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Now that Bret Stephens works for the New York Times, gun control is an imperative.

It’s funny how your belief system can change when you move from the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times . . . Bret Stephens’ Fetishism for Gun Control

To his credit, Mr. Stephens (like Mr. Krauthammer before him) recognizes that the usual gun-control nostrums would have very little effect. Although he coyly avoids specifying exactly what restrictions he thinks would be effective and desirable, he boldly asserts that it is imperative to fundamentally change our legal regime by repealing the Second Amendment. …

Mr. Stephens also has some bizarre ideas about why defenders of the Second Amendment believe that the right to arms is valuable. “From a personal liberty standpoint, the idea that an armed citizenry is the ultimate check on the ambitions and encroachments of government power is curious.” Far more curious is his failure to acknowledge that the personal liberty protected by the Second Amendment is primarily threatened by the criminals in our midst, rather than by the government.

Jonathan Pring gets death threats after trying to "be the change he wanted to see in the world."

Remember this guy? . . . Man gets death threats after turning guns over to police

Pring said he was trying “be the change he wanted to see in the world.” His decision met with extreme backlash from gun owners and right-wing enthusiasts online.

When Pring was reached about the backlash he’s been receiving, he pointed to a follow-up statement on Facebook.

“I received several hundred messages, emails & texts. Some very lovely and supportive. Most were mean,” Pring said in the post Thursday. “Very few offered any alternative solutions to the problem.”

He took down the post, but the harassment continued, including some death threats.

Brownells custom Polymer 80 lowers.

Want to build your own? . . . Brownells Announces Exclusive Polymer80 Frames For Glock®-Style Pistols

Do-it-yourself pistol builders can now get unique Polymer80 80% frames at Brownells in a wide range of colors and with a Brownells-exclusive, more-aggressive grip texture to make instant custom handguns at home.

Also exclusively at Brownells are Polymer80 80% frames in the color Coyote Tan.

Polymer80 80% frames accept parts compatible with either the Gen3 Glock® 19/23/32 or Glock® 17/22/33/34/35 handguns. Because they are not complete firearms, they can be shipped straight to a customer’s home without an FFL.

Moving from Austin to Houston hasn't changed chief Art Acevedo's anti-gun beliefs.

It’s hard for an anti-gun leopard to change his hoplophobic spots . . . Texas police chief on gun control: If not now, then when?

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says inaction on gun control has “failed thousands of families” and is urging people to take a stand against gun violence following the mass shooting in Las Vegas a week ago.

Acevedo tweeted Sunday: “When will we stand up and say enough?”

American Gun Manufacturer Helps Raise Over $70,000 For Sick 14-Year-Old Volunteer Firefighter

Henry Repeating Arms of Bayonne, NJ and Rice Lake, WI designed 54 custom Henry Lever Action Octagon rifles to help raise funds for 14-year-old Joshua Brennan of New York who was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome before he was even born. 24 of these rifles were donated directly to the Firemen for Joshua Foundation, a 510(c)(3) organization, and the remaining 30 were purchased by Joe Petrucelli of Tri-County Sporting Goods who organized further fundraising efforts to benefit the charitable foundation formed in Joshua’s name.

Click her to contribute.

Police allegedly react differently to open carry depending on the race of the carrier.

White and black men legally openly carry assault rifle down US streets — but police reactions are very different

A social experiment has shown how police react to a white man and black man legally carrying an assault rifle along an American street.

In the film by left-wing political organisation Occupy Democrats, a white man is seen carrying a semi-automatic AR-15.

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  1. “Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says inaction on gun control has “failed thousands of families”…”

    And, one could say that gun control/restrictions have failed thousands of families.

    The Progs never want to talk about the positive use of firearms (except to deny that there are any).

    • Inaction on illegal immigration has let America down, and provided too much good American rights to some un-American interlopers.

    • “When will we stand up and say enough?”

      Many of us are saying that. To people like Avecedo.

    • And yet despite all the incidents that paris and the rest of the world.

      They’re very minor and do not compare to the numerous mass shootings that happen here everyday.

      The Australia solution seems to be look better and better everyday. And despite what your idiotic claims are Australia still has not suffered a mass killing since 1996 when some pro-gun lunatic when on a spree.

      Comparing cars, knives or whatever to guns is a false equivalence. These objects help people with everyday needs. Guns are designed only to kill and oppress. American is not a free country if it has a murder rate and incarceration rate higher than all first world nations. We are not really free if every lunatic is armed to the teeth killing people at random. But people like you refuse to see how wrong and always wrong you people will be.

      “Gun rights” are unamerican and unpatriotic.

      • “Gun rights” are unamerican and unpatriotic.

