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Because Bloomberg-owned astroturf groups have always been tragically under-funded . . . Minnesota Dem. Pushes To “Gift” Taxpayer Funds To Gun Control Groups – “Minnesota State Senator Jeff Hayden is pushing legislation that would give $200,000 of taxpayer’s money to gun control groups annually as a ‘gift.’ He announced this idea in a recent press conference where he thanked Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action for their ‘organizing power.’”

Upstate is an entirely different world . . . CNY rifle team’s top shooters – both girls – to face best in state – “The team practices in the basement of the primary school nearby, behind lock and key. They’re tucked away such that some of the high school teachers don’t even know the team exists, Jillian (Zakrzeski) said. She didn’t either until she was flipping through the pages of the winter sports guide freshman year. The sport sounded interesting and she had some hunting experience, so she convinced her friend Camryn to sign up for the team with her.”

If you say so . . . “This Ain’t No Man Purse…” – “Let’s make one thing perfectly clear! This ain’t no man-purse, yuppie sack, or briefcase for stiff-suited subjects! This is a man’s bag, made for men! Built and designed by Concealed Carrie, the company was founded by Leslie Deets. Hers is a great and interesting story, I think. Leslie wanted to get more familiar and educated with firearms. She did it the right way and enrolled in several concealed carry classes. She noticed several women carrying their guns in holsters. Knowing this wouldn’t be her style of carry, and necessity being the mother of invention, she came up with her own line of concealed carry purses that are modeled after todays stylish, designer handbags.”

Design your own Gunwerks rifle and you just might win one. Click the image above to enter.

In case you were wondering what the Kardashians have been up to . . . Kourtney And Khloe Take The Kids To Shoot Guns – Ready, aim, fire! Kourtney’s not soccer mom, folks; she’s not hitting a field or a court or a stadium with her kids on a Friday afternoon … she’s at the gun range! Okay — so disclaimer — it was a paintball gun range. And it was for an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But still! Aren’t Mason, 7, and Penelope, 4, a little young to be shooting guns of any kind? Auntie Khloe went along for the “fun” and the ladies dressed in head-to-toe battle gear, including protective face masks.

Who says the US Congress never gets anything done? . . . ‘Ghost Guns Are Guns Act’ Introduced By Rep. Schneider, Rep. Espaillat – “Congressmen Brad Schneider (D, IL-10) and Adriano Espaillat (D, NY-13) announced the introduction of legislation to close the ‘ghost guns loophole’ which allows purchasers to avoid federal background checks by buying unassembled firearms online, they said. ‘Reducing gun violence starts with strong background checks, but some purchasers evade these safeguards by buying firearms online as assembly kits,’ said Schneider. ‘These frequently impossible to track ghost guns are not subject to background checks under current law and are more likely to be used in violent crimes.'”

New from Wilson Combat – Introducing the Wilson Combat EDC X9 with 15+1 capacity and grip modularity to fit any hand. Superior accuracy, shootability and reliability is delivered in a sexy package. With or without lightrail. Available for preorder from your Wilson Combat dealer or

Indian battle rifle caliber wars . . . After 20 years, INSAS rifles to be retired, Indian Army to get ‘deadlier’ foreign alternative – “After nearly 20 years, indigenous manufactured INSAS rifles will be finally ‘retiring’ from the army and replaced by an imported assault rifle which will be manufactured in the country later. The Indian Small Arms System (INSAS), which was inducted in the army 1988, is likely to be replaced with deadlier assault rifles of higher caliber (7.62×51), official sources said.”

‘Bullwinkle’ elk shooting case dropped by judge; hunter wants trophy returned – “Trophy hunter Tod Reichert, 77, of Saikum, Washington, no longer is charged with using his special Washington raffle tag for shooting a bull elk locally known as Bullwinkle in a restricted area near Ellensburg. The case against Reichert and his guide, David Perkins, was dismissed in Lower Kittitas County District Court on Thursday. Judge James Hurson issued a ruling saying the language in Washington’s 2015 Big Game Hunting Seasons & Regulations pamphlet was too vague.”

