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We’d grab a Benelli Nova Pump, but that’s just us . . . Watch this woman pull gun on drone hovering over her home – “The drone’s-eye video shows the drone hovering close to a house. A woman appears on the porch and throws stones at the UAV, which flies higher to avoid the projectiles. The video then shows the woman entering the house before re-emerging with a gun, which she aims at the drone. At that point, whoever is piloting the drone gets the message that the UAV is unwelcome and the drone quickly flies away from the house.”


There’s room for everyone . . . Gun sales have dropped since Trump’s election, except among people scared of his administration – “Sales of guns and ammunition in the United States have dropped precipitously since Election Day, according to FBI statistics, trade groups, gun shop owners and corporate reports, what many say is the result of electing a president who has vowed to protect gun rights. But that overall decline has been accompanied by some unusual growth: Gun clubs and shops that cater to black and LGBT clients say there has been an uptick in interest in firearms since November among those who fear that racial and gender-based violence could increase during Donald Trump’s presidency.”

Animals kill animal in captivity . . . White rhino shot dead in French zoo, horn sawn off – “Poachers broke into a French zoo, shot dead a rare white rhinoceros and sawed off its horn in what is believed to be the first time in Europe that a rhino in captivity has been attacked and killed. The four-year-old male white rhino called Vince was found dead in his enclosure by his keeper at the Thoiry zoo and wildlife park about 50 km (30 miles) west of Paris on Tuesday morning after an overnight break-in, the zoo said.”

5.11® AND UBISOFT® RELEASE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO SERIES FOR TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON® WILDLANDS – 5.11®the world’s leading innovator of purpose-built gear for tactical professionals and consumers, is launching an exclusive four-part live-action video series for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands as the next step in its global partnership with Ubisoft®. The 5.11 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Tactics video series features elite operators utilizing 5.11 gear and the real-world tactics that the Wildlands’ Ghosts use in-game to battle the Santa Blanca Cartel. The videos will be launched across 5.11’s and Ubisoft’s social media channels on March 6, 2017, in advance of the game’s debut on March 7.

Oh FFS . . . Nearby homes evacuated after 75 rounds of ammunition found underneath house – The San Antonio Police Department’s Bomb Squad was called to a Southwest Side neighborhood Saturday after dozens of rounds of ammunition were found underneath a home. The ammunition was discovered on the 7900 block of Dempsey Drive, near Old Pearsall Road and Southwest Military Drive, around 2:45 p.m. Saturday. Capt. Troy Balcar of the San Antonio Fire Department said a family member found a sealed box with about 75 rounds of decades-old ammunition underneath the house. He said the rounds were about 40 years old, based on a date written on the box. Half a dozen nearby homes were evacuated for about three hours.” In Texas, no less.

Everyone’s a comedian . . . Police confiscate vintage gun, internet travels back in time – “The gun is a vintage single-shot pistol with the grip missing and the handle covered in electrical tape. It looks like it could have been excavated from an archaeological dig. Social media users are having a field day with comments referencing the American Civil War, the assassination of US president Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and old-timey speech patterns.”

Anti-gun advocacy and criminality seem to go hand-in-hand . . . Another Bloomberg Mayor against Guns Arrested (Again) – “Adding to a long list of mayors supporting Michael Bloomberg’s citizen disarmament agenda who have been arrested for criminal activities, former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva was taken into custody at San Francisco International Airport Sunday, KCRA News and other outlets are reporting. ‘According to jail records, Silva was booked into San Joaquin County Jail on felony charges of money laundering, embezzlement by a public officer, grand theft and embezzlement worth more than $400,’ the report notes. ‘His bail is set at $1 million.’”

It’s always good to know before you press the ‘publish’ button . . . ‘Can this be legal?’ YouTube host fires submachine gun from plane into gulf – “‘What are the legalities of this,’ asked Dan, the host, as they walk toward a single-engine plane at Peter O. Knight airport for their flight. Tampa gun maker Mark Serbu, 55, holding a camouflage backpack with the gun barrel sticking out, answers, ‘I didn’t really ask. I’m assuming it’s okay.’ The Tampa Police Department agreed with Serbu on Monday, but only after taking the matter under advisement. Law enforcement agencies were alerted to the video by the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, owners and operators of Peter O. Knight. The Federal Aviation Administration also is investigating, but would not elaborate Monday.”

Behold the Puckle Gun:

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  1. If they fly 15 miles off the coast, isnt most stuff legalish? My understanding of maritime/international law is a bit limited.

