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Why are Democrats determined to turn back the clock? . . . Gov. McAuliffe’s proposal to restore Virginia’s one-gun-a-month law unlikely to succeed – “The amendment would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor — punishable by up to a year in jail and $2,500 fine — for anyone other than a licensed firearms dealer to buy more than one handgun within a 30-day period. A similar law was repealed in 2012 by a Republican-dominated General Assembly and then-Gov. Bob McDonnell, also a Republican. That year, the House and Senate voted 66-32 and 21-19, respectively, to overturn the law — virtually the same margins by which Republicans currently control each chamber.”

Inquiring minds want to know . . . What did Trump say to Joe Manchin about new opportunities for “gun-safety” legislation? – “A tantalizing tidbit from Robert Draper’s story about how Trump might handle his predicament in Congress, stuck between Democrats on the left who refuse to deal with him en masse and a Freedom Caucus on the right that’s willing to walk away from any legislation that’s short of true fiscal conservatism. If the Freedom Caucus can’t be placated, Trump faces a hard choice between serial frustration on his major legislative initiatives or bipartisan packages with plenty of goodies for Democrats. What might some of those goodies look like?”

RIP Dane vonBreichenruchardt:

Dane vonBreichenruchardt, constitutional scholar and Second Amendment advocate, died peacefully in his sleep on Friday, March 24, 2017, in Virginia after a short illness. Dane will be remembered as the architect of the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court case which established the Second Amendment as an Enumerated, Constitutional, Individual Right, Heller v. District of Columbia. Dane served in the U.S. Air Force as a military pilot, and worked as an aviation instructor, followed by service with the Army National Guard until 1983. While in the military, he was active in competitive shooting. After leaving the service, he worked as a cardio-pulmonary specialist in several hospitals in the United States. Upon moving to the Washington, D.C. area in 1996, Dane founded the U.S.Bill of Rights Foundation to support challenges to restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Ruger Precision Rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. Delivering low recoil and exceptional accuracy potential from a wide variety of 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. ammunition, the availability of the Ruger Precision Rifle in this new chambering broadens the appeal of the already very popular rifle. Whether launching high ballistic coefficient .223 projectiles, working from the bench making tiny 100 yard groups, or learning to read wind with low cost ammunition, trigger time with this newest Ruger Precision Rifle will be worthwhile and enjoyable.

And I just wrote a $140 check for mine . . . Texas: Senate Passes SB 16, LTC Fee Reduction Bill, by Overwhelming Vote – “On Monday, the Texas Senate voted to pass Senate Bill 16, NRA-backed legislation sponsored by State Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) and Joan Huffman (R-Houston), on a 26-5 vote.  A priority bill of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s, SB 16 significantly reduces License to Carry (LTC) fees in the Lone Star State.  At $140, the fee for an original Texas license is among the highest in the nation.  SB 16 would bring the fees down to among the lowest in the country, slashing the cost of an original license by $100 to just $40, and cutting the cost of a renewal license from $70 to $40.  In other words, the annual cost of a five-year LTC would now be just $8 per year.”

First rule of investing: buy low, sell high . . . 3 Top Gun Companies to Buy in 2017 – “The gun industry’s “Trump slump” story has been breathlessly and endlessly reported, which makes it seem as though an investor should avoid any company in the space at all costs. If people aren’t buying guns, manufacturers can’t profit, and their stocks will tank. While there is indeed a slowdown under way and the stocks of gunmakers have borne the brunt of it, the industry is inherently cyclical and the current downtrend is nowhere near as apocalyptic as has been portrayed. The industry still offers several attractive investment opportunities, made even more so because of the hits their stocks have taken, but also because of their strong management teams and otherwise great operations.

The derp (and anti-gun dogma) is strong with this one . . . Health-care costs should spur action on guns – “Our country has a relationship with guns that is rare in the world. The right to guns is a political issue pressed by a powerful lobby that is unconcerned with anything other than selling more guns. … Defenders of gun rights sometimes argue you might need a gun to fend off the federal government. But, really, who needs to fight off the government when it cowers in the face of the gun lobby?”

Here’s an opportunity for red stickers to snag some bargains intercepting people in the church parking lot . . . Gas for Guns exchange happening Saturday – “The ‘No Questions Asked’ gun buyback program will offer $50 to $300 in gas coupons for each qualifying handgun and assault weapon. When: Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. Where: Elm Grove Baptist Church parking lot, 1069 N. 38th Street. During the exchange program, any functional, non-replica pistol or revolver smaller than 0.380 caliber can be exchanged for gas cards totaling $50. Pistols that are 0.380 caliber or greater can be swapped for gas cards totaling $100 in value. The program will pay $300 in gas cards for each “Assault Style” rifle, as long as they are a functional variant of an automatic or semiautomatic rifle that is currently in use by military forces with a caliber of 9 mm, 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm. Any other firearm or ammunition may also be dropped off for safe disposal and destruction by law enforcement without a gas card exchange.”

