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It must be hard being a gun control advocate these days. The antis no longer have a champion in the White House. Republicans control (if that’s the right word) both the Presidency and the legislature. A pro-gun Supreme Court nominee is a shoe-in. Pro-gun states are rolling back gun control laws, implementing Constitutional Carry (amongst other things). So it’s no wonder . . .

That they view Japan’s gun control regime with extreme longing. Never mind that Japan is one of the world’s most closed nations; anti-gun liberals see see no connection between the island nation’s anti-immigration policies and their “gun free” utopia.

Having spent three months in Japan, I can assure you that life’s better in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Unless you’re part of the Japanese borg. Which is everyone in Japan, basically. Who can’t even conceive of the cultural diversity and individual freedoms we enjoy.

Every been to Japan? If so, ammirite?

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  1. Not only is much of that incorrect, this is one example… ” Only 13 states require background checks for a gun purchase”, they completely ignore deaths by means besides a gun. And if they really want to be honest, they would throw in the massive Japanese suicide rate, but of course that wouldn’t move the narrative forward.

  2. Lived there for a while, and it does have some nice features like any society(good food, family values, beautiful scenery and some badass history), but at the end of the day, your a guest in japan whether you’ve been there 2 hours or 20 years. And while its nice to visit, it’s not America or American and that’s ok, they got what they got, and so long as they don’t try to change my way of life by arms or policy, they are all right by me.

    • Absolutely agreed. It is a fantastic place, a wonderful society, and the most utterly foreign place on Earth. No foreign country is “as” foreign as Japan is.

      And yes, they are an absolutely monochromatic society — everyone looks alike, acts alike, dresses alike, has the same hair color, the same eye color, wears the same uniform, and they like it that way.

      And they are fascinated by the US, especially the idea of Clint Eastwood or the Lone Ranger. Individuality is not a Japanese thing, it doesn’t register in their minds. They are a society, a — well, almost a “hive mind” if you want to say it that way, societally. Individually they obviously go through the same struggles and the same feelings as we all do, but they are conditioned that one does not act in certain ways in society. So just as we are fascinated by how “odd” they are, they are fascinated by how odd WE are. Guns, outlaws, superheroes, car chases, all the TV tropes — they are just utterly foreign to them.

      And yes, no matter how long you live there, you will always be an outsider. That’s just the way it is. Immigration is practically impossible unless you marry a Japanese citizen, and they don’t embrace multiculturality. And they are one of the most peaceful, crime-free societies on earth (so long as, you know, they’re not trying to conquer all of China and southeast Asia and expanding the Empire and all…)

      • Indeed. My understanding (which is admittedly less than thorough) of their culture is that, not only is it highly collectivist, but that it’s the total opposite in some ways compared to ours. Here in the states, with out strong cultural emphasis on individualism, we revere the archetype of the rogue, the rebel, etc. In Japan, it’s the opposite: that is an archetype to be shunned, and if it’s discovered in real life, it’s a mark of shame rather than pride.

      • “And yes, they are an absolutely monochromatic society — everyone looks alike, acts alike, dresses alike, has the same hair color, the same eye color, wears the same uniform, and they like it that way.”

        Not the kids. Not by a longshot. You can really see it in their automotive ‘tuner’ scene. In transportation, their independent truckers have an ‘art truck’ thing going on:

        • And let’s not forget their Bosozoku car culture… I want to build one here in Texas, but just can’t work up the balls to pull the trigger.

        • Oh, yeah.

          Those freaky tailpipes…

          To do it right you need an early model Maxima or preferably an impossible to find stateside Skyline for a chassis…

      • “…. and the most utterly foreign place on Earth. No foreign country is “as” foreign as Japan is.”

        I have been to Japan four or five times over the years and it is very different but I will disagree with you on this.

        If you really want foreign go to Saudi Arabia.

        • I have been to Japan and a couple other countries. I currently live in China and have lived in Mongolia in the past. I would agree that Japan is not as foreign of a place as many might think. China and Mongolia are both a bit more foreign than Japan (in my experience).

  3. I haven’t been in Japan for almost 20 years but it was not a place that encouraged thinking for yourself back then. Probably describes most antis as they just repeat the same ideology no matter how many times it’s disproved.

