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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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Virginia Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam isn’t letting a crisis go to waste. Following Friday’s shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal facility in which 12 people were murdered by a city engineer, the Democrat is seizing the moment and calling the state’s legislators back for a special session to consider a package of wide-ranging gun control measures.

Pulling out all the rhetorical stops, the Governor says he expects the GOP-controlled legislature to produce “votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers.” It will be worth it, he said, if it saves just one life.

On Northam’s gun control wish list is a ban on sales of suppressors in the commonwealth, a magazine capacity limit and making guns in some government buildings more illegal-er than they are now.

He’s not stopping there, though. Northam wants universal background checks, a one gun per month purchase limit, and a red flag law, too. He also wants to ban “assault weapons” (never mind that the Virginia Beach shooter used handguns) and bump stocks (never mind that President Trump has already instructed to ATF to regulate them like machine guns).

It’s a no-lose proposition for Northam. He gets to look like he’s doing something about “gun violence” no matter what the legislature does (or doesn’t do). And he puts Republicans in the difficult position of having to vote on “common sense” gun control measures after a tragedy.

If they vote some of the measures into law, Northam looks like a hero. He and his fellow civilian disarmament fans win and the red-shirted moms will dutifully applaud and tweet huzzahs.

If the GOP, by some miracle, develops a spine and rejects Northam’s proposals, he can rail against them for ignoring 12 dead bodies and failing to address “gun violence” in an election year (primaries are next week, the general election in November).

Oh, and the issue and inevitable political fights will also distract the public and take whatever remaining attention there is away from the Governor’s rather inconvenient past.

Here’s the AP’s report . . .


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Tuesday he will summon lawmakers back to the state Capitol to consider a package of gun-control legislation, saying last week’s deadly mass shooting in Virginia Beach calls for “votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers.”

Northam, a Democrat confronted with a Republican-controlled General Assembly in the middle of an election year, also said he wants every lawmaker to go on record for or against his proposals during the special session this summer, rather than avoid tough votes by quietly killing the bills in subcommittee.

“The nation will be watching,” the governor said, four days after Virginia Beach employee DeWayne Craddock used two semi-automatic handguns, a silencer and extended ammunition magazines to kill 12 people at a municipal building. Craddock was then killed in a gunbattle with police.

Northam’s bills include a ban on silencers and high-capacity magazines, as well as a broadening of the ability of local governments to limit guns in city buildings.

The governor said he also wants votes on mandatory, universal background checks before gun purchases; a limit of one handgun purchase per month; and a so-called red flag bill that would allow authorities to temporarily seize the guns of those who are a threat to themselves or others.

“I will be asking for votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers,” he said.

In a statement, GOP Speaker Kirk Cox dismissed the governor’s call for a special session as “hasty and suspect when considered against the backdrop of the last few months” — a reference to the blackface photo scandal that nearly destroyed Northam’s career.

Cox said the Republicans will instead put forward legislation to toughen penalties for those who use guns to commit crimes.

“We believe addressing gun violence starts with holding criminals accountable for their actions, not infringing on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens,” Cox said.

Another top Republican, Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, indicated some willingness to debate a ban on large-capacity magazines, according to the Virginia Gazette, but told gun control advocates outside his office that “nothing would have helped us in Virginia Beach.”

Northam got a standing ovation from gun control advocates, state workers and elected officials as he said the massacre in Virginia Beach demands that lawmakers put saving lives ahead of party loyalty.

Noting that first responders saved lives in last week’s attack, he said: “Now, I’m calling on the elected officials of this commonwealth to become second responders. Your duty is clear: Rush to the scene and put a stop to this violence.”

“Show Virginians that it doesn’t matter what party you are in, we all are Virginians first, and we care about the safety and security of every Virginian,” he added.

The governor has long advocated stricter gun control. He made the issue a top priority of his 2017 campaign, drawing from his experience as a pediatrician and Army doctor who has treated children and soldiers wounded by gunfire.

Most of the legislation already proposed by Northam and other Democrats has failed in Virginia, where Republicans hold slim majorities in the House and Senate. All 140 legislative seats are up for grabs this year, and the Democrats are thought to have a realistic chance of taking back control of the General Assembly.