This Father Found Out His Daughter Was Planning A School Shooting. So Here’s What He Did. – “A Maryland father, reading his 18-year-old daughter’s diary, discovered her well-made plans to commit mass slaughter at her high school, then alerted investigators to her plot, thus averting the attack. Nichole Cevario, an honor roll student at Catoctin High School, had been writing since December of her plans, setting a timeline, the steps of the planned attack, and a target date of April 5. Not only had she accumulated weapons that included a shotgun and elements to construct a pipe bomb, such as pipes with end caps, shrapnel, and fuse material, she also gathered intelligence on emergency procedures at the school during drills and asked how deputies were armed when they responded to a school emergency, according to Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins. Because she was considered an adult, Cevario was able to purchase the weapons legally.”

There’s plenty of room for everyone . . . The LGBTQ Community Is Locked and Loaded – “The 28-year-old woman, Reina Mercado, holds fire as her friend and instructor, Sarah Rossig, walks her through reloading the handgun under speed and pressure. It’s the kind of work that combat shooters practice constantly, but it’s less common at a range full of weekend target-plinkers like this one. It’s even less common to see shooters like Mercado at the range. Mercado is a transgender woman who immigrated from the Philippines when she was 6 years old. She went from making toy guns out of scrap on a family farm to Houston, Texas, deep in the heart of gun culture and oil money.”

If he really wanted to take care of those eyes, shooting glasses would be a good way to go.


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  1. Wow pop you turned in your own daughter. Pretty sure you could have been a bit less heavyhanded and …ya’ know…not ruined her life. Glad she didn’t blow kids up. Yeah the gun shops I frequent are still crowded albeit not as jammed as before the election. I imagine heads exploding after my president rolled back Odumbo’s environmental BS 🙂

      • Excellent response, Vhyrus. Okay, so what was Pop’s viable alternative? How about showing a psychiatrist his daughter’s diary as the basis for a civil commitment of someone who is obviously deeply disturbed? If the headshrinker didn’t take that information to authorities, he could have been held culpable had she carried out her nefarious plan – so he more than likely would have done it. She needs psychiatric evaluation and treatment in a controlled environment until she has her head on straight and is no longer a danger to herself and others.

        • Mike, the father did what he should have done. Any other response, especially one that allows her free rein to do as she wishes, puts responsibility for any bad actions on her part on him in a major way.
          I understand the desire to be a good, loving dad here, but this girl has already decided to kill people, gotten the means to do so, and any action that allows her to do so is just not acceptable.

      • In addition, she is 18. This means that she has the ability to walk out of his house at any time, and continue on her path.

    • What was he supposed to do, ground her? She’s an adult. She can walk out of the house and buy another gun the minute he’s not looking. He stopped her from killing a bunch of kids (and probable herself) and you’re questioning his tactics?

      Glad he, unlike many other parents, had a shred of responsibility to society and not just to his own ego.

      • An 18year old living at home,supported by daddy and still in HS is hardly an “adult”. What was he supposed to do? Not be such a prick officer Hannibal…

        • She may be “hardly an adult” but youth and place of residence do not determine that. Him being nicer to his daughter just means she would’ve smiled at him before she went to blow up kids and he would have been confused and horrified and possibly criminally liable because he knew about the planned attack and did nothing. In the US you’re an adult legally at 18. Where you live and what you do has nothing to do with it. You put yourself in daddy’s spot. Talking to this kid clearly will not help- we’re way past the stage of taking her toys away and sitting her in the corner. What would you have done differently O Wise One?

        • “What was he supposed to do? Not be such a prick officer Hannibal…”
          I like how you ask one question, and answer with something else.
          He did what he was supposed to do. Had he followed your advice, do you really think she would have just said, “Oh, Daddy, you’re right. I’m sorry.”? Instead, since she had obviously given this some thought, planned it carefully, gathered the means to do the act, she probably would have killed him. What’s one more, once you’ve determined to kill others already?
          You really haven’t thought this through.

