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Barack Obama, gun control apostle. courtesy

If only we’d been worthy of accepting his sage advice . . . Peter Hartcher: The three things Obama wanted to give America from Australia

The inevitable question that Australians put was, “Why the hell can’t you control guns?” or a variation. Berry, one of the two ambassadors whom Obama appointed to represent him in Canberra, is himself an advocate of gun control. But he tried again and again to explain the reality of America’s gun pathology to bewildered Aussies. “It goes back to our history, our founding,” he would say. “It goes back to Lexington and Concord, when a bunch of farmers took up their guns and took on the biggest army in the world,” Imperial Britain’s, “and won.

Kickok45 is OK with giving up bump fire stocks.

Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox on the NRA's stance regarding bump fire stocks. courtesy

The official statement . . . NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox Issue Joint Statement

Despite the fact that the Obama administration approved the sale of bump fire stocks on at least two occasions, the National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law.  The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.  In an increasingly dangerous world, the NRA remains focused on our mission: strengthening Americans’ Second Amendment freedom to defend themselves, their families and their communities.

Alamo cannon restoration campaign courtesy

A GoFundMe campaign to restore seven original cannons . . . Remember the Alamo Battle Cannons

Imagine the Battle of the Alamo without the smells, lights and sounds of a morning campfire, the flash of light and sudden BOOM of a cannonball launching from its iron tube. The sounds and lights of the battle for Texas independence at the Alamo is incomplete without the cannons.

At the Alamo, we have been trusted with seven of the 21 cannons from the battle – but they need TLC. We are inviting all Texans and those who love the history of Texas independence to join us as we clean, repair and preserve these precious artifacts of our great state.

Wyoming school Apologizes For ‘Shooting At Trump’ Test Answer courtesy

Isn’t that nice . . . High School Apologizes For ‘Shooting At Trump’ Test Answer

Some parents of students at a Wyoming high school are upset that “shooting at (President Donald) Trump” was offered as a possible answer on a multiple-choice, online English test.

The Jackson Hole High School quiz has since been taken down, according to The Jackson Hole News & Guide.

The quiz involved George Orwell’s 1945 novel “Animal Farm” and asked why a character in the book orders that a gun be fired.

Is your dust cover too loud? . . . Strike Industries AR Aluminum Ultimate Dust Cover 223

The SI-AR-ALUDC-223 takes everything you love about our polymer UDC’s to the next level. With an all-aluminum construction and CED coating for added durability and a cleaner finish, the Aluminum UDC is the modern evolution of standard mil-spec dust covers. It features an adjustable detent set screw in order to compensate wear on the receiver and increase or decrease opening power. The aluminum UDC still uses our unique installation system that enables users to remove or install in under 10 seconds flat! But the most notable difference is the patent-pending noise-reduction padding that makes it nearly 100% silent during activation!


Stephen Burke wasn't an NRA member. Not that it matters to gun grabbers.

Our own Jon Wayne Taylor (second from left) took a passel of doves using a Remington VersaMax . . . Like a Video Game! Rookie Texas Dove Combat for this Rocky Mountain Girl!

I squeezed the trigger on my Remington V3…BOOM! Dove down and game on! The next day and a half were like that Duck Hunter video game, just change the ducks to doves and I was the hunter! With the four us of shooting it sounded like a dove combat zone. Over the course of the next few hours, we filled our bag limits. The evening was a whirlwind of guns, husks, sweat, disappointment from a missed shot and elation with the dropping of each bird. Then there was retrieving the birds after they were shot. This was the BONUS level of fun that they didn’t add to Duck Hunter! There is something that rewards the very core of who we are as hunters when you find your kill. When you hunt big game one tag typically means one animal, but this time I got to find 15 kills!

US Army vet Steven Straub destroys his bump fire stock after the Las Vegas massacre. courtesy and BRIANNA PACIORKA/NEWS SENTINEL

It’s his…he can do with it what he wants . . . Watch this veteran destroy a bump stock as he calls for it to be outlawed

After learning the Las Vegas gunman used a similar device on 12 guns to kill 59 people and injure over 500 more on Sunday, Straub said it was time to destroy his bump stock, to literally saw it into pieces. And he’d do it in front of a reporter who could record it.

He said he hoped his actions would lead others to do the same.

“When I heard that last night on the news, it just turned my stomach … those poor cops crawling behind that wall and that guy having that kind of firepower just wasn’t right, you know?