Craddock appeared to have had no felony record and is believed to have legally purchased his two .45-caliber pistols, authorities said.

Friday’s shooting has been Northam’s first major test since a scandal over a racist photo in his medical school yearbook nearly drove him from office four months ago. Northam denied he was in the picture of someone in blackface and another person in a Ku Klux Klan hood and robe.

A top gun rights advocate, Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, denounced the special session as “political theater” and called it “pure baloney” that silencers mask the sound of gunshots.

“There’s really nothing other than allowing people to protect themselves until the police get there that would have worked,” he said.

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  1. The Republicans will vote this down just like they have voted down every other gun control package.

      • No kidding. I’m in VA quite a bit. I thought I was far removed from the craziness in the northeast. This sucks.

      • While there may be “small” steps taken, still infringements nonetheless, they will not make it very far. About as far as they did with the VA Tech shooter. All the same, since you are there, you should be standing in front of the governors building with your AR and open carry along with thousands of others. Get to it.

        • I no longer live there. The Virginia Constitution has the original Second Amendment and makes all citizens Militia Members. An extensive is unlikely to pass SCOTVA review . It’s not going anywhere. The shooter would have passed all the additional hurdles proposed by the Governor Blackface.

        • Fear the “small steps” more than the big ones. While most people focus on the big, shiny objects, it is the little, seemingly insignificant limits that are most insidious.
          Death by a thousand cuts.
          Too many “2A” types are perfectly willing to accept small concessions. We have been compromising and accepting “small” steps for nearly a century now, anyone remember last time they gave us back anything? Exactly.

          If the Virginia Legislature RINO’s cave on this, and they might, VA is nothing but a suburb of DC and it’s overeach.

    • Your faith in the GOP is breathtakingly optimistic. Hope you are correct. But if even just a few break ranks something is slipping through

      • best-case scenario is a red-flag law in exchange for increased penalties for crimes with firearm.

        • Oh that’s a good trade in constitutional liberties! One of the most diabolical “Authoritarian laws” designed deliberately to sidestep the constitutional bill of rights. A “Hearsay law for Authoritarianism” to blanket accuse a person who might legally or ILLEGAL own weapons…And suggest they are violent or have some kind of character flaw by an unknown accuser…Or a “political police official” with an axe to grind against someone they done like. Having said parties property and personal arms subject to “immediate confiscation WITHOUT DUE PROCESS”. Forcing the accused to defend themselves “guilty till proven innocent” without the financial funds to receive any form of effective “justice” under our current constitutional law!?!? Again, no matter what state, or what “legal challenges” that have claimed that “So called RED FLAG LAWs” are “Constitutional” (which you have to be a statist thug to believe it is…) Is NOTHING more than an opening for full fledged “Authoritarianism” in the USA! These kind of laws should be receiving extreme negativity from all freedom loving people in all 14 states that have implied them…And the architects that held responsible for the injustices that will befall any US citizen entrapped by them!!!

      • Your ignorance is “breathtaking.” Virginia legislative votes on gun control have been 99% on party lines. Nationally in state legislature and congress gun control had NEVER EVER been more aligned by party as it is the last couple of years.

    • You’re is well noted. At least, I hope you’re joking.

      I’m a 2A conservative first and foremost, and I’m very unhappy with the stances of (a growing number of) Republicans at all levels. I voted for Trump and am very pleased with some of his actions – such as his federal judge appointments – but am disappointed in lack of support for the 2A. Same for the many RINOs trying to ride the fence and act like they’re also “doing something” for the cameras to garner some centrist votes at the expense of our rights.

      As the saying goes, “he who refuses to pick a side and remains in the middle eventually gets hit by a truck”.

      • Hmm…it appears that the comment entry screen doesn’t allow for the usual use of brackets to denote “sarc on” or “sarc off”.

        In other words, “Your *sarc* is well noted.” Or something like that.

      • “fence riders” who exchange rights for centrist/independent votes remind me of the damned souls in the “Vestibule” of hell on bank of the Styx in Date’s Divine Comedy.

