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“It’s an irresponsible law passed by irresponsible legislatures who are more interested in ideological points and I’d sure as hell like some more community outrage about that because that’s what driving the violence in this city and too many public officials are silent on it.” – Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn in “An irresponsible law:” Chief Flynn says concealed carry law contributes to violence [via]


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  1. I’d be very curious to see how many of the people who commit non-justified shootings in Milwaukee have permits. Betting it’s a pretty low number. Heck I’d bet that the number of people doing shootings who aren’t federally prohibited is pretty low too.

    • The police association called him out on this saying they never hear him mention even one incident with ccw holsters before. Flynn said he couldn’t release the numbers, pretty much shows he at the very least exaggerating if not out right lying.

      • He “couldn’t” release the numbers? Bull cookies. I suspect that he just “wouldn’t” release the numbers because they contradict his rant.,

      • He’s not lying. He is intentionally ignorant on the subject. He has never looked for, never seen, the statistics, and he doesn’t feel any need to find those statistics. To him it is just “commonsense” that more guns on the street would cause more gun violence, even though the statistics (the facts) show the exact opposite to be true.

      • You’re right. He can release the number of persons with CCW as long as they are involved in crime.

    • Andrew Lias,

      Unless there is some reason that the people of Wisconsin are radically different from the people of Texas, Florida, and Michigan (those three states have detailed/accurate records of concealed carry licensees who commit crimes), Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn IS LYING.

      Hint: people are people — the people of Wisconsin are no different than the people of Texas, Florida, and Michigan.

  2. ‘unlawful’ concealed carry may contribute, you know, gang bangers and thugs. the law abiding are just that, law abiding. none of us really want to have the need to ask our ‘little freind’ for help, but shit does happen.

    • “Yawn…CC is probably pretty racist too.”

      Well, since a higher percentage of Blacks have a felony record making them prohibited persons than Whites, they could argue that.

      Along the lines of – “All the White people have the guns, but ‘The Man’ won’t let us have guns.”

      “‘The Man’ is racist!”

  3. The article is really funny, “the lack of progress is not MY fault, it’s because of this law! And you should be more outraged and not look at me! Also, you want evidence of what I’m saying? Shit’s classified, dawg.”

    • Spot on brother! That’s is exactly what he is “trying” to say. Very well written. Thank You

  4. –Michael Scott promoted “problem-oriented policing.”
    He said the three keys of it are: neighborhood knowledge, crime data analysis and community partnership.–

    Given the importance he places on crime data analysis, he should have plenty of data available to back up his claim. Let’s see it, Chief.

  5. He just doesn’t want to put the Manpower into the background checks for Citizens that are not disqualified from owning a firearm…. he also has a bunch of officers that are probably out to start trouble just to acquire an arrest and wants people to be disarmed at the same time…
    He speaks out of both sides of his mouth

  6. If he feels that strongly about the situation maybe he should resign his position as Police Chief and run for legislative office. Otherwise he should shut up and do his job (which, I’m pretty sure, involves implementing existing law – to include the lawful carry of firearms).

    He has a ring of “I’m a trained professional and only I should have access to firearms” about him.

  7. It seems like Flynn has been using waaaay too much of the stuff that made Milwaukee famous.

  8. Funny thing is that the law he cites as reason he can’t reveal numbers of CC license holders in crimes actually specifically says that license holders involved in a crime are exempt from protection. He’s literally lieing to cover for his lies.

  9. The cop says “human holsters” or CCW holders are being used by big time drug dealers to hold guns for them.” What a load of bs.

    • Not just drug dealers, but “big time drug dealers.”

      So there are murderous, major narco traffickers out there, who are totally cool with smashing a couple dozen felonies on a daily basis. Yet, they’re so spooked by Wisconsin’s gun laws, that they must enlist “human holsters” with clean records to hold their guns for them?

      It’s astounding that a grown man, allegedly educated and a professional in this field, would make such an asinine argument.

  10. Milwaukee is just a miniature version of Chiraq.
    Going down fast and there’s nothing this four star general can do to stop it.

  11. Chief Ed Flynn is a mirror image of the local governance and of course regurgitates propaganda that is complicit with his boss’ political stances. He is to Mayor Tom Barrett as your right hand is to your arm. His leadership in the MKE police department is much of the same. I have personally spoken with low level LE’s that appreciate the RKBA, but his community outreach people and higher level officers vomit out the same nonsense we hear him speak about in these press releases.

    How about holding people accountable for their actions, Chief Flynn?

    I had the privilege of sitting through an active shooter training session at a small private school in MKE where the MPD came in and presented on various aspects. They used the Oak Creek Sikh Temple Shooting as a case study for a portion of it and were dismayed that after hardening the building security the Sikh’s tooled up.