This just in from Australia . . . Amnesty to hand in illegal guns from July – “Gun owners around the country will be asked to surrender illicit firearms without fear of prosecution in the fist national gun amnesty for more than 20 years. The three-month amnesty will start from July 1 and will grant immunity from prosecution but not include a buyback, unlike the action the federal government took in 1996 in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre.”

Don’t try this at home, kids:


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  1. I’m still trying to develop a pleading admonition to my female customers to show a little more ingenuity than dropping their new gun in a purse and calling it good.
    For the sake of Cooper, you people… if it isn’t ATTACHED to you, then you’re not in control of it! Apparently, I need to stress this to men now too.

    • Stress it to men also? Not in these parts you don’t. Maybe the big cities where men wear suits and carry brief cases, but pretty much not anywhere else. I don’t imagine I will ever see one of these in the wild.

      • Even if they’ve aren’t wearing suits or in a big city, a lot of people with office jobs will carry a laptop to work and back. Unless you’re irresponsible, it’s going to travel in a case of some sort, which is really what that picture reminds me of – a fancy laptop case.

        I am baffled by the writeup, though. It makes the design sound like it was inspired by women@s handbags – not exactly the statement you want if you are trying to attract male buyers.

        • “People leave laptops behind all the time, too.”

          Laptops, guns, dogs, cars, even children.

        • I agree that they get left. My point was that this isn’t too far removed from looking like a laptop case – which isn’t going to be the exclusive domain of big cities.

    • “if it isn’t ATTACHED to you, then you’re not in control of it!”
      Really? So when my pistol is in my hand, pointed downrange, safety(s) off, ready to fire, I’m NOT in control of it?
      Anybody knows that simply is not so. If you are an instructor, you would serve your customers better with a bit more thinking and reasoning, and less meaningless platitudes and slogans.
      Those are more appropriate for a salesman than an instructor.

      • Attached via your hand. And you are purposely splitting hairs.

        Constant contact might be a better one, but it’s attached somehow if you are holding it.

        Attached: joined, fastened, or connected to something
        (My note: “you” includes your hand or on body holster. Ergo, attached to you.)

        • Then using that standard (if you are holding it, it is attached to you) then so is a firearm in a purse, murse, briefcase, backpack, or any other piece of luggage.
          If you are going to split hairs, make sure you remain consistent. In fact, always be as consistent as possible, in all circumstances.

    • On body carry includes home carry, in a shower. A 66 year olds body is not a pretty sight, it’s enough to send pretty much any one running into the night screaming

  2. ‘These frequently impossible to track ghost guns are not subject to background checks under current law and are more likely to be used in violent crimes.’”

    Uh huh. Can we see your sources for that? The vast majority of “ghost” crime guns are guns seized in raids, not guns actually used to commit a crime. It happens, I’ve seen vids, it is just not that often, and since most gang drive-by shootings, irrespective of the firearms used, are unsolved, the contention seems entirely dubious.

    • Look out America, the California Cancer is coming to a political arena near you. Background checks for ammo? Ghost guns? A list of “NOT UNSAFE” handguns? (What the he11 is a not unsafe handgun anyway?)

    • Criminals are lazy; that’s one of the main reasons they are criminals.
      It is far easier to Dremel the serial number off a gun to build a gun. Even then, most guns criminals use are stolen, so the serial number doesn’t matter anyway.
      You can lead a Dem to knowledge, but you can’t make him drink.

  3. Minnesota tax revolt?

    Goes with the man-bun.

    Wil son Com bat, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

    Well, at least the Indians get it.

    In America amnesty means that illegal aliens get to stay and become citizens, in Australia amnesty means they take your guns away without throwing you in jail.

    This is what you get for limp-wristing a pistol gripp 12ga.

  4. Ok I’m in USA now instead of home in Australia and haven’t heard of the “amnesty” until now. The last state one got 50 or so old firearms. Can’t imagine that this will do any better.