    • On the plus side Virginian’s gun rights will be made comfortable until a decision is reached.

    • “The Republicans will vote this down just like they have voted down every other gun control package.”

      Yes you are very correct. I have already sent the Governor a message instructing him to get out the City Bulldozer and push the pile of dead bodies into the nearest ditch for a mass grave. The Bulldozer should then be cleaned, oiled, and greased as to be ready for next weeks mass shooting.

      • Confiscating guns won’t stop these mass murders. The perp in this case could have killed twice as many by driving a van filled with 55 gallon drums of gasoline into the building. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

    • Good… for now. Unfortunately the contagion from DC continues to spread. VA is not safe, except maybe in the short-term.

  2. Can almost hear him now, “whew!!! Something to take attention away from killin babies”! That was close.

  3. “…two semi-automatic handguns, a silencer and extended ammunition magazines…”
    I still haven’t seen actual details. Was the silencer only used in the beginning? Why 2 guns? New York reload? How much ammo did those extended magazines hold? How many shots did he take? We usually know details down to the gun maker when it’s an AR.

    Would the victims have stood a better chance at survival if they were armed? Would any of these laws keep a determined person from doing the exact same thing in the future?

    • Suppressors, dude, not “silencers”. Ignorant anti-2A people and the MSM use their made-up term “silencers”. Be careful not to perpetuate the misinformation. We need to provide corrections and truth whenever we can.

      • Actually no, the term “silencer” was in use long before “suppressor” no matter how much you might prefer it not to be. It might be less accurate, but it was not a made up term

        • Words popularity changes based on the frequency of use. Using what is a technically correct term, which gives gun controllers a talking point win should be a no go on our side.

          Supressors are a shooter’s PPE. That needs to be the talking point…

        • As I said in the last couple threads about “Silencers”, calling them such is just an argument for gun grabbers. Refer to them as Suppressors, because Hollywood ruined it for everyone. Don’t give them any argument. They won’t know anyways if you tell them they are called suppressors, they never know anything lol.

        • I don’t think it really matters what we call them when the Executive Order Writer In Chief, doesn’t know much about them except he doesn’t like them.

      • “Silencer” is what Hiram Maxim the inventor called it in his patent, it’s what is used in the NFA language, it’s what’s used in the GCA of 68 legislation and it’s what ATF makes me put down in my bound book.

        • Yes, you are correct, as the *legal* definition Hiram Percy Maxim’s submitted with his 1908 patent was with the term “silencer”. But the technically correct definition is “suppressor”, for reasons of…well…we all know the arguments for-or-against.

          While the two words can arguably mean the same thing to those who know, the anti-2A crowd trying to chip away at our rights have no clue, and the continued use of the term “silencer” is misleading. Just like a Dodge Hornet is legally called a “Hornet” by its manufacturer, but everyone knows it’s not a hornet, but a car.

          But hey, we’re (assumedly) all on the same side here and just want the Gov to leave us alone. Want to have some fun reading arguments by others on this same topice? Here’s a TTAG article from 2015. Maybe some of the people debating in those comments are still here today?

        • Hiram Percy Maxim was the silencer’s inventor. Hiram Maxim was his father and inventor of the first practical machine gun. While we’re on terminology, other English speaking countries call the sound reducers for internal combustion engines “silencers,” which are mufflers in the USA. HPM invented them too.
          Insisting we call them suppressors is like saying we have to refer to semi auto rifles as “modern sporting rifles.” It’s pro-gun political correctness that you can use if you want, but the other terms are as much or more factually correct. Maybe I need to insist we start calling guns “chemical-change powered projectile launchers” — just rolls off the tongue. Look for new regs from the BATCCPPLE.

      • Silencers are what the inventor called them in the early 20th century. The gun community started calling them suppressors because it sounds better to the public.

    • None of those details mean a damn thing to politicians. They see this as a opportunity to pursue their own personal career goals. Go ahead a email/call/stamp your feet. Won’t effect them in the slightest, and if you’re real lucky you’ll get a paternal pat on the head & some stupid boilerplate letter/email in return.