        • We’ll never know the conversations between the Sandy Hook fruitcake and his Mom before he shot her in the head while she slept, stole her guns and killed a bunch of 6-year-olds. I’m betting she would have told him not to do that. Better to call the police. My problem was a granddaughter living in my house with her father (my son) mother POS and long gone. Approaching 18, like from 15 on, absolutely out of control, sneaking out of the house at night to meet carloads of grown men at 3 am, ends up in jail on drug charges, you name it, and INSISTING that any wrongdoing had nothing to do with her, it was all somebody else, mostly her dad, sometimes me. 18 plus a week, adios, you’re gone, have a nice life. If I found an indication she was planning murder, I would drop a dime on her so fast it would make her head spin. And lock my door. And she has been raised in an affluent community, attending highly ranked schools and wanting for nothing, other than when dad took away her cell phone because she continuously misbehaved. Talking as though it is all real simple, in this day and age, just demonstrates your ignorance. If your BS worked for you, count your blessings and be happy you don’t have to walk a mile in my shoes.

    • Says a guy who has never had a close relative who suffered mental illness and delusion. Hey – come back when you have some real life experience to offer.

  2. That’s it. Manchin is public enemy number one.

    West Virgina, I know you are long time, die hard yellow dog dems.

    But it’s time to give up this turkey. You voted for constitutional carry! This “wood rifle bolt action shooting the Affordable Care Act” schmuck has to go. Come on, do it for us.

    Let’s get some REAL common sense gun safety measures passed.

    Like nationwide constitutional carry of destructive devices with 5 inch barrels.

  3. Woot!
    Well, okay, a $40 tax on my civil rights is a slightly lighter slap in the face, but it will mean the choice between groceries or a permit for the wifey a little easier to swallow. Funny, the certification class is now $15 higher than the state fee at the range I chose for us to frequent.

    • Just keep dropping it until John Q Public discovers he is actually paying for such nonsense thru his taxes, watch how fast you get constitutional carry.

  4. Mercado is a transgender woman who immigrated from the Philippines when she was 6 years old

    So this flake is a faux chick that has a pair or a chick that wants an addadicktame? And who needs to GO HOME.

    • If her/his/its preferences are pancakes, waffles, flapjacks or eggs, who cares so long as he/she/it supports the 2nd Amendment and individual rights.

        • Personally, I think anyone who has a yellow car is mentally ill. However, that’s just me. Call her he, call him she, doesn’t matter to me. That person wants the right to self defense with a firearm, good on em. That’s exactly what I’m here for.

        • Came here to say just that, Serge.

          Someone who is an outspoken Conservative: ACTUAL CRAZY PERSON, SO DANGEROUS, OMG

          Someone who believes they are the opposite sex, which is scientifically and biologically impossible and nonsensical: Totally fine, and don’t you DARE question their IDENTITY!

          Sorry, but transsexuals are insane. That’s not hateful, it’s humane. They need professional help, not affirmation of their illness. Imagine if we told a schizophrenic person that the voices in his head are totally cool and he should probably listen to their advice?

        • > Sorry, but transsexuals are insane. That’s not hateful, it’s humane. They need professional help, not affirmation of their illness. Imagine if we told a schizophrenic person that the voices in his head are totally cool and he should probably listen to their advice?

          The *professionals* generally agree that their dysphoria is harmless and doesn’t make them more likely to be violent psycho killers than the rest of the population. The *professionals* who help them have found that allowing people to wear the clothes that they want and, to the extent that science can alter their bodies, allowing them to do so is the best, most humane, long term solution. The *professionals* have found that it’s harder to fix their heads than for them to “fix” (to the extent they can) their bodies.

          Tell me, other than in movies, how often do you hear of transsexual mass murderers?

          If we’re not forced to pay for it, leave them the hell alone. They have every bit the right to defend their lives with a gun as we do.

        • You’re reading a HELL of a lot into my comment. I never said trannies are dangerous. I’m just agreeing with the point that they are insane, and they need help. Did you not read my analogy of a schizo who is encouraged to listen to the voices in his head? I feel bad for these people. I don’t want them to be hurt or killed or anything, I just want them to get help. And I never said they shouldn’t be able to own guns, though they ARE extremely likely to commit suicide, so maybe that should be looked at?

    • Any sailor making his first port call at Subic Bay was advised by his more experienced shipmates to do a “package check” on the girl he picked up. Olongapo aka Po City was notorious for it’s transvestite prostitutes.

    • A wise man once told me, “What does it matter what’s in a person’s pants, unless you’re trying to get in them?”

      Seriously, why the heck does it affect you? You want people to stay out of your life, and you know jack about this person, so why you wanting to do anything to them?

