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Arizona Man Surrendered Guns To Police In Wake of Mandalay Bay

Emotions continue to run high in the aftermath of the Mandalay Bay massacre. One Arizona man, Jonathan Pring, sought to salve his conscience while grabbing fifteen minutes of fame by publicizing his post-mass murder “epiphany.” He surrendered his two guns to police, apparently to head off any more Mandalay Bay-style attacks.

I’m sure his selfless act will make him feel quite virtuous. But who’s going to tell Mr. Epihany that Arizona law requires police to sell all confiscated guns…back to the public?

CBS 5 in Phoenix has the story:

In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, many people are asking, “What can I do to help prevent this kind of thing from happening again?”

One man from Phoenix has an answer of his own. Jonathan (we are not using his last name) turned in all his guns.

Jonathan called the local police station and asked that an officer come and collect his firearms.

“I’m a proud American citizen. I’m a duel citizen. I love watching football, eating hot dogs, and until yesterday, I had a machine gun,” he said.

“I had a machine gun”? No, no he didn’t.

Arizona Man Surrendered Guns To Police In Wake of Mandalay Bay

In fact, what he surrendered is a Ruger 10/22 with an aftermarket stock and a couple of 25-round magazines. Oh yes, and a Walther PK380 pistol. Quite an armory.

…”I just thought there is really something tangible we can do to make this stop happening.”

Jonathan is not only turning his weapons over to police, but he’s also writing about his decision and his action on Facebook…and it has triggered quite a discussion.

What Pring actually did was to shameless uses the horrific tragedy to buy his momentary “fame”. He clearly made sure the local media and a photographer were there to memorialize the blessed event. How repugnant and disgusting.

At the Tribunist, Pring tells their reporter:

“I think the easiest way to stop mass shootings from happening in America is to take guns away from civilians,” Pring told Fox.

“I like my son and my wife more,” said Pring.

Arizona Man Surrendered Guns To Police In Wake of Mandalay Bay

We don’t count that Mr. Pring, an immigrant born and raised in London, likes his wife and child more than his guns. But taking firearms away from Americans would serve as a recipe for far more deaths, not fewer.

He apparently hasn’t been here long enough to learn that American citizens proudly embrace the rights enshrined in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. At the same time, most of us realize how true freedom and liberty still stand as foreign concepts to British subjects.

Let’s hope that Mr. Pring’s two surrendered firearms end up in more responsible, appreciative hands.

UPDATE:  In the Tribunist story, they quoted Mr. Pring from his Facebook post

To any would be home invaders, watch out, I just bought a brand new Slugger.

And then added this.

Pring said of defending his family, “If I have a break-in at my house, I’ll hit him with a baseball bat. I’m not afraid. I don’t need a gun to be a man.”

But in a post today on Facebook, Pring wrote that he’s hired armed security to protect his home and family.  The money quote:

For the safety of my family, friends and staff I have hired armed security to protect me & my businesses.

Wait…  didn’t he brag on his brand new “Slugger” to deal with any home invaders?  You mean that a good guy with a gun stops bad guys better than a Louisville Slugger?  Who would have thought?

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    • Gawd the 25 round ruger mags are a pain to load. Plus they weight like four times as much as a pair of 10 round rotary mags that actually feed properly. And they cost 2.5x as much. Hmm, that last one actually makes sense in $ per round.

      But feeling good is, well, good. So good on him.

      Problem is that if everyone thought a 10/22 was a machine gun, then millions of kids would be so stoked! But alas, all they have is a reliable semiauto .22 long rifle. The gateway gun drug for almost everyone.

      In reality, he probably felt guilty because the guns were black. Not a speck of wood in sight. That’s enough to scare almost any new gun owner cuz then he’s one of those.

      • And yet he is still a “duel” citizen.

        I wonder if he has to borrow a pistol if the other guy decides against rapier or backsword, since he gave his away?

        • I wondered about how i could become a citizen of a deuling nation. Thatd be a way easier way to settle disputes. And also how did no one catch that?

        • He is joking the word “Gateway “is commonly used in the drug world-such as pot leading to herion, Get it know? it is funny. no one that buys a ,22 means they are going to go out and buy a land to air rocket launcher.


  1. So he dumped his shit because she told him to.
    She probably threatened to take him for all he was worth in a divorce, and take his kid forever if he didn’t.
    Got it.