    • dude: yes, I still haven’t seen what “extended” magazines is actually referring to, either. Is it a “+2” mag, or what. I am leery of non-specific terminology being used as a basis for banning something…not that I am in favor of any ban or restriction in the first place.

  4. When somebody does a naughty, pass laws to punish those who are innocent. Yep, works every time.

    • What happens is the teacher punishes the whole class for the actions of one kid then after school the class, oh, about 3% of the class, beats the shit out of that kid then goes on ignoring the teacher.

  5. What I find most intriguing is the use of his nickname, “Coonman”. Now being the high tech redneck that I am I understand this referr’s to his racoon hunting days yet there are many small minded people out there that will take this as a racial slur and/or a demeaning term towards Black folks.

    It’s a good thing his nickname isn’t “Moon Cricket”

    • Well, it doesn’t help he was either the guy in blackface or a Klan robe, but can’t remember which.

      • Isn’t it both? Pretty sure it’s both. They just swept it under the rug through brilliant manipulation, much like they are still doing.

  6. It will never occur to these morons that a properly armed person could have stopped it almost as fast as it got started. Somebody should show them what a briefcase full of gasoline and a road flare could do. I have a breifcase more than 4 inches deep. It would hold a lot of gas in a plastic container. These dummies have no idea what real evil could be.

    • They don’t care what an armed person could have done, they only care about “never let a crisis go to waste”. This is an opportunity to push toward their disarmament goals.

      That is why they adamantly refuse to consider allowing armed teachers/administrators in schools. They want kids to die in schools so they have a big crisis to work with.

      Everyone should know by now that the left doesn’t care about people, they care only about power and armed citizens stand in the way of their ultimate power.

  7. They should:
    -Add a resolution condemning people who wear blackface strictly as a troll
    -Put mandatory 10-20-life in it and make him stand by his “anti crime” stature
    -Add riders making it so that people have an easier time defending themselves even in government property. That way when they claim Republicans are “doing nothing” they can point to it and be like “we want people to to be able to defend themselves, this happened right by a police station and he still managed to kill a dozen or so people unlike your measures that in no way would have stopped him.”

  8. If this dude was a Republican he’d have been been run been run out of town on a rail over his blackface photo. And, therefore, wouldn’t be the governor anymore. If I was a reporter every question I’d ask ask this doofus baby killer would reference his blackface past. As in, “In light of your dressing up in blackface why should anyone take anything you say or do seriously?” And then I’d ask Republicans why you’re agreeing with anything this clown does?

  9. Someone in another forum posted a Hickock45 video of him shooting a suppressed .45 cal Glock, and it was anything but “silent”, and I can only imagine how loud it would be indoors.

    Nonetheless, given Virginia’s current political makeup, I think they’ll probably get a suppressor ban on the books.

    • I have a few and all center-fire suppressed handguns are noticeable as something happening, they just don’thurt your ears as much.

    • standard tactic…ask for a lot in hopes of getting something…and he probably will….

  10. Because another scumbag has used a firearm to kill innocent people, for whatever reason he had; the nation’s law-abiding gun owners now must suffer.

    If he had used a bomb instead of a gun, even if the same number of lives were lost; the anti-gun media would instead say ” bomb blast kills [ x ] people, ” and that would have been pretty much the end of it. But the Dumbocrats, wanting to never miss an opportunity to cast a bad light on ” those evil guns,” seized the chance to press for yet another attempt to dis-arm America.

    I can’t decide who is the worse scum……… the asshole who took those innocent lives, or the Democrats.

  11. If the republicans were smart they wouldn’t go back for the session,, I would not trust the G O P to keep the R I N O’s in line,,, they haven’t been able to yet that I can see… I also thought politicians like governors were supposed to swear an oath to protect the constitution,,, the ones that don’t , they are the ones that need to be impeached…don’t ya think?

  12. The good ole if it saves one life mantra that infringes on the millions and makes more dangerous for the millions of other people mostly women and minorities needing a force multiplier to defend their lives against multiple attackers.