    • I don’t think there is much maritime/international law. And even if there is, it would have to be a SIGNIFICANT violation for the perp to be punished (like genocide) because the legal jurisdiction is either nobody’s or everybody’s. Either way, massive resources and international effort to enforce.

    • Jurisdiction generally falls to whichever country the aircraft is registered in, per the Tokyo Convention.

  2. The he!!…l saw the rhino story earlier. A new low. What’s a good drone load? Birdshot or maybe #4buck;)

      • Report was 5 staff/guards/whatever on the zoo site. ALL ASLEEP. The Frogs never change. I guess if you’re sleeping it spares the risk of dropping your weapon on your foot.

    • drones are pretty delicate, take out the rotor blades and they will drop like a rock. 4 rotors or less, any rotor disabled will bring it down, if its a 6 rotor or more you will need to get at least 2 of the rotor blades.

      a decent goose load would be my best guess, try to get the blades in the pattern.

  3. I would have laughed my fat ass off if he had dropped that gun out the window. I have heard of boating accidents but never Cessna accidents.

  4. The new TC game is badass. I played a couple hours today. You have to compensate for bullet drop and, as far as I can tell, windage.

  5. Had the Puckle gun actually been used in its intended naval defense role I’m pretty sure it would have caused a significant “puckler factor” against the Turks, square bullets or not.

    • “Round bullets for christians and square bullets for Turks.”

      Sounds like something Monty Python would have come up with. Maybe that’s why the wars in the Middle East have taken so long, been using the wrong shape of bullets.

  6. This drone thing is troubling. The reaction of a lot of people (including me) is “Grab the shotgun and shoot it down.” But that is unfortunately not legal. I attended a briefing on this at a local university and the law is on the side of the drone people right now.

    In July, a guy in Kentucky got arrested on two state felonies for shooting down a drone hovering over this property. The prosecutor just recently decided not to prosecute, but the drone operator is appealing that decision and also may have grounds for a civil suit. No doubt the shooter has a bunch of legal fees. Also, that’s Kentucky. If someone shoots down a drone in one of the Commie states, it could go very differently.

    What is more, the FAA is now requiring recreational drone operators to register their drones as a class of aircraft. That is actually a bad thing, because if you shoot down an FAA registered “aircraft,” there could be federal charges. This is something that needs to get addressed.

    • Yup.

      The law should be that if the bird shot reached the drone, it was in the property owners’ air space.


    • How about flying your own drone into it for a takedown over your property. Not my fault he got in the way of my hobby.

      • Yeah, a “grabber” drone, maybe with a net! Some of the things ain’t cheap, part it out and deny everything.

    • drone laws are a hot mess.

      People are SUPPOSED to register their drones if they are over 250grams. Anyone care to take a guess how many of these nuisance operators are registering?

      Drones should not be in the same category as aircraft. They need their own subsection of rules, same as para-motors and hot air balloons. it should not be illegal to shoot down a nuisance drone and yet there needs to be protections in place if you are overflying someone while recreating or working it is not open season.

  7. Re the drone thing, having regulations on the operator (e.g. no looking in windows) is useless unless the drone, and thus the owner, can be identified. Analogous to plane tail numbers.

    Problem is how to implement this for drones? A mandatory transponder that must respond to a ping from a freely available mobile phone app? Otherwise the only way I know of is a post-capture/shoot down registration check (which might require some reconstruction or digging into the firmware), or the owner coming forward following the same event.

    • From that woman’s reaction, she was not seeing that drone for the first time, and as soon as she turned away it was right after her again. I would go BUY a gun to shoot it down, and just hope the owner sued me, because he would have to let me find out his NAME, to do that. I have paid no attention to my state of dress or undress for over 20 years, because we can look out any of our windows and cannot find any view from which we could recognize anyone, closest view is over 500 yards. A drone peeking in my windows the second time will be the last.

    • Electronic countermeasures are the elegant way to take down a drone. Hack the control frequencies and fly it into the top of a tall tree, into a lake, etc.

      Of course, do so (or use a jammer like the Drone Defender) and you’ll probably be in violation of a whole slew of FCC regulations (and if the drone is big enough to be covered by FAA regs, those as well). Ergo, such off the shelf defenses will probably only be available to LEO/Military, and thus not a real solution for the rest of us.

      • The FCC would not be able to locate your jammer in real-time because you’d only have to use it for twenty seconds or so. It’s easy to make one of these yourself too with parts from an old-time TV. For even more fun, use your own drone to knock out your neighbor’s Peeping Tom drone. Or a high-powered laser. Get creative: hunting drones is easy and fun!