    Not that I like the current laws as I have said here before but I own more firearms now than before the buyback and have paperwork to take home more with me. Probably another 30-06 etc

    • Even the “buy-backs” here net either useless guns, or guns people don’t even remember how they got, don’t want, have no idea of how much they are worth, and wouldn’t know how to shoot on a dare.
      I once turned in (“sold back”) a .25 auto that keyholed at 10 feet. Got it in a trade. The gift card I got was worth more than the gun was.

  5. That is a purse. It’s a purse designed by a woman, supposedly for a man… a man afraid to admit he’s carrying a purse.

    Real men carry on-body.

    Well, and old men carry in fanny packs.

    • They can call it anything they want. Be it a European Shoulder Bag, it’s a fu—- purse! YOU’RE CARRYING A PURSE!!!

      • I carry a purse all the time. My wife treats me like a shopping cart at the store.

        I don’t mind. It’s got at least her backup gun and three knives in it. Plus, it’s fashionable and brings out my eyes.

        • “Plus, it’s fashionable and brings out my eyes.”

          I thought it was your tat collection that did that.

          Or was it your earring? 😉

          (I have all the body ‘piercings’ I ever want, they call ’em surgical scars…)

  6. So I took a look a the bill, which was described as “commonsense legislation” (there’s that word again).

    The bill would insert the following into regulated firearms: ” any combination of parts designed or intended for use in converting any device into a firearm and from which a firearm may be readily assembled.” So people would just continue to sell 80% lowers or something like them but would have to make up some kind of hand-wave (solvent kit, etc) to do it.

    And the bill says it may be called the “ghost guns are guns act” (I’m not kidding)

  7. “This ain’t no man-purse, yuppie sack, or briefcase for stiff-suited subjects!”

    Absolutely correct. It’s not a man-purse. It’s a regular lady purse, you’re just trying to sell it to dudes.

  8. A modular Wilson Combat?

    I’m surprised they didn’t enter it into the Army pistol competition.

  9. The last time India used a foreign rifle manufacturer (FN) to assist in a weapon design, the Indians declined to pay any royalties once they had the technology and then had the gall to declare their version of the FAL to be an Indian design. Companies had better get all the money up front or they will get screwed.

  10. “These frequently impossible to track ghost guns are not subject to background checks under current law and are more likely to be used in violent crimes.”

    How do you know if they’re more likely to be used in violent crimes if they’re frequently impossible to track?

    “Sounds like Orc mischief to me.”

  11. If my rep. wanted to give my tax money to Bloombag and his morons, they’d REALLY HEAR IT FROM ME and I would NOT HOLD BACK. They’d be sorry.

  12. We are fighting gun control in the wrong way.
    We are using facts and figures.
    We are losing to emotional arguments.
    What is more influential?:

    pictures of dead kids at Columbine, or a speech by Thomas Jefferson?

    What we should be doing:
    A picture of a woman with two black eyes, and a bruised cheek, with the tagline:
    “I could have stopped him, if I had pistol/concealed carry permit/ etc.”
    Is it despicable? Yes. Is it effective? Very.
    I live in California- I will soon be a felon- If I am not, already- simply because of what I own.
    I served 8 years in the US army.
    I’ve been to Iraq and afghanistan.
    I don’t deserve what is happening to me.

    • “We are losing to emotional arguments.”
      You think the POTG are losing ground to the antis now? Perhaps that is only because you ARE losing, at least in commiefornia. But other places do exist, and we’re winning on almost every other front. As we continue to do so, it will get to you eventually. If you don’t secede, that is.
      I would imagine you are not old enough to remember when Carter and Clittin’ were in the white house. If so, you couldn’t help but see that gun rights are much more advanced now than they were back then.

      • I remember Clinton, but not Carter. (B.1975)
        The big problem here- I live in Kalifornia.
        And, we have been abandoned.
        People keep saying brilliant things like “let them vote themselves out of the US- good riddance!”
        You can’t control the Mexican border now. What makes you think the California border will be easier?
        To be honest, the odds are California won’t break away.
        Where does that leave YOU, the non-Kalifornia dweller?
        It leaves you with a state that YOUR politicians will look at, as a model for gun control.
        In another year or two- YOU will have to sign forms, and wait two weeks for an AMMO PURCHASE!
        Because you left Kalifornia to rot.