    Japanese tourists were huge customers of local gun hire range when I lived at Gold Coast Australia

    • They are still frequent customers at gun ranges whenever they visit the States. Japan could have an awesome shooting community if they would deregulate weapons, but they’ve held onto this stupid hierarchical system since the early days of the Tokugawa shogunate 400 years ago. It did create peace between local lords, but it was also oppressive toward those same lords and the samurai class could cut commoners down in the street just for fun. Japan is the birthplace of airsoft, and they could probably hold their own against American 3-gunners and other competitive shooters if the laws were loosened.

      • I was at the range about a month ago and the lane next to me was 3 Japanese guys. 1 spoke english, and clearly new what he was doing and owned a gun so he was a local. The other 2 were clearly visitors, and having the time of their lives.

  4. I had to stop after US people died morphed into Japanese being murdered. Go take a research course.

  5. Law Enforcement in Japan is an absolute joke. There are often only two types of death that get investigated or reported (the only they will acknowledge outside of natural causes) it can only be suicide or accidental death. This skews their crime reporting favorably. Crime goes severely under reported as well. Rapes and many crimes against persons/property are handled outside of the criminal justice system, because of how corrupt it is. Apology hush money is paid. Japan is not as is often represented. Things are safe and nice on the surface, but they have serious organized crime problems, human trafficking being particularly prevalent.

  6. I’d invite everyone to read about Japan in the book, The Samurai, The Mountie, and The Cowboy by David Kopel and see some of the downside of living there.
    For example in the US the police have 36 hours to press charges before a judge or release you. In Japan, its ten days and it can be extended to twenty if I recall correctly. They have a very high confession rate.

    • This is a very important book for not only the gun control aspects, but the criminology aspects and cultural aspects.

      Dave Kopel, BTW, was a “nice Jewish boy practicing environmental law,” when Don Kates got hold of him. After that, Mr. Kopel became another one of the giants of the RKBA movement in the 90’s. “The Samurai, The Mounty and The Cowboy” is one of the better works in examining “why do nations have such different rates of crime?” – never mind gun crime all by itself.

      The short tl;dr answer for those asking the question of Japan is this: Japan is essentially a police state. The police might not be armed, but they are ubiquitous, they poke their noses into everyone’s business, and they’re given huge powers to get a confession out of someone. Well over 90% of crimes in Japan are solved via confession. They have a rate of case closure that makes ours look pathetic – but there, citizens have almost none of the protections against false prosecution that we do. It wouldn’t matter if you gave every Japanese household a Glock 19; their crime rate probably would even wiggle.

      I highly recommend Dave Kopel’s book to people. It really gives a much broader understanding of different cultures’ responses to crime.

    • I wondered if someone would mention this. They have a high conviction rate based on confessions more than 90% of the time. And judges are known to turn a blind-eye on how the confessions were obtained.

  7. Does anyone actually read this crap? I mean seriously, this makes even “The_Resistance” seem a sane and wise transcriber of fact….

    “The US has about 3.2 million deaths per gun whereas Japan has less than 1 million deaths per gun.”

    Was this satire, or the work of someone who was obviously spent several months with their umbilical cord wrapped tightly around their neck. Retarded would be aspirational for this fvckwit.

  8. The Corps sent me there for 6 months (Iwakuni) back in the first half of 1998 (Yes, back when Christ was a Corporal).

    I must agree. A totally cohesive society. No one can become Japanese, no imigration, no “green cards”. All Japanese were born that way. Everyone else is “Gai Jin”. But, that said, one hell of a place to party, especially when Uncle Sam pays you “Over seas” pay to be there. Hell, even the few homeless they have are friendly, they’ll share their booze with an American, but they still kinda see you as an “outsider (Gai Jin means “foreign devil”). A homeless bum looking down on a Marine….weird, but that fool was polite…I can say that much.

    • but they have no crime because they all think the same. If it wasn’t for the status of forces agreement, any politician with enough drive could probably whip them mindless robots into a new empire. But, alas, we crippled their military, and their young men don’t chase girls anymore, only girly-looking pillows. That’s one reason why their population is dying. Gun control arguments won’t work with Japan as an example in either direction. That place is tge twilight zone.