    You cannot pass a law that infringes on the whole population that has no proof or evidence it has ever worked! Gun Control causes crime to rise in every case!

  13. Maybe we should start calling suppressors/silencers something else. Change the language so to speak.


  14. Never let a good tragedy go to waste. Notable in the Governor’s call are for laws that would have had no effect on this incident. Universal background checks? He passed several background checks and had no criminal record. Red Flag law? Where were the indicators that he was a threat to himself or others? An assault weapons ban? This guy didn’t use one. A suppressor ban? Well, yeah, he used one, but the move to ban them is based on fundamentally flawed beliefs as to the efficacy of such devices–and even if he did not have one, that would not likely have stopped him from opening fire.

    • Quite simply, alcohol has always been abundantly plentiful. I educated my son’s on the dangers of alcohol abuse and the dangers associated with it. There are laws regulating alcohol. My son’s, when of age, were responsible social drinkers. They NEVER had a social or legal issue with alcohol. NOW let’s move to firearms. Same thing. One son served in OIF/OEF. Granddaughter is in USAF. The GOVERNOR would make a HORRIBLE parent. Educate. Enforce the current laws. Don’t wait until your kids are in jail. His political knee jerk reaction will do no good. Emphasis on mental health and education…EARLY education. BTW, malpractice kills more people than non combat firearms actions.

  15. Va. Gov. Ralph Northam is recalling lawmakers to push for gun control legislation after the Va. Beach shooting that includes universal background checks, an “assault weapons” ban, a suppressor ban, and a ban on bump stocks.

    “If we can save one life…it is worth it.”

    Put abortion on the bill. could use his same reasoning “If we can save one life…it is worth it.”

    Poison pill. Every Dembat would vote against.

  16. I don’t buy the whole “do this no matter how expensive it is or how many people lawful people it intrudes on as long as it May save one life” bullshit. If we really wanted to save peoples lives we would ban bicycles and automobiles and tobacco and alcohol and every other damn thing that kills more people than guns. Asshole Governor Blackface…. desperately trying to divert attention away from his f ups.

  17. I hope this shit just dies and we get some lukewarm response that doesn’t infringe on any rights. I’ll be pretty unhappy if I have to store most of my collection to West Virginia or North Carolina and put it in storage until I leave for a freer state. I just bought cans this year and they are barely out of jail. I have two more in jail still.

  18. Seems like the VA Beach shooting is the perfect opportunity to call a special session on Family Leave, Universal Health Care, Tax Increases, Abortion legal up until 1 year of age, and the Green New Deal. None of those had anything to do with the shooting, much like Bump Stocks and Assault Weapons he’s wanting to ban.

  19. OMG I got shot with a BB Gun, BAN Everything!! The Guy bought both Legally and they wanna pushing everyone for it. pfft. If a off duty Cop went and killed people who they gonna Blame?

  20. I’ve already been blowing up my local and state VA representatives e-mails and phones. If you are a resident it’s time to start raising hell and remind them of how much Virginians like our guns and 2nd Amendment rights. I’ve also included all of the pro’s concerning use of suppressors including hearing protection for hunters and target shooters as well as being a considerate neighbor. I can use a suppressor to target shoot on my property without freaking out my neighbors horses for example.

  21. Here is how it’s going to go down:

    VA Gov. Northam: “You guys have too much freedom. And too much freedom is bad. So we are going to have to reel in some of this freedom. We are not going to treat you as individuals. Because if we were going to treat you as individuals with individual responsibility, then we would have to admit that all of you are innocent except for this one guy who perpetrated this heinous act. So we are going to treat you as a collective, rather than individuals. As a collective you are all responsible. That said, collectives can’t really accept responsibility, because they are collectives, therefore, we are going to rein in your freedoms, to prevent you, the collective, from allowing this to happen. So everyone of you, need to abide by these new gun control laws we are drafting, after all, you are a collective, not individuals, and we can’t see individuals, we can only see collectives. So it’s time for some laws overseeing the collective, of which you are a part. Have a nice day.

  22. Pulling out all the rhetorical stops, the Governor says he expects the GOP-controlled legislature to produce “votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers.” It will be worth it, he said, if it saves just one life.