“When I was in Vietnam I heard AK-47s and that made me sick. And then this just about made me just as sick.”

“Don’t Ask Me To Pray For Victims” – Harvard Prof Calls NRA “Domestic Terrorist Organization”

A Harvard University professor called the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization” Tuesday morning, adding that “Congress must act” on gun control.

“We have to have the courage to call the NRA exactly what it has become – a domestic terrorist organization that places profit above the lives of the American people,” Dr. Jonathan Walton declared during Morning Prayers, according to a blog post by The Memorial Church at Harvard.

Anticipating that “gun rights defenders will accuse me of politicizing this tragedy,” he proceeds to substantiate the accusation, speculating that mass murder “is what the NRA, weapons makers, and all who financially profit from this country’s pain desire” because “weapons sales increase and gun stocks rise following each mass shooting.”

Steven Paddock passed all required background checks, Nan . . . Pelosi’s Answer To A Retired Marine Captain On Gun Control Is Very Telling

“My question is…someone with that kind of motivation, what new law can we put out there that would stop something like this?” Hinkson asked, referring to 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, who authorities identifiedas the gunman.

Pelosi’s answer was to “come together in a bipartisan way” that would be able to “save the most lives.”

“That is to have background checks, gun violence prevention, background checks, and to have them be effective,” Pelosi said.

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  1. So did the guy who chopped up his bump fire stock feel like he was a danger while owning? Otherwise what good did his actions do? More virtue signaling. People like this give ammo to the anti’s. If you want to destroy it, just destroy it. Stop making a “look at me” narcissistic spectacle out of it.

    • So Steven Straub literally broke a range toy to get attention like a toddler? I guess we should be happy he didn’t take a hot dump in his pants. What a sad excuse for a man.

    • “When I was in Vietnam I heard AK-47s and that made me sick. And then this just about made me just as sick.”

      I can’t stand these types of people. I hear AKs all the time too. I own one. I got shot at by guys with AKs in Iraq too. It’s great gun. That’s why I have one. I’ve run into these types of people at the range too. Shooting next to them and they’re all like “I just hate AKs”. I’m like why, you think an AR can’t kill you just as fast?

        • sixty five years later my brother won’t even say the word korea. he utilizes hate and mf’s in it’s place. i saw his eyes glaze over that one time and never broached the subject again.

    • “When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.” Matthew 6:5 (NASB)

      People acting a certain way just to make everyone say how great they are isn’t a recent issue, sadly.

      I’m kind of curious, though, he’s owned/used this thing how long and he’s only just now realizing what it does?

    • But the spectacle was the entire point from the beginning. He said so with the words; “he’d do it in front of a reporter who could record it”. Clearly, being recorded on camera was the reason for doing so. This is what one gets in a narcissistic, shallow, morally decayed society like the current USA.
      So manys only thought is to get their picture in the paper or on TV. No cost is too high for 15 minutes of fame. Not even throwing your own friends or family under the bus. In microcosm, it is the exact same attitude that leads spree killers to murder as many victims as possible. In their twisted minds, the cost(their life, although they seldom realize that until it’s too late) is well worth it for the fame they crave.
      As you said; narcissistic. Willing to pay any price in order to look at oneself forever with self adoring eyes. Or at least, for so long as life remains, which is never very long for the Narcissus, once they fall into the trap created for them by their Nemesis.

    • Once again, the NRA is leading the charge to surrender our constitutional gun rights in the name of political correctness. The NFA was brought to the floor and passed back in 1934 ONLY because the president and board of the NRA promised not to oppose it and were OK with it. Again, the GCA of ’68 was passed with the tacit blessing and later, watered-down, lukewarm opposition of the NRA. The infamous Conyers Amendment/1986 Ban on new domestic manufacture of NFA weapons for civilian, privately-owned sales was passed on a controversial voice vote – taken while the NRA looked the other way. Bob Dole let the ’94 Safe Streets Act come to the floor.

      I am an Life Member, as are my son and daughter, but I do not totally trust them to guard my gun rights, so I give money to GOA.

  2. Old dude left his brain in Saigon…you bought that stock and were clueless it simulated a machine gun?!? DUH indeed…

  3. Grabbers gotta grab, Billy boy Clinton knows all about that. Hoplophobes need fed. Bump fire stocks are not my thing. I thing MG’s should be legal. With more than 30 dangerous tools in my possession, I have an arsenal. Maybe a binary trigger but not a bumpee.