      • “but they have no crime because they all think the same.”

        They have some crime, but it’s not dealt with like we don’t deal with it. (Dig for the meaning there)

        They have regional organized crime families that operate openly, with business cards and offices listed in the phone directories.

        The typical stuff, drugs, prostitution, gambling, protection rackets, etc.

        But they tend to keep their business out of sight and out of the newspapers.

        They have even have mob wars sporadically, some of those make it into the news, but that’s like once every few decades stuff…

        • Exactry. And the Yakuza have plenty of guns (all illegal ‘natch). Difference being it’s mainly to threaten their enemies, or use against an individual, and make sure the body is never found. If they actually start a shooting war, all those cops who let then slide raid every office they know about, and the ones they thpught the cops don’t know about, arresting everyone, It’s happened a couple of times that I’ve seen reported, and they take all the players off the field.

    • Gaijin/外人 (Outside. Person.) actually just means “outsider” (it was historically used for people outside organizations ect. that were the same race) or “foreign person” (in all modern use). It becoming a slur (The polite term is supposed to be Gaikunijin/外国人, outside country person.) is relatively recent.

    • @ matty:

      Just to be nit-picky, “gaijin” doesn’t mean “foreign devil” as you believe. It literally means “person from another place”:

      外 “gai” = outside, other place
      人 “jin” = person, human

      “Jin” is exactly the same word they would use to refer to a Japanese person: eg. “nihonjin” (日本人) = “person from Japan”.


      Otherwise, having lived in Japan for a year as a student, about fifteen years ago, I agree with everyone commenting on the cultural homogeneity and (to us) the weirdness of the place.

  9. Oh yeah, and they do the general death numbers for the US (pop 330MM) mainly natural causes, and then we show the murder rate for Japan as per 1000. Comparing apples to footballs, brilliant!

    Not to mention the ‘buying a gun is like buying a car’ analogy which is just flat-out wrong in most states, and nobody requires tags, or liability insurance, There is no written test, health check. or required training.

    Seriously, how Dunning-Kruger can you be and still somehow be smart enough to turn a computer on?

    • My theory is the focus on cleanliness & decorum was to compensate for all the ugliness beneath. Human sacrifice, summary executions, slavery, euthanasia, don’t seem so bad when the tea ceremony is sufficiently beautiful. Europeans meanwhile were swimming in mud, plague, and witch hunts, so…

  10. Spent 2 weeks there a couple years ago. My thoughts. People were very polite except for Hiroshima. Food was excellent. Public transportation was incredible.
    Really hot and humid. I enjoyed the time there but wouldn’t live there. A little too orderly for my liking.

  11. I tell you one thing. If you’re on a train during off hours, and the whole train is empty, even then Japanese will sit with their legs and hands as close as possible. It’s weird how they can be conditioned to not having any room to stretch out. Even stranger is how they look at a Texas boy for taking advantage of the spare room by stretching out. Just a weird mindset. If a Japanese was in Texas on a ranch, he’d probably sit all tight and uncomfy in a rocking chair on the porch.

  12. Hmm, the video disappeared. Wonder what I “miss”?

    My brother was stationed there, before leaving his wife there while he ran off to Gulf War I. She said that the Japanese are unfailingly polite, but after a while she and the other Air Force wives found themselves preferring to stay on base, as despite the politeness, the Japanese were essentially xenophobic, and Americans were perpetual outsiders. After two years, she was happy to leave.

    • “Hmm, the video disappeared. Wonder what I “miss”?”

      I *think* this is what he was intending to be there.

      (An early 80’s pop tune about what someone’s face looks like during orgasm.)

  13. Japan actually had more guns per capita than any country in the world during the Sengoku, and Nobunaga invented a lot of the big tactics for using firearms as a battlefield weapon (which is why he was effectively the one to unify the country. Only reason it wasn’t him is that he was assassinated when it was at the “pick up the pieces” stage.)

    The Democrat’s hatred of civilian firearm ownership and refusal to allow that human right in any reconstructed country was one of the worst things to ever happen to gun rights.

    • Might want to do some more reading about Nobunaga and his “sword hunts”. Before his time in the Sengoku period civilians were fairly free to possess and carry weapons, but he put a stop to that by mass forceable confiscation.

