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Ten Republicans support the House bump fire stock ban bill.

Everyone’s favorite anti-gun Senator, Diane Feinstein wasted no time in introducing a bump fire stock ban in the Senate last week. Now a similar bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Like DiFi’s bill, the House version would also outlaw not only the manufacture and sleeve bump fire stocks, but also possession of one.

That would mean that, should the bills pass and be signed into law, the tens of thousands of stocks already owned by law abiding gun owners would become contraband.

Unlike the Senate bill, the House bill was introduced by a Republican, Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo. And this bill has the support of nine other GOP representatives. Here’s a list for your information and edification:

Peter King (N.Y.)
Leonard Lance (N.J.)
Patrick Meehan (Pa.)
Ed Royce (Calif.)
Chris Smith (N.J.)
Erik Paulsen (Minn.)
Ryan Costello (Pa.)
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.)
Charlie Dent (Pa.)

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      • I was thinking “I don’t know about the rest, but Peter King is about as Republican as Mark Kirk or Susan Collins.”

        • Hold the phone — there’s some sort of consistent philosophical principle that Republicans adhere to?

        • “Hold the phone — there’s some sort of consistent philosophical principle that Republicans adhere to?”

          Of course they have a unifying guiding principle: “What matters is getting Republicans elected to office, not what they do once they get there”.

          With Dems it’s all about advancing Socialism, and winning elections is a means to that end.
          With Repugs it’s all about winning elections, then they don’t know what to do with that power once they get it, other than to try to impede the Dems.

    • Bannon at Breitbart has the right idea. De-fund and primary against, the current incumbent so-called Republicans until they get their minds right.

      Bring the pain (financial) and let them see they do not have a lifetime appointment. I say get rid of the lot of them, we can do better.

    • We can only hope the president will veto any bill that puts government in charge of how triggers are designed and built.

      • Technically the bump fire stock Does Not increase the rate of fire on a simi-auto, the bolt carrier group recoil spring does that! A rifle can only fire as fast as the gun cycles & reloads another cartridge. So an individual can fire as fast as a bump fire stock….Just ask Jerry Mulick….I rest my case.

  1. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.)
    Charlie Dent (Pa.)

    Are both retiring after this term (no sarcasm, they announced their plans a few months ago)

    • Hah, that assumes that some Republican would actually be willing to filibuster. I won’t be holding my breath.

      • When we we learn, Repubs are not more interested in keeping guns legal for the little people than the democrats are. They got security guards. They dont have a problem.

        Bump stocks are nothing more than feel good legislation, but they make an excellent “camels nose under a tent”

  2. Republicans will support gun control if they think they can get away with it, they just want your votes more, unlike the Democrats.

    I thought that totalitarian traitor sack of sh it Peter King retired from from his public “service”.

  3. Other than these people asking to get tossed out (other than those retiring) I’m not seeing this as big news.

    If you assume the Democrats in the House vote 100% for this bill (they won’t) they still need to flip a total of like 47 Republicans in that chamber for this bill to pass. Something about snowballs in hell and chances and stuff.

        • Because almost all of our current Republican politicians are completely spineless and cave the second liberals call them names. Also, in recent years, we’ve had a serious RINO infestation.

        • Pub:

          While I tend to agree with you to a point I don’t see it swinging anywhere near enough votes for this monstrosity to pass. There are simply too many Congress Critters that would lose their cushy jobs over it.

          The Dems couldn’t pass anything after Sandy Hook when they controlled everything. This isn’t going to happen either. Mr. Curbelo may be a Republican but his, admittedly newish, district was formerly blue suggesting that the Keys and just to their North is probably not a reliably red district with a lot of gun rights folks.* (Though I have to give Kiffney’s gun store in Key Largo props. They were pretty cool last time I was in there.)

          I just don’t see it. Someone would have to lay out the path to enough votes for me and make a pretty convincing argument about it. Then they’d have to show me how it gets 60 votes in the Senate and then convince me that Trump would sign it.

          I’m not saying it *can’t* happen but I’d put the chances on par with Alan Grayson not being an asshole for a whole day.

          *I have not fully studied the area of the Keys and the Homestead in regards to politics and I don’t live in Florida.

        • strych9,

          I’ll begin responding to your statement, “The Dems couldn’t pass anything after Sandy Hook when they controlled everything.” Democrats wanted to ban military-style semi-automatic rifles. That did not go anywhere because millions of people own them and they are merely semi-automatic.

