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Maybe the clerk knew enough about guns to notice the stick-up man’s pistol was jammed and not in battery (click image above to view the video) . . . Unbelievable moment super cool Jimmy John’s employee looks unfazed as robber points gun at his head and orders him to open cash register – “During an armed robbery at a Jimmy John’s, one cashier somehow managed to keep his cool under extremely stressful circumstances. The sandwich shop located on 3900 Broadway in Kansas City, Missouri, was held up around 9pm on Wednesday by a man wearing a light blue sweatshirt.” The video is good enough that you can clearly see the jammed round.

Trustworthy polling from Gabby Giffords and Americans for Responsible Solutions . . . Poll: 67 percent of gun owners say NRA ‘overtaken by lobbyists’ – “Twenty-six percent of respondents said they are members of the NRA, and 74 percent said they are not. Fifty percent said they voted in November for Trump, who was endorsed early in his candidacy by the NRA, while 43 percent said they voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton. The poll was provided to POLITICO by Americans for Responsible Solutions, the PAC created by former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who survived a shooting at a constituent event in 2011, and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly.” And Politico dutifully regurgitated it.

Purple state blues . . . Northam touts gay rights, opposition to NRA in first TV ad of Virginia governor’s race – “Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph S. Northam is highlighting gay marriage, gun violence and opposition to President Donald Trump in the first TV commercial of Virginia’s gubernatorial primary season. The ad buy seven weeks ahead of the June 13 primary, described by the Northam campaign as a “substantial, six-figure buy across Virginia,” underscores Northam’s financial advantage over Democratic rival Tom Perriello and the changing tone of Democratic campaigns in a purple state trending blue. The Northam campaign said the ad is believed to be the first in a gubernatorial race to mention marriage equality.”

Brownback seeks $24M to ban guns at state hospitals – “Gov. Sam Brownback is asking lawmakers for $24 million over the next two years to provide armed guards and other security measures to keep people from carrying concealed firearms into state mental hospitals. The money is needed to comply with a provision of the state’s concealed-carry law that goes into effect July 1 that will allow people to carry concealed weapons into nearly all public facilities unless there are adequate security measures in place to prevent anyone from carrying weapons into the building.”

We hear you John . .Challenging inaccurate information about guns – “In April 2015, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal invited me to participate in a one-hour debate with Ted Alcorn, research director at Mr. Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. Mr. Alcorn had already agreed to appear, but said he was unavailable as soon as the C-SPAN producer informed him of my participation. He said something had come up. When the producer suggested that the two of us could appear in separate, half-hour segments, his availability changed once again. However, he was only available for the half-hour segment after mine. Conveniently, that prevented me from responding to his points.” You don’t say.

We sure as hell hope so . . . Are Texas lawmakers ready to let gun owners carry without licenses? – “A proposal to let Texans openly carry handguns across the state — without first getting permits — may soon be heading to the House floor for a vote. This new request, dubbed Unlicensed or Permitless Carry, comes two years after state legislators passed laws letting licensed Texans openly carry guns across most of the state and conceal carry on many college campuses. ‘The top priority at the end of the day is seeing unlicensed carry signed into law by the governor,’ said Terry Holcomb Sr., a pastor and executive director of Texas Carry, a gun-rights group. ‘Everything else is second in priority to this bill.'”

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  1. first saw the Jimmy John’s clip shared by an old friend back in jersey. soon as i saw it i noticed the barrel exposed and the slide out of battery. was nice to educate some people who had no idea what they were seeing.

    • Kid sees gun is jammed up and useless.
      “Meh, give the money and I get to go home early…”
      And since he is denied his civil right to defend himself at that moment that really sounds like a win in my book.

      • To my knowledge JJ’s doesn’t have a corporate no gun policy.

        One of my friends used to manage one of their stores. He and most of the drivers were armed at all times. Corporate didn’t care so long as they followed the state and local laws. The franchise owner didn’t care either, so they were good to go.

        • That actually makes me feel pretty good…
          And simply reinforces my belief kiddo there just wanted to get back to his video games.
          Now I want a sandwich.

        • My owner was an anti gun yankee, promptly quit after I found out she didn’t want me carrying.

  2. That Jimmy John’s clip is hilarious…I wonder where that idiot went to armed robbery school, Yale maybe? Not only is the slide about as far out of battery as it can get without holding it, the goofball was practically asking for the gun to be grabbed by thrusting it past the victim to point to stuff…the employee could have easily grabbed that, chambered the round and turned it on the bozo robber at about any time in the robbery. If I ever do get robbed or mugged at gunpoint, please, lord, let it by some moron like this.

    • Or gotten the inside of his arm slashed to the bone with a kitchen knife, lost control of the gun and gotten shot with his own piece.