  14. The Zalt family were stationed in Yoko 2007-10. The Zalt daughter and I traveled all over and thoroughly enjoyed it. One observation though. The out of the mainstream people you see there — Goths, cos-players ,etc. Are only superficially different than mainstream Japanese. Under the costume they are all of the same hive.

  15. Lived in Japan for a few years. It’s very safe thanks to the culture. You have to give up hobbies like hunting and shooting but you don’t even think about robberies or home invasions.
    I liked it and was successful there but it’s not for everyone.

  16. I was stationed in northern Japan for 6 years, and absolutely loved it there.

    Sure, you have no 2nd amendment rights there, but for the most part, you don’t need it… maybe different (more crime) in the larger cities…

    Excellent food, excellent snowboarding, everyone is super polite (even to us Gai Jin), and making friends with “the locals” can give you access to “Japanese only” clubs, bars, restaurants, etc.

    I even got lost once and ended up in a tiny dead-end fishing village with maybe 100 residents, bordered by a mountain on one side and the ocean on the other… literally the end of the road after having seen nothing for the previous half hour… those people couldn’t have been nicer, even though I spoke almost no Japanese, and the only English word spoken by them was “mountain.” It’s entirely possible I was the first white person ever to set foot in that village.

    And for the simple “cool factor,” as we were leaving that village, after rounding a couple turns we had to stop for a few minutes as a large family of snow monkeys were playing in the road, taking their sweet time crossing into the forest on the other side.

    Japan is an amazing country.

  17. And the sad irony is that the Japanese are the pre-imminent example of an armed society being a polite society. They’ve had an armed ruling class for nearly a thousand years with the ability to murder any lesser class at will. It was so effective that the lethal outcomes associated with perceived offense has ingrained apology as part of regular social interaction.

    People are polite when they can be slain at the drop of a hat.

  18. You can indeed own shotguns and rifles in Japan. You must of course go through lengthy training and paperwork and keep guns locked up in a safe. Here in the U.S. it is considered un-American to keep children from getting killed with unlocked guns as it would increase the overpopulation and criminals would lose their rights to steal guns from homes.

    Japan has outlawed handguns for over 300 years but in the U.S. you can often get a handgun anywhere but are far more likely to be killed by someone you know such as a family member, relative or co-worker, not an attack by a criminal.

    In the Japan they have National Health Care and it is not based on the Insurance System which U.S. Congressmen need to invest in in and profit from, making billions when the Insurance and Drug companies bankrupt ill people.

    And yes you can go to any doctor you want to in Japan under their National Health Care Plan.

    During the great Japanese tsunami the Government put up bridges in hours while In my own home town in the U.S. it took 3 years to get a replacement bridge.

    During Katrina the U.S. police shot and killed people fleeing the mass murder (the bridge incident) at Katrina while in Japan the police helped people. The Japanese military came to help people unarmed while in the U.S. the military came armed to the teeth with m16 rifles.

    In the Japanese tsunami people returned wallets full of money to their rightful owners while at Katrina , mass looting robber and rape were the norm.

    In Japan you get 6 weeks vacation to start work and more holidays than the U.S. In the U.S. today many people get absolutely no holidays off including Christmas and no vacation time either.

    In Europe and Japan people get family leave, free education, free health care, earlier retirement, higher benefits on retirement.

    Japan has been at peace for 72 years while the U.S. has had war after war of conquest, rape and pillage all of which prevented any meaningful social programs from being passed or implemented to help the U.S. people. We have become a debtor nations because we have and continue to spend over half our tax dollars on war.

    Japan has a lower death rate from cancer especially men’s prostate cancer.

    Japan has a longer life span than the U.S.

    Japan has a lower crime and murder rate than the U.S.

    Japan has a neighbor friendly society while in the U.S. your neighbor is considered your enemy and few people even know who their neighbors are.

    Japanese people do not go bankrupt when they become ill because of their National Health Care System which is not based on the corrupt Insurance Companies.