    Let them have more regs on those, such as a background check instead of off the shelf, keep them at least off the NFA. Which should be repealed. I hate compromise but the weasels on the Right side in congress are gonna let the media feed the trolls. So throw them some meat…or tofu as it may be. Put it into the Hearing Safe Act, bumps will require at least a 4473, because they were already ruled legal by O’s ATF in 2010.

    The NRA is not perfect but no other lobby group can match them for now.

    • Should we call this fudd 2.0. The whole “Its not practical and I don’t want one so we should ban it!” Kinda takes me back to 1994. It’ll just be a matter of time before they come for something you do like. Isn’t this the reason we were supposed to hold our vomit and vote for trump, so no new gun control could get through?

      • They are a gimmick, are you willing to lose more for a gimmick that has been pushed and denied before?
        Would rather lose that than binary triggers, or go all California compliant. Gotta choose your fight when those who WORK FOR US, Ryan and McConnel will cave to the media. We are on our own. The NRA didn’t cave because of Newtown School shooting. And I trust them more than the Republicans.

        As to holding my nose and voting Trump… I am a Vet, my Dad was a Vet, My Grandfather also (WWI). The Reps could have nominated Jeb (illegal immigration is about love) Bush and for me it was ANYONE BUT HILLARY.

        Not about what she may do, but about what she had done already.

        At this point we gotta stand behind Trump, as we have seen in 4 special elections so far. We need people with backbone. In Ohio I thought Kasich was okay and on guns he has been, got rid of the stupid 31 rds and its an MG law. Spiked the media when they wanted guns temp banned during the Convetion. But he hates Trump and has become a weasel just like Ryan,,,et al.

        Sometimes you gotta retreat and regroup or stand while being annihilated. It is us against the Media, they have the ink and airwaves. Bloomy and Soros billions pushing this agenda. Yet state by state we have won more for our gun rights. DC just lost.

        As to me being a Fudd. “What’s up Doc?” I will keep my XD40, more than 10,000 rounds never a malfunction. Will never buy antother SA product. Will never walk in the doors of Dicks, or visit Cheaper than “Mud” have a LGS that was hording ammo and paying people to grab boxes for Wally World just to have 22 and 9 will never walk in there.

        Until we find out the motive, Bump stock boy voted Dem and seemed to have hated Trump, but until that is clear we may lose, because the media will keep pushing. I don’t have hope in Ryan to stand.

        • You seem to be advocating playing defense out of fear, an apparent lack of belief that you’re on the right side of the issue, and a fundamental misunderstanding of who and what you’re up againt. Essentially, “We’ve got to give them this now so they can’t get more later.”

          When was the last time you heard/saw Democrats and the left give up one inch on abortion? Do they make small concessions to avoid having more taken away later? No, they sure don’t. They stand firm.

          It seems the 2A folks believe those who want to ban bump fire stocks have the moral high ground in the debate and are trying to minimize losses from their losing hand. That’s a total farce. The 2A is not a losing hand.

          Every time someone mentions a bump fire stock the response should be to pivot the conversation to the number of children murdered by abortion and why said hypocrites are so worried about 58 people murdered with the use of a bump stock in the 7 years they’ve been legal vs. not them not showing a bit of concern about the ~5 million children, mostly minorities killed in the same period.

          The NRA doesn’t have locations all around the country where the NRA kills people, but the Democrats and the left sure do. Don’t let them assume the morale high ground. They certainly don’t have it.

        • Practical Thinker? Where is the thinking. Where do I state I wanna ban? I want MG’s legal, like back when you can mail order a Thompson. That is 2A. Give the little mice a piece of cheese, put bump fires on a 4473. Just a background check as in buying any firearm, which we already have lost to that being a requirement. No ban, no NFA item list. Just take it to that level. No turn ins. No confiscation, which I would still love to see how they plan on taking house to house, the almost 5 – 6 Million guns. Not the 3 mil they keep saying.

          We cannot fight Newspapers, MSM, late night talk shows, Fakebook, and the rest, when they put out like Nancy Sinatra and the NRA people need to be shot. Or they wanna label NRA as a terrorist org. As I said Ryan and Macky DO NOT HAVE BACKBONES. They will cave in to the media. McCain will go all lovey eyes as he does when the press adores him, which of course is when he speaks out against his own. And then what else will they throw in just to make them say nice things again?

