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Well there’s something you don’t see everyday. But you will see it more in the news, now that the Dallas police shooter’s life was successfully ended by a robot fitted with C4. I’m not entirely sure I’d like to be muzzled by this contraption. Or any gun, for that matter, but technology marches rolls on.

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  1. All the muzzling was eye catching. Gotta wonder about the guy walking along the water’s edge. Are these restricted locations? Are these kind of events routine in some areas? Even if so, I would be inclined to pick up the pace with that thing muzzling me so much.

    • Seconded. I’d very seriously patrol my property line with something like that. Probably mostly armed with a water cannon to try and avoid any imperial entanglements.

  2. Looks like Camp Pendleton near San Diego, CA.
    Hope the ammo feed box is bulletproof. You know one well placed 7.62×54….

  3. This is seriously wrong. It will end up in LEO’s hands at some point, it may be 10 years or 20 but it will end up with local police.

    Congress needs to step in a stop the flow of military gear to local LEO’s

    • “Congress needs to step in [to] stop the flow of military gear to local [LEOs]”

      The whole “police militarization” scare is ridiculous. First off, they need a fair amount of “military gear” that even civilians don’t need. Secondly, there’s no stopping a government (local or federal) from getting stuff it wants if they’re out of control.

      Think about it: If you don’t trust the laws and your PD, you can’t trust your PD with ANY power or tool.

      I think everyone (especially anti-LE people) should have their butt covered by their LE at some point in their lives. I was in a building once that had about 1,500 protestors outside, and I came away with a whole new level of appreciation for cops.

      I say that if LEOs want “military gear” (whatever that means) they get it: It’s about laws and character, not gear.

      Rick Mercer on “the equipment debate” (watch it, it’s short and kinda funny):

  4. I was seriously concerned about these guys muzzling themselves and everyone else until I noticed the orange tip – that thing is obviously some sort of really expensive Airsoft toy.

  5. I’d like to have that firing a live 50 cal. ‘Ma Deuce’. Especially with the gun pointed to the side relative to the treads. I suspect the recoil might tip it over. And can it fire on the move? If the recoil only lifts one side off the ground while moving it’ll swerve.

  6. Did notice it wasn’t loaded at any point in the vid. That being said, I’ll be impressed when it can reload itself. That one can of 85-105 rounds ain’t gonna last long.

  7. Unless the controller those fellows were holding was only a kill switch, this is just another Remotely Operated Vehicle.
    Does it annoy any one that these remote control trucks are always called Robots?
    Your toaster is more robotic than these things.
    Actual robots will only surprise the masses when they realize their friendly government representative can’t turn them off.
    Skynet indeed.

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