    He is s disgusting, spineless piece of crap who has made his choice, and publicized the fact that he was now completely defenseless against armed intruders. Hope that goes well for him.

  2. Hopefully low testosterone Arizonians like him and illegal aliens don’t impede Dr. Ward’s way to the senate and introducing NFA repeal.

  3. You say virtue signaling. I say moron.

    What next for him? Give up his car because of drunk drivers?

    Go back to England.

    • That’s exactly right. Go back to England. Stop trying to push their policies on our free country. A country that gained its freedom from the former largely due to armed citizenry. Don’t like it? GTFO.

    • He made the news, essentially advertising for a home invasion. Can’t say I’ll feel sorry for him if it happens. If it does, we won’t hear a whisper of it in the media.

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now that’s embarrassing. Not the guns….the guy…if that’s what you want to call it.

  5. The iPhone, by texting while driving, has probably killed more people than a Ruger 10/22. Turn that in.

  6. I read about Mr. Prick, sorry Pring earlier. What a douche. The linked article is hilarious, so many stupid things in one place makes my head hurt. From the article “I’m a proud American citizen. I’m a duel citizen. I love watching football, eating hot dogs, and until yesterday, I had a machine gun,”. A machine gun? Apparently I’ve had a safe full of machine guns and didn’t even know it. This is from the Fox article, “”I like my son and my wife more,” said Pring, who called Phoenix Police to turn over his two high-powered weapons.”, a .22 and a .380 and this “Pring said he could have pawned the guns and collect a few thousand dollars”. Oh really, for 10/22 and a .380, maybe I’d give $600 for the pair if I was feeling generous.

    • Exactly. A cheap pair of guns. However, I think he maxed the undeserved likes he could get from this situation. What really happened? I’d guess he took his tacticool version of a 10/22 to the range and the other guys laughed at him. Nonplussed as to what to do, he sat paralyzed. Then, in a flash of progressive genius, he realized he could ride the Las Vegas media buzz like a master low-life grave dancer, and, with great fanfare, turn the guns in to the police.

      He failed to realize that he was about to widely publicize the fact that he had recently thought the cool gun to buy was a little squirrel shooter with tacticool accoutrements. How embarrassing. He doesn’t need a gun to prove his manhood? Laugh. No. He needs hired armed security….to prove he hasn’t got any of that manhood bit there to, uh, prove. I’ll have to guess he’s not much good with a baseball bat, either.

    • It’s what he told his wife they were worth, he gets extra strap on from his wife for that. Maybe she’ll even bring in the slugger. . He ain’t got no balls, got rid of his guns, then got to thinking about it, bought a bat, I fucked up, I will Facebook I hired armed security, hope they buy it .

  7. There’s a brief period (narrow window in time), in the sobering up phase of a three-day drunk (note the hair), where you’re squishy enough to give up your guns in an attempt to “right-the-world” after your drunken “what have I done?” mode. This period is slight however, and is followed by your hung-over “what-have-I-done?” phase when you realize you were a wanker for a second time, and despite your (to you) ‘massive following’ on social media, not one “friend” raised a hand or called you, in your murky period, to stop you.

    Hope it was fun.

  8. If he wants to show the world he’s a mewling hand-wringing illogical man-child, he’s free to do so.

    If/when the man ever needs a gun to defend himself or his wife/child that he likes so much, well let’s just hope for his sake that there’s a cop inside of 30 seconds from his 911 call.

    I wouldn’t take that bet in a million years. Personal responsibility can be a scary thing, Jonathan (if you’re an 8 year old). Better hand those guns over to one of us adults.

    I’m all for it, we should encourage this behavior. Anyone else want to give up their guns to those of us responsible adults in their neighborhood?

  9. He also took the “Rambo” picture in the bathroom just before the police arrived and took his weapons.

  10. Well, this guy is perfectly within his rights to voluntarily give up his property if he so wishes, but frankly the selfie just looks to me like virtue signaling.

  11. That cop has has got to be pissed, because of those pictures now he has to turn the guns in instead of taking them home.

    • I know this isn’t fair to the cop since we don’t really know his mind, notwithstanding, I’m kind of annoyed that he was smiling in a photo with a civilian handing over his guns.