          They will not stop at bump stocks, they will modify Diane False-steins AWB and put up stuff like the LV shooter also used 50 rounders and 100’s so they will go, cause he used them with the bumps. They’ll throw in Binary triggers just to play nice with the left. We fought about green tips, already heard comments about AP again, so they want ammo banned also. Meet them halfway, give them 4473 for a bump stock, they claim victory, because the sheep will repeat what they always say, BACKGROUND CHECKS. LV shooter boy didn’t need a background check for the bumps, they can say if he bought that many there would be a “flag”. As I said they will dance around like its a victory when it is not really.

          They will not just offer the cheese I cited, but they will offer more of us as meat. We can’t ban nanny Bloomy from spending millions and keeping Shannon able to pay her bills and stay relevant.

          The quiet incursions we have made in the States have been astounding compared to the negative press. Even after the all the talk about Newtown, the Local reps kept getting Constitutional carry, CCW bills thru.

        • You’re still advocating playing defense to minimize the damage instead of playing the winning hand nailing the other side to the wall with their blatant hypocrisy and body count. You’d might as well just give up on everything with your “We cannot fight Newspapers, MSM, late night talk shows, Fakebook, and the rest, when they put out like Nancy Sinatra and the NRA people need to be shot. Or they wanna label NRA as a terrorist org.” attitude.

          They pull the same tactics on every leftist agenda item. You’re going to slowly concede every issue with your proposed “tactics”. You sound just as linguine-spined as the other people you’re criticizing for not having a backbone. “We can’t win so lets throw them as small of a bone as possible.” Conceding that you’re wrong on the issue and then trying to minimize what you lose is not how you advance an agenda.

        • “I want MG’s legal, like back when you can mail order a Thompson. That is 2A. Give the little mice a piece of cheese, put bump fires on a 4473.”

          I think you are confused.

        • Unfortunately, you are talking compromise.
          In a compromise, each side is supposed to give something to get something.
          In this “compromise,” what do we get? The banners aren’t offering anything. At all.
          Let’s call this what it is, and it’s certainly not a compromise. It’s a flat out submission. We submit, they get more restrictions.
          I’ve heard that we will get reciprocity in return. Where have the grabbers offered reciprocity in return for the bump stock?
          Thinking they the left will compromise is self delusion.

        • You are still missing the whole point. We Have NO LEADERSHIP is the Rhinos. They will cave it is not we here and gun owners everywhere that vote in bills. THEY DO. They will all fold like lawn chairs. It IS about getting something in return. You do a background check on bump fires and nothing more. The lefties will claim win, yes they want to ban everything. Not possible. They still have yet to give an answer as to how they would confiscate all the guns. Door to door? Some Fudds would just let them take, but just 1 instance of someone killing the gmen would make it worse for us. On the other hand the gmen taking out a family over confiscation would start a revolution. There are more of us then there are of them.

          It is like someone on the right saying something stupid. They scream for apologies, then they say it is not enough. It is the MO of the libtards. Stand strong and they will get more of what they want because we have no Backbones on our side. As I said WE DO NOT VOTE for bills they do. Ryan has no spine, 1 million of us could show up on the mall and still we would be ignored. You want to lose more than just Bump stocks then okay that is where this is headed.

          The left is looking for political points not solutions. They would claim win with a background check on bumps. But just keep your head in the sand and say nah nah nah, and anything that modifies an AR from better triggers to higher mag to drums, will be gone.

          Anything this moron used will be cited as needing to be banned. Give a little or lose a lot. And the Rhinos will cave to a modified AWB, and then claim they needed to do something so they gave in on this and that but stood firm on the other thing. They are weenies, spineless little trolls who will give in because they press will keep asking them about it.
          If Louie Gohmert or maybe Mike Lee was in Ryans place we wouldn’t be talking about this possibility. But Ryan will fold. And we will lose more. Just like repeal, like taxes….unless we definitely get evidence that shooter boy was a Trump hater and lefty loon, or converted to Islam, the left will keep screaming.

          They shut up fast over the Baseball shooting, because it showed just how unhinged their side is. But until we have so called leaders who work for us and stand with us, the only win would be for Ryan to keep putting it off, and he don’t have the ca hones to do that for long.

    • “Maybe a binary trigger but not a bumpee.”

