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It’s a big tent…there’s room for everyone . . . More black women are learning to use guns: ‘this is a movement, and it starts now’ – “It was a modest setting for the launch of a movement: 10 African American women sat on folding metal chairs lining the edges of a small, gray-carpeted room on the second floor of the Bullseye Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Lawrenceville, Georgia. They nervously giggled as Marchelle Tigner began her lesson. Seven of them had never held a gun before. ‘This is a movement, and it starts now,’ Tigner told her students. Heads nodded. The class was one of four scheduled back to back on 26 February, to meet unexpected demand as dozens had responded to announcements on Facebook for Tigner’s first Atlanta-area class for black women to learn to shoot.”

Monks with Guns: Westerners think that Buddhism is about peace and non-violence. So how come Buddhist monks are in arms against Islam? – “But when I asked them about the attacks on Buddhist monks, their cool analysis changed to passionate outrage. They said that murdering a Buddhist monk was the very worst thing a person could do – and if they caught the perpetrators, they would kill them. The expression of such rage, and their justification for violence in response to an attack on Buddhist monks, was shocking. I, like many, had thought that Buddhists were peaceful and that their religion abhorred violence.” Armed self defense is a universal right. And Buddhists are apparently coming to that conclusion, too.

I’m thinking a Remington 1100 American Classic would do the job quite nicely . . . Hawks attacking residents in Oviedo neighborhood – “An Oviedo woman was taking out the trash Monday when a hawk swooped down and attacked, leaving her bloody and wounded. Beverly Bonadonna said she’s not the only person in the Whispering Oaks neighborhood to fall prey to the predatory birds and she’s worried that children could get hurt. “As I turned out of the corner of the eye, I spotted it again and at that point, it hits me on the side of the head, not just hit, but grabbed, knocked me to the ground. I had to kind of shake my head loose.”

Berkeley Antifa thugs discover firearms…and California’s prohibitions against carrying them.

That’s quite a trick . . . Liquor store clerk grabbed barrel of robber’s shotgun before being hit with bullet, police say – “An attempted robbery by two men in Taunton left one store clerk shot and in serious condition Wednesday night. Taunton police say a female clerk at Eagan’s Package Store, a liquor store located in the city’s downtown on Cohannet Street, was shot after fighting with two men who demanded she give them money from the cash register. Two young men, a 17-year-old and 18-year-old, were arrested by Lowell police detectives early Thursday morning in connection with the shooting and armed robbery.”

Cops against constitutional carry . . . Police flood Alabama Capitol, ask lawmakers to keep concealed carry permit requirement – “A debate at the Alabama State House centers on this question: Should people be required to have a concealed carry permit in order to carry concealed firearms? Law enforcement from across the state filled the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee meeting in Montgomery Wednesday. Most were there in opposition to Senate Bill 24. The bill, which already passed the Senate, would eliminate the need for concealed carry permits in Alabama. The Alabama Sheriff’s Association, Police Chiefs Association and Fraternal Order of Police are all opposed to the bill.”

Vedder introduces new Cobra quick release gun belt – We are happy to announce the release of our newest addition, the Cobra® Quick Release Gun Belt! The last gun belt you will ever need to buy. Compliment one of your holsters with this durable gun belt. Features of this new belt include:

•Step-down Cobra® buckle that allows you to set your precise belt size and then take your belt on and off with the simple, yet strong buckle.
•This new step-down buckle also lets you thread the belt through any pants with 1.5” belt loops. Unlike other Cobra® style buckles that require you to adjust the Velcro every time to put your belt on, this new design allows you to thread the buckle through standard belt loops making taking your belt on and off a breeze!
•Made with our premium extra stiff dual layered 1.5” nylon webbing.
•Available in five sizes from 26” – 46”
•Each Vedder Cobra® QR Gun Belt is sewn right here in the USA.
•Pairs perfectly with both IWB and OWB holsters!
•All of our products are backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

For more details on these holster options visit our website at If you have any questions about this new model or would like to make a request for future additions, please contact us today!

OMG! Guns in a yearbook photo! Of a shooting team! OMG! School District lifts ban, OKs guns in Big Lake trapshooting team’s yearbook photo – “School officials in Big Lake, Minn., changed course Thursday and decided that guns can be included in the high school trapshooting team photo in the yearbook. The about-face came one day after the team’s coach, Rhonda Eckerdt, said she learned from the athletic director that the photo was banned from the yearbook because the students were holding their rifles, which violated district policy against firearms in school photos. Eckerdt said the team was offered to have a photo in the yearbook but without its guns.”