    Whatever. I could go on and on about this crapola, but you all already know the meme and how it plays out. Rant over.

    • Legally armed CCW non-victim citizens IS all about “holding people accountable for their actions”, IMO.

      Yes, there will be blood, at least until the bad guys figure out they’re not the only ones who can go armed in the city. Just so long as it is bad guy blood, I’m okay with that.

  12. “Blah, blah, derp derp, derpity derp, I have many stars… respect mah authoritah!”

  13. “Concealed Carry Contributes to Violence” EXCEPT WHERE IT DOESN’T STUPID.

    WI people are obviously a danger to themselves, and to the rest of us and they all need house arrest and ankle monitors.


    PLUS – This is just another way of your government (your stupid neighbors who needed a job) saying it “cannot protect you”. I would take their word for it, and tell them to pack their sh_t and go home.

    P.S. – the broken capillaries in your nose are either from prolonged exposure to extreme cold, or you’re an alcoholic. Either way you are a stupid POS (D)ouche.

    • Chief Flynn works the same area as elected Sheriff Clarke. It’s not Wisconsinites in general that are the problem. Take any big city in any populous state and you’ll find unelected people like Chief Flynn spewing this propaganda. I’m finding Wisconsin as a whole is trending friendlier to RKBA.

      • Sheriff Clark is very pro-carry. He has told people over and over again that it’s a dangerous world out there, and the police can’t be there when the sh*t goes down, so tool up!

  14. This why I have a problem with people that pander to the Law enforcement community…Its full of Left-wing Gestapo, and right-wing statists…Most of the LE community want to “break the law in the name of the law…” US Constitutional-Bill of Rights, and the citizenry be damn…”Do as I say, NOT AS I DO !!!” Nothing like living under the fear of a police-state…Just a matter of time before a poor citizen is going to run afoul of YOUR local Dirty Harry in a traffic stop gone wrong…Articles like these are the reason the citizenry needs Full Independent Civilian review boards of ALL rank and file Police officers…A complete Ban on All POLICE unions, fraternities, guilds, and brotherhoods….No police carve-outs, or special privileges granted through local/state Job Entitlements…Legal culpability not only for the township, or state…But, the Officer, and Senior Officers within the chain of command…Especially If something goes horribly wrong for a citizen…The behavior of this senior commander within this article is the very reason out U.S.Constitutional-Bill of Rights, and our 2nd amendment freedoms are incompatible with the current status of the law enforcement community in most states, at most government levels….All encroachments are nothing more than infringements!

  15. The chief holds an appointed position and is beholden to his lefty/liberal/progressive and anti-gun political masters in Milwaukee that gave it to him. On the other hand, the local sheriff in Milwaukee is elected, pro-gun rights and popular (judging from how hard the liberal media goes after him). Go figure. Anyway, the chief seems to have failed at his job and is seeking something, anything to blame besides himself.

  16. Does this man live under a rock??
    How many shootings in his city have been attributed to legal concealed carry??
    Im sure he doesn’t know but Id venture the answer is zero.
    That said I hope his word isn’t the last when permits are issued.

  17. Remember early in the Open Carry civil rights struggle, when Flynn’s predecessor loudly proclaimed that he’d have his “troops” “prone you out” if you dared to lawfully open carry in a state where you couldn’t get a CC permit?

    Flynn’s just evidence that police chiefs get their anti-rights political views issued to them along with their four star general’s rank. If the SOBs who hired him didn’t agree with what’s coming out of his mouth, they’d shut it up right quick.

    • I seem to remember Flynn making this comment, or at least paraphrasing the same. This guy loves going after legal gun owners because they don’t intimidate him as much as the real criminals do. Law abiding people have a tendency to comply with police commands (constitutional or not) whereas the criminals are more likely to just shoot ’em.

  18. Another “executions are better than gunfights” type.

    It’s pretty obvious that he’d rather you just be shot in the back of the head execution style than defend yourself.

    HE is a contributing factor to criminal violence.

  19. This guy is really only guilty of putting his morality aside in favor of his wallet.

    There are really only two types of people who strongly support gun control – the true believer utopian types and the guys who only believe in their wallets. Education and maturity can cure the idealists, the folks who only believe in their next paycheck are incurable, at least until the pink slip shows up on their desk.

  20. Yeah officer douchebag like seatbelts contribute to motor vehicle accidents. What a mental midget.

  21. “”There are really only two types of people who strongly support gun control – the true believer utopian types and the guys who only believe in their wallets.”””

    I think there are generally more, including your two examples. I wish TTAG would do a write-up on the different types of people and their motivations concerning gun control. I think discussion would be beneficial.

    • A plurality of the gun control cultists I’ve encountered were closet White supremacist with an hysterical fear of Black people (ANY Black people) with guns.