        That may be the most laughable and ignorant thing I’ve read this year.

      • One of the great things about the pro gun movement is that pro2A advocates actually want and allow for discourse.

        A pro gun control advocate can come onto a site like TTAG and actually state their opinion, without censorship. We will debate you vigorously, but the admins will not censor you.

        Try posting a counter opinion on the MDA website or Facebook page, and see how long before you are censored. The Trace doesn’t even allow for comments.

        Gun control proponents say they want discourse, but they don’t. They want to tell people what to believe and say. That’s called control.

      • Wait, there are multiple mass shootings that happen everyday? Are you talking about Chicago or are you living in a made up fantasy land?

      • I’ll give up the fight to keep and bear arms whenever every other man on the planet gives up theirs. I would love for it to be fisticuffs and sword duels. Until then….

        • I’m not ninja (in the normal sense), and I like to keep my blood where it belongs, so I’d rather gunfight than with blades or beatings. Especially not cold steel, because in a straight fight both parties *will* get cut and/or stuck. The first few non-choreographed, full-speed tourney duels I did in SCA (steel practice shortswords) painfully taught me that lesson.
          I’m quite the average hand with straight swords, but even the absolute best guys I’ve watched would’ve lost blood with real edges. But as in most fights by any means, whoever lands the first real hit wins…. Even though with swords & knives, the winner might die min/hours later from a seemingly little stab.

      • “and the rest of the world”

        Look at Latin America and gun control. It is so not working. Dangerous AF down there. They are literally (proper use of the word here) chopping off heads down in Mexico. Pirates and small armies are in the jungles of SA. There are cops in Brazilian cities that have used there side arms 4x + in addition to taking bullets themselves. And then there is always Honduras with a sky high murder rate.

        Indeed, was Australia so dangerous before the port Arthur massacre? Wasn’t the GCA of 68 supposed to stop these things? That was “common sense” firearms legislation yet we still have a problem so now we have have calls for more laws and fewer rights. When does it end?

      • The murder rate is more of a cultural phenomena than a gun ownership issue. The murder rate in the United States (which is very near the lows in the 1950s, and almost 2 1/2 times lower than the peak in the 1980s) is 4.2 per 100,000. Russia, which has limited (legal) ownership of guns, the rate is 11.31, Greenland (why Greenland?) is 12.46. The only country south of the US border with a lower murder rate is Chile, while other countries, including Venezuael and Brazil, which outlaw private ownership of firearms, are in another universe: In Venezuela, it is 57.15, Columbia 26.5, Mexico 16.35, Belize 34.4, El Salvador 108.64, Honduras 63.75. Whew! I feel much safer now!

        If you eliminatge gang homicides, which are the majority, the US murder rate would be less than half of what it is now, and directly comparable to the rates in most European countries. I rather suspect, even if it sounds racist, that the influx of Middle Eastern and African immigrants, which culturally have less social stigma associated with murder, will substantially change European homicide rates in the countries forced to accept them.

      • Newsflash Sparky!!!!

        Australia is about to implement mass surveillance to supposedly fight crime and terrorism. The Federal Government has demanded, and got, all the state drivers license photo license databases, passport photo databases, and visa application photo databases to conduct facial recognition surveillance on those suspected of committing crimes punishable by 3-or-more years in prison or terrorism related offenses.

        Note that firearms licenses are also handled by each state’s equivalent of the DMV. The best service money can buy.

        But how do you find the persons of interest among the rest of the population? By tracking everyone.

        I would like to see someone openly propose this is done in the USA. Before they are tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

        Wilcommen to Stasiland.

      • While were at it perhaps we can make America’s official language English (like Australia) and perhaps use immigration policies that make sense (or just begin following the real ones that are in place). Australia is pretty strict with their immigration from my understanding. But nooooo. We should piss on the constitution because that makes more sense.

      • “The Australia solution seems to be look better and better everyday. And despite what your idiotic claims are Australia still has not suffered a mass killing since 1996 when some pro-gun lunatic when on a spree.”


        The less you know, the more stupid you become.
        If you want to come into a forum of POTG, you really should educate yourself a lot better.

      • Pssst…..New Zealand suffered their worst mass shooting, 13 victims killed, in 1990. Their response? Semi-automatic rifles are to this day still legal to own. How many mass shootings since then? Zero.

        So much for the “tighter gun control stops mass shootings” myth.

        While you think about that, think about this, while it’s true that Australia’s homicide rate declined after imposition of draconian gun laws, it’s also true that the rate had been declininh for many years prior to 1996’s infamous mass shooting and the subsequent gun laws.

        So there. How can you credit something for causing an effect that preceded it?