        • I’ve worked with several gays that I know of, doubtlessly more that I don’t know of, and you are just wrong. My kid brother was taken in by a man when his divorcing parents couldn’t figure out what to do with him, who we discovered years later was gay, a wonderful guy who raised my brother a hell of a lot better than his Dad would have. And hold the snark, that gentleman died some 10 years ago, my brother has been happily married for near 40 years now, still remembers him fondly as a dad, all your normal stupidity is just wrong.

      • People like you about 5 years ago said “How does it affect you if gays get married?”

        Well ask the florists, photographers, and bakers that got sued out of business and the churches that are next up on the hit list.

        Thomas Sowell describes nitwits like you as “First stage thinkers”. In other words incapable of thinking beyond the first flush of feeling good about yourself.

        • We gay gun owners are not the people suing bakers and florists; We’re the people defending individual rights and free-association just like you are. If you don’t want to bake me a gay wedding cake, that’s fine by me, I don’t want to do business with you… so we’re all good. It is people like me and my partner battling the crazy progressive agenda from the inside of the LGBT community. Dismiss or mock us if you’d like, I really don’t give a damn, I’ll still keep on fighting for your rights anyway.

        • “Well ask the florists, photographers, and bakers that got sued out of business and the churches that are next up on the hit list.”

          You are blaming the wrong people here.
          Those you mention aren’t actually being hunted by the individuals who were talked into suing, they were just the means being used to advance the left’s agenda of enlisting us all into the collective of big government.
          Those whose names were on the suits as the aggrieved could have simply gone to another business who would have gladly taken their money; instead they were duped into the idea that they suffered great harm.
          Those you mentioned were the victims of the left, who wants to eliminate all religion (except theirs) because religion (except their) espouses personal responsibility, which is anathema to big government that will take care of all your needs.
          We should keep our eyes on the ball, and not get distracted by feints.

        • “Well ask the florists, photographers, and bakers that got sued out of business and the churches that are next up on the hit list.”

          Those are very bad businesses to enter into if you intend to live your life as a bigoted, superstitious, controlling asshole. Churches which engage in electioneering and campaigning should be TAXED. No one forced those people to defy the legal system when they were ordered to provide the services they advertised. Ergo, they CHOSE to be sued out of business, hope they enjoy Burger King!

        • Homosexuals and libertarians are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They don’t believe in private property rights. Just ask their hero Gov Gary Johnson he supports using government force to take your property if you don’t bake that wedding cake.

          He and his libertarian side kick gov William Weld don’t support gun rights either. But they do support good satisfying homosexual sex in marriage and using legal crystal meth to improve your sexual experience. It was Weld who signed a state level ban on assault weapons in Massachusetts, that the proud white lesbian attorney general Maura Healy is using to disarm the citizens. To this day he has not said he was wrong in signing that bill. Nor has he said the AG healy is wrong and should stop.

          But don’t worry they both support gay marriage.

        • > Homosexuals and libertarians are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They don’t believe in private property rights. Just ask their hero Gov Gary Johnson he supports using government force to take your property if you don’t bake that wedding cake.

          You know very little about libertarians. Most libertarians completely disagree with Bake-the-cake-Johnson on that and a whole lot of other issues, and we agree with Weld on even less. Their nomination was a joke and a huge mistake, and they blew the chance of a lifetime. I pray the national Libertarian party gets their act together and next time around actually nominates Libertarians rather than the centrists that Johnson and Weld are.

  5. Ted Cruz and his Freedom Caucus buddies are the real never Trumpers. More than anybody else Ted Cruz has more to lose from a successful Trump Presidency than even the Democrats. Cruz’s strategy remains putting his opponents in his own party in untenable positions so they have to make deals that he can use to discredit them. He did this in 2013 with leadership to create an insurgency and he did by sucking up to Trump early in the campaign so Trump would take out his rivals. He was still using Trump as late as the Florida primary. The Democrats did a good job of pushing Trump to the right and now Cruz and the Freedom Caucus will he push him back to left. Make no mistake Trump likes to get things done and will deals to do it. If it takes background checks to get key components of his program through Congress then he will do it. This is what Cruz wants. His objective is to wreck the Trump Presidency even if it means giving he Democrats control of Congress so he can “ride to the rescue” in 2020. Everybody is dumping on Paul Ryan these days but he isn’t the problem. It’s Cruz. If we want to protect out gun rights we need to encourage Rick Perry to primary Cruz and get him out of the way.

    • Whoa! Where have I been?!? When did Ted Cruz give up his Senate seat and get elected to the House of Representatives?

