to get rid of [your guns], don’t clean them in front of me, don’t have them near me, I don’t want to see them.” As time went on, I had to face that head-on because owning and shooting guns is big in my family. I thought, “I can’t force them to change their lives because of my fears and maybe this is one fear I have to conquer.” And so, one day I said: “He shot me with a 9mm Glock, and that’s the gun I want to shoot.”

So I got a Glock; a 9mm. We went out to a friend’s junkyard in Colorado. I will never forget it. Even just talking about it makes me choke up. I remember how difficult it was to feel the force that killed my son.

I was with my husband, my stepdad, my mom, and my younger brother. It was this big family event. They taught me about gun safety, and I started shooting. I cried my eyes out. While we were driving back, my stepdad talked and talked about what a good shot I was.

Looks like a baffle system may be in their future . . . Sig Sauer gun ranges closed after bullets found to be falling on Route 101

State police announced the range closure Monday following an investigation that began in April when Kristen Burke of Hampton reported that a bullet had struck her windshield while she was traveling westbound between Exits 7 and 8.

According to state police, detectives concluded that the round that hit Burke’s car likely came from Sig Sauer, which is located just north of the area where it was struck.

State police said that while the investigation revealed that rounds being fired from the ranges at Sig Sauer were falling onto Route 101, they determined that the bullet that shattered Burke’s windshield wasn’t fired from a pistol at the time that she was passing through the area.

The results of the investigation have forced Sig Sauer to shut down the firing ranges facing Route 101 until a proper round retention system is installed, state police said.

Finding out the hard way that removing a magazine doesn’t mean the chamber is empty . . . Teen charged in friend’s death didn’t think gun would discharge, he told St. Louis County police

Edwards, of the 1200 block of June Avenue in unincorporated north St. Louis County, admitted to officers that he pointed a gun at his friend’s head and pulled the trigger. But he told officers that he “did not believe the firearm would discharge without the magazine inserted.”

St. Louis County Police Officer Benjamin Granda said the two teens were friends. Granda said he didn’t know why Edwards pointed the gun at Hatcher.

Someone had a tragic boating accident . . . Father, son on fishing trip haul rifle from Augusta river

A father and son reeled in an unexpected catch on the Kennebec River over the weekend — a rusted bolt-action rifle.

The unidentified pair were fishing near the northern end of Canal Street when they brought in a Remington 700 with scope and bipod still attached and several rounds in the magazine, according to the Kennebec Journal.


New From Strike Industries: Viper PDW Stock

The Strike Industries Viper PDW stock represents the pinnacle of ultra compact PDW systems. At the compressed position, the compact Viper PDW allows for effortless maneuverability particularly in close quarters and vehicular operations. With the press of a button, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for greater shot stability. Previous PDW systems for ARs have been notorious for expensive proprietary systems, spotty reliability and poor ergonomics.

The Viper Stock is designed to able to drop into your existing platform. The buffer system is carefully engineered to provide for high reliability while allowing for the use of standard bolt carriers, allowing for multi-role use with a single system. The included flat wire spring increases bolt load despite the compact dimensions for greater reliability, even in extreme short barrel configurations.

Incremental progress in Washington state . . . Another stun gun ban repealed, this one in Tacoma

Yesterday, the City Council of Tacoma (the third-largest city in Washington) repealed its stun gun ban; thanks to Stephen Stamboulieh and Phil Watson of the Firearms Policy Coalition. In recent years, stun gun bans have also been invalidated or repealed in Michigan; New Jersey; Wisconsin; the District of Columbia; the Virgin Islands; New Orleans; Overland Park (the second-largest city in Kansas); and Annapolis, Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Harford County and Howard County (all in Maryland).

Shannon’s tired, bless her heart . . . I Am Tired Of Correcting Joe Scarborough — Gun Safety Is A Winning Issue

I am tired of correcting Joe Scarborough. Nearly every day, Joe Scarborough gets on the air, or Twitter, or writes a Washington Post column claiming that Democrats are losing elections because they’re not “pro-gun” enough. Well, Joe ― and everyone else who likes to peddle this falsehood  ― do I have some morning java for you. Not only is gun violence prevention supported by a majority of Americans from both parties, but it is also a winning issue. …

So given the new polling showing that Americans support gun safety and aren’t aligned with the NRA, why does Joe Scarborough believe candidates need a high rating from the NRA to win? An A-rating from the NRA signifies a candidate supports the gun lobby’s dangerous agenda of rejecting background checks, arming abusers, and supporting open and permitless carry. That high rating may earn you support from certain members of Congress, but not from your constituents.

Thank God Steffie wasn’t on the old man’s lawn . . . Police: Elderly man threatens neighbor with rifle to turn down music

Police say Robert Woollam, 76, was upset about music his neighbor, Samuel Steffie, 46, was playing in his yard. Wollam went into Steffie’s back yard armed with a rifle, pointed it at him and demanded he turn down the music, according to police. Police say Woollam then went back to his home.

It’s so much easier when the morons self-identify . . . Social media-fueled attack leads to 6-year sentence

According to an affidavit, (Felipe) Villalba said he had been taking Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug, before the shooting. He grew paranoid about a Facebook post made by someone who lived in the house that they said they would “catch” him. Villalba decided to “catch” them first. He went to Talent and shot through a window into the house.

Three people, including a baby, were sleeping inside a bedroom that was hit with the shotgun blasts — some of which came within inches of their heads. One of the adults was struck in the arm and leg with shotgun pellets. Talent police found four spent shotgun shells outside the bedroom window, the affidavit said.

Villalba reportedly bragged at school that he was responsible for the shooting, and before the incident had posted a photo of himself with the shotgun on Snapchat. The shotgun belonged to Villalba’s friend, the affidavit said.