    Yes Japan has outlawed handguns for 300 years while in the U.S. in most places you can get one so that you can be killed by a member of your own family or a relative (leading cause of most handgun deaths in the U.S. not criminal attacks)

    Japan has way less mass murders. In the U.S. it takes place almost monthly and by Natural Born Citizens mostly White Supremacists who shoot up abortion clinics and minority churches proving that Islamophobia is a fantasy of the far racists right fanatics.

    Japanese Cops shoot far few people in years as compared to the U.S. who shoot more people in only months. In China in 2015 only 4 people were shot by police and China has 4 1/2 times the population and in Germany Cops shot only 12 people and they get 3 years of mandatory intensive training and the vet out Psycho’s from becoming Cops. In the U.S. any Psycho wanting to become a Cop usually does and is told the way to handle all problems including spitting on the sidewalk is simply to execute people in broad daylight on the spot. The U.S. Cops shot down 1,500 people in 2016 as opposed to China’s 4 and Germany’s 12. Hey we are number one in something. Makes you proud to be an American.

    Canada is now considered the better place for all Americans to go to especially if you are from the lower working classes as you will have a much better opportunity to succeed economically through a more equitable educational system not based on property taxes and you will have more job opportunities as well.

    Many college graduates from the U.S. are going to Europe for jobs and a better and more secure future and many people sent to work in Europe from the U.S. often stay there and do not return because of the social benefits they receive there with citizenship.

    France created more high tech jobs in 2015 than did the U.S. which is a far bigger country proving that Socialism does not stifle economic growth at all. Germany is one of the top wealthiest counties in Europe and has been Socialistic for Decades.

    Japan has far fewer mass murders while in the U.S. it takes place almost monthly and contrary to popular belief the mass murderers are natural born citizens who are mostly white supremacists who shoot up abortion clinics and minority churches proving Islamaphobia is a fantasy of the far right racist fanatics.

    In 2013, a revision of the Criminal Law introduced a new option for sentencing narcotics users that offers convicts suspended sentences and probation. Authorities hope the new procedure will allow addicts to be rehabilititated back into society and, ultimately, reduce recidivism. This is what Europe has been doing for quite some time now which is decriminalizing drug addiction. Some European countries give out free drugs if the addict agrees to enter a treatment program. Its actually cheaper than hiring thousands of police, and incarcerating people. Drug gangs are often run out of business when addicts can get drugs for free.

      • He left out a couple of things about Japan:

        First, there are no MS-13, Latin Kings, Bloods, Crips, or other non-Japanese ethnic gangs because immigration, for the most part, doesn’t exist. Anti-immigration policy keeps the peace in Japan. Pro-immigration policy that maintains the tide of illegals from the south keeps the death toll high in the US.

        Second, in Japan, if you ain’t Japanese, you ain’t sh!t.

    • cisco kid, here in the U.S. (a place that you’ve never been), it’s actually un-American to simply leave your guns strewn about where children can get to them, not that some Eurotrash POS like you would know that. And it’s actually you Liberals that raised the boogeyman of “overpopulation” back in the 60s and 70s, too, by the way. But, hey, only the criminals even have rights over there in the Eurozone where you’re from.

      But in Japan you can also get a handgun anywhere, if you have the right connections, of course. In the U.S., you’re actually more likely to be killed by a criminal if you’re a criminal.

      In Japan, they have a much smaller and less diverse population that is already well below the replacement rate due to the high taxes associated with a less efficient, less effective, and less innovative national healthcare system.

      And no, you can’t go to any doctor you want to in Japan under their national health care plan.

      Japan is hit by tsunamis pretty often, and they have replacing infrastructure affected by that specifically down a science. Other causes? Not so much.

      During Katrina, U.S. police shot and killed those doing the mass murder (the bridge incident). All the while, the military was repeatedly subject to sporadic small arms fire in the aftermath of Katrina, too.

      In the U.S. today, many people get many holidays off including Christmas with at least two weeks paid vacation time, too.

      In Europe and Japan, people barely have any kids at all, still travel here for a better education, better healthcare, and better retirement.

      Japan has relied on us for their protection for 72 years, while Presidents that you WOULD have voted for kept the U.S. on a war footing, spending 17% of our tax dollars on war and more than half our tax dollars on “meaningful” social programs.