    • So, the problem in the GOP is:
      A. The hardline small-government conservatives
      B. The moderate dealmakers a la Ryan, Graham, McCain
      C. The vote-with-dems-more-often-than-Reps New England Republicans like Olympia Snowe and Kelly Ayotte.
      D. All of the above

      Who’s left? Who do you like other than Donny Himself?

    • So you don’t have a problem with Trump taking a clearly Leftist position with TrumpCare? And you’re pissed off at the Freedom Caucus- the only group of Republicans who actually stood by their campaign promises to repeal ObamaCare instead of replacing it with ObamaCare Light? What do you want them to do? Turn their backs on their constituents and play Democrat or would you rather they do precisely what they were elected to do?

      • If you had read his campaign website, you’d have seen that his plan all along was to expand .gov’s influence on health care. DJT is not now, nor has he ever been, Conservative. Am I OK with his expansion of ObamaTrumpCare? Not at all, but I KNEW that when I voted for him (because I actually researched his positions.)

        Neil Gorsuch makes my vote worthwhile, though. I don’t regret a thing.

  6. Jerry Large of the Seattle Times has not yet met a gun confiscation idea that he didn’t wanna make babies with. I’m happy to say that my comments are fifth-ranked out of 170 comments so far, gently pointing out that we do not have a unique gun fascination in the world, we have a unique drug and gang violence issue unique to the world, that for myriad political reasons we are unwilling and unable to prosecute.

    The logical underpinnings of Jerry’s arguments are simply embarrassing and reprehensible, at best, and the frightening thing is he is the best that the Seattle Times has to offer on the issues He is the columnist for the Times that is most often the benefactor of suspended comments. As soon as he posts anything, the Times will shut down all reader comments to protect his special snowflake status

  7. $2,500 fine, ’cause satans got no $$$ and Planned Parenthood might get defunded, ’cause nothing says GOVERNMENT INFLICTED “SAFETY” LIKE A FING BUCKET OF LATE-TERM “CHOICES” that companies pay for to make into food and medicine that’s why they can’t receive a pauper’s field burial or cremation.

  8. who needs to fight off the government when it cowers in the face of the gun lobby?

    Isn’t that kind of the point? Keep the government in fear of the people, so the people need not fear their government?

  9. ugh. Transgender. Even self-respecting normal gay people are able to recognize that those people are seriously mentally ill.

    • Whatever happened to te good old days of the Rocky Horror Picture Show huh? :sigh; I’ll take transgender over Trans-Species any day tho.

  10. The dad is an idiot. Should had sat down with his daughter and talked about it. It could had be a work of fiction.

    Yay for Texas.

    • Alan did you miss the part about having a shotgun and bomb making material like a pipe with end caps and shrapnel material? That puts it much more likely a work in progress than a work of fiction but maybe dad should of waited until she was pointing the shotgun at him to kick off her killing spree like the Sandyhook shooter’s mom did.

    • A work of fiction with props, like a shotgun and pipe bomb? I know I know, when I write my novels I like to have a dragon laying around and a sword that steals souls, but that’s just me.

      Sometimes you get past the point of talk and the risk is too great. Good for dad and getting his daughter the help she needs.

    • If it was a work of fiction, no long term harm done by turning her in.
      If not, and he’d just sat her down for a talk, she probably would have killed him, as she’d already determined to kill others (what’s one more?), and amassed the means to do so.
      I am amazed.

  11. “Mercado is a transgender woman who immigrated from the Philippines when she was 6 years old”

    No. He is a Filipino-American with some delusionary behaviors. He is a child of God and deserving of dignity and love.

  12. Sjt, and you care…why? They like guns…a lot. They’re good people in my book, especially since so many LGBT, etc. folks are liberal, mindless (but I repeat myself) Democrats (see: California).
    This site is about firearms, not sexual orientation.

  13. The right to guns is a political issue pressed by a powerful lobby …

    … who needs to fight off the government when it cowers in the face of the gun lobby?

    Where is this juggernaut gun lobby of which Mr. Jerry Large speaks? Last I checked, the only thing the gun lobby did at the federal level was convince the House of Representatives to NOT:
    (1) renew (or revive) “assault weapons” ban
    (2) require universal background checks

    If our gun lobby were truly an irresistible force, then fedzilla would be repealing the blatantly unconstitutional federal gun-free school zones act, Hughes Amendment, Gun Control Act of 1968, and the National Firearms Act of 1934. Also, local, state, and federal government employees would actually support national Constitutional carry (both open and concealed carry, without any licensing or permitting) as the law of the Land.

  14. Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe in Virgina is just like California Democrat Gov Jerry Brown. They both support rape or at least just look the other way. It seems its better than having a gun in the hands of a stalking victim.


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