          I think this ban will get significant traction because the masses and legislators consider a rifle with a bump-stock to be a “machine gun”. Failing to ban this rifle-and-stock configuration is the equivalent of repealing the Gun Control Act of 1934 (the part about full-auto firearms) and the Hughes Amendment of 1986. And we know the masses and legislators are not ready for that since Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will not even let the House discuss the bill to force national reciprocity much less suppressor repeal. If the House of Representatives is not interested in reciprocity and suppressors, there is no way they are willing to allow “machine guns”.

          Furthermore, something in the neighborhood of, what, 25,000 people own bump-fire stocks versus millions of people who own military-style semi-automatic rifles? Thus there is nowhere near the level of public support for bump-fire stocks.

          Finally, there is no obvious equivalent to a bump-fire stock configuration in common use. Banning them pretty much does eliminate any legal existence of anything that provides near full-auto operation. Contrast that with the proposed ban on military-style semi-auto rifles where there are obvious functional equivalents such as Mini-14s and semi-auto hunting rifles that would not have been banned — and rendered the spirit of the ban useless.

          I hope I am wrong. I fear I am correct.

  4. Diane Feinstein is the oldest senator and wants to run for re-election, again. She needs to hurry up and die.

  5. So this bill would also outlaw binary triggers and many/most replacement triggers as they have low or adjustable weight pulls.

    • This bill would ban lightweight buffer weights. Adjustable triggers. Adjustable gas tubes. Light weight springs. All serve to increase the rate of fire for a semi-automatic AR.

      • And handstops, foregrips, red dots, lasers and pretty much everything else.

        It’s effectively a ban on all modifications since every mod out there is designed or advertised to increase the shooter’s ability to place rounds on target more accurately and more rapidly. That is quite literally the reason all those mods exist.

        But it’s chances of passage are pretty much zero, so who cares about the virtue signalling?

        • Mark my words. Not only will it pass, it’ll pass by an overwhelming majority with only one or two voting against.

          And a permanent assault weapons/semi auto rifle and handgun ban will be included.

          And trump will sign it because javanka wants it.

          And all of the foreigners/illegals/leftists/gays/trannies in the military will be happy to go door to door and shoot Americans who don’t comply since these kinds of people hate us more than they do or enemies abroad.

        • “And all of the foreigners/illegals/leftists/gays/trannies in the military will be happy to go door to door and shoot Americans who don’t comply since these kinds of people hate us more than they do or enemies abroad.”

          Right. Absolutely. All the way up to the very moment that 2 or 3 dozen of them are shot dead on the doorstep. At which point their true nature will come out and they will curl up and suck their thumbs. Unless, of course, they are shot dead by their comrades first, just getting out of the truck.

  6. This is a non-starter and will die. More kabuki theatre for the masses to watch and gawk at. Fortunately politicians are a lot like the media and are distracted easily by the next shiny thing. They will move on to something more pressing in a few weeks. I’ll be here waiting to here DiFi’s defeat speech once her bill eats shit and dies….I can’t wait.

  7. 1. A match trigger, and for that matter a bump stock, will not increase rate of fire. That is fixed, based on the mechanical relationship of trigger, sear, springs, etc. those devices will, however, enable the shooter to achieve rates of fire more closely approaching the ultimate rate of fire for that gun. Like most bills, the language in this one is poorly defined.
    2. And since it is poorly written, it only bans rate-increasing stocks on rifles. Anyone ready to tool up to build slide fire AR pistol braces?

    • ” . . . A match trigger, and for that matter a bump stock, will not increase rate of fire. . .”

      Wrong. Any trigger modification that departs from what was originally installed by the manufacturer—especially if it reduces the actual effort to pull the trigger—can be claimed to facilitate an increase in the weapon’s rate of fire. Government, when driven by gun-controller hysteria—can and will be quite literal about this. Once government gets control of trigger design, you can count on gun-control interests working to ruin the utility of rifles and handguns.

  8. I don’t share others optimism that this will die. I’m actually quite concerned this will pass. That’s when the real question comes.. who’s going to come and take them? …

  9. All those pols are pieces of shit. Curbelo is an embarrasment to the Cuban community and he should move back there with the rest of his maricón pals.

    But yeah, it feels like security theatre. The bill is a farce.

