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Clearly we need to enact common sense family control . . . Tracing Gun Violence Through 3 Generations Of A Family – “Violent crime has been decreasing over the past few decades, but for some families, it still defines daily life, as they cope with shootings and their aftermath. One of these families has experienced the devastation of gunfire across three generations. John Broughton says he’s been both in front of the gun and, once, behind it. It’s what his mother, Carmen Gonzalez, says she was trying to avoid when they moved away from Miami when John was 11. The family’s roots are in Liberty City, a neighborhood that’s experienced high rates of gun violence for decades.”

The Brady Campaign finds a new revenue stream . . . Gun Control Group Briefed ABC’s Designated Survivor Team, Urges Supporters to Thank Show for Gun Episode – “A leading gun control group said on Wednesday it briefed the team behind ABC’s Designated Survivor in the lead up to its premiere season and urged its supporters to thank the channel for last week’s episode focusing on guns. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, one of the country’s leading gun control groups, said they gave a presentation to the team behind the primetime show starring Kiefer Sutherland.”

It never ends . . . NRA Launches New Effort To Defend Hunting – “Today, hunting is under attack by activists who want to treat squirrels as equal to humans. At least one of the prominent leaders of the anti-hunting movement teaches humans and animals are so similar that it ought to be acceptable for humans to have sexual relations with animals. (That last line is not a typo.) In response to the increasingly hostile anti-hunting movement, the National Rifle Association has launched “NRA Hunting,” a new program designed to fight for the very future of the sport. (NRA Hunting) is focused on the values of hunting, the conservation that is an outgrowth of hunting, and the tactics the left is currently employing to try to end hunting once and for all.”

Because we certainly wouldn’t want to embarrass a bunch of officers who are violating federal laws . . . ATF warns Southern California law enforcement officers may be illegally selling guns – “The head of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Los Angeles has sent a memo to Southern California police chiefs and sheriffs saying the agency has found law enforcement officers buying and reselling guns in what could be a violation of federal firearms laws. The March 31 memo from Eric Harden, the ATF’s Los Angeles Field Division special agent in charge, describes the finding as an ’emerging problem’ the agency has become aware of, and he expressed concern about ‘the growing trend of law enforcement officials engaging in the business of unlicensed firearms dealing.’”

Be on the lookout . . . ATF Releases 2016 Summary of Firearms Reported Lost and Stolen from FFLs –  “The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the federal agency responsible for investigating instances where firearms are lost or stolen from federal firearms licensees (FFL), is releasing its Calendar Year (CY) 2016 FFL Thefts/Loss Report, available on the ATF website, Part of the ATF core mission is to protect the public from violent crime involving the use of firearms, including firearms stolen from FFLs and used by violent offenders in the commission of crimes, posing a substantial threat to the public and law enforcement. A total of 18,394 lost or stolen firearms were reported nationwide last year from FFLs. Of those firearms, 9,113 were reported as lost. Firearms are considered lost when an FFL takes a firearm into its inventory and later cannot account for the disposition of the firearm from its inventory during an inventory reconciliation.”

Twitter the latest social media platform to spike gun-related content. In other news, the sun rose in the east this morning.

Don’t lie for the other guy . . . Mom helped put ‘guns on the streets,’ judge says – “A 28-year-old mom pleaded no contest Wednesday and was sentenced to Lebanon County prison for her role in the straw purchase of guns. Chanelle D. Huggins entered a no contest plea to four counts each of sale or transfer of firearms and conspiracy and one of unsworn falsification to authorities. Charges of persons not to possess firearms and conspiracy were dismissed as part of her plea agreement.”

Nork weaponry . . . Here is the Weaponry the North Koreans Would Use Against Us in a War – “North Korea has a habit of flexing its military muscles and talking bellicose smack. And they’ve been making a serious attempt to update their arsenal. It is widely accepted that the country has nuclear capabilities, though many question their ability to deliver those warheads out of their own borders. But they do have conventional weapons. They may be antiquated, but there are many of them. So what would we be facing if they decide to push back against President Trump’s recent show of force in the region?”

