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Nancy Pelosi hopes for a gun control slippery slope (courtesy and fox business)

“(Gun owners are going to) say, ‘You give them bump stock, it’s going to be a slippery slope.’ I certainly hope so.” – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in Pelosi Hopes Ban on Bump Stocks Is a ‘Slippery Slope’ to More Gun Control [via]

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  1. Whatever BS the Libs come up with in regards to bump stocks isn’t really the issue here.
    Knowing this dried up old wind bag and her Schumer cohort. Anything written will contain ban this, limit that etc. As the Dims always do.
    If they want legislature on bump stocks. Let it be a straight forward written piece. A simple Yes or No vote.
    NO F%ing add-ons as we know they will do.
    Any representative of mine that votes affirmative on this. Will get a No vote from me next time around.

    • You could take the other perspective let them lard it up with crazy overreaching amendments and changes. Then it will never pass.

      Or, some enterprising congress-critter could expose the left for what they are by tacking on an amendment to the bill banning Planned Parenthood since it’s for saving the lives of children and all. The latter would definitely save far more lives. Trying to watch the same people defend the right to murder unborn children in orders of magnitude greater numbers while simultaneous decrying bump fire stocks and guns because they’re used to murder should prove entertaining.

      • I agree with almost what every one here has been saying regarding add this or that and poison the bill eventually written.
        But and the but for me is. Id like to know every single representatives real side on however the vote goes. In both houses.
        My future activism on a lot issues will/might depend on that.
        Wishful thinking maybe but Id still like to know who stands where.

        • Controversial bills or those that matter to fervent single issue voters are rarely clean bills that asdress just the hot topic in question. They’re always loaded up with obfuscating side issues and even completely unrelated items, so that people can vote for them while maintaining plausible deniability.

          “I *wanted* to vote no on the bill, but the bump stock ban was attached to a bill for desperately needed hurricane funding (or something else politically impossible to oppose), and I can to vote for the greater good. You know I support the Second Amendment
          We’ll fight ’em and win next time….”

          Uh huh…..traitors.

    • Well it’s a firearm bill, add national reciprocity to this. After all everyone needs to be able to defend themselves from these crazies.
      Also the “safest” way to update the law is to classify a trigger pull as actually moving your finger.

      • Attach the share act, national reciprocity, the repeal of the 1986 hughes amendment and the repeal of the NFA and ill happily ride that slippery slope. Gun owners have given up to much over the years only for everyone to ask for just one more thing. Time to take it back.

        • So off the top of my head, you can’t buy bullets designed to penetrate police vests, can’t buy sawed-offs or uzis or AKs, can’t buy anything if you’re a felon, a handful of states have waiting periods, and a national database is used to screen you when you buy… so what am I missing? What is it you want that the government is stopping you from buying/doing?
          Also it’s worth noting that childish macho gun-nuts like you have been blathering for decades that the goverment and/or UN is taking away your guns but decades later you still have them, and occassionally some asswipe lets it rip and slaughters a bunch of folks or a kid shoots himself, and teenagers turn neighborhoods into war zones, and all the while y’all blather about how you and your guns are the reason America hasn’t somehow morphed into Nazi Germany!
          You really are beyond ridiculous and pathetic

    • The Anti’s strategy is death by a thousand cuts.

      The text of the bill the Dems try to push will APPEAR to be “narrowly tailored”. So, they will say: “What are you gun nuts worried about? This isn’t really a cut; it’s just a pin-prick”.

      Then, ATF will come out with an interpretation that puts a cloud over any gunsmith (professional or amateur) doing a trigger-job. Then, it will appear to be a full-fledged “cut” rather than a pin-prick.

      The next incident will prompt the Dems to impose some new regulation on semi-autos. Same scenario; cut #2 in this series.

      Next incident, a law on pump-actions and lever-actions . . .

      Next, bolt-action repeaters.

      Eventually, we will be down to double-barreled and Crickets.

      I wonder if our response ought to be “out of the frying pan and into the fire”. We tell our Congress-critters that we know they are lying to their constituents. Any ban or regulation on bump-fire won’t stop a nut with a 3D printer. Nor will any law stop a nut from making a lightning-link from a tin-can using a tin snips.

      The whole bump-fire bru-ha-ha is a sham for security theater. So, go ahead and pass whatever you like. Gun owners will spend from now to November 2018 telling their neighbors that their new law is a sham! Their gun-controlling constituents won’t like being lied to; they will be angry that the bill wasn’t made draconian. Their gun-rights constituents won’t tolerate a draconian law. Once gun-owners ramp-up their campaign, it will be hard to keep the message out of the MSM.

      Once the public realizes that a Sten-gun can be made from hardware store parts and tools, they will begin to understand that a “bump-stock ban” does NOTHING to make them more secure.

      Such a strategy would put most candidates between a rock-and-a-hard-place:
      – Too little and they will be vulnerable to our ridicule.
      – Too strong and they will fire-up the gun-owners who don’t care about bump-stocks but do care about draconian infringements.

      Well, what do you politicians want to do about the predicament you have put yourselves in?

      Negotiate some sort of modest control in exchange for: HPA; National-Reciprocity; repeal of the Hughes Amendment?

      Or, abandon this pointless attempt to solve a very real problem by ignoring the meaningful circumstances (tactical superiority with no anti-sniper capability)?

      Your move.

      • “The next incident will prompt the Dems to impose some new regulation on semi-autos.”

        Yep, auto-loaders of any type are on their dream list.

        SCOTUS in the Heller decision offered guidelines on what they considered as protected firearms. Pretty much what is in common use for patrol law enforcement.

        That’s semi-auto handguns of 13+ rounds standard capacity, and AR platform patrol rifles. And pump-action scatterguns.