  10. I think this shows that public outrage at the Republicans for not doing anything for the last decade at the Federal Level did indeed have an effect coupled with the fact that only about 35 per cent of the population even owns guns anymore shows the future hand writing on the wall as far a gun ownership in America is concerned. The courts have so far ruled in favor of all of the anti-assault gun legislation and magazine bans even for pistols on the east coast and now California has voted to confiscate all assault rifles period and the corrupt courts will undoubtedly vote that constitutional as well as they have already set a legal precident on the East Coast gun bans. The California confiscation is therefore a slam dunk case in the coming court ruling. Even concealed carry has now been outlawed as well in California with the lower courts sanctioning it because they have said it is a threat to them (the power elite). They know the majority of public opinion in California is for it so they know they can get away with banning it. And the Second Amendment to them is not even a minor annoyance, they simply ignore it because they can get away with it.

    Here is a graph showing the downward trend in gun ownership in the U.S. and how it is rapidly dying out in America both through outright bans of ownership and a societal trend that views guns as tools only of Right Wing Racist Maniacs.

    P.S. ever notice at gun shows or trap or skeet ranges its often populated overwhelmingly with only gray bearded dying old men?

    • Last gun show I went to was at capacity and was mostly younger black and Latin people of both sexes.

      Gun bans only work if the people let them work. Yes, some goody two-shoes will turn in their guns if ordered, but enough will resist and fight back to make it a very bloody proposition for statists.

    • Please tell me why this commie troll hasn’t been IP banned yet. He contributes exactly nothing to the conversation other than copy/pasting worthless leftie propaganda and some inane racist rants.

      • So we can laugh at him. He actually believes US gun ownership is at 35%! He is a liberal leftist trolling for Bloomy a d most likely paid to post on this site.

    • I guess all those dramatically rising numbers of NICS checks throughout the Obama administration were a mistake by the ATF. Despite the fact that those numbers indicate a long term trend of rising gun sales, gun ownership is a dying fad.

    • every time I see that (cisco kid) tag all I read is bla blalab bla ballbby blabed blad whah ahw wh ah whine whine whine like in peanuts cartoons!

      get a life kid

      last time I was at the range by my place in cali it was hot chick city and MILF’s!!!

    • 35% is not an important number. 3% is, as far as US history is concerned. Your entire post is fiction. Poor fiction at that.

    • What you think is irrelevant and inconsequential because you are, for a fact, literally always wrong. The DemoKKKrats have done nothing good at the federal level for more than the last decade, and the fact that over 40%+ of the population owns guns shows that what you see as future handwriting on the wall is nothing more than self-delusion, period. Only at the state level have the courts consistently ruled in favor of inane and ineffective bans on arbitrarily-selected gizmos by know-nothing legislatures. Of course, you’re practically jumping for joy at the prospect of having things you don’t like banned and confiscated — except that they won’t be confiscated because almost none will register them or hand them in. THAT is exactly what has happened in Connecticut, KKKommiefornia, and ZOO York. So, no, the KKKommiefornia “confiscation” case is not a slam dunk in any sense of the phrase, and concealed carry is only effectively outlawed in a few coastal counties — the rest of the state is effectively ‘shall isue’, because they’re NOT functionally retarded.

      Here is an actual graph showing much more accurate rates of gun ownership in the U.S., and how it is not in any way “dying out.” Not even in imaginations as colorful as yours, whether you want to admit it or not. Oh, and society actually views guns as the tools of left-wing racist maniacs, which is why more people are buying more of them.

      P.S.: Ever notice at gun shows or trap and skeet ranges, it’s actually populated by an increasingly diverse mix of people of all races, ages, and backgrounds?

  11. they wouldnt have signed on to it at all if the genius nra hadnt given them the political cover to do so

    this is gaining momentum

    and theres one contributor on this blog who prostrated himself and showed his true colors to sing the nras praises on the subject

    if this goes bad the nra and their water carriers like him will be responsible

    thanks for being the best sunny day patriots money can buy

    audentes fortuna iuvat

    fortune favors the bold

    • Peter King (N.Y.)
      Leonard Lance (N.J.)
      Patrick Meehan (Pa.)
      Ed Royce (Calif.)
      Chris Smith (N.J.)
      Erik Paulsen (Minn.)
      Ryan Costello (Pa.)
      Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.)
      Charlie Dent (Pa.)

      Note the states these critters are from. Round there (R) after your name stands for Really democrat in disguise. Florida might be the exception, don’t really know how that RINO came to be.