      • Would it be better if he cried? If I was in the cop’s place I would have laughed at the dumbass too.

  12. That first pic is borderline nauseating. This dude is the poster boy for bootlicking. I bet if you put a dog treat on his nose he would instinctively flick it up and catch it in his mouth.

    • What’s nauseating isn’t even the bootlicking IMHO. What’s nauseating is that some jerkoff would ride the coattails of such a horrific event to get publicity for himself.

      It’s not about guns or the Mandalay Bay shooting. It’s about his ego and getting attention. That’s flat out disgusting. Ditto that idiot who cut up the stock. If you want to do it out of some sense of something, fine. Inviting the media? Go straight to “fucking douchebag” status, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

      This is worse than bloody shirt waving. These stories are showing off the most horrific cases of narcissism the country has to offer and wrapping them up as some sort of virtuous behavior on behalf of the victims of an atrocity.

      A pox on both those “men”.

  13. Mewling QUIM: Loki…winky boy has his “fame”. Ridicule all over fakebook. Does this british boy know anyone with a modicum of intelligence can find out where his wife and child LIVE?!?

  14. Where’s the machine gun? Where’s the “high power” weaponry? All I see is a 10/22 in a wannabe m4 stock and a 380 semi auto or did I miss something? Is Ashton Kutcher gonna hop out and yell punked?

  15. So a pink pussy snowflake gave up his Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock—because he almost shot his eye out…
    A nut shot was not possible because he has none!!!!

  16. There’s nothing to be admire of a coward. If he really was doing it because of a real conviction, we would not be reading about it.

    He can think about this day when his family is in danger and he has nothing but tears to defend them.

    • But, wait, he bought a baseball bat …and hired an armed guard …so SOMEONE ELSE can handle the privately owned firearm (probably something with a little more punch than a .380).

      Take THAT you scary gun people /sarc .

  17. Duel Citizen? London immigrant? That explains it all. He does not know what being a citizen means, he is just a servant of the Queen.

    • Dual Citizenship is one of the most repugnant things I have ever heard of. Your either American or you are not.

        • If you walk on one side of the road, you’re okay. If you decide to walk on the other side, you’re okay. But don’t linger in the middle of the road.

  18. Exhibit A that American citizenship has become debased and almost worthless. Deport this twit back to the English Caliphate. They have to go back.

  19. Wait!? He was feeling like he was a threat to innocent people? So he turned his guns in to stop himself from doing a mass murder? He couldn’t trust himself to control his rage? He knew it was just a matter of time before he snapped and went on a rampage?

    A self aware progressive. Who knew they existed.

    • Yeah I was thinking this, I guess if he realized he was depressed, suicidal, and the voices in his head were telling him to go on a 22LR assault attack against his country then I guess I can be glad for him that he realized the danger he posed. Now the next required step is the special jacket, the padded walls, and ah, the comforting, peaceful medicine… This guy can’t be trusted, he will be sharpening those kitchen knives next.

  20. The only way this would make any difference is if Jonathan Pringle was planning to shoot people. All he did, in my eyes, was make himself sound like a psycho. That’s one gun owner I won’t miss.

  21. He has time to call the police and the press to make sure they are there for the photo shoot. He had time to go to the store and buy a slugger. Then he had the time to realize that his wife was going to be sleeping around on him because he can’t protect her (and probably caught him wearing her underwear) and he went out and hired a armed security guard off of Craigslist. But with all of this time he couldn’t be bothered to put the toilet paper on the hanger, let alone move it out of the picture

  22. We all know damn good and well that cop is really thinking what a blithering idiot that guy is. That’s what I’m thinking, that much is sure.

    • I’d like to imagine the conversation went something like this:

      Cop: So, how can we help you today, sir?

      Jon: I’d like to turn in these incredibly deadly weapons of mass destruction!

      Cop: O…k… … … … Why?

      Jon: Because the city will be safer without them on the streets!

      Cop: Sir, you realize these are semi-automatic .22’s, right? These are often given to children once they’re old enough to handle basic responsibility. They certainly shouldn’t pose any danger to public safety in your possession, as long as you’re not personally planning to use them to do anything illegal.

      Jon: Look, I already have the cameras here to snap pictures of what an amazing guy I am. Can’t you just take the guns so that people can applaud how much I care about this great state of Alabama?