      What makes you think they’ll stop at bump stocks? I guarantee binary triggers will be next on the chopping block if they ban bump stocks. Eventually, they’re going to run out of accessories to come after, and start talking about banning all semiautomatics.

      You can’t appease these people. They won’t stop. You can’t “throw them a bone”, because that just gives them a taste for it, and they’ll come back for the rest of the skeleton.

      • “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.
        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.
        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” -Martin Niemöller
        Exploiting these attitudes is exactly the way that Hitler rose to power. By taking just a little at a time, from those who don’t give the tip of a rat’s turd about anything other than their own desires.
        This is the way we become Nazis, and the US is a long way down that road already.

      • Exactly Stinkeye! No retreat no surrender! Don’t give these freedom hating, mass murdering, (abortion supporting) American hating, Christian hating, communist loving, government worshiping, tyrants in waiting one F-ing! thing.

        Make no excuse, make no concession, because some leftist (again)commits mass murder against consevatives, and then want to blame guns for their generalized psychoses. The left concentrates and distills delusion, denial and outright insanity. All we do by giving into any demands is to feed that mental illness.

    • Let’s see…. you think that chopping some meat off other people and throwing it to the surrounding jackals will satisfy them and they’ll all go away peacefully?

      Appeasement is never successful, with Jackals or politicians… they will always come after you for MORE meat, more arms and legs chopped off other people… until it is your turn.

      • In everything I typed above everyone is mad about this and emotional. You or me are NOT the ones who are deciding this. THEY ARE, the RHINOS are. WE are in the mess we are because they do not LISTEN too “WE THE PEOPLE……”

        They have not been, which is why we have TRUMP. If you all still think it is appeasement, by tossing them something, okay. Put your emotion aside and think for a moment about what I repeat.

        I do not sit in congress, I am not the Speaker, nor are any of you. It is not going to go our way. This is not a Neville Chamberlain moment. It is a Dunkirk moment. Save what we can to fight another day or give them Czechoslovakia.

        We do not have a Patton sitting there to charge into the fight, we have Montgomery who keeps saying I cannot attack until I have more. Patton = Fight fast, maneuver, yes you lose some but keep the enemy moving. Monty = Build up while slogging it out for months, losing more because you sit instead of attack.

        We know what the left wants. But there are those on the right who want it also. It is not we who give up or give in. They do. We have won so much in States, yet are completely ignored in DC.

        How many Gen. McAuliffe’s do we have, this is our “NUTS” moment. Ryan already put the SHARE ACT ON HOLD. He already caved and you all think you are going to win on this. Goodbye to that bill as it sits. It will not die down the left will keep going they already smell the blood in the water because RYAN ALREADY GAVE IN.

        Get Ryan out as speaker and we have a different argument. But we cannot win this because we stomp our feet. RYAN ALREADY PULLED THE FLOOR AWAY FROM US.

    • This ^^!!

      NRA should endorse amending SHARE to include abumo stock ban. This would be much faster than introducing new legislation, and would avoid also move SHARE forward.

      Bump stocks have zero military, civil defense or sporting utility. Suppressors have considerable utility to all the above. We just need one Republican congress critter who is brace enough to articulate this.

      I’m not optimistic.

      • Read above. RYAN already pulled the SHARE ACT off the floor. Because of this. The issue is already LOST.

        Unless someone here has some kind of magic way to get Ryan to put it back, or grow a spine, it is dead this year.
        The SHARE I fear will become the bloated corpse of our hopes.

        At this point is is not about saving the leg, ain’t happening. It’s about saving the patient. The leg is already in the shark, the lefties got Ryan to blink and pull SHARE. They want more, that is either Bumps go on NICS or the SHARE act will become the new AWB. Because Ryan will be blinking at light speed to appease.

  4. “the National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law. The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.”

    Uh someone want to share this video with LaPierre Laval and Cox? They don’t seem to realize how laws are created. ATF has no power to regulate anything beyond declaring it an illegal machine gun conversion (which is a ban thanks to their acts in 1986).

  5. I’m amazed they’re still teaching “Animal Farm” in schools, given that it’s anti-Communist. I consider that to be a bigger positive than the stupid test answer’s negative.

    • IMO, “Animal Farm” was a much better book than “1984”.
      I apply its lessons to not just Communism, which is what Orwell had in mind, but to ALL governments, and indeed, almost all human interactions.