    If we banned tylenol, it would save one life. If we banned anything, it would probably save one life. If we banned scissors, toothpicks, chopsticks, and all sharp objects, many lives could be saved. I don’t think the “if it saves one life” metric has any merit.

  23. Hey wasn’t this baby killer doc going to resign after his klan episode?!? Another crazy black dude shoots up his workplace(like Aurora,ILL) and we change the law(or was THIS dude on jihad?!?). Good luck Virginia…

  24. A shame of what has happened to Virginia since the mid-2000’s. Filthy, Scumy, Leftwing Trash from the Progressive Utopias of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland moved into the Old Dominion……voted Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat,…..and by 2021, will have turned Virginia 1,000% Blue.

  25. But restrictions and bans work so well! Just ask the people in Darwin, Australia.

  26. They should send a gun free zone ban to him, but I know they won’t because the GOP has no spine.

    • Nonsense. In the last four years party alignment on cosponsorship, committee votes, and full legislature votes on gun control, by state and federal legislators, and that is thousands of data points over the last three years, have been aligned by party 98% of the time . In the 1980 those votes only had a 60/40 alignments.
      That data clearly show that GOP legislators have never been as uniformly pro 2A as today and the Democrats have never been as anti-2A as today.

  27. A former military man who became a city worker assassinates government workers for personal reasons… Now we have to suffer the punishments although their previous laws did not protect even government from government. Not only that, but the laws they want are not for government rather they are for the people. As if cops don’t ever commit murder.

  28. I live just over a mile away as the crow flies from where this happened. I absolutely knew this numbskull would pull this, I’m just surprised it took him this long. I’m sure it’s been said in the comments here, but absolutely nothing he has proposed would stopped Craddock from murdering 12 people. Not universal background checks. Not a one gun per month law. Not stopping sales of suppressors (somebody post the data on how many nfa items are used in a crime, I’ll wait). Not magazine capacity limits and lastly, not a red flag law, the most disgusting infringement on constitional rights that I have ever seen (worse than the TSA).

    • His resignation letter said absolutely NOTHING about any issues he may have had with work or co-workers. He listed his last day of work two weeks from that date.

      Does this set off anyone else’s spidey sense?

      • For the next few weeks, between pushing for more gun control and doing some investigative journalism on what factors led to the shooter’s actions, we all know what direction the left media will be taking this.

      • His resignation “letter” was only 1 sentence long. He said he is quiting for personal reasons and that was it.

        The police chief, city manger and FBI don’t want to talk about the fighting that was going on at the workplace with him and his coworkers. They stated he was shooting random people when in fact he targeted specific people and executed them on three different floors of his workplace. He saw people that weren’t his targets and ignored them. He used a suppressor to give him a better chance at finishing his job, which he did before the police were willing to confront him 10 or so minutes later.

        There are rumors that he was divorced and dating a woman at work that was cheating on him with another coworker. The people at work were aware of the situation while he wasn’t. There was some conflicts over it and fights leading up to him quiting and going postal.

        The shooter didn’t want to kill Ned Carlstrom:

        Nor did he want to kill Terry Inman:

        He saw them and made the decision to move onto who he wanted to kill. A neighbor said she witnessed him sitting in his car contemplating before leaving to work. So he thought about it for a few minutes before deciding who was going to die that day.

        That doesn’t sound like a long awaited plan nor does it sound like a random shooting for fame. Which is typical for workplace shootings; they are different than school shootings.

    • Of legally acquired NFA items since 1934, i think maybe 2 to 3 and one of them was a cop.

      A Dayton Ohio police officer, Roger Waller, was convicted of the Sept. 15 1988 slaying of Lawrence E. Hileman, 53. Hileman had a history of drug-related arrests and was a police informant. He killed the man with a registered M11 in .380 caliber.

      A doctor, also in Ohio, killed his ex-wife (I think they were divorced) with a suppressed M11 in .380 caliber as well. I can’t remember the exact date or details on this one, but I do have a scan of the original news paper article stashed somewhere.

      and there was that clown in from CA that used a suppressor from a trust in NV.