Keep this up and we won’t be able to have nice things . . . UVU student accidentally discharges firearm near campus restaurants; no one injured – “A Utah Valley University student accidentally discharged a gun stored in his book bag Tuesday afternoon, a university spokesman said. There were no injuries in the incident, which occurred at about 2:30 p.m. in a busy cafeteria area between UVU’s Physical Education and Liberal Arts buildings, Layton Shumway said. The student was seated in a hallway at tables near a Taco Bell and Jamba Juice. He reached into the book bag and the handgun ‘discharged on accident,’ the spokesman said. The bullet struck a table and a light fixture.” If you’re going to carry off body, at least use a holster, numnutz.

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  1. I wonder how much taxpayer money is being wasted to get all those law enforcement people, on duty, to Montgomery to lobby against the people they’re sworn to protect and serve… not to mention the county owned vehicles that they’re driving to get there, while on duty. They should be on leave, and driving their own vehicles, if they’re going to lie and lobby against us.

    • lol

      You want LEO’s to operate under the same rules that they enforce on us?

      Seems fair…

      ….Mommy, I want a pony for Christmas.

      • Yeah, you said that. And if you’re happy with double standards, fine, good for you. We do NOT have to accept it happily lime you do.

    • You want LEO’s to be bound by the same laws and rules that they use against us???

      … good luck with that one, I want a pony!

  2. Golly black women with guns. Pretty common around here(and in my home)…go monks! ISIS wants paradise and instead they get nothingness from Buddist boys. Sounds great.

        • Stormfron much PDW? I don’t comment on your Jew thing Rick. And Zim has morphed into Gay er Gray Poseur. He(she or it) got that name from me.Although he’s gotten into a troll tiff with jwtaylor. We’ll see what happens with management. See how it all works? I love my gorgeous brown wife. If it upsets your Stromfront sensibilities GFY…

    • Stormfront ? No. I just don’t like you.

      Go sick “management” on me you smug, self congratulating buffoon.

        • Dear yankee dog, I live in Texas and have had hispanic girl friends. The difference between us former window washer is that unlike yourself their “brownness” never developed into a fetish that I couldn’t stop talking about.

          Have a sucky day !

  3. Why are Alabama police chiefs opposed to SB 24? All the permit cash goes to the sheriff’s. Closet anti gunners? RESPECT MA AUTHORITAH! jack booted lackeys of the state? Ignorant boss hogg wannabes? Call your state rep.

    • It literally is all about money and control. Permit fees create a slush fund with zero accountability and the local sheriff’s LOVE to be able to harass/deny applicants (despite the state being shall issue). Petty tyrants always flip a shit when you threaten their scraps of power.

  4. The pic of the Big Lake High School team just flat out makes me feel good.
    The good stems from the pride I have in our country being represented by these fine youngsters.
    Coach Rhonda Eckerdt needs to run for national public office sometime in the future.
    (If you can herd cats {teenagers}, you can damn near do anything.)

    Thank you Minn.
    And thank you to the school district for showing that, at least somewhere in America, common sense can still win the day!

  5. The UVU case just adds to the long list of examples as to why off body carry is a bad idea.

    Besides, what good is it in your backpack? Not exactly readily accessible.

      • Keep it in a holster and it won’t matter. Glock isn’t the only handgun vulnerable to this kind of accident.

    • “He reached into the book bag and the handgun “discharged on accident,” the spokesman said.”


    • Some universities don’t allow firearms on campus, so the backpack is the only truly concealed place to carry safely.

      I know this isn’t the case for this story but sometimes necessity and secrecy outweighs the optimal solution

  6. I was going to ask why ‘quick release’ is a great feature in a gun belt but then I realized there have been several times in my experience where it was. None of them were ‘tactical’ but important nonetheless.

  7. Their trap shooting team uses rifles? That’s pretty impressive. I don’t know of many trap fields that can safely accommodate it, though. It would make for a hell of a long shot-fall zone.

  8. While it’s good the trap team can have their picture published with their firearms I’m surprised they didn’t change the reasoning for the denial to insufficient diversity just to keep the guns out of the yearbook. I know it’s Minnesota, but still, SJW gotta SJW.

  9. It’s funny, but the way in which the new school policy is written, the Trapshooting Team can violate ALL of the listed photo-prohibitions, not just the no-guns restriction:
    “All photos, written text, and artwork must conform to school policies and are subject to approval by the yearbook adviser and/or administration. Photos and artwork that violate school policy, display firearms, weapons, drugs, alcohol, inappropriate gestures or poses, and revealing or obscene clothing may be edited or excluded without permission or notification. Exception given to our school-sponsored trap-shooting team which will be allowed to have team pictures in the yearbook, team poster displayed in the school, and any approved photos taken by yearbook staff.”
    The way I read it, the team pictures can not only display firearms, but drugs, alcohol, gang signs, et. al. 😀

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