        • How are us non-Kalifornians supposed to help, though? Genuine question. We can’t vote pro-gun candidates into office in your state, and there’s only so much that can be done at the Federal level. When Civil War 2 comes, we can go over and fight as foreign volunteers, but that’s probably still a decade or so away.

      • If “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”
        Then what does?
        Whoever has the clout, ultimately makes the rules.
        Do you like the idea of IEDs going off in California, as a civil war starts, and then spreads to you?

        Deserve had better start counting for something.
        Nature does not recognize fairness.
        There is no Justice on the periodic table of elements.
        But humans do recognize these concepts- even chimps do.
        The reality is, when things get unfair enough- it can go critical….

  13. I’m not surprised about the INSAS rifle. It looks like a FN FNC with a few changes to claim it is a local design, including a rear stock patterned after the SMLE stock. And the 5.56 is more likely to wound than kill. That was a selling point. A dead person is buried. A wounded person takes other people to get them out. 1 hit can remove, at least temporarily, several enemy if they care enough about their comrades.

    Pakistan does not need to buy G3s from H&K. Pakistan Ordinance Factories (POF) have had a production license for over 40 years.

    • “And the 5.56 is more likely to wound than kill. That was a selling point. A dead person is buried. A wounded person takes other people to get them out. 1 hit can remove, at least temporarily, several enemy if they care enough about their comrades.”

      Jesus, what the fuck is this myth, a goddamn vampire? It’s a myth. A MYTH like Sasquatch, Nessie, hot bartenders that date customers and the female orgasm. Just STOP talking about this nonsense.

      • Where did that nonsense even come from in the first place? I’ve only ever seen it here in the TTAG comments, and I’ve been in the infantry for ten years and reading about guns for ten more at least.

      • Sasquatch and Nessie, prolly right. As to hot bartenders, (and waitresses, strippers, booth babes…) female o’s, I can guarantee that that is very, very real. Just gotta know how to execute…

        I learned that nugget from my grandfather in the 1970s – he did WWI and WWII. Heard it again from one of my HS teachers who did a coupla tours of ‘Nam. I’ve heard it in veteran’s the banter at gun shows, and I’ve read it but I just don’t remember exactly where it came from because I thought it was common knowledge.

        • “female o’s, I can guarantee that that is very, very real. Just gotta know how to execute… ”


          You damn sure got that right. Now I half-expect a response from stryc that he was ‘only joking’…

          *snicker* 🙂

        • Just owing to the transactional nature of human behavior, eventually, if she ain’t gettin’ hers, sooner (rather than later) you ain’t gettin’ yours..

          I’d bet his keyboard was a little lubricated at the moment, as many of us have had then from time to time. (Or at least mine…)

      • Sasquatch and Nessie, prolly right. As to hot bartenders, (and waitresses, strippers, booth babes…) female o’s, I can guarantee that they have to find dates somewhere and work generally is where. Just gotta know how to execute…

        I learned that nugget from my grandfather in the 1970s – he did WWI and WWII. Heard it again from one of my HS teachers who did a coupla tours of ‘Nam. I’ve heard it in veteran’s the banter at gun shows, and I’ve read it but I just don’t remember exactly where it came from because I thought it was common knowledge.

      • Unless I’m mistaken, the 5.56 is listed as an intermediate cartridge and is far less lethal than the .308 which it replaced. I’m also pretty sure that a wounded enemy requires more resources than a dead enemy.

        Perhaps these aren’t the reason we switched to the 5.56, but the myth is likely to persist so long as the 5.56 is weaker than the .308

        There is zero chance that military top brass didn’t know their new round is less powerful than their old round. Which means they chose a less lethal round on purpose and clearly thought the benefits of the 5.56 outweighed the reduced lethality.