      Japan has a much less diverse population with far fewer health problems to respond to. The U.S. has the better 5 and 10-year cancer survival rate, bar none.

      In the U.S., mass murders don’t take place monthly and there has never been any legitimate reporting to that effect, and mostly by Natural Born Black Supremacists who shoot up kid’s birthday parties and even hospital rooms on occasion if we were to use the whorestream “news” media’s false definition, proving that Islamaphobia is a fantasy of the far left racist fanatics.

      China is a police state with no reliable outside reporting at all. Makes you proud to be a European.

      America is still considered a better place for all Canadians to go to, especially if you are from the lower working class, as you will actually have much better opportunity to succeed economically through an actually equitable education system that is not deferential to violent migrants, and have more job opportunities here as well.

      Many college graduates from Europe are coming to the U.S. for jobs and a better, ore secure future, and many people sent to work in the U.S. from Europeoften stay here and do not return because of the actual benefits they receive here with citizenship.

      The U.S. created more tech jobs than France in 2015, proving that socialism does stifle economic growth at all levels and across all industries. Germany is actually wealthy because it is more fiscally responsible by not being socialist for decades (remember Hitler being a socialist?), unlike France.

      • quote—————————-And no, you can’t go to any doctor you want to in Japan under their national health care plan.———————–

        Excedrin Headache before running your mouth off and making the usual fool of your self with your usual Moronic Babblings perhaps you should do a little research first. I am really laughing over this one.

        Patients are free to select physicians or facilities of their choice and cannot be denied coverage. Hospitals, by law, must be run as non-profit and be managed by physicians. For-profit corporations are not allowed to own or operate hospitals. Clinics must be owned and operated by physicians.

        If Excedrin Headache new anything at all about U.S. health care you would know that many health policies including my own you have a 2 tier system of “in or out of network”. If you see a Doctor “out of network” you often pay double the fees so it is the U.S. that prevents many people from seeing the best qualified Doctor because of cost. The U.S. therefore in this instance is vastly inferior to Japans “see any Doctor” policy.

        Although no system is perfect and Japan has its system problems as well in regards to emergency admittance here are many other advantages that make the corrupt U.S. system shameful to say the least.

        Medical fees are strictly regulated by the government to keep them affordable. Depending on the family income and the age of the insured, patients are responsible for paying 10%, 20%, or 30% of medical fees, with the government paying the remaining fee.[2] Also, monthly thresholds are set for each household, again depending on income and age, and medical fees exceeding the threshold are waived or reimbursed by the government.

        The government has well controlled cost over decades by using the nationally uniform fee schedule for reimbursement. The government is also able to reduce fees when the economy stagnates. In the 1980s, health care spending was rapidly increasing as was the case with many industrialized nations. While some countries like the U.S. allowed costs to rise, Japan tightly regulated the health industry to rein in costs.[7] Fees for all health care services are set every two years by negotiations between the health ministry and physicians. The negotiations determine the fee for every medical procedure and medication, and fees are identical across the country. If physicians attempt to game the system by ordering more procedures to generate income, the government may lower the fees for those procedures at the next round of fee setting.[8] This was the case when the fee for an MRI was lowered by 35% in 2002 by the government.[8] Thus, as of 2009, in the U.S. an MRI of the neck region could cost $1,500, but in Japan it cost US$98.[9] Japan has had “catastrophic coverage” since 1973. Once a patient’s monthly copayment reaches a cap, no further copayment is required.[10] The threshold for the monthly copayment amount is tiered into three levels according to income and age.[6][11

        People in Japan have the longest life expectancy at birth of those in any country in the world. Life expectancy at birth was 83 years in 2009 (male 79.6 years, female 86.4 years).[4]

        A comparison of the data from United States Renal Data System (USRDS) 2009 and Japan Renology Society 2009 shows that the annual mortality of patients undergoing dialysis in Japan is 13% compared to 22.4% in the US. Five-year survival of patients under dialysis is 59.9% in Japan and 38% in the US.
        Japanese outcomes for high level medical treatment is generally competitive with that of the US. A comparison of two reports in the New England Journal of Medicine by MacDonald et al.[17] and Sakuramoto et al.[18] suggest that outcomes for gastro-esophageal cancer is better in Japan than the US in both patients treated with surgery alone and surgery followed by chemotherapy. Japan excels in the five-year survival rates of colon cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and liver cancer based on the comparison of a report by the American Association of Oncology and another report by the Japan Foundation for the Promotion of Cancer research.[19

