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What could possibly go wrong? . . . Deep Science AI monitors security feeds for masks and guns to quicken response times – “A great deal of security cameras are IP-based, sending their footage to some data center to be archived or, if they pay for it, monitored. Deep Science’s system sits on that stream and runs it through a set of neural networks trained on thousands of hours of real robberies — and a few fake ones. ‘Obviously you want the data to be as close to the real thing as possible,’ founder (Sean) Huver said, ‘but we needed to get some angles that we didn’t see, so we also filmed quite a bit on our own. We have a whole collection of masks and fake guns.'”

Uh, shooting them? . . . What America is Doing About Guns in 2017 – “After a year filled with high-profile mass shootings, Republican lawmakers are creating or reintroducing measures designed to loosen gun laws in states across the country during legislative sessions so far this year. With the most well-known legislation so far this year, known as permitless carry or constitutional carry, GOP lawmakers have tried to push through measures to allow residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit.”

Antique gun store in Afghanistan holds valuable historic weapons – “Stepping into the store of 69-year-old Tawakal is like entering a time machine. For decades, Tawakal has collected and restored weapons dating back hundreds of years from provinces across the country, estimating that he has almost 200 tucked into his store, known simply as the Tawakal store, and a storage room in the back. ‘We have guns, knives, swords. Everything is historical,’ the barefoot, toothless smiling firearms expert enthused to Fox News.”


Cop runs freelance exporting business . . . Miami-Dade officer charged with smuggling guns to DR – “Prosecutors filed a charging document in federal court Tuesday accusing Miami-Dade police Officer Michael Freshko with conspiracy to illegally export firearms. Court records did not immediately list an attorney for Freshko. According to the document, Freshko used his position (at the Miami International Airport) to bring weapons into the airport without going through screening. The guns were handed over to an associate who took them aboard commercial flights to the Dominican Republic.”

The latest trenchant industry analysis from Mike the (Anti-)Gun Guy . . . The NRA Is In Denial About The Slowdown In Gun Sales – “Not only have more than half the total background checks conducted since January 1, 2017 been for something other than a gun purchased over the counter, but NRA brouhaha to the contrary, background checks for gun sales continue to slide down. Gun sales always slow a bit in April because the yard needs work and then sales drop off even more from May through August because guns can’t compete with the beach. But the March to April drop-off in 2016 was around 12 percent, this year sales from March to April slumped 22 percent.  For January-April, 2016, total NICS gun checks were 4,950,000 (I’m rounding off,) for the same period this year gun checks were 4,500,000, a drop of 10 percent, with handgun checks declining by 17 percent.”

‘I don’t have anything to protect myself’: 50 Cent’s caretaker begs police to hurry in panicked 911 call during raid on Connecticut mansion – “A security guard at 50 Cent’s Connecticut mansion urged police to hurry as a burglar went room to room during a panicked 911 call. The house manager told an operator ‘I don’t have anything to protect myself’, according to a recording of the alleged conversation obtained by TMZ. He told police that the burglar, who he described as 6ft tall and weighing 200 pounds, had entered through the generator room carrying a ‘black bag’. The staff member, who fled the house for his own safety, said in the call: ‘He just entered, he’s in the property now. He went into the generator room of the house and he’s going door to door.'” Who hires un-armed “security” guards?

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  1. What kind of rapper/actor has “unarmed” security? A convicted felon?!? Love to see me some Afghan antique gun store (without going to that hellhole!)…

    • I second that motion on Afghan gun store visit.
      I would love to spend a long day there looking at the history.
      I would never spend a day in Afghanistan.

      Curious as to his prices…

      • I’ve been, and it is a proper Aladdin’s Cave: some great historical pieces, as well as a load of good quality reproductions / fakes.

        As I’m a Brit, he enjoyed showing off some of the weapons that (he claims) were captured in the Retreat from Kabul, 1842, during the First Anglo-Afghan War…! Highlights were a musket which he claimed was seized from the 44th Foot when they were wiped out at Gandamak, and a percussion cap pepperbox pistol that was apparently looted from the abandoned Kabul garrison.

        He’s not selling the originals, but high quality working reproductions can be had for as little as a hundred bucks for a flintlock pistol, up to a few hundred for reproduction muskets.

        Highly recommended visit for anyone at a loose end in Kabul…..!

    • Well that security monitor got demonetized!

      As far as security cameras with AI being reliably good at actually spotting the bad guy, not until the quality of the cameras gets way better and tons of false alarms until then. Even then they won’t be all that much help except when the bad guy shoots the poor 7-11 clerk just for the hell of it.

  2. Hard to believe someone in Law Enforcement would break the Law and Illegally smuggle guns; NOT.

    • Now, now. Let’s give the man a fair trial and if he’s found guilty, a tall tree and a short rope should be required.

        • Did no one notice that it was Miami-Dade? That’s expected behavior, hell, he’s likely one of the ‘better’ cops. Every department has had issues with teams of cops running kilos in cop cars since the ’80s. Or doing protection for dealers, or doing hits on somebody’s rival, or…They bust a few, even clean a whole dept, it doesn’t matter. The place is still awash with cash, coke, and corrupt cops.

          Not the wild west like the good old days, but it’s still there, just below the surface.

  3. “Gun sales always slow a bit in April because the yard needs work and then sales drop off even more from May through August because guns can’t compete with the beach.”

    Shit old man, I’ll just take my shirt off and OC at the beach!