  12. Trade bump stocks for suppressors, knowing that triggers such as the fostech echo, and franklin armory binary triggers now make these bumpfire stocks obsolete. They are far easier to control, and the early versions of the franklin armory trigger could actually go faster than the gun could run. Simply make sure that the bill ONLY bans stocks and not triggers.

    • or…OR…

      how about we ban NOTHING until we make sure he didnt use what he purportedly used for the sole purpose of getting it banned in the first place

      once the bump stock goes bye bye the collapsible stock…which they want to ban…wont be far behind…the bump stock is essentially a collapsible stock mated to a pistol grip…which just so happens to be THE OTHER THING THEY WANT TO BAN

      just trying to be rational and logical and reasonable and forward thinking here…


      and the story keeps changing almost every day

      ever wonder WHY…

      WHY is important

      thats what i do…i wonder WHY…

      try it sometime

  13. Yeah… Not concerned. This law is both unenforceable and unconstitutionally vague. They have nowhere near the votes to get it to the house floor, much less override a Trump veto.

  14. I pray all you naysayers about this bill are right, but the least you should do is call Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s offices and express you great displeasure. Then call your reps and senators and express the same disgust that this issue has even come up. Then email or better yet write the same folks that your vote and those of your family/friends/other organizations you belong to feel the same way. I am disgusted that with a Republican controlled White House, Senate, and House of Representatives that this has even come up at all.

  15. Great! So, the black market value will go up and we’ll see more of these in the hands of already-convicted felons. What a safe country we live in, I’m so glad law-abiding registered owners will no longer be a danger to society.

    • And just how long will it take before “Ghost Gunner” and Defense Distributed puts up the CNC software for a bump stock?
      No ban on earth can prevent “home made” and the gun grabbers know it

  16. I wish I could share in the overconfidence some of you display. I am not fully invested in the AR platform. I got one on layaway but if my evil state of Illinoisistan bans them I’ll just switch to something equally as fun…I went through this BS under Odumbo and I’ll be damned if I’ll waste energy on THIS.

    • I like my AR but, odd as it sounds, out of all the semi-auto rifles I own (which is a lot) I like the SKS the most.

      Dunno what they sell for these days but my Yugo SKS was something like $216 after tax back the heady days of aught-six or so.

  17. If this goes through does anyone know how they will go about taking the bump stocks that are already in the possession of people? Is there any legal precedent wherein something like this has occurred in the past?

    • Pee on that, how are they even going to know how many there are or who owns them? These are not guns, there were no 4473s, you could sell them in a toy store if you wished. No registration, no addresses, my best guess would be a door-to-door search of every home and business in the country by armed and armored goons, which would REALLY be popular!

  18. Unfortunately this will pass. As well as the “assault weapons ban” that will get snuck into it.

    The last election was pointless. It’s as if Hillary won.

    The democrats lost everything and yet they still are getting EVERYTHING they want.

  19. Honestly don’t care if they are banned or not, makes no difference to me but WHOA, that’s very vague. That can be left up to many different determinations. “Not to increase the rate of fire”??? A buffer, spring, a better trigger, many things could alter this. WHO is going to determine the base rate of fire? Congress. VERY slippery slope there.

    • You’re 100% correct, it’s too vague and this concerns me. For example: Trigger pressure required for a glock is around 5lbs, this makes getting off 10 rounds very easy.

  20. Whom ever bought a bump stock just got cheated by the government if this passes. The way I c it, government says it’s OK to buy. I buy it, they take it away. Do I get my money back or just got fucked.

  21. So much for the NRA handing this over to the ATF.
    I have plans today to call some elected officials and voice my opinion on this matter. I don’t know if this will pass or not. Like Strych9 says, that’s a lot of votes to swing.
    If, IF it does pass, we have a lot of problems on the horizon.

  22. In all honesty, I’m surprised those states even HAVE GOP representatives. As we can firmly see here though, they’re all RINOs.

  23. I hope this bill dies as it should. I can bump without a stock, it just took practice. I don’t have a bump stock and don’t want one. A repeal of the Hughes amendment and NFA act, yes, so I can afford an three round burst with an 11″ barrel. Cause “shall not be infringed”.
    These add ones just make it easier to do what anyone can already do with practice. It took me about 1/2 and hour to get bump firing down.
    These republicans that signed on need to be retired or taken out in the primaries.