A Who’s Who List of Agencies Guarding the Powerful – “In a city obsessed with the trappings of power, they are the ultimate status symbol: the wire-wearing, black S.U.V.-driving protective crews that come with high-level government service. So when it came to light last week that the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, had ordered the United States Marshals Service to extend a full protective detail to Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, for as much as $1 million a month, many people began to wonder about the protective pecking order in the Trump era.” Was the NYT as concerned about the protective pecking order in the Obama era?

Just got one of these for my GLOCK 43. Look for a review soon.

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  1. I can’t get too mad at the NYT exposing government waste. Some (admittedly small) percent of the people outraged over spending by the Trump administrative staff will remember the outrage the next time a D is in office and feel like hypocrites when they try to play it off. In the long run, it may be a good thing.

    On the other hand, the R’s trying to play off nearly $35000/day in protection expenses for one official are weakening their hands for the next time there’s a D administration.

  2. Here’s the rest of your wool jumper?!? WTF? Don’t they know that if you don’t sheer the sheep they’ll die of heat stroke instead of romping around the lush green fields being happy and well fed? What kind of morons are these people?!?

    • And what is even more stupid is the failure to acknowledge that you don’t kill the sheep to get its wool. Wool is a renewable resource!

      • I’d love to drive a flock of freshly shorn sheep through that protest. Besides which, that looks like a two month-old lamb. Nobody shears a lamb that young, they’re born with short wool. A mature ewe is not something a typical woman can comfortably hold under one arm.

    • Even if it DID kill the sheep, which you’re right it doesn’t. Is PETA really going to claim it’d just be left to rot somewhere? These guys never hear of lamb chops?

  3. I have no plans to watch Designated Survivor. Jack Bauer would be ashamed. Yeah the anti-hunting whacko crew do say critters are equal to people. From the looks of them I think they’ve ALREADY mated with squirrels?

    • I’ve never watched it either. But I saw an ad that had the Survivor announcing his bid for re-election and saying something about getting the guns from people who shouldn’t have them. Straight Brady playbook I assume.

    • It was a really good show up to the last two episodes, where gun control became the central theme. This week’s episode was nearly unbearable to watch (80% of the scenes were the president and his chief of staff lobbying the senate for gun control votes), and I forwarded past several parts out of annoyance.

  4. Why is the ATF just now upset with cops selling guns in Southern California? cops have been doing this for years! Do you want an off roster firearm and have a LEO as a friend? Well gee whizz, it just so happens that he “just bought” that very same gun but doesn’t really want it, and he’ll sell it to you for just under MSRP on a person-to-person transfer. All perfectly legal. I think things started to get out of hand when Kimber made the LA SWAT team special 1911s, and sold them to LEO for significantly less than list. Cops bought them and sold them for list, and probably there were more than a few who sold more than five in a year. Tsk tsk tsk.

    • Who was the LEO that got a federal straw purchase conviction for buying a LEO discount pistol, then shipping it to an FFL who transferred it to the LEO’s uncle with a background check?

  5. Tangling with the Norks wouldn’t go a whole lot better today than it did in 1950. What they lack in sophistication they make up for in sheer numbers of men, tanks, rockets and artillery pieces. But this may be a self-correcting problem, as even the Chinese are getting fed up with the Nork’s antics. In a recently published (and quickly withdrawn) article in the Chinese military’s mouthpiece, the Global Times, the Chinese basically said that if Un didn’t get rid of his nukes, the Chinese would do it for him. And they would take half of the country at the same time if for no other reason than to prevent millions of starving Korean refugees streaming across the Yalu into China. It has moved 150,000 men to the border in just the past few weeks as a show of its resolve. (At the same time, it essentially warned the US not to try an invasion, and especially not to approach anywhere near the Yalu.) Nonetheless, today’s MOAB drop was a direct warning to Pyongyang not to explode its most recent warhead this coming weekend, as appears to be planned, or a similar device might fall on its nuclear facilities.