      Cop: Arizona.

      Jon: Whatever. Can you do it or not?

      Cop: I mean, there’s nothing preventing you from donating them, I suppose, but-

      Jon: It’s settled, then! Look at me, America! You can all sleep a little sounder tonight thanks to the incredible thoughtfulness of Jonathan!

      Cop (into his radio): Steve, better add two more lots to Saturday’s auction.

      Jon: What was that?

      Cop: I said, “Thank you for your contribution, Citizen.”

  23. What a little fuck boy. I did not know ruger made a 10/22 machine gun. What a dumb ass. It’s still going back to market. Did the cop tell him that lol. Someone should gift him a NRA memebership. If anyone provided an address, I’ll buy it for him lol

    • Actually a LGS around here has a supressed, full auto 10/22 that you can rent. I saw it one day and fell over laughing.

  24. He surrendered his guns to police? No – he volunteered his his guns, and Police graciously, and judiciously accepted them, because who in their right mind in Phoenix Arizona (with all due respect) believes the Police could possibly arrive in time to defend them?

  25. At one point I slapped an ArchAngle stock on my 10/22. Instantly regretted it.

    Unfortunately undoing such a modification isn’t as easy as doing it.

    • One of the great things about the 10/22 is that they are a very compact and easy to carry firearm. They’re not bulky and they don’t have a bunch of protrusions hanging off them.

      I don’t even like a scope on mine. I put the scope on a Winchester bolt gun. The Ruger has simple Fire Sight peeps on it. Slick and handy.

  26. Oh my word, another yellow snowflake that has melted, polluting our streams and rivers stinking up the environment. After awhile the smell of piss gets overpowering.

  27. Now we know who’s been posting “We need a better argument then shall not be infringed” on all the gun forums.

  28. Best he gave them up. It is obvious that most liberals attribute their urges to others. This lib probably was afraid he would act out his impulses and took the right action. Though I do agree with the commenter who said his wife probably made him do it, probably for the same reason that they are afraid they could not contain their urges.

  29. Yeah I would probably surrender that P.O.S. too if I owned it, it is an absolute travesty what he did to that Ruger… *shudders*

  30. “I’m not afraid. I don’t need a gun to be a man.”

    How is this even supposed to be an argument? Maybe there are some guys who buy guns strictly to feel macho, but I would hazard a guess that they’re a very small minority. Most of us buy guns because they can be fun, and because they simply make sense when looking for self-defense options.

    If some young thug broke into my apartment, I’d certainly rather have a baseball bat than nothing, but even with that I don’t know that I could incapacitate him before he did serious harm, especially if I couldn’t take him by surprise. With my 1911, results still aren’t guaranteed, but I have a much better shot (pun intended).

    “I’m a little vain…”

    You don’t say…

  31. “I’m a proud American citizen. I’m a duel citizen. ”

    No, you’re a weenie. If you were actually proud, you wouldn’t have held onto your dual citizenship.

  32. The most offensive part of the article is the fact that journalists can’t seem to get their homonyms straight. The dude is a “duel citizen,” eh? *facepalm*

    • You can thank the public schools system for journos who can no longer spell, use proper grammar and punctuation, or even properly construct a sentence. This goes for editors, as well. “Everyone’s a winner!, doncha know?”

  33. Hey I know guys, next time there is a serial rapist, we should all have ourselves castrated!!! We can hold our nuts up in a sandwich bag for a swell selfie!

    • Truth be told, nuts have indeed been causing chaos since the dawn of humankind.
      The same, of course, goes for the little lady parts.
      Few experienced in life would have it any other way,

  34. The Gophers and Ground Squirrels in this guys yard are safe now that he has given up his Ruger 10/22 “Machine Gun”…… Bwahahahahaha Hahahaha

  35. I say! This dim witted chap was born and raised in jolly old England, where citizen disarmament is in their blood.
    Pip pip… maybe this Brit-Cuck can toss a few cookies at his assailant.

  36. That guy was probably heavily influenced by his wife. Young people like him need to search for the term MGTOW on Youtube before they self-destruct their lives. For that guy though, it is too late.

  37. This has to be a setup. I’ll bet he bought those guns a day or so ago just so he could pull this publicity stunt. Nobody that is a gun owner would ever talk like that and most importantly, would never think a 10/22 is a “machine gun.”