  6. Ok Pelosi when has a law ever stopped a crime BEFORE it was committed? Seriously we have laws against drunk driving, murder, selling drugs, possessing drugs, felons owning guns, and rape yet we still have all of these actions taking place. Tonight, while your security detail guards your mansion, and you sleep soundly in your bed someone will drive drunk, people will be murdered with various objects, drugs will be sold, drugs will be possessed, a felon will have a Glock Foety in his waistband, and people will be raped. No law passed will stop these however a gun in the hands of that potential rape, murder, or robbery victim may save their life or retain their valuable possessions.

  7. “When I was in Vietnam I heard AK-47s and that made me sick. And then this just about made me just as sick.”

    So why in the Hell did you buy it for in the first place if it made you so sick?


    Oh yeah, Pelosi :

    Pelosi’s answer was to “come together in a bipartisan way” that would be able to “save the most lives.”

    “That is to have background checks, gun violence prevention, background checks, and to have them be effective,” Pelosi said.

    The killer passed all the BGCs, Nancy So did the Pulse nightclub shooter, Aurora theater shooter, the San Bernardino shooter, etc, etc.

    Exactly what do you mean about having them “be effective”?

    Do you want the police to know who owns every gun in America?

    The Boston bombers learned how to make their bomb from the internet.

    Should police be supplied with a list of every website Americans visit?

    For safety’s sake?

    • Do you want the police to know who owns every gun in America?

      The Boston bombers learned how to make their bomb from the internet.

      Should police be supplied with a list of every website Americans visit?

      You were serving up a big helping of sarcasm, no? You and I both know full well that they very much want to know who owns every gun in America. Not to mention the continuing work on “pre-crime” analytics in the background – 5 years, 10 tops, if you visit a particular number of certain websites I can guarantee that some LE somewhere will be notified to come pay you a “visit”.

    • She wants specific measures and to have them effective.

      That speaks volumes. This is beyond ignorance and into a delusional rejection of cause and effect itself.

    • So she wants to ban abortion? She did say whe wants to save the most lives. That certainly would save the lives of far more children per year than any gun control measure.

  8. Oh god a silent dust cover. Can’t wait till that’s on the list of things to ban. I can see it now. He had a modified dust cover that was completely silent! The children!!!

    • Sigh. Dude really? That is just rude. Especially since it has It been atheists and agnostics, in the form of communists/marxists and progressives that has caused the most deaths in the hundreds of millions in the last hundred years.

      The problem and danger with atheists and agnostic is that 3 out 4 vote democrat or leftist, according to Pew Poll research. So it is the atheist and agnostic that by 75%, are big government worshipers and are by the super majority, enemies of freedom and individual liberty.

  9. I’m most upset with Hickok45. He has a lot of fame from 2A loving Americans and a lot of eye and ears of people who are just sort of interested in guns. He could have been a strong voice to educate people that gun control of any sort is really people control. It’s a shame that I now think of him as a schill and a person who will cave in. Bump stocks or more this time, what will they expect when the next incident occurs? When guns are outlawed then I will be an outlaw. Thanks spineless Republicrats and NRA.

    • Hickok45 is a friendly old coot, affable and all. As for his “convictions”, he’s always been an obvious Fudd to me.

      He’s the cool gun-grandpa (most) of us wanted as kids, but it has always been crystal clear that when push comes to shove, he’ll roll over quite happily, he really doesn’t care about the 2A. As long as they allow him to keep his single-shot shotgun fer squirrels and such….

      • Exactly so. Such was quite clear to me as well. I have never subscribed or liked any of his videos, but I do search them out from time to time, because the reviews are so well done. He seems to be the best tool available to familiarize a newbie(or oneself also) with a firearm design that one doesn’t know.
        But Ian and Karl from Forgotten weapons and InRange are sooooo much better…

    • Educate, not alienate & throw overboard. Instead of castigating the people and organizations who you think sold out the 2A (on bump fire stocks) in the comment sections on the internet, why not have a conversation with them?

      You’ll never change their minds by attacking them. You might change it by having a well reasoned discussion with them.