    • ‘What they lack in sophistication they make up for in sheer numbers of men…’

      Bear in mind that those ‘human waves’ were comprised exclusively of Chinese soldiers.

      • Yep. The Norks were on the edge of extinction and pushed all the way to the border with china when the chinese infused a couple of hundred thousand “volunteers” into the situation.

        The Norks had a moment of success when the war started. They drove south with T34s in the lead. The South had nothing to match and it took a moment for the Americans to get there and get up to speed.

    • Another one of those China military-aligned websites had an editorial stating that China wasn’t obligated to come to the Nor Com’s aid if they tested another nuclear weapon, since Kim’s nuclear program is a violation of existing UN nuclear sanctions against Fat-Boy Kim.

      The Chi-Coms would be ecstatic to not even have to deal with NK.

      Personally, I believe Trump and Xi have come to some sort of arrangement regarding Kim. Something along the lines of a deal that includes a sweet trade deal for China.

      I think it’s quite possible China has finally had it with Kim’s crap and wants to rid of him once and for all. That might include letting Trump get the credit for taking him out.

      In one of the Wiki-Leaks of US embassy cables, there was a very interesting report of an American conversation with a high-ranking China official at a US Embassy. The gist of the conversation was that China would be fine if S. Korea ‘absorbed’ N Korea creating a unified Korea.

      But that came with conditions. One of them was that no US military would ever be north of the current DMZ. That may be part of whatever ‘deal’ Trump made with China. China just may be agreeable to something that includes removal of all US military in S Korea and getting rid of THAAD.

      I can see that potentially happening…

    • I absolutely agree. Just because the weapons are old or outdated does not in any way diminish their ability to kill people. Korean tanks would have just as easy time ambushing us as the other way around due to the terrain, and if they have thermals, our massive heat signatures from the Abrams is a huge giveaway. The artillery game hasn’t changed all that much in the last few decades- shoot and scoot has been the order for a while now. Logistics would suck for us and be worse for the NorKs- theirs are extremely finite while ours is just a longer supply line. Boiled down all this means that renewing hostilities in NK would be a huge slugging match. It could be a little easier if China were on our side this time though…

    • Mark N. I think you need to do some more reading 1950 vs today.

      ROK Army is pretty damn good – they didn’t exist in 1950.
      8th Army was not even IN Korea in 1950 and what piddle forces we had in Japan were focused on painting rocks and drinking/whoring.
      US Army, in general, in 1950 was a pathetic untrained shell. While today the Army is WAY undersized for the mission with way too high a proportion being Obamaized (chicks/queers) and REMFs it still is a very well equipped and experienced force.

  6. Twitter isn’t actually censoring gun content.
    What they are doing is more correctly termed “throttling”.
    They’ve been doing it to Scott Adams (the Dilbert Comic creator) for a while now.

  7. Designated Survivor was a good show, up until last week. This week’s episode was unbearable to watch, where 80% of the scenes revolved around the President lobbying for gun control votes from the Republican senators and then it narrowly passing in the senate 51-49 because some republican senator from TN voted yeah.

    Those women up in arms about hunting for fur are also the probably first in line to fight for abortion rights. Sickening, that an animal should have more rights in their minds than a human baby. Sick people.

  8. Those morons clearly have never seen how mass production of meat for consumption works, because thats so much more in tune with nature than hunting for food.

  9. “Tracing Gun Violence Through 3 Generations Of A Family” immediately reminded me of the Justice Holmes’ “three generations of imbeciles is enough” quote. The quote is from a case, Buck v. Bell, in which the Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that eugenics by means of forced sterilization of undesirables were just fine. Justice Holmes is one of the father’s of the “living constitution” philosophy.

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