    • His use of “common sense gun laws” makes me very suspicious that he’s a Bloomie / Soros paid shill.

    • I’m thinking the same thing here. Calling your Tapco package 10/22 a machine gun?? Someone who talks like this would NEVER own a firearm let alone spend any time on the range with them in my opinion. It smells like a total agenda stunt and apparently has worked getting firearm owners rightfully indignant and gun opponents some good feels too. “Hey, let’s find a couple guns and turn em in. We’ll write a story about it and take a few pics.” This is what happens when you follow “thinkers” like his mentioned Ghandi.

  38. Wanker needs to move back to merry ol’ England. Unfortunately we’ll be seeing more of his kind.

  39. I love this. ALL his guns. 2 damn guns, that’s ALL. lol

    One man from Phoenix has an answer of his own. Jonathan (we are not using his last name) turned in all his guns.

  40. I read a story about this guy, and the reason he gave (in his own words) was that he kept the guns “up high on a shelf” and he was afraid that as his kid grew up, he would find them.
    I guess while he was at the gun show where he says he bought the guns, he missed the safes for sale.
    He also said he paid $2,000 for the two guns. I have a PK380 and a 10/22, and if he paid that much (even with the wannabe stock), the seller saw him coming.
    Both guns are nice little shooters, the 10/22 being cheap to shoot, while the .380 is more expensive to shoot than my 9mm pistols.

  41. So, he won’t use a gun to protect his family, but he will use another deadly weapon, a bat, to kill anyone that enters his house. Then he hires an armed security guard to do the dirty work of protecting his family.

    As a resident of Arizona, I would like to apologize for this mans idiocy. To our defense, though, I should point out that he is not a native Arizonian.

  42. Another contestant in the biggest douche in the universe contest. I wonder if he’ll appear on msnbc or the view. Some thug will take his baseball bat from him and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  43. He accomplished nothing but to call attention to himself. In an open free society, free travel, privacy rights, etc…law enforcement cannot stop/prevent crime/mass murder. The coward murderer in Las Vegas had the means ($), motive (the basturd was CRAZY) and opportunity (a large crowd at a music festival). He could not have been stopped unless he told someone or otherwise “tipped his hand”…this is the price of living in a free open country of over 300 million instead of a “police state” dictatorship.

  44. Wow! Congratulations moron, you had a great collection: a 22lr and a 9mm. Now go and buy better replacements or just bend over, spread your chicks and wait for the police to help while you hold your breath watching you family get killed. Your so called “good intentions” are misplaced. Why would you feel guilty by the events in Las Vegas? Sad and outraged? Yes. Guilt? You really need professional counseling but I doubt it will help. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, so stay pure of “soul” and keep dreaming and hold hands with your neighbor but always be vigilant. The first duty of any citizen is to stay alive and vigilant. Now go and join a poetry or macrame club because you do not belong in a gun club of responsible gun owners. You are just a willing victim that does not deserve admiration but pity.

  45. Not an American. Not even an “Arizona man”. He is an immigrant raised in a different culture. He will never be an American. Anyone with dual citizenship should be stripped of their US citizenship and deported.

    We should have closed the borders in 1800.

  46. We don’t watch television, at least not network television, and don’t even have cable. We prefer streaming services because you get the best shows an no commercials.

    Part of what we find insufferable about most shows and commercials is the image of incompetence, gullibility, and emasculation in which men are depicted.

    These namby pamby man children infuriate my wife with their uxorious and indecisive demeanor. What is worse, she says, are the women characters who reinforce such depictions as acceptable, even desirable, to women.

    Then you get impressionable jackwagons like in this article, who see that and figure being an abject wussy (part wimp, part pu$$y) is how he should act, and he forfeits his guns.

  47. The PK .380 is a nice shooting gun
    The amazing thing about it is that it has the easiest to rack slide of any semi auto I have ever used
    I now recommend it to women who have trouble racking the slide of a semi auto

  48. Now UK snowflake, put up a “GUN FREE HOME” sign. Then take the locks off your doors and windows. Contact the local media for a little more show and tell. IDIOT!

  49. I would suggest that he castrate himself. That could go along way to help with rape prevention. It would most assuredly assist in clearing his family gene pool of idiocy.

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