      • Unfortunately, a “well reasoned discussion” is nigh on impossible, because they don’t operate on reason, they operate on emotion, especially right now, after Las Vegas.
        I know, I’ve tried. When asked what they want, the go off on either an outright denial of present regulations (one actually told me we don’t have gun control!), or an emotional appeal to be able to live risk free, especially free from the risk of being shot at a music concert. When I pointed out that, unless he was in a drug gang or contemplating suicide, he was far more likely to die in an auto crash than from a gunshot, he simply went away. Logic and reason doesn’t change their minds, it just stymies them. They know they are right, they just don’t understand how to convince others who have facts. So they go look for less informed people.

        • Presumably you’re talking about the idiot masses. I was speaking of people like Hicok45. Gun people who are willing to concede bump fire stocks to the other side. I think many could be reasoned with.

  10. Nancy Pelosi isn’t ignorant. She’s senile. She still thinks that George Bush is President. Next week she’ll be talking about President Eisenhower and complaining that daddy won’t buy her a pony.

    • I suppose the good news for us is she ain’t going anywhere. Let her stammer and forget who she’s criticizing.

      Notice who else is getting a lot of facetime on the tube?

      The BrunHildeBeast herself. She seems to fancy herself still politically viable.

      Now that warms the cockles of my cold, black heart.

      EDIT – Prediction.

      If Rocket-Boy launches something long-range, something will happen that Rocket-Boy won’t like…

  11. In numerous conversations with USA army and marines when I was much younger, many people during trips to USA including this year no one has ever wanted Australian gun laws.

    “Political elite” seem to be the same world wide. Needing to control all others.

  12. in a nut shell all these communist ( the dems) need to retire , it’s time. and the democractic party needs to be restored back to a party that believes in democracy not communism. as far as the NRA and the bumpstock thing, well what if the BATF revues it and again finds it legal. you know, like they did before.

    • “…the democractic party needs to be restored back to a party that believes in democracy not communism.”

      I hate to break it to you, but the younger set is quite cool with the idea of a harder Left than they have now…

  13. Let people buy whatever they want (within reason; no nukes, no chemicals, no rockets)…but have stricter, harsher penalties for misuse.
    NFA items would/could still require photo and fingerprints, but make it an instant check like for regular guns.
    Personal responsibility. Use a gun in a crime? 10 years MINIMUM…no early release…no pardons…no probation.
    Straw buyer? At least 5 years PER gun…same terms as mentioned before.
    Let child get gun? Again…5-10 years.
    Won’t stop things from happening, but puts teeth in the penalty phase at least.

  14. We got a lot of Fudd’s and sunshine patriots coming out of the woodwork lately. With friends like that who needs enemies?

    Screw them all and call them out for the cowards and socialists they are. Let’s make a list and remember who they are.

    I nominate the NRA, Hickok45, and that stupid “veteran” at the top of the list!

  15. Look, I’m still just angry that useless sack of dildos Paul Ryan kept resisting the pushing the various bills for national reciprocity and removing silencers from the NFA because, “It’s not the right time”. Excellent work you dumb sack of hammers, now is much better. Holy Christ how does he even have his job?

  16. The buy-back in Australia only worked for the following reasons:

    1. Australia’s population back then was only about 20 million people (less than the population of the greater area of New York City).
    2. Gun ownership rates were overall very low. Probably less than a quarter of the ownership rate in the US. Firearm ownership historically was from hunting and target competition.
    3. Semi-auto ownership rate was also much lower because of greatly varying laws across the states (eg: Tasmania: anything including Full-Auto weapons, Queensland: anything but full-auto weapons, New South Wales: anything but full-auto and pistol grips (Defense Act card provided exception), WA: NO self-loading or full-auto and other restrictions). Military self-loading rifle ownership was also very low and often concentrated in those who used them for “Service Rifle” competition.
    4. The buyback offered the “carrot” of very generous payments not only for the firearms, but also for magazines, spare parts, and other accessories.
    5. But there was the “stick” of very severe punishments for violations for the laws.

    I cannot see an Australian style gun buyback working in the United States. Molon Labe.

  17. “A Harvard University professor called the National Rifle Association a ‘domestic terrorist organization'”. If this isn’t a call to violence, I don’t know what is. The left is equating the NRA and its members to groups like ISIS. What is the proper response to terrorists? Violence.

    More and more, I think this country’s divisions are only going to be resolved by a division of the nation, through peaceful means or otherwise. It’s clear we are more divergent on our values than ever. If we stay together it’s going to be due to the subjugation of one group by another. I don’t know about you, but I’m not big on being subjugated.