      • Christopher Dorner, a former LAPD officer and naval reservist, used legal suppressors purchased with his military ID in his Feb 2013 shooting spree.

    • Check out Dan “I was a Navy SEAL who lost an eye fighting men who want to take away our freedoms” Crenshaw. He supports a precrime bill to expand Homeland Security to combine with red flag laws. Essentially he wants an expansion of the police state and he stands by law enforcement (literally) while he calls for that.

      Seems like Texas has no patriots leading the way.

  29. Any bills that come out of this “special” session should be progun… Republicans won’t gain anything by caving to Northam; he is just playing them, but they have a chance to game him.

  30. Of course he does, he is a democrat. Just like malloy in CT after sandy hook… state, federal and constitutional laws were broken. but thge law abiding gun owner they want to pay…GFYS!

  31. This guy needs to deflect the attention drawn to him by his blackface and abortion debacles. VA residents remember what you did when you elected this guy.

  32. Bend over Virginians here it comes. This is what they have waited for and why they protected this racist Bastard.
    Other states are sure to pass new laws too. Can’t ban supressors in my states because they aren’t legal now.
    Opportunistic pricks.

  33. If they would actually punish the Asshats that kill people instead of the innocent gun owners maybe they would see some results.
    Guns and Law adiding citizen are not to blame.

    • Well they did shoot and kill him. But that’s not enough. They want the Maryland immigrants to feel safe and right at home by disarming the riff raff.

      • It’s tough to punish someone who isn’t planning to survive the crime. What are they going to do? Mandate desecration of his body? Invite necrophiles to enjoy themselves? Put his head on a spike? If they happen to survive, they get convict of multiple homicides. What more can they do stronger than consecutive life sentences without parole or the death penalty?

  34. Shouldn’t he be off putting some newborns in a dark corner and “making them comftable” while they die of dehydration?

  35. Trump and the Republican Party are pro gun because the Dems are not. You can bet that many Republican politicians are not 2A supporters privately, many of the ones that are, believe “guns for me, but not for thee”. We can not trust them because they are Republican.
    I agree that the Democratic Party left many of us standing around saying, “What happened?” We need a 3rd party that really will work for the working people in the US, both professional and blue collar. We need a party that will back us instead of people that want to sell us Chinese products and close our factories. It really seems that Trump is doing more for us than any Republican has in the past, but even he seems to want to limit our 2A rights.

  36. Approximately 20,000 unborn children will be murdered in Virginia this year that number is tempered by the liberals failure to pass a “through moment of birth” abortion bill that Northam was not only ready to sign but went on a live radio program to explain what a post birth (euthanasia) abortion would look like.. Now some nut job goes off and using TWO handguns one with a suppressor and the first thing my “Black Face” hero the “Coonman wants to do is ban rifles that were nowhere near the place.. Go get em Ralph. Anybody interested in two acres of mountain top in Southwest Virginia? Glad I’ve not started my log home yet.. Looking for a new site in another state as we speak..

  37. This Governor needs to resign after the ridiculous blackface stuff he did and does not have the courage to admit.

  38. Virginia House of Delegates says “CHILL RALPHIE” we got this.. Quote: “We intend to use that time to take productive steps to address gun violence by holding criminals accountable with tougher sentences – including mandatory minimums” (Kirk Cox, Speaker)

  39. I hope this Govener is seriously run out of office…if the state legislature needs to have an emergency meeting it should be to impeach the man who betrayed his oath.

  40. Ok, why is it when there’s a terrorist bombing they blame the terrorist, not the bomb, or when there’s a DUI caused fatality they blame the driver, not the alcohol, drugs or the car, or when there’s a fire they blame the arsonist, not the lighter or the match, but when there’s a shooting, they blame the firearm, the magazine, the grip, the muzzle device, the butt stock, the ammo etc…. and not the shooter. Thanks to the roaring news and media to see who can yell the loudest from atop the mountain of bad information, they need to stop and think what they are actually doing, creating victimless crimes. Why, because they are trying to blame an inanimate object and not the criminal, and they relentlessly spin and focus their stories around that same inanimate object until the actual victims of the criminal act begin to fade away and are no longer relevant to their stories, they are more worried about their made up cause and what effect is has on boosting their ratings.