    (Oh and yes, that was a subtle suggestion that you’re not just stupid but also fat and really, rather unpleasant in quite a number of ways.) Crap, does that count as a flame?

  4. That Deep Science security system sounds quite interesting, but doesn’t sound like it would work well in states with OC unless it is specifically looking for a gun in the hand and that may be it otherwise there would be false positives all the time on cops. Also, wouldn’t work too well in the liberal areas where Black Bloc is active with all their masks and other nonsense. Interesting none the less. Will be interesting as it develops.

    Anti-gun guy – sales falling? What if they are? They had to level off and probably drop to a lower sustaining level at some point. Almost nothing continues rising indefinitely. Eventually some saturation is reached for existing customers and stasis with incoming new. So even if he was right, it means jack diddly about anything.

    • Detecting OC guns? That’s not a bug, that’s a feature. Remember, most of the folks in the tech industry are rabid liberals, ergo also rabid antis

    • It’ll work fine with OC, coupled with facial rec it’ll run you in a nanosecond and determine if you have a ‘history’. Just like license plate readers that are becoming ubiquitous, this is the next layer of 24 hour active real-time surveillance.

      1984 wasn’t a warning, it showed these people what was possible, and showed the rest of us what was inevitable.

        • As long as we have any modern technology, you can be damned sure the powers-that-be will use it to “help” us.

          Until we eliminate agencies such as the NSA with almost no oversight, who don’t comply with what little guidance they are given, and can’t be forced to comply in real terms anyway, it pretty much is inevitable.

  5. “more than half the total background checks conducted since January 1, 2017 been for something other than a gun purchased over the counter”

    Then what, pray tell, were they for? If they were all for, let’s say, concealed carry permit applications, that’s even better than a gun sale.

    • For real. What else in sporting goods or outdoor gear requires a background check other than firearms?

      This guy must be the retard uncle that raised and influenced the resistance.

    • I’m assuming that online sales are not ‘over the counter’. More like across the kitchen table sales.

      Of course, what difference (at this point) does it make if someone buys a gat online or down at the BassPro?

    • My gun purchasing habits are not driven by elections, but rather by wanting something and the thing I want is in a gun store, and today I can pick it up. Leading up to the election, even with all the pro-Hillary news coverage, the number of guns I purchased: 0. Fast forward a few months, and I finally have some cha-ching and a few guns that I’ve always wanted show up, so I buy them. It’s pretty much that simple. The election had zero impact on firearm purchases for me.

    • How many CC checks are run through NICS (the “background checks” being referenced)?
      Here in AZ, the state runs the background check, not the feds.

    • FT linked HuffnPuff piece (I read it so you don’t have to:)
      They were for pawn redemptions (fair point), license checks (what the hell is a license check?) and private sales (so, if it’s sold over a gun store counter Mike counts it, but a kitchen counter is not a counter somehow.)

  6. Mike the (anti)gun guy. Publicity no more give please. Calling him an idiot is an insult to regular idiots.

  7. Deep Science wtf ever.

    If they get their AI to work “in real time”. Then it’ll be just as dangerous as it might be a help to law enforcement. Get an assessment wrong who cares, right? Just every mf out there that hates parking tickets.
    No secret police right?

    Fire alarms are a somewhat good example pull the alarm to save a life, or to cover an escape or funnel people through a kill zone.

  8. Not surprised by the unarmed guard. Dead guard means insurance payout to next of kin. Bad guy shot by guard? Lawsuits for the security company and rich client.

  9. The AI thing is going to call the law on every woman wearing muslem slave gear (burqa?) and carrying a coke. That will really go over well!

  10. Given that all the super high tech lasers and warp drive security system can do is call the cops it would seem 50 Cent already invented it.

    Giving the cops a heads up that they’ll find your body cooling on scene when they arrive in twenty minutes has never been a problem. Keeping your body warm is the problem and all the instant alerting in the world won’t help with that.

  11. Regarding Artificial Intelligence trying to identify armed robberies:

    Aside from the problem with women wearing burkas as Rusty Chains mentioned above, criminals will simply transition to wearing human masks — like the characters in the movie Point Break that wore masks of current/former presidents when they robbed banks.

    • There’s some interesting facepaint techniques out there with high-contrast geometric shapes to wreck computer facial recognition too.

  12. Is it just me, or is the “Gun Guy’s” shoo full of pictures of guns, rather than real guns?

    • Not just you. Pictures on the walls and empty display cases. Its like a B-movie set.

      • I wonder if we can find any record of someone confirming they have purchased a gun from him.

        The tinfoil hat side of me wonders if the guy is an anti-gun long con, who got an FFL to establish bona fides, and then to go work for HuffPo et al as “a gun guy who gets common sense gun laws” and make POTG who disagree look like nuts.

        But I am probably giving them too much credit.

  13. 50 Cent’s house is in a great neighborhood with very little crime & a fantastic police force.

    Because of his financial issues, everyone in the state knew the house was unoccupied but for caretakers. The cost of those caretakers was printed in the Hartford Courant for all to see. They are there to maintain the property for the next owner. Fifty hasn’t been to the house in years according local lore.

    • According to the article, he either forgot he owned it or thought it had been sold. (he’s bankrupt – probably in more ways than in the traditional sense)

  14. “What America is doing about guns in 2017” — a perfect example of the way the anti-gun press (but I repeat myself) rigs the conversation by begging the question.

    Everything they do starts with the assumption that guns are not just a problem, but *the* problem. It’s the wrong answer to the wrong question.

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