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First rule of government; if you want to be seen as doing something while ensuring nothing at all is actually done, appoint a committee . . . Council wants special committee on gun violence – “City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson introduced a resolution Thursday to create a special committee on gun-violence prevention. The legislation, cosponsored by Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. and Council President Darrell L. Clarke, comes a week after Councilman David Oh was stabbed outside his home in an apparent carjacking attempt. The incident prompted Clarke to promise a Council response to address violence more broadly, citywide.”

There was a good reason that Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress . . . *New* Fast and Furious secrets from government emails – “Six years late, we have new insight into the government’s secretive Fast and Furious operation in which federal agents purposely let thousands of assault rifles and other weapons be trafficked from the U.S. to Mexican drug cartels, where they were used in many murders and other crimes. A new House Oversight Committee report contains Department of Justice emails that the government improperly withheld from Congress and reporters. The report was released Wednesday as the Oversight Committee held a little publicized hearing on still unanswered questions six years after the investigations began.”

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome . . . Europe: More Gun Control, More Terrorism – “So gun control upon gun control was passed in Britain throughout the 20th century, yet the second decade of the 21st century has witnessed a rise in terrorists who are not dissuaded by gun control laws. And as the world saw just last week, terrorists do not even have to use guns when carrying out a personal attack; they can make due with vans and large hunting knives. It should be noted that France has gun controls that are very similar to those in Britain, and the world has seen terrorists simply opt for other means of attack there too. On July 14, 2016, a terrorist in a large truck drove over people celebrating Bastille Day, killing 84. Although the truck was the terrorist’s chief means of attack, The Guardian reported he had a pistol with him as well.”

Meanwhile, on this end of the sanity spectrum . . . Brevard sheriff urges residents to carry guns, fight back after attacks – “In a Facebook post titled, “We can’t afford to sit back and wait for the next act of terrorism,” Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey reiterated Wednesday that citizens carrying guns is the best line of defense. Ivey’s message comes after recent terror attacks in England and a workplace rampage that left five dead in Orange County. ‘This is war, and you better be prepared to wage war to protect you, your family and those around if you’re attacked,’ Ivey said. As of early Thursday, the video has been viewed more than 103,000 times.”

But maybe some of Europe is still salvageable . . . Gun Rights Victory in Czech Republic: Passive Approach to Defense May Be Changing in Europe – “’A couple of months ago, Czech President Milos Zeman made an unusual request: He urged citizens to arm themselves against a possible ‘super-Holocaust’ carried out by Muslim terrorists.’ … The good news is that the Czech Republic already has fairly good laws. At least by European standards. The Czech Republic already has some of the most lenient gun policies in Europe. It’s home to about 800,000 registered firearms and 300,000 people with gun licenses. Obtaining a weapon is relatively easy: Residents must be 21, pass a gun knowledge check and have no criminal record. By law, Czechs can use their weapons to protect their property or when in danger, although they need to prove they faced a real threat.”

Illinois NRA/ISRA Day at the Range is June 17 – Be There! – “NRA Day at the ISRA Range is really a great event. We hope more people attend on June 17, 2017. All law-abiding citizens are invited…even those who do not own a gun or have never fired a gun before. Factory representatives from major manufacturers will be on hand to answer your questions about your favorite firearms.  You can test-fire the guns of your choice and try your hand at archery as well.  A small fee is charged for ammunition. A BB gun and an air rifle range will be set up for our younger guests-a great opportunity to get the whole family involved, RAIN or SHINE! Food and soft drink vendors will be on site to make sure you don’t go hungry or thirsty.”

Life is much easier when the morons self-identify . . . Reputed gang boss pleads guilty to sharing gun range trip on Instagram – “A former reputed West Side gang leader pleaded guilty on Thursday to federal weapons charges after shooting a gun at a west suburban firing range and then bragging about it on Instagram. With a string of felony convictions dating back to 1996, Labar Spann wasn’t lawfully allowed to handle a weapon when he went to Midwest Sporting Goods in Lyons on Sept. 14, 2014, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office. But Spann, a one-time leader of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang who goes by ‘Bro Man,’ posted a series of videos to his Instagram profile, showing people inside the range with gunshots heard in the background, prosecutors said.”

