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You may remember the infamous video where a distraught fan raged at the media for its incessant coverage of Ms. Britney Spears’ mental meltdown. Well check out the GLOCK Brazilian video below . . .

Other than catering to ballistic S&M voyeurs, what possible use is this “torture test”? Unless, of course, you’re a careless candle factory worker who just happens to face workplace violence the second after you retrieve your dropped GLOCK from melted wax.

Where will this end? YouTubers have buried, frozen, submerged, dropped and run over GLOCKs (to name a few indignities endured by Gaston’s gat). Why not just drop one into an active volcano and be done with it (literally)? Or be merciful and shoot it with another GLOCK?

While I’m tempted, I’m not going to recreate the sobbing rant to plead with YouTube gun guys to stop torturing GLOCK pistols. But if you agree that it’s time to stop the madness, please voice your support for TTAG’s Everytown for GLOCK Safety in the comments below. If it saves one gun . . .

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  1. MattV2099 waxes his Glock.

    If there ever was a euphemism, that’s it.

    For Matt’s sake, I hope he never gets caught in public doing that.


    EDIT – Crap. JWM beat me to it…

    • “I say keep beatin’ ’em up…”

      Beavis and ButtHead mode /on

      “He said, *beating* em *up*… Huh-Huh-Huh…”

  2. Has someone shot one WHILE is was on FIRE yet!?!? To the sound of some 80s hair metal? Get to it YouTube. Let’s see it!!!

  3. In range tv killed a flock by putting it in the mus, so there’s that. All guns will fail, this is silly.

  4. So ai shouldn’t stuff two GLOCKS inside my Thanksgiving turkey and post the results?

    Just asking, for science.

  5. Is this guy a total moron, simply lacking the skills to do any research whatsoever or does he not have a computer/phone/tablet?

    He’s worried about candle wax cooking off a primer that he states would take 400F to ignite. *facepalm*

    Brah, let’s ignore how heat would have to be transferred through the pistol to the round in the chamber, let’s ignore heat capacity issues and a ton of other stuff and get real damn basic.

    How hot do you think that wax actually is? [For that matter, how hot do you think water is when it boils at sea level under normal pressure?]

    Oh, well since you were too busy running away after splashing that wax on, I’ll tell you: high melting point waxes melt at 180F-185F. If that wax was 400F you wouldn’t have been holding it with those gloves for that period of time without burning the shit out of yourself (have you never cooked anything in an oven?). Further, my wife buys this stuff all the time to make candles. Guess what’s on the packaging? I’ll help you: A LABEL. What does that label tell you? What the stuff is made of (and usually it’s melting point). If it doesn’t tell you the melting point, whip out your smart phone and look it up! Easy peasy!

    So no, it’s not dangerous in terms of cooking off a round at best the wax is 200F below the point that it could cook a round off and… well have you seen how fast wax solidifies? Do you know what that means?. Stop talking like a scaredy cat. Use your damn brains man! This shit ain’t hard.

    Other than that, kind of a cool vid.

  6. “Why not just drop one into an active volcano and be done with it (literally)? Sounds good to me, drop a bunch in and see if the volcano blows.

  7. I cannot believe that I actually sat and watch that entire video clip. LOL I bet this moron doesn’t realize that wax has a lubricity Factor. Just like the moron found out it’s very slippery as soon as the weapon fires it heats up melts the wax and makes it into a petroleum oil well it acts like one I should say. I hope he’s got a Ultrasonic Cleaner because if he doesn’t he’s going to be flicking pieces of wax out of his slide for the next year. Overall what a moronic test where in the real world are you going to get wax all over your hand gun unless you fall into a big pool of 400° wax which you’re going to be dead in about two seconds anyways LOL. People actually are asking for him to cover a gun and wax what kind of morons watch this dudes Channel?

  8. This guy’s view list just went up to thousand percent because you posted that here on T tag LOL. I’d like to see this guy do a long division problem on a Blackboard in the Sun you’d probably die laughing at his moron ass. I could care less what he does with his own guns but come on really you’re asking for donations as you try to destroy something you bought and for why because some jackass asked you to. This reminds me of a question my mother asked me when I was a little boy if 30 people asked you to jump off a bridge would you hell no LOL.

  9. I wonder if Uncle Gaston foresaw that. Make a few simple torture tests, run a pistol over with SUV, freeze it in a block of ice, etc., and let youtubers do the rest. Won’t be surprised – however one looks at GLOCK products, their marketing prowess is impressive.

  10. dunno about shooting a glock with another glock, but Matt shoots a hi point .40 with a canik tp9sf about 10 minutes into this video from Demolition Ranch:

    he hits it right in the chamber, and (after a little massaging) it continues to run.

    • I liked that video, really surprised me that he was able to get it back running. Not saying I’d have shot it like that but impressive that it ran. I’m not gonna do it but I’d like to see if my shield would take the same abuse.

  11. “Torture tests” have been way overdone to the point of ridiculousness. Stop it already. I talkin’ to you Ian, Iraqvet8888888888, MAC, et. al. Knock it off.

  12. glocks are mud. it doesnt matter how hard you hit it, how much you freeze it, it will always return to mud. i guess thats a good thing? lol

  13. Its a lot of jerk offs! The elite want to tale us that we don’t know shit….. Guess what I fucccking don’t care for elitist…

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