        Unless anyone here wants to try and claim the .308 has less per round killing power

        • While the purpose of the military is to kill people and break things, the purpose of shooting at the enemy is to remove combatants from the FEBA. (Do they still use that term? Maybe my 30 years since active duty is showing.) This is accomplished just as readily by wounding the hell out of him as it is by a one-shot kill. Not allowing for the fact that wounded people can, in some instances, continue to shoot at you, this may (or may not) have been part of the reasoning behind the utility of a lighter round that allowed the individual soldier to carry more ammo in his combat load.

          Pure speculation, but it does make some sense.

      • It’s not a myth, it’s the truth, and I learned it from my Army ROTC instructors, who were Vietnam War veterans, and they’d learned it from their commanding officers in Vietnam. It’s also quite obviously true, so I don’t know why anyone keeps calling it a myth!

        If you kill an enemy soldier, it takes one man out of the battle. If you wound a soldier, it takes about four to six men to take care of the wounded man (medics, people to carry his stretcher, medevac pilots, doctors, nurses, hospital corpsmen, and if he gets medevaced to the enemy’s home country it takes additional cargo plane pilots, doctors, nurses, etc. in the home country).

        Okay, if you kill an enemy, it might BRIEFLY take one or two additional men out of battle to recover the body (if the enemy bothers to do that), but it sure won’t take any medics, doctors, or nurses to treat a killed soldier!

        • Aside from some grunts who might be enlisted to assist as stretcher bearers – unlikely while the battle itself is in process – all of those other people are non-combatants and no specific threat. They are already in place, their jobs accounted for, and all the logistics necessary to maintain them in the field. Utilization of those personnel in their intended roles places no additional strain on the actual fighting forces.

          The only thing that counts when the shooting starts is how many of the enemy combat forces you can get to leave the field of battle, and how soon. Reducing the number of effective combatants the enemy can field is more important than the specific mechanism utilized. IEDs, q.e.d. In the Second World War, and even in WW I, there were significantly more combatants removed from battle by wounds, accidents and disease than there were by combat deaths. (Source data available on Wikipedia, I do not have the specifics at this time). That being the case, while it may be more satisfying to take a head shot or blow the sumbitch straight to hell, any wound that takes him out of the fight is a satisfactory outcome.

          Note also that it frequently happened that soldiers who had reached their limit of endurance would shoot themselves in the hand or the foot in order to accomplish the same result without the uncertainty of letting the enemy try it for them. (This was frowned upon.)

          So, whether it was an intentional strategy of the military to use a rifle specifically because it would only wound or it was just a good enough trade off to get more rounds into the front lines, the result is the same and the truth, or the myth, persists.

  14. Purse, Murse, naked nurse or words that curse. Who gives a shit?

    Who’s gonna look at that bag and think “gun”? Not many people. It’s a hell of a lot more low profile than some tactical sling pack with MOLLE all over it, and quite frankly, it’s a lot less faggy.

    If you’re worried about what your luggage says about your sexuality then you need some serious help in the self-esteem and security departments. If what luggage other people carry concerns you in terms of “how it looks” then I’m gonna guess you’re really insecure and probably for a reason. It’s 2017, come out of the closet. No one cares any more and divorce is easier than it probably should be.

    • My issue with it is that’s it’s just like a purse in one aspect. Somebody can walk up behind you and pull it off your shoulder and it’s gone.
      Not valid if it’s cross body carried.

  15. That murse screams purse. I don’t understand why a manufacturer does not just adapt a laptop case that looks like a laptop case into a CC device. Seems to me as laptops get thinner and don’t need a huge power supply block that should be an easy changeover. One side of the case gets the laptop and the other side gets the gun in either a built-in holster area or in a regular holster that clips on to a “belt” inside. It has to have a cross-shoulder strap and a top without a flap. Should be designed to be ambidextrous. Not a needed item out in the countryside, to be sure, but a male or a female who has to dress up in the city could find this a much more attractive option than figuring out how/what to conceal under dress clothing. For those who think this is not “manly”, there was a time when basic sewing and leather working was taught in BOYS shop classes along with wood and metal working.

  16. I’m super glad that now all those super high risk guns will be registered because the government says so. HA! Morons.

    I’d love to where they get their data from. Actually I’m pretty sure I can guess and I want nothing to do with that place, thanks.


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