        We really need fresh blood in the court. I hope Kennedy announces by next June. The Court in proper balance will take care of this for us…

  2. Well they’ve now been frustrated to the point of honesty. This is who’ve they’ve always been. They are, who we thought they were. Not that this is a surprise to most of us, but, to the layman, it’s there in the open.

  3. You could take the other perspective let them lard it up with crazy overreaching amendments and changes. Then it will never pass.

    Or, some enterprising congress-critter could expose the left for what they are by tacking on an amendment to the bill banning Planned Parenthood since it’s for the children and all. The latter would definitely save far more lives. Then get the popcorn ready for the meltdown.

  4. At least they are honest now. It will be much easier to sort the wheat from the chaff if the fall happens.

  5. Tell you what, Nan: You give us a twenty week abortion ban, we’ll give you bump stocks.

  6. Looks like gun owners are getting their Disneyland measles media moment. Same lies, same collectivist rhetoric/agitprop, same agenda and end goal-the removal of individual rights.

  7. nancy it was your party that signed the bump stock into law or don’t you remember that…..must have been in the pile with obama care….you know lets sign it to see what’s in it….this broad has to go…..

    • Are you Kidding? Having her level of incompetence as leader of the Democrats in the House is a Godsend!

      Think about it, here is a woman who gets lost in the middle of a speech and and stares at the audience, forgets the phrase she wants and then tries to gesture what she means, and now she slips up and says what she actually means. If gun owners had the actual power to pick the leader of the anti-freedom party from all the Democrats in the House, we could do no better than Nancy!

      • This is what happens when politicians are allowed to hang around the swamp long past senility. And people keep re-electing these dotards (to borrow a term from the Rocket Man) because they are too weak-minded to do anything else OR they think the stale mate condition that exists in congress today is a good idea.

        Two words: Term Limits.

    • As a 65-year-old who has observed many elders a generation ahead of me, I can say, confidently, that there’s no slippery slope slipperier than dementia.

  8. I was talking with somebody about this and we were going back and forth for a bit, came up with the idea to add an amendment to the Share Act to add Bump Stocks to the NFA Registry, while also opening up a 6 mo window to register them (thereby also opening up the registry for new machine guns too).

    Watch the Dem’s explode over that!

  9. First they came for Newton’s first law. Next they’ll come for the rest. Slippery slope of retardation. Saying you can’t stop the signal makes it all sound far too sophisticated. All this is about is inertia. They think they can legislate inertia.
    They’re the apes banging on the monolith.

  10. Oh c’mon, Pelosi’s comments surprise absolutely no one. This is a zero sum game for us, we either win or we lose big. Not one inch. Or, as Stalin said as the Wehrmacht approached Stalingrad, “..not one step back…”.

    No compromise, and no “regulations”. Make them take it.

  11. There’s a problem with trying to legislate things like bump stocks, and that problem is twofold: advancing technology, and attempting to put the toothpaste back in the tube.
    In a few years, I’ll be able to make a bump stock on a 3D printer. No chance the feds would find it. Or, I can go to Lowes and buy the parts to make one right off the shelves.
    The technology will also advance in other areas (yet undreamed of) that will achieve the same thing: a device that will allow simulated automatic fire that is within the letter of the law.
    But for the toothpaste: as I said, we’ll be able to make them ourselves in a few years (some can now). Banning something someone can make in their den is just stupid.

    • You can make one today with a rubber band. Saw it in a facebook post, mrgunsandgear linked to a you tube video.

  12. Give the dementiatards (you may steal that)NOTHING. Why the caving? If 20little kids didn’t do it with Odumbo at the helm why should Las Vegas?!?

  13. Nancy is lucky the world she “sees” does not exist. If it did someone would have smacker her between the eyes long ago with her vacuum cleaner or rolling pin.

    Damn babyboomer maggots. Shut up and get back in the kitchen woman.

  14. Please start setting term limits on these people! I think there are 3-4 generations of people who have voted for this hag. More and more it seems the fears the founding fathers had of trading a single tyrant 600 miles away for 600 tyrants 1 mile away are coming true. These critters sit in congress most of their life long as they “serve” their base or all their challengers suck. They can afford to latch on to a hot button issue for their whole career be it guns, drugs, sex, religion, or whatever and they can run it into the ground. They are able to continually write legislation and speak on that one issue.
    How does one make a diamond? Time and pressure. Given a lifetime in Congress anyone can get just about anything passed.

  15. I pointed this out to a friend earlier: “they” keep calling for ‘compromise’, but their definition of compromise is give us everything we want, with nothing in return other than the certainty that they will be back in the future asking for more concessions.

    if you want to ‘compromise’ to get new gun regulations on the books, maybe offer to take some of the more asinine ones that currently exist OFF the books.

    • This is a fair point, generally speaking, but in this particular case, the optics are worse than usual. Many gun-owners don’t know how a bump-assist stock works, even, much less the 50% who would fight to the death with spoons to outlaw civilian firearms ownership.

      “The GOP wants to hold back the closing of the machinegun loophole that caused 58 people to dfie and more than 500 to be injured… Why? Because they want to make sure that guns that are just as powerful, but easier to carry around (SBR/SBS) and equipped such that you’ll never know from whence the shots are coming (suppressor) are less expensive and faster to get (ATF form 4) and we’ll never find out who they are until it’s too late (ATF form 4).

      Best option here is to delay it until nobody cares any more. Second-best is to let the ATF call them machine guns and move on with our lives. Third best is to give them an extremely-narrow bill (Not Feinstein’s, write one from a place of sanity) and work on pushing better legislation down the line to deal with SBR/SBS/Suppressor/etc.

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