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  1. Xanax… Paranoia… Gumption to get off ass and pull shooting.

    Not buying what he’s selling.

      • I read most of those flames last night before the deletion. Nice and toasty.

        And JWM is the sole survivor! For your achievement, you win…er…uh…

  2. Ack pfffft! Can it be true? I finally agree with the Hysterical Mother about something. The democrats should keep campaigning on a rabid gun control platform. I have a dream of a United States legislature devoid of donkey party filth.

  3. I wish I knew what they were saying in that video. I’ve never heard a bad story about the Kurds.

    • from what I have heard about the Kurds from friends of mine in the sandbox she is probably offering critiques / corrections on the other guys technique. still got to give her credit for great big brass ones. i think the camera man flinched more than she did

    • Jeez Louise – someone needs to get that gal some training so she’s clued in to not leaning her rifle on the window ledge so oppo sniper can see her and take that shot that almost got her. Hope she learned from her nearly fatal mistake! Kind of a basic error though.

    • I think the last bit she says is, “Why are you recording in vertical? That’s going to look ridiculous!”

  4. After I got a tip, I was dragging a hook in the willamette River for a stolen motorcycle.
    Found it. Tangled in the handlebars was an old rifle that looked just like that one.
    It was never reported as stolen.

    • I wonder if the rifle had a “waterproof” scope … and if the scope was still intact?

  5. Snowflakes,puzzies and pansies. It’s all good…”Dunno’ why I pulled the trigger”. And all you gun guys laugh at magazine disconnect…you CAN fix stupid.

    • First thing I did was remove the magazine disconnect from my SR9c. No, actually, the FIRST thing I did was NOT LET A BRAIN DEAD MORON HANDLE MY FIREARMS.

      • Magazine disconnects can and do fail just like manual safeties. Learn the following rhyme I wrote and you will always be able to unload a semi-auto firearm that has a detachable magazine: DROP THE MAG THEN PULL THE SLIDE. TAKE A LOOK AND FEEL INSIDE. You have to start with drop the mag or the rhyme doesn’t work. Learn the rhyme and save a life.

  6. IT’S REAL!! I thought the Tragic Boating Accident was only a tall tale.

    Speaking of real things, gun safety (as in being safe with guns) actually is a winning issue as shown by the 2016 election results. “Gun safety” as secret-squirrel code for “You won’t be safe until we take those icky things away from you,” maybe not so much.

    But the true test will come next time around, when (if) the Democrats field a candidate that isn’t named Hillary Clinton.

    • The good news for us is the Prog base is screaming for a hard-left candidate.

      If they do, we have a good shot at a second term…

  7. If gun control is a winning issue, why do you need to call it “gun safety?” If everyone agrees with your policy ideas, why do they keep voting them down?

  8. Regarding the picture of the bullet from the first story:

    That looks like polygonal rifling to me – which means it came from a somewhat rare firearm. From the looks of the oxidation on it (except for one spot that looks like damage from removing it from wherever it was), I’d also say it was fired several years before this picture was taken.

  9. “So these violent snowflakes, …. are the ones the NRA needs protection from.”

    You have got to admit it’s really cute the way they think we are scared of them and that we are buying arms because they are so big and bad. I mean they have to be, right? It’s like calling the big guy ‘Tiny.’ We call them snowflakes because they are so tough and badass.

    • Someone’s over-generalizing.
      The “snowflakes” I’ve heard about are overwhelmingly in colleges and universities. They haven’t been ‘hardened’ by life yet, so their ideas are untested.
      Leftist pols, however, aren’t snowflakes. They know what it takes to make a name for themselves (though, evidently, not how to get their way unless they have both a heavy majority and the capability to lie with a very straight face).
      But, IMO, that’s what most politicians really want, deep down: to make a name for themselves, to “secure a legacy.” You can’t really do that as a snowflake.

  10. Two things about the young woman shooting that rifle (presumable at ISIS):
    (1) She needs a proper “hide”.
    (2) Without a proper hide and having just taken a shot a few inches from her head, she needs to employ creative tactics.

    I don’t know the particulars on the ground in that video … would it have been possible to have someone else move into a better position to take out that ISIS sniper while he was preoccupied with the woman? And once the ISIS sniper obviously knew where the woman was, should she have moved to another position before ISIS moved someone in to take her out? Last question: is it possible to lose the blue hat? That has to stick out like a sore thumb and I have to wonder if that is what gave away her position.

    • This. Her bright headgear is just cringeworthy, as is sticking SVD’s front part out for every observer to notice.

      However, she ought to be a lady of enormous luck anyway, because the other side might have just emloyed proper counter-sniper ordnance (read: a bunch of RPG shots to cover the whole floor).

  11. Ahhh…..the “Violent Snowflakes”…. weren’t they a punk girl band with a couple of hits back in the 80s? Could’ve sworn I saw them open up for “The Clash” in ’82.

  12. So when Obama was president it was all “we have a right to criticize and resist, even with violence if required, a repressive government” now it’s all “people protesting the government are upsetting me so we have to shoot them.” hahahaha.

  13. I’m a law abiding and responsible gun owner and think the NRA video confirms all the biases against us. Makes us look like paranoid violent nutcases. Bad move.

  14. As I have been saying, magazine disconnects are an extremely dangerous idea. Most guns will fire with the magazine removed. Creating guns that don’t reinforces the misconception that they don’t. This poor fool payed with his life for Shannon Watts version of “gun safety”. There is someone else I read about whose family is suing because the loaded chamber indicator wasn’t big and obvious enough. These crutches that make people think they can forget the 4 rules that Shannon Watts will never tell you, get people killed.

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