    • Personally I like this idea better when it comes to anti drone defense. Get one of those caravel air powered pellet riffles and hook it up to a big ass air compressor to avoid getting involved in Imperial Entanglements.

    • these off the shelf solutions work great for off the shelf products. but thats it.

      there are lots of off the shelf radio gear for video, 1.3ghz all the way up to 5.8ghz. radio gear all the way from the 70mhz fm to the latest 2.4ghz. some of the 433mhz UHF stuff is good for 100s of miles.

      • Exactly, and this isn’t exactly the mid 2000’s, most drones have autopilot return to home if they lose connection with the operator’s transmitter. Looks like a colossal waste of money. I’d just keep a high-pressurized hose handy if they’re flying that close to your house.

        I appreciate FPV flight, drones, etc, and do think that it’s OVER-regulated in certain aspects, and grossly under-regulated in others. Someone operating a smallish drone with a gopro 100+ft over a national part SHOULDN’T bother anybody, while flying within 100ft of someone else’s home should be illegal over the 250g size (small toy’s shouldn’t be regulated, and should be backyard operable). Yet it’s illegal to fly a drone above a national park, yet legal to fly over your neighbor’s house. Much like some gun regulations, it all sounds good in theory, but our lawmakers need to be careful to not create laws that are unenforceable, or that unnecessarily hamper the law abiding while trying to control an uncontrollable population of selfish individuals that feel they can do whatever they want regardless of what the law says. Requiring drone registration is a good thing in some ways, yet it IS effectively unenforceable, and of dubious value as such. Even if we required registration prior to purchasing/transferring drones, that does nothing to prevent someone from simply building one themselves which is common in the field as well.

        I don’t know a good answer, but if you’re within hose distance of my house, I feel a jury would have a hard time giving me too much hassle over it. Firing a shotgun at one invites prejudices that may impact the opinion of said jury… And unless you’re someone famous, if you ignore them they’ll probably move on anyways. Some old woman on her back porch would be an ideal target for an immature prankster trying to get a rise out of someone.

  8. 75 rounds? That’s what 3 boxes of shotgun shells! Gimme a break. Pussification of America. If I were an evacuated neighbor I’d tell them if they see something black on the ground its their shadow not the boogie man.

    • Actually its a way of justifying ever larger “first responder” budgets. That one call probably also generated thousands of bucks in overtime. Everybody got a piece of that action.

    • I have a lot of surplus ammo a lot older than that, most on sealed cans.
      They put that stuff in cans not because it’s dangerous, but because if left to the elements, it becomes useless.
      It’s not like dynamite, that gets more dangerous over time.
      You would think that somewhere in the first responder world there would be people who would know this.

    • This reminds me a lot of this Canadian idiot I used to be friends with. He lost his mind when he found out about the fact that this gun range somewhere had an ammunition vending machine. He was convinced that the ammo falling out of the vending machine would set it off.

      Hell… that entire conversation was actually why I STOPPED being friends with him. Not because he didn’t know that ammo is very stable and unlike to just explode no mater how you dropped it. He just started yelling like a gibbering idiot at me when I called him on it and he blocked ME. :p

  9. “In Texas, no less.” Please, Texas is not the gun haven all Texans think it is. Couldn’t even open carry until last year!! And even then only with a license. The list of where Texans can’t carry legally is somewhat long.

  10. That drone drew down on me officer! I was just defending myself! Look in the parts, I’m sure you’ll find a gun. There’s some over there, and over there, and over there, and waaay over there.

  11. Some copper wire and a few fiddly bits will give you a nice way of disrupting the radio signal to the drone. Point your new homemade gizmo at the drone from behind the bushes or some other place out of sight of the drone’s cameras. This will ensure maximum annoyance to the drone’s owner and manufacturer: “You sold me a defective drone!”

  12. “Anti-gun advocacy and criminality seem to go hand-in-hand . . . Another Bloomberg Mayor against Guns Arrested (Again) – “Adding to a long list of mayors supporting Michael Bloomberg’s citizen disarmament agenda who have been arrested for criminal activities, former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva was taken into custody at San Francisco International Airport Sunday, KCRA News and other outlets are reporting.”

    Applying Occam’s swithblade (The simplest good enough explanation is probably right.): It’s about restricting you, not them.

    They don’t mind making guns illegal because they already have them, and being criminals don’t mind doing something illegal anyway.

  13. “those who fear that racial and gender-based violence could increase during Donald Trump’s presidency.”

    Why wouldn’t it? It certainly did under the racist-in-chief, Barry O!


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