      They give “arguments” for disarming [primarily] Black people directly rooted in 19th White supremacist philosophy. They consider us inferior and impossible to CONTROL as long as we have weapons.

      And almost to a man, they were Democrats.

      When it comes to Democrats, the apple rarely falls far from the lynching tree…

  22. “Human holster”……good grief.

    Premiering this month on Netflix, “Human Holster”, from the producers of “Human Centipede!”

  23. He’s conflating two different groups of people:-

    1- Legal concealed carriers, have been proven to be the most law abiding members of society with many cases of protecting innocents, helping the police etc etc.

    2- Illegal concealed carriers are criminals who use concealed firearms to help them carry out their criminal acts.

    Guess which of the above are the ones causing mayhem in the large cities?

    Guess which of the above two groups will be affected by new laws passed by the political elite?

    Now Mr top cop, do your job of catching those actually doing the crimes, and Mr Mayor, make sure that the local DA is actually charging them appropriately (not like Ms Foxx in Chicago).

    Seems like common sense to me, why can’t those whose career it is see this also?

    • Political hack only caring about his next contract being approved by the anti gun city leaders. I’d bet many of his rank and file DON’T have the same view. Shows that OATHS mean nothing!

  24. Well hell chief, your blah blah just does not fit the facts. I ain’t talking about your buddy Bloomberg BS ether. Now tell me CHIEF, do criminals and nut jobs follow the law? Do you sir, have enough courage or brains to answer the question? Guess my black painted pointy stick will have to do, huh. Or do want to restrict that too?

  25. At any point in my REAL life observation, either through news, media or any fictional portrayal of drug dealers & their behavior, I’ve never seen one of them reach into their waist ban to pull out a “so-called “human holsters” with cleaner records that was holding his guns. That makes no EFFING sense. “It’s an irresponsible law passed by irresponsible legislatures who are more interested in ideological points and I’d sure as hell like some more community outrage about that because that’s what driving the violence in this city and too many public officials are silent on it” the top copper said. Yes… Those in the drug dealing community should contact your public officials and address that. WTF!!! Really?!

  26. “and I’d sure as hell like some more community outrage about that because “….

    he can’t get his way? I wonder if he’s tried a temper tantrum.

  27. Another cop who thinks only cops should carry guns. Yawn. Our sheriff is cut from the same cloth. He’s no friend of the 2nd Amendment but we can’t get rid of him because nobody but weak deputies with no money behind them will run for the office. A fellow TTAG’er said it here and said it best, a sheriff/police chief is just a politician with a gun.

  28. I wonder why, Sheriff Clark, the top LEO in Milwaukee County has not agreed with the Milwaukee City Police Chief.

    • Clark is a elected officer by the urban/rural
      community. The police chief is appointed by the big city liberal politicians.

  29. Here’s the thing Chief-y:

    I’d rather have law abiding violence all day everyday than criminal violence.

    Case closed.

  30. “..because that’s what driving the violence in this city ”

    *Citation Needed*

  31. The violence comes from the rust belt shithole you preside over being an open air zoo where the animals kill eachother over a pair of nikes.

  32. Prove it or you’re a liar.

    Cops are ten times more likely to commit crime that concealed carriers.* If we should get rid of concealed carriers because of the crime they cause. We should definitely get rid of cops.


  33. If Chief Wiggums thinks wearing a badge while sitting behind a desk is so scary, maybe he needs to retire to the island of misfit cops.

  34. It’s funny how neatly this exact quote could apply to numerous punitive feel good gun control laws. It actually fits the Illinois gun dealer license law like a custom tailored suit

  35. Political hack in Democratically run shithole that is unwilling to control the savages blaming everyone but the leadership of said shithole and the savages themselves… I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you!

  36. Criminal Violence is based on attitude and perception. A criminal will act with the attitude that he will always get a way with it because no one around him has the power to stop him / her (mostly him). That attitude comes from the perception that the Police are minutes away therefore the power to stop him is not there. This is what makes the Gun Free Zone such a magnet for criminal behavior and why they should be abolished. No one in a gun free zone is going to stop a crime where deadly force is threatened. Those in a Gun Free Zone are instructed to run, hide, dial 911. So for those with evil intent – Gun Free Zones are “Fish in a Barrel time” – i.e Aurora, Co., Sandy Hook, CT, San Bernadino, CA.

    So the Answer to this condition is CCW to as many responsible law abiding citizens willing to step up and take on the burden. Because once you arm responsible citizens, the word gets out and it changes the perception. NOW the criminal with evil intent will have to be thinking, “If I commit this act of violence, I may very well die today because those around me will be armed and may kill me immediately. THAT perception, changes the Criminal Attitude and stems the violence. That is Human Nature as perceived through common sense.


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