        Japanese patients favor medical technology such as CT scans and MRIs, and they receive MRIs at a per capita rate 8 times higher than the British and twice as high as Americans.[8] In most cases, CT scans, MRIs and many other tests do not require waiting periods. Japan has about three times as many hospitals per capita as the US[23] and, on average, Japanese people visit the hospital more than four times as often as the average American

        In Japan, services are provided either through regional/national public hospitals or through private hospitals/clinics, and patients have universal access to any facility, though hospitals tend to charge more to those patients without a referral. As above, costs in Japan tends to be quite low compared to those in other developed countries, but utilization rates are much higher. Most one doctor clinics do not require reservations and same day appointments are the rule rather than the exception.

        • If cisco man-child knew anything at all about U.S. health care, which he wouldn’t because he’s never even been here at all, he would actually know that many insurance policies are necessarily two-tiered because of government regulation. If you see a doctor “out of network,” you also don’t often have to pay double the fees, so it is the U.S. government that prevents many people from seeing the best-qualified doctors because of cost and NOT insurance companies. The U.S. is still, however, vastly superior to Japan because the U.S. still provides the best care, hands-down and bar none.

          Medical fees in the U.S. are strictly regulated by the government which makes them unaffordable. The government deliberately causes huge market distortions and then deliberately hampers the response of the industry to adapt.

          In top-down systems, the government has actually well-hidden the cost by removing price tags and digging so deeply into people’s pockets that they’re not having kids anymore. This is what I’VE repeatedly pointed out to you in the recent past and conclusively proven it with things that can’t be edited by anyone, anytime, from anywhere, anonymously.

          Also, Japan is over 99% ethnically pure and immigration is virtually non-existent. With a much smaller and less diverse population to deal with, it’s much easier to maintain the health of individuals. Again, an inconvenient fact that I’ve not only repeatedly pointed out to you, and thereby cutting the legs out from any and all (non)arguments you made, but one you’ve again refused delivery for.

          So, by all means, keep making a complete fool of yourself and keep falsely projecting your own foolishness onto everyone else.

          We’re still right. You’re still wrong. Nothing you think, say or do is ever going to change that, either.

      • Quote————————–If you see a doctor “out of network,” you also don’t often have to pay double the fees, ——————————————Quote————-

        Excedrin Headache when I go to see a specialist the Co pay is $50 “in network” and $100 “out of network”. Now $50 x 2 equals $100. Excedrin Headache if you had passed math class you would understand this simple math.

        And if your God was not Rush Limbhead you would realize that “no”, the Government does not make Insurance Companies use two tier systems. As a matter of fact if you are rich and can afford more expensive policies there is no two tier system at all. Like most Hill Jacks you obviously have no health insurance or you would be aware of these differences in Insurance policies. There are many more but discussing them would be way over your head.

        Your out of your League Jethro, stop making an utter fool out of yourself.

        Quote————————In the U.S. today, many people get many holidays off including Christmas with at least two weeks paid vacation time, too.———————-

        Japan gets 6 weeks vacation the first day on the job Jethro and more vacation time when they accumulate sonority. When you started work Jethero how much vacation time did you get? Usually in the distant past it was only 1 week and today since the bulk of Americans work in retail or warehouses full of foreign made goods they often get only part time work which means no vacation time and no holidays off.

        Please explain Jethro are those Robots that wait on people in U.S. stores on holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and 4th of July? Remember Jethro you just claimed they get this time off.

        Quote——————-Also, Japan is over 99% ethnically pure and immigration is virtually non-existent. With a much smaller and less diverse population to deal with, it’s much easier to maintain the health of individuals. —————-Quote—————–

        Jethro that was really a racist “over the top” comment. Would you like to explain that one to us all? This should really be interesting. Are you claiming a less diverse population does not get cancer, or communicable diseases? It appears that this is what you are implying which would mean racially Japanese are superior to Americans. I am sure this will stick in your craw. Stepped right into that one didn’t you?