    • You have to wonder how well they’ve thought this through… Picking a fight with an opponent armed with so many dangerous & scary looking weapons sure doesn’t seem very prudent.

    • A division of the nation by state line wouldn’t work, this is much more “urban vs. rural”. How that gets figured out is the tricky part.

  18. “When I was in Vietnam I heard AK-47s and that made me sick. And then this just about made me just as sick.”
    What? He never heard any M-16s? M-60s? M-2s?

  19. I am getting so sick and tired of the authoritarians coming out of expensive colleges like Harvard. Those elitists think that they can control us “little people”. I have a message for those people. We The People – the people you want to subjugate- fought and won the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and helped free Europe from fascism and Communism. What makes you think we won’t do it again? What makes you – the Liberal Fascists hoards – think that We The People will allow you to enslave us under your socialist, authoritarian rule?

    • They’re probably pretty confident it won’t be done again because they have us busy with bread and circuses. Professional and college sports, movies, TV, etc.

  20. The NRA is no friend of the 2nd Amendment, as their historical support of Federal Gun Control over the years shows. If one does the research, you’ll find the NRA has sold out when they threw their support behind the 1934 National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act of 1968…they are willing to compromise your rights while claiming to be protecting your rights. Hickok45 says that the Bump Stocks aren’t worth “falling on your sword for,” well that is like saying here take another piece of my rights, hoping that you’ll still have your guns tomorrow. Once you start compromising, where does it stop? The fact that the NRA is asking the ATF, which does not exist Constitutionally to please ban Bump Stocks shows whose side they’re on. The leadership of the NRA are so Constitutionally ignorant the membership should be outraged…but maybe the members are just as ignorant of our Constitution. The bottom line isn’t Bump Stocks or 30 round magazines, or “Military Style” rifles it is this:

    “Gun control is not an enumerated power delegated to the federal government

    Our federal Constitution doesn’t delegate to the federal government any power over the Country at Large 2 to restrict our arms. Accordingly, all pretended federal laws, regulations, orders, opinions, or treaties which purport to do so are unconstitutional as outside the scope of powers delegated. They are also unconstitutional as in violation of the Second Amendment.”

    That is the position the NRA should be taking if they truly want to defend our rights. They should be an organization which educates on our rights, the Constitution and our history.

    • “…the ATF, which does not exist Constitutionally…”

      That doesn’t matter. The ATF exists. I don’t mean to single you out, many commenters here think the same way. But you’re an idealist. There is no such thing as constitutional purity. Never has been, never will be. Your arguments might be right, but that doesn’t mean anything when reality conflicts with it. Live in the world as it is, not the world as you wish it was.

      It’s amazing that the angrier some gun owners get, the more they begin to act like liberals.

  21. So on the bump fire thing, as I’ve often said, the last thing I need is a gun that can shoot $300 a minute. That doesn’t mean I think they should be outlawed, I think knuckleheads who want to burn ammo by the truckload should be able to indulge their fantasies, as long as they’re not hurting anyone in the process. It doesn’t make any difference what ‘kind’ of gun the killer used, if he had killed 13 people with a bolt action 30-06 rifle, the anti-gun politards would be shrieking just as loudly. “Too powerful!!” Too deadly!!” “No one needs such powerful bullet-things!!!”

    • The Mandalay Bay murderer was making a statement beyond the mass murder. The number and type of guns (23) and with 12 fitted with bump fire stocks, and then the stockpile of ammunition. Buying 33 guns since the Federal election. He must have spent about $60,000 on the stuff at the hotel and another $20,000+ on the other stuff found at his home.

  22. “It’s his…he can do with it what he wants….”

    Well golly gee, I hope nobody tells him that there are about 750 murders annually committed with just what the FBI calls “personal weapons”, meaning hands, feet, foreheads, too, for the occasional, fatal headbutt. If someone did, would this raging attention whore take Skil saw to his limbs?

    What would he do if he learned there are such people as serial rapists? Take a Dremel to his ding-a-ling?

    I bet he’s one of those morons who flock to sites of tragedies and leaves stuffed animals and sympathy cards atop the impromptu memorial mounds. It’s a sickening horning in on someone else’s misery, to hijack some attention for themselves. It’s not sincere sympathy. Same with this sawing stunt.

  23. That dude that cut is bumpfire up needs to go back to New York. Tennessee doesn’t want a bunch of knownit all Yankees telling us how their poops are like cotton candy. Go home!


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