    • I love how once the robbery starts the cashier takes the latex gloves off before opening the register… also at the end if I’m not mistaken you can see him tossing the cancelled sale receipt into the trash can. 😀

      On a serious note, I didn’t see many if any pre-attack indicator cues. He seemed nervous but he wasn’t staring at the register or anything, just looking at the menu and apparently responding normally to the cashier. By tweaker standards that was a freaking heist.

  3. Well the black dude coulda’ beat him with his gat?I saw the video on FB. Anyone make out the gun?

      • I have blown up still images and pistol has a high frame/low slide combo indicative of CZ style pistols and a compact frame with rail. And it has a cut out where the external ejector is that looks like what is on cz75 style pistols.
        In this case it resembles a cz 75 p-01. Or more likely a canik55 stingray-c.

  4. “Poll: 67 percent of gun owners say NRA ‘overtaken by lobbyists”

    Well, Americans for Responsible Solutions is owned by one megalomaniacal billionaire.

  5. And here you have it, the dangers of Israeli carry! Looked to me like he didn’t want to make too much noise racking the slide but gave himself the old failure to feed. Good thing for him JJ only hires stoners and not military vets with combat experience.

    In other news, people are shocked that a lobbying group is full of lobbyists!

    I would have to concede that mental hospitals might not be the best place to carry.

    As goes Texas, so goes the nation.

    • Re mental hospital, I’d probably choose not to carry in one myself (and even better, never have a reason for visiting); but I’d rather that be a choice rather than a mandate, personally.

      There are a few places I think banning firearms is justifiable, specifically where a negligent discharge could lead to a lot more damage than just the round itself would do. Certain chemical processing facilities, or biohazard facilities, come to mind as examples.

      • True, but not everyone makes wise choices so at some point we have to have laws to criminalize stupidity. This seems like one of the least egregious ones, so I’m willing to let it pass. In a perfect world ‘no guns’ signs would be like ‘no smoking’ signs at the gas pump. And mental hospitals should have adequate security weather or not guns are allowed on the premises.

      • Mental hospitals, like jails and prisons, must be secure and weapon free. The potential consequences of a wild weapon in those environments are too high to allow.

    • There was an incident last year where a psychiatric outpatient came into the hospital with a gun. In the psychiatrists office, he started shooting, killing the nursing supervisor and shooting at the psychiatrist. Fortunately for the doctor, and although it was strictly against hospital policy, he had a loaded handgun in his desk. although he was wounded, he killed his attacker, thus possibly preventing the deaths of others in the hospital unit.

      • I remember that incident. I wasn’t really referring to staff, but that brings up an important nuance to the law.

        • The Doc had a Seecamp if memory serves. Even more remarkably, the Doc kept his job, tho I wonder if he carries now, or if more Docs at that hospital do…

  6. He had to chamber a round because that’s what they do on TV every time someone is about to do something.
    That’s super neato cool to pull the slide back and chamber a round….the poor stupid *($^%#

    • But hey, it made “the cha-chick” noise so it must be good to go, right?

      I’m all for stupid criminals, myself. Then again, we aren’t nearly as likely to see the smart ones featured on TTAG.

  7. Shame on Mark Kelly for using Gabby in such a dishonest way, as a puppet of the system. Nothing is beyond him and his minions, nothing, no shame. I bet she wishes every day and night that she had married a real man.

    • Or, perhaps she’s using him? Gabby Giffords is the politician, not her husband. I think its more than likely that the gun control lobby approached her with the pitch that she could “do something” to halt gun-rights or some such twaddle. That’s all it would take, I think. She’s the perfect symbol/shill for that collection of soulless scumbags.

  8. >Unlicensed or Permitless Carry evolved from the original plan of Constitutional Carry, which would remove restrictions — such as requiring Texans to have a License To Carry, which ensures training — for those carrying handguns.

    Nice bit of anti-2A spin from the Star-Telegram there. It’s writing like this that makes the news these days indistinguishable from op-eds where the writer has a vested interest. I’d expect this from the Austin Chronicle, which never pretended to be anything but a source of confirmation bias for leftists, but coming from a Fort Worth paper it’s absolutely shameful.

  9. RE: Governor Brownback – Seems to me that the hospitals and mental institutions should have had the protections in the first place. It wasn’t like the stupid permit law was keeping anybody but the law abiding from walking into the place with a gun anyway. Criminals and the criminally insane don’t care about laws. Sad thing is that they are touting this as a reason Constitutional Carry is a bad idea.

    • if you eat that stuff search up their “secret” menu where they combine ingredients from the regular offerings to create additional choices. sort of like what taco bell does every other month.
      worth a peek.

  10. Hey, its Missouri! We have permitless carry.
    You don’t need training to be a criminal.
    You don’t need training to be a victim either…

    • “You don’t need training to be a victim either…”

      I bet the criminals wish there was victim training. Such as – Just give up the stuff, don’t try any self-defense hero stunts, have a really bad memory of what your robber looked like, etc…


  11. If KS doesn’t already have metal detectors and guards at mental hospitals, why the hell NOT?

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