      • “”They’re very minor and do not compare to the numerous mass shootings that happen here everyday.”
        Care to list the daily mass shootings or you just suffer from small brain syndrome?

      • Daily Mass Shootings?

        You are embarrassing yourself friend…. You can make points honestly, some things can be reasonably debated, but fabricating will get you nowhere here.

      • guns can and are used to kill and oppress. usually by governments on an unarmed society. if you are an advocate for only the police and the military having guns and not free people, then we have nothing further to discuss. your line of thinking is EXACTLY why I need guns. your kind are the ones that cheer and pat each other on the back while people you don’t like are herded into box cars.

      • Over 20% of the prison population is reported as immigrant both legal and illegal, drug offenses are 46% of the population, murder/ homocide is about 3.5% and sex offenses comes in at 9….(pun intended)

        I’m not giving up my right to keep my gun that I may or may not have…..

      • It’s interesting to note how the anti-gunners ignore that the countries with the highest murder rates in the world tend to have the strongest “gun control laws”. Mexico is a nearby and perfect example.

      • To… ‘TrueAmericanPatriotsAgainstAmericaHatingFascistProgunners’

        Happily, the Founding Generation prepared us for degenerate scum like you with our Second Amendment.

  2. How many times does this need to be repeated?

    The INSTANT you change one word or repeal all or any portion of any of the Bill of Rights they ALL BECOME FAIR GAME. If one or part of one can be changed or repealed any part or all of the others can be changed or repealed.

    This is not a slippery slope, it is a step off a cliff into a VERY deep and dark chasm.

    • If you believe in the Bill of Rights you also believe that they are God given therefore sacred and permanent and untouchable…… it’s only the hubris of man that believes he has a better way than God!!!!

  3. Bret Stephens is a Neo-Con who’s face should be used to sweep for IED’s buried in Afghan roads.

    • Not a fan of Howard Stern either, but holy cow! He put together a good argument. Kudos to him for recognizing that he classifies himself as a “sheep” and acknowledges his limits.

  4. “but the harassment continued, including some death threats.”

    Attention POTG, this is not helpful!

  5. That Pring boy just needs to STFU. I don’t wish him harm-I know he’s brought it on him?self. BTW I just saw another loser supposedly destroying his REAL AR15 on fakebook…

  6. Interesting that their little video changes not only the skin color of the carrier, but also the police agency he’s dealing with. We have no idea where, or when each of those was shot. One could be in a completely different jurisdiction, and open carry might even be illegal where the black guy was. If you were actually interested in an experiment you would do it in the same place each time.

    • The comments to the article pointed this out, demonstrating that the “study” was no more than a hit piece. Out here in California, anyone walking down the street with an AR, no matter what size, shape or color, will be met with a significant police response. Although it is illegal to do so now, the “open carry” protests in 2013, no matter how well dressed or courteous the carriers, were usually followed by a MWG!!! cal to 911 and a large, multi-vehicle police response. And a kid carrying an airsoft rifle (with the orange tip missing) was shot to death when he was approached from behind by an officer and turned to face the officer when the officer yelled at him to hit the deck. Yes, this was held to be a justifiable homicide. No, he was not black.

  7. When the gun-grabbers show me they are going after the gangs, thugs and criminals…taking their guns and locking them up for DECADES with no early releases or presidential pardons…and making a HUGE difference in laces like Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, DC, New Orleans,Detrtoit etc etc etc…
    THEN we can talk about more restrictions on legally purchased/owned/used guns.

  8. “He took down the post, but the harassment continued, including some death threats.”

    Pardon me if I don’t believe him. Shouldn’t be hard to prove, so unless he does he’s lying.

  9. Shouldn’t even be relatable to other countries success or failure rates on gun control . Shouldn’t matter what feinstein Trump, Obama or Harry Potter think. I have a right, in this country, to protect myself, says so on a piece of paper that was payed for in blood. The people who disrespect those whom died for my freedom, have the freedom to leave this country. If they chose not to leave and continue to tear apart the Constitution and my great country , then I can only assume they are traitors spy’s and enemies. I advocate nonviolece however these vermin of freedom are the enemy of America……. pissed off and mad about it.t

  10. The thing about Mr. Pring is that, when a man tells me he has no business owning guns, I’m inclined to believe him.

  11. It’s a cliche for a reason. “When government tells you that you don’t need a gun, you need a gun.”

  12. Stephens is a liberal POS, and, as such, THE PROBLEM IS PART OF HIM.

    The PROBLEM doesn’t get to define the problem, much less offer solutions.

  13. Many people (including many in the police department) were very glad when Acevedo relocated to Houston.

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