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“California’s in the 21st century, and you shouldn’t be able to walk into a gun store and come out with an arsenal.” – Sen. Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada-Flintridge) in Lawmaker wants to limit Californians to buying no more than one gun a month [via]

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  1. You shouldn’t be able to walk into a high school and come out with a diploma, without learning about our Constitution. But apparently you have.

    • You shouldn’t be able to just walk in to America and demand benefits and a drivers license that will enable you to vote (and use to obtain driver’s licenses and vote in other states). You shouldn’t just be able to breed global-communism, and tyranny. You shouldn’t be able to exercise your free speech. When you get rid of guns how long will that last, or are you only getting rid of ‘others’ guns?

      That’s just more of the “We’re F’d up (and scared) we (don’t trust you) so we need to fix you” crap out of CA.

      Same sh_t, different state.

  2. It’s the 21st century, our elected lawmakers shouldn’t treat the citizenry like indentured serfs, behaving as though they themselves are royalty, and not, in fact, employed at the will of the people.

    • +

      They’re just your a-hole neighbors that needed a job.

      No more > = pigs. Especially the global-communist kind.

  3. Just common sense regulation, there. No big deal. Why would anyone need more than one gun a month, anyway? Same thing with other rights; some people write more than one column in a newspaper in a month, which is totally absurd. Nobody has any need to be published more than once a month because the last thing we need is some lunatic spreading whatever lies he wants to whenever he wants. That’s just commonsense public safety.

    Same thing with church, but that’s more of a once-per-week thing. We know that people who attend religious services more than once per week are more prone to violence and extremist behavior, so commonsense regulation of that sort of behavior is within the Constitution, too. But, come to think of it, people who attend weekly are probably mostly in the same boat, so maybe once per month is appropriate there, too. We can vote on that.

  4. I think Justin Trudeau said it better and worser back in 2015, “Because it’s 2015”. And besides gun control is sooo 20th century 🙂

    • No, that would be an ‘accident’. A tragedy would be GOD having to crack the world open to swallow everyone at the funeral. There’s always collateral damage with earthquakes.

  5. Well Senator, you want a free helicopter ride? Because that’s how you get a free helicopter ride.

    • Is it safe to put Shamu in a chopper? How many times you gotta push him out from 3 feet in the air to do any good?

      • Depends, does he have a blindfold on? Me thinks the first two or three times would be sufficient to put the fear of god into him.

  6. The Times article is pretty darned vague-or is is the senator who is being vague?
    “He noted that of the 26,682 guns used in crimes that were entered into the California Department of Justice’s Automated Firearms Systems database in one recent year, 11,500 were long guns.”
    In what year? What were the crimes these long guns were used in?
    “He cited data from the Department of Justice that found one person bought 177 long guns in two transactions within a one-month period in 2014.”
    “Sales to single individuals ranging from five to 54 long guns per month occurred on 1,787 occasions, totaling 12,090 guns during the year-and-a-half period ending June 30, 2015.”
    Where is the follow-up? Who bought these guns, were they charged with any crime? Were they convicted?
    I’d be more inclined to believed the senator if he’d named names. Otherwise, it’s just him retelling a story that he heard from a friend of a friend’s aquaintance, IMHO.

    • —-What were the crimes these long guns were used in?—-

      fifty bucks says “Felon in Possession”.

      • Or seized in a raid of a gang drug house. One of the wonderful things for gun banners about vague and overinclusive classification of what constitutes a “crime gun.” Then again, published statistics show that 20% of armed violent crime was committed with a rifle.

    • Not that hard to find out. According to the FBI the national murder rate with rifles is about 4%, in California it is 20%. What is kind of interesting is shotguns are the same rate. I think the California gangs like their rifles. Could it be a result of the 1 handgun every 30 days is messing with the straw buyers?

      • If only we were as unethical as the Anti-Civil rights crowd.

        We would be publishing HUGE headlines that read

        Chaos and anarchy are soon to follow.

        Here we interview some random citizen who is extremely distressed by this news. DISTRESSED I TELL YOU!!

    • “one person bought 177 long guns in two transactions within a one-month period in 2014”

      There is no source and I cannot find any. In fact, the quotes I found were for one transaction as well as two. The earliest occurrence is last June in a document proposing the law.

      Right now this is media echo chamber. An unsupported factoid that gets repeated without question.

      • That many rifles suggests the purchase of a collection. Is there something wrong with that? No more gun collections allowed? No mass sales of firearms through an estate? (Or is it possible that this represents the sale of a gun store inventory to another dealer, the transfer of which is recorded even if no back ground check is necessary?)

    • You certainly can at my house! You’re saying that is not allowed in your house? If you search, you can probably find an actual problem to address.

  7. I effing hate living (if one call it that) in this damn state. Political hacks and idiot voters that put and keep them in office, are shameful. Sorry America.