Fifty-nine shots and only one got out of the store . . . Workplace Tragedy: Gunman Kills Three Co-Workers – “Four people are dead, including the gunman, after an overshooting shooting at a supermarket in Wyoming County. State police say a 24-year-old employee from the Weis supermarket outside Tunkhannock reported to work like normal last night — but also had two shotguns in his car.  Tonight — we are learning more about the suspect and the three victims.  Eyewitness News Repoter Eric Deabill has our story. When the shooting started, one was able to get out and call 911. In all, state police believe the suspect fired a total of 59 shots. It was right before 1:00 am when state police got the 911 call about a deadly shooting at the Weis supermarket outside Tunkhannock.”

Lift guns used to train helicopter pilots – “Doug Van Dyke, artillery supervisor at PPB, Marine Depot Maintenance Command aboard the Yermo Annex of Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif., said one of the features of the M777 is its relatively light weight, just under five tons, which allows the artillery piece to be transported by helicopter to remote areas. But pilots have to train on how to safely lift and transport the howitzers via helicopter, which is why Van Dyke’s crew is currently working on M777 “lift guns” for the Marine Corps. ‘A lift gun is a real M777 howitzer which is selected to be a lift gun because it is inoperative due to severe damage and costs too much to repair,’ he said. ‘Marines use the lift guns to train inexperienced helicopter pilots in how to fly with the howitzer suspended below the aircraft and ground crews in how to rig them up to the helicopter.'”

Man charged for threatening with ‘photon gun’ – “An Ester man has been charged with felony assault for threatening to kill a Department of Natural Resources employee with a ‘photon gun.’ Kevin M. Bergman, 52, also posted an item on Craigslist about killing other DNR employees and left multiple “vulgar” voicemail messages “filled with anger and hatred” at DNR offices, according to a criminal complaint filed in Fairbanks court. Bergman believes the state of Alaska is conspiring against him to take his mining claims, according to the complaint.”

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  1. Sooo, if I got this right, they are starting a committee on “gun violence” because someone got stabbed.

    • That’s my take-away.

      Thankfully the victim didn’t have a gun, otherwise there would’ve been more violence! LOL

      • “Well, we have to let him stab someone before we can find out how much violence there really was.”

        That’s Pelosian.

    • Just as well, the end result of most ‘gun violence’ plans involves more restrictions on the law abiding. The only real solution to unlawful gun use is to incarcerate or kill violent criminals.

      • One of the main reasons for the Second Amendment.

        Actually, the real solution to unlawful gun use is lawful, and accurate, gun use.

    • They wouldn’t create “gun violence” committee for any Joe Schmoe stabbing, but this was a Councilman!

  2. The good sheriff is right on the money. I only hope his deputies are as well.

    We need more like him.

    I would note however that, in the context of his speech, he needs to mention dealing with rendering aid after the BG has been put down. That’s a hole in a lot of such discussions.

    • I get that line of thought because capturing a live jihadi can lamest to capturing more, but I think that would be a civil liability for him and any would be defending citizens. Rendering improper medical care if you don’t know what you’re doing can get you sued fast. Even if you know what your doing, it’s going to be turned around on you in court to make it look like you were harming the jihadi on purpose.

      • Most, if not all states, have legal “Good Samaritan” protection on the books. If I performed CPR on a perpetrator and accidentally broke his ribs, he couldn’t sue me.

    • It’s either an NYPD shootout or it’s when the Bad Guy shooter runs out of live targets before he runs out of ammo and just keeps shooting anyway.

  3. That pathetic idiot who shot three of his co-workers is really nuts when you google him… had a huge internet footprint too. I hope the investigation looks into how many people may have known what he was planning.

    • No wall to wall news panic though. They are keeping it on the down low. He wanted Trump dead. He was full blown NUTS. So it was the news version of O’s workplace violence. If the MSM could link him with the Tea Party, voting for Trump it would be non stop gun violence we need to do something…..

      Crazy is just that. He took himself out. Just wish these nut jobs would take themselves out alone.

      • When the nut job is on their “side” the story always gets buried. If he had a Trump bumper stick on his car CNN would spend 2 days on it.

    • Well, at least now we know what it takes for the Washington Post to refer to a transgender person by their biological sex. A young rural white man who goes on a shooting rampage is as acceptable narrative, an anti-Trump trans woman is not.

  4. As a Czech, I’d like to add that our parliament is getting close to a final vote on a constitution ammendment that would become an admitedly watered-down equivalent of the US 2nd ammendment. Most estimates say it is going to pass.

    More in about a month, I hope 🙂

    • Congrats! A pocket of sanity in Europe.

      Keep laying on the pressure, as time goes on and the streets fail to turn into rivers of blood, push for more freedoms…

    • I think Trump should visit the Czech Republic and firm up our alliances. The CR is obviously the only place in Europe that has a clue about sovereignty and defense.