    • Very simple, cars and bombs dont fit in their ultimate goal. Fatalities involving all the other causes are acceptable loss, our guns have a special place in their hearts.

  41. Laws Prevent Nothing! You cannot legislate evil out of anyone. Every gun law on the books has failed its intended purpose. None of the legislation being proposed would have prevented this tragedy. Neither the guns or the suppressors are at fault, and I challenge anyone claiming it made it easier for the murderer. They do not silence anything. They reduce decibals by 20 to 30%. That is all they do. One 30 round magazine v. Three 10 round magazines adds 3 or 4 seconds tops (less for someone who is proficient). This a-hole had issues long before his “postal” moment, and they weren’t handled period, by anyone.

  42. ” It will be worth it, he said, if it saves just one life.” – The guy who wants to kill babies after they’re born.

  43. OMG OMG OMG….

    ….a government official that wants to curtail gun ownership.

    really didn’t know such a person existed. color me shocked.

  44. It is time to pass H.R. 38: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2019
    The police Chief is absolutely right no law would have prevented this mass shooting, but this will work.
    The ignorance of our politicians and gun free zones. It is time to pass H.R. 38: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2019.
    There is a city named Kennesaw in Georgia and they have a law that it is mandatory that every family must own a gun, this law in Kennesaw Georgia was pasted 15 years ago and in all that time there has only been one murder and crime is almost nonexistent. There is another city called Rifle in Colorado Where everyone openly carry a gun and they can’t remember the last time someone was arrested.

  45. what??? not banning black face paint or lynching ropes or………whatever racist have on them for EDC

    good cover up or diversion governor…..notice who stood by him and forgot what he did in the past……

  46. The yearbook picture was in black and white and not very clear. Given the choice between someone in a Klu Klux Klan uniform and someone in blackface, it seems the public and the Press chose to believe that the governor was in blackface. And not wearing a Ku Klux Klan uniform. Because they couldn’t bring themselves to admit they had voted for a klansman. Even if they had been fooled because he was in the “closet” with his Klan uniform.

    I choose to believe that the Virginia governor is in fact a member of the Ku Klux Klan. I don’t believe he ever left the Klan. Now will anyone in the gun Community Black or White address the issue that the governor in a Klan uniform wants to pass gun control in the former capital of the Confederacy?

    Will protesters protest in front of the governor’s office or even at his home. Like they protested in New Jersey at a politician’s home who had a gun permit but won’t let anyone else have guns.

    Well they asked him if he ever attended a across burning? Will they ask him did he support three white men who burned a cross on the front lawn of a black person’s home in Northern Virginia a few years ago?

    And if that landowner had shot those three white men would that be okay or would that be wrong? I know the ACLU thinks is ok for white people to burn a cross on the private property of a black person.

    I admire the pro Liberty people in New Jersey who protested in front of the home of a politician who was denying them their gun rights even though he had a gun permit for himself.

    The question is do organized gun rights people in Virginia have as much bravery as a people with far fewer guns Civil Rights and they do in Virginia?

    And some of those people in Virginia have their own gun podcast because I listen to them. And if you’re reading my words you know who you are.

  47. The great majority of mass murderers have been deranged democrats. We need dimocrat (intentionally misspelled) control not gun control!

  48. Let’s see… the chief of police said there were no laws broken with the gun purchases. The most recent gun purchased was 6 months past. Magazine changes can be done in two seconds so oversized magazine are not actually a factor. Silencers are not like in the movies so someone hearing muffled thumps should ask them selves if that is normal.

    But here’s what I do know; when I worked for a fortune 300 company and someone turned in a resignation even if it was two weeks notice, they were walked off the property with a couple of hours, their security clearance was shut off as was their building and computer access. They were paid for the two weeks, but could only come back on property if they were accompanied by security. if that policy was in place all of this could be avoided.

  49. All I want to know is whether he will be attending in blackface or his Klan robes…

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