  24. These Senators apparently have never read the document they swore an oath to “support and defend” the Constitution, which clearly defines powers delegated to the Federal Government.

    Gun control is not an enumerated power delegated to the federal government. Our federal Constitution doesn’t delegate to the federal government any power over the Country at Large to restrict our arms. Accordingly, all pretended federal laws, regulations, orders, opinions, or treaties which purport to do so are unconstitutional as outside the scope of powers delegated, as is the ATF. They are also unconstitutional as in violation of the Second Amendment.

    • 100%. It’s a shame more people through the course of our nation’s history have not noticed this.

      Our Constitution is not so much a list of what our Government cannot do, but implies through it being a list of what it CAN do and anything else not listed it cannot.

      Enumerated powers, and all that.

  25. The bill is complete overreach into areas which have nothing to do with devices which enable mechanical automatic fire. In very short order, it targets both current gun owners (including sports shooters, hunters, and competitors) who have had trigger work done, or have installed decent triggers in their guns to replace crappy ones.

    Further, it is yet another attack on American gunsmiths, custom shops, and hard working, legitimate aftermarket parts manufacturers – potentially displacing thousands of American workers.

    More completely irrelevant, and completely unnecessary legislative overreach, which will cost tens of thousands of American jobs, and will not deter a single criminal, or save a single life.

  26. Has anyone asked any Congress member what an acceptable rate of fire is? I bet it would fall into the bolt action category.

  27. “en Republicans Sign On to House Bump Fire Stock Ban Bill”

    They need to be stripped of their jobs and pensions.

    Bump fire stock ban is as effective as tits on a boar hog.
    Bump fire is a feature of recoil and is an inherent feature of ALL semi automatic weapons. Bump fire can be done with a rubber band or even with a finger held in a belt loop.
    To eliminate bump fire the gun grabbers will have to ban all semi automatic weapons.

    • Senior Gun Owner wrote,
      “Bump fire is a feature of recoil and is an inherent feature of ALL semi automatic weapons…
      To eliminate bump fire the gun grabbers will have to ban all semi automatic weapons.”

      Shhhhh, don’t give the gun-grabbers any ideas!
      That is their goal, to ban semi-automatics and make U.S. gun laws like Australia’s, so the last thing we need is for gun owners to publicize this fact. Australia not only banned semis, they also banned pump-action shotguns as being “too fast a rate of fire.” Next Australia will ban lever-action shotguns as a “loophole.” In Western Australia, they even ban bolt-action chassis rifles because they LOOK LIKE a semi-automatic AR-15 (I’m sure NY State likes that rule, because the NY (un)SAFE act bans guns based on their looks).

  29. Can’t squeak a fart out on Obamination Care, Border Wall, Illegal immigration, Voter Fraud, Hillary Clinton’s illegal server, Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play dealings, Hillary Clinton giving away two Alaskan islands, The Clinton Foundation’s money from foreign nationals for Bill’s speeches tied to U.S. State Department actions, Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill on the tarmac to head off prosecutorial actions, Hundreds of POS (D) scandals. . . . But they can pre-jump-on Bump stocks.

    They all have to go. Drain the swamp.

  30. Well a vague law that will not accomplish a thing but more future gun bans. I would also challenge any law that makes illegal things that were once legal, especially gun bans.

    ex post facto law definition. A law that makes illegal an act that was legal when committed, increases the penalties for an infraction after it has been committed, or changes the rules of evidence to make conviction easier. The Constitution prohibits the making of ex post facto law.

  31. Under this legislation, a lighter trigger could fall under this. Having a 3# trigger pull vs. a 9# trigger pull could certainly assist in ‘increasing the rate of fire’ (albeit only slightly), even though it is generally changed for personal preference, for comfort and accuracy. Once a law is enacted, they look for any way to highjack it and abuse it.

  32. This reminds me of the legal brief video on the new California magazine ban getting overturned, the main thing that overturned it was undue harm. If you make a citizen that did something legal one day and then the next just by owning something they have now committed a crime that is undue harm in US court of law.

  33. Besides stabbing REAL conservatives in the back, the gop is best at grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory by intentionally letting the traitors in the dnc do whatever they want without so much as even asking “Is this going to hurt?”

    The gop establishment IS the swamp so it needs to go along with the dems with whom they spend their nights “spooning” in some sleazy hotel.

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