  5. All you are promoting is fear. Really? The chances of an Islamic terrorist killing you is far far less than your white neighbor. Wake up. Everyone is so territorial that they can’t see the whole picture. I support gun owenership, but I don’t support the parinoid use of “aliens, immigrants, people of color, etc” to promote gun ownership.

    • Lays the groundwork for some overly paranoid citizen to shoot some innocent middle-eastern-looking person mistaken for a threat, which will not help the cause of protecting gun rights.

    • On the other hand many people have their head in the sand and think it only happens someplace else. It’s no longer in Syria or Iraq any longer. We are bombarded with fear campaigns about financial markets, asteroids, climate change, etc. It’s just how you move the sheep. The more gun owners there are the less support gun grabbers have.

      • Indeed, only a fool talks to sheep. The preferred method is to have your dog snarl and nip at their ankles, or threaten them with a stick. This has worked so well the technique hasn’t changed in10s of thousands of years.

        This is telling in more ways than one.

    • “The chances of an Islamic terrorist killing you is far far less than your white neighbor. ”
      *citation needed*
      And if a terrorist wants to kill my white neighbor, I will use my firearms to defend my white neighbor. Is that what you meant? Or did you mean my white neighbor is more likely to kill me than is a terrorist? In that case, I will use my firearm to defend myself against my white neighbor.

      Although, in a simple and easily researched point of fact, my black neighbor is several times more likely to shoot one of my other black neigbors, than is a white neighbor likely to shoot me, or another white neighbor, or even a black neighbor.

      And why in the fuck did you bring up “white” in the first place, you race-baiting disciple of Elijah Mohammed?

    • We really should buy more guns because of Venezuela.

      More than half the country voted to go full retard, and their dreamed of socialist paradise has become a communist nightmare without food, water, electricity, medicine, or toilet paper. The average Venezuelan has lost 19 lbs and they scrounge in dumpsters for food and have eaten their pets.

      They tried voting out the socialists but the Supreme Court invalidated the election and just tried to suspend parliament. The president has used the invalidated election to thwart a recall vote, and is now attempting to rewrite the constitution to stay in office.

      Alas, they don’t have guns, and while the military shoots at protesters, they can only fling their poo…

    • I get it. I really do.
      “THIS” threat is very minimal, far less than “THAT” threat.
      But, put all those threats together, and now you’re talking about a real threat.
      But, since each “THREAT” is minimal, you should make yourself helpless, and rely on the government. The problem there is this: The government can’t be relied on. Do a Google search on police response time in your area, then imaging any of those threats taking place while watching the clock to see just how quickly the police will respond to that threat. Read the Shotspotter articles to see why they are being used; response times are so long that the end result is nothing done, so many people simply won’t make the ‘shots fired’ call because it results in a long questioning by police with no results.
      Sure, make yourself helpless, then explain how the government will help you.

    • Black people in american population: 12%.
      People in jail for murder: 60% black.
      Yes, race is quite a good reason to have a gun. Never go in a black neighborhood or a bad neighborhood (which is absolutely the same thing) without a gun.
      Also, never go to a atm or gas station at night, those places tend to attract black people too.

  6. On July 14, 2016, a terrorist in a large truck drove over people celebrating Bastille Day, killing 84. Although the truck was the terrorist’s chief means of attack, The Guardian reported he had a pistol with him as well.”

    Didn’t he use the pistol to murder the truck driver and steal the truck?

    Brevard sheriff urges residents to carry guns, fight back after attacks

    I nearly fainted from the shock, then realized it said Brevard not Broward.

  7. I have an old friend who lives in Bonfield. The NRA range is actually off Warner Bridge Road. I shot there over 50 years ago. Love to go!

    • I’m volunteer pistol instructing at the event! The ISRA range is like another world compared to where I live in northern Illinois.

  8. Only someone oxymoronically named Kenyatta Johnson would want to create a special committee on gun-violence prevention because another Councilman was stabbed.

  9. “An Ester man has been charged with felony assault for threatening to kill a Department of Natural Resources employee with a ‘photon gun.’”

    So, he threatened someone with a a flashlight?

  10. Philadelphia resident here. Darrell Clarke is my councilman. He and Kenyatta Johnson might just be the two dumbest politicians in the history of the United States. They are unabashed poverty pimps, and corrupt to the bone.

    Philly has a violence problem, and it needs to be addressed (at least, it does outside of Center City). But very few of these weapons being used in this violence are legal, thus new legislation and committees will do nothing, just as you stated.


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