        Quote——————-Medical fees in the U.S. are strictly regulated by the government which makes them unaffordable.——————Quote—————–

        I wish the medical fees were dictated by the Government. That is precisely what National Health Care does in some countries (but not all countries) you Moron and we do not have National Health Care here in America. Next time ask one of your neighbors (since you never go to a Doctor) and when they are at the Doctors office ask the Doctor if the Government sets his fees. I am sure he will either outright laugh or give you that look of (I am dealing with a real Right Wing Nut Case here).

        Quote———————–In top-down systems, the government has actually well-hidden the cost by removing price tags and digging so deeply into people’s pockets that they’re not having kids anymore——————Quote

        Lower birth rates are a fact of all Industrialized Nations including the U.S. which I have pointed out before. Today the U.S. birth rate is only half of what it once was. Coupled with the fact that we have an aging population the U.S. actually needs more immigrants to pay “into the system” to support the necessary tax revenues to run the country. Today only 8 men control 90 per cent of the worlds wealth. This is why there is no money left over for people in any Industrialized Nation to afford large families anymore. It matters not if the system is Socialistic or Capitalistic the lower birth rate of both economic systems proves this as the Stats are there for all to see except for people like you who are to shiftless to look them up.

        in conclusion despite your total ignorance the U.S. is also a Socialistic Country except we do not have all of the programs that other Civilized Socialistic Nations have had for decades. Have you ever heard of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Aid to Education. Federal Matching funds for Highway repair, just to name a few of the U.S. Socialistic Programs.

        Wake up Jethro our spending 53 per cent of our total tax revenue on wars of rape, pillage and conquest coupled with the Republicans giving themselves tax breaks and investing in the Health Care Industry so that the Insurance and Drug companies can rape the U.S. people is what is preventing us from adopting a National Health Care Plan that the entire rest of the Industrialized World has had for decades.

        Its History that has proven you wrong Jethro but like most Hill Jacks you flunked that too in school.

        • Uhm Japan has 38% more violent death per capita than the US. You use US gun sucide but not overall suicide

    • Chinese police only shot 4 people in 2015? Even if that were true, it would be way below the number of people they killed.

  19. There hasn’t been much change nationally on the gun control front. I want Gorsuch and many more federal Pro gun judges. I want Ginsberg replaced by a functional pro-Constitution human being. I want the HPA and increased federal protection of the RKBA written into law.

    The Republicans had also better pick up the Rand Paul version of healthcare, and not just drop the idiotic Paul Ryan version. Otherwise, Republicans risk getting slaughtered in the 2018 mid terms and the Democrats can really ramp up their “righteous” obstructuonism.

    Also, I want to blow another $150 at Big Gun Fun in West Yellowstone. I just shot a full auto SBR Kriss Vector, Tommy Gun, and olde-school Gatling gun as well as my modded Glock 23 (which was much more accurate than the previous three). Good times.

    Anyways, things are good now but I want permanent and long-lasting change. Elizabeth Warren is a blathering idiot and should be as defeatable as Hillary 2016, but Trump needs to bring some more goods to the table.

  20. I dated a Japanese girl once, she dressed conservatively and was soft spoken but sweet. When the lights turned off she was a dirty dirty girl lmao. High 5’s all around.

  21. Japan, is not a wonderful place, and god help America, if socialism ever unzips its pants, ready to socially gangbang Liberty’s ass into submission.
    Japanese citizens are pretty much slaves, and their government takes a whole hell of a lot more than our government does.
    So, if anyone thinks America’s government is bad, at taxing, and taking, it’s nothing compared to the Japanese government!
    They are slaves, and that’s why their no guns bullshit works, and you can’t even own a sword, unless it is under strict guidelines, or anything else the Japanese government don’t want a citizen to have!
    That isn’t freedom, it’s slavery!
    There is only human violence, by human hands, with human intentions!
    Socialist Dumbocrates, are beyond stupid, and the slave paradise they want to create in America, is traitorous, and it should be erraticated harshly!
    An American would end up in jail, if our government started taking, and oppressing like is the Japanese government does.
    If anti-gunners are turning Japanese, then I hope they commit seppuku because they are have brought great shame to the United States.


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