  8. California used to be the vanguard, initiating most popular trends. That all changed when their political preferences shifted to resemble Mexico City mixed with a San Francisco fearful liberals percentage.

    Now the California mass behavior only reveals “trends you should avoid.”

  9. That picture of the guy is pretty much exactly what you would expect…a big, overweight 12 year old.

    • Murder rate with a rifle is 5 times higher than the national rates. California has a 1 a month handgun law, so it looks like the straw purchasers are buying rifles. And the fact that very few were classified as a “assault weapon” looks like a lot ARE being bought in California

        • Binder is right about the stats, same stats published by Cal DOJ and FBI. The one thing that is wrong is that California does not permit the transfer of “assault weapons,” but does allow the transfer of semiautomatic rifles that fit within the exceptions to the designation. Up until the first of this year, a bullet button rifle was not classified as an assault weapon. “Featureless” rifles (no pistol grip, no adjustable stock, no muzzle brake) are not assault weapons either. So there could have been many AR or AK rifles included in the stats, but we just cannot tell because of the way the stats are reported.

        • I missed your earlier links on that, I stand corrected on the statistic. Although that CA report had a graph showing that 3.3% of murders were done using “fully automatic firearms”, which was a head scratcher. 🙂

  10. “California’s in the 21st century.”

    I beg to disagree. California’s in Mexico, which is far from the 21st century.

  11. Looks like he was shoved in alot of lockers as an awkward teenager and the resulting trauma of those expirences stunted his growth……

  12. I want to complain about the picture used and TTAG’s no ad hominem attack policy. This is clearly a case of intentional entrapment. My moral fiber is far too weak when faced with such over an the top temptation. 😉

  13. Ya know …. it’s not a problem because crooks can’t afford to buy an arsenal.

    To put it another way, it’s self-limiting. The kind of people who want to buy an arsenal are exactly the kind who aren’t going to commit crimes with them — criminals only need a single gun. The kind of people who can afford to buy an arsenal aren’t the kind to go around using them in crime.

    It’s like the pathetic argument about buying shoulder missiles or tanks or nuclear weapons. Who can afford that shit just to throw away? What’s Bill Gates going to do with his nuclear powered aircraft carrier, bomb Apple hq?

  14. The freedom to walk around naked in public is more important, on days the government says it ok, than having a gun in California.

    The free government provided hypodermic needles are more important than having a gun. Its better to shoot up crystal meth to improve your sexual experience than having a gun.

    The freedom from arrest to have public marijuana intoxication is more important than having a gun.

    The freedom to walk around in public with a strap on dildo is more important than having a gun in California.

    Having open homosexuals who represent you in the legislature or mayor or city council member is more important then a having a gun.

    Its more important to have sex in public or perform sex acts in public, on days authorized by the government, than having a gun.

    Its more important to protest a Marine Corps recruiting station in Berkeley than having a gun.

    Its important to insure the safety of NAMBLA for their meeting in Sacramento, by restricting gun ownership and when they march with 10 foot long banners in gay pride parades.

    Its very important for the government to close the last gun store in San Francisco and replace it with a Marijuana dispensary.

    Its more important to pay single mothers welfare than have them be married to the father of their children. Homosexual marriage is the only way.

    Its important for the police put a gun in your face at a Health Food store as you purchase the raw milk you like so much. The California government says putting raw milk into your body is bad.

    It is more important for white people to give blacks welfare and gun free zone government housing projects. California white people say the blacks don’t need guns.

    Its very important for white people to vote for the heterosexual, Willie Brown for San Francisco mayor.

    ps. It wasn’t just Gov Reagan. He’s dead now. So who runs California today?????????

  15. It’s time to dust off that other gift the French gave us besides Lady Liberty…Time to Feed the Guillotine! Its hungry for Left-wing politicians!

  16. Can someone please, for the love of all that is holy, disable Trump’s twitter account at least until Neil Gorsuch gets confirmed to the USSC and we have a prayer of stopping this gun control insanity?

    If Trump would learn a little bit of self control and quit shooting himself in the foot, we might get somewhere. Focus Focus Focus. Nothing else matters until Gorsuch is confirmed. Focus!

    If we can get a true Constitutional Originalist on the court and restore the proper 5-4 balance, then one good lawsuit could shut down all this lunacy. A gay-marriage-style ruling could strip the states of their gun control laws. Then California has a choice — either comply, thus freeing their citizenry, or secede, taking their 55 democratic electoral votes with them and ensuring the freedom of the remaining 49 states. Either way, we win.

  17. “California’s in the 21st century, and you shouldn’t be able to walk into a gun store and come out with an arsenal.”

    I have never yet seen a building for sale at a gun store.

  18. It may be the 21st century, but non sequitur still works the same way it did thousands of years ago.

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