kirsten gillibrand gun control nra
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand talks with FOX News Anchor Chris Wallace, right, during a FOX News town hall, Sunday, June 2, 2019, in Dubuque, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
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Gee, It’s almost as if politicians will say just about anything to get elected. The latest case in point: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The New York Senator is currently one of about 68 Democrats who’ve announced their candidacy for the 2020 presidential race. She appeared on a Fox News town hall event over the weekend.

As Fox reports, the distinguished Senator made sure to take a shot at the National Rifle Association while news of the Virginia Beach shooting was still fresh in viewers’ minds.

“Americans are feeling ripped apart by the gun deaths we have seen, year after year, month after month,” Gillibrand said. “The most outrageous thing that’s happened to our democracy is how much fear, and division, and hate has been spread. I think the NRA is the worst organization in this country for doing exactly that. They care more about their profits than the American people.”

The NRA is a non-profit and doesn’t sell guns, but those are just silly little details that are neither here nor there. Besides, when you’re a Democrat presidential candidate you can’t possibly be too anti-gun or too strident in announcing that fact.

Gillibrand went on to call for universal background checks, a bump stock ban, and a federal anti-weapons trafficking law. She also accused the NRA of having a “chokehold” on members of Congress. (The Trump administration has already banned bump stocks, over the objections of some conservatives who raised concerns about the constitutionality of the sweeping executive order.)

So, nothing really new there. In fact compared to other Dem candidates like Cory “Spartacus” Booker (national gun licensing and registration) and Eric “Nuke Em” Swalwell, (confiscation or else), Gillibrand is practically middle-of-the road.

From her campaign web site:

We need to pass universal background checks, stop gun trafficking, ban assault rifles and close gun sale loopholes to make sure guns can’t get into the hands of dangerous criminals, terrorists or domestic abusers. Kirsten has fearlessly and consistently stood up for commonsense gun safety and taken on the greed of the gun lobby in the Senate, earning her a proud “F” rating from the NRA.

But the good senator wasn’t always so anti-gun or anti-NRA. In fact, in the olden days when she was a lowly Congresswoman representing a conservative upstate district where lots of gun-owning rubes and deplorables live, it was important to demonstrate that she was the kind of Democrat they didn’t have to fear.

That’s why she took time out of her busy schedule to meet with the NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox. She even followed up the meeting with a letter reaffirming her support of the Second Amendment.

After her incendiary Fox town hall comments, the NRA took the opportunity to remind the good Senator of her previous staunch support for gun rights.


If it’s difficult to read that, you can see a full-size version here. Note this portion:

Gillibrand also professed her opposition to “smart gun” mandates. And there’s this part, too:

I was also a proud co-signor of the amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court during the trial between the District of Columbia v. Heller and I was pleased that the Court correctly stood up for gun owners throughout the District by striking down the unconstitutional firearms restrictions.

In short, she was for the Second Amendment and gun rights before she was against them. Same as it ever was.

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    • Scullery maid would be a promotion for this moron. By the way, I distinctly remember when she was running for office from upstate NY, she emphatically stated that she slept with a rifle under her bed.

    • She WAS pro-gun until they put a plastic bag over her head and made her repeat the Democrats manifesto until she either saw the light or passed out.

      But as for presidential nomination, while female she’s too white. She needs to tick a few more diversity boxes before being taken seriously.

  1. I put this socialist in the same box as all of the rest of the communist-socialist-marxist fools in the demon-rat party. NOT PLAUSABLE FOR PUBLIC OFFICE. SHE IS A FOLLOWER OF MURDER INCORPORATED, THE PLANED PARENTHOOD BABY-KILLERS. she has no common sense, she wants to change the united states into a marxist prison block government with one voice in government. OUR WAY OR THE HIWAY, IS NOT AMERICAN. OF THE THIRTY OR SO CLOWNS THAT WANT TO BE PRESIDENT ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM ARE SUITABLE FOR THE JOB OF PRESIDENT. there is not one un-corrupted braincell in the entire group.

    • Those Democrats are so infectious they made it into the Republican party and destroyed it.

  2. Can only hope she stays in long enough that the other issues come out. Not that her potential replacement in the Senate would be any better but her backstabbing is a bit galling even up here.

  3. Typical democrat,,, all lies,,, this kind of politician is why TERM LIMITS are a necessity…

    • There isn’t a genuine American in federal government, including Rand Paul. The U.S. is doomed if the people don’t stand up now and clean house.

      The treasonous Dan Crenshaw:

  4. It sounds like electing her will be about as safe as a woman playing sex games with this guy –

    Yes, it’s yet another “Florida Man” story :

    “Florida woman shot dead during foreplay gone wrong, deputies say”

    “Sheriff’s deputies received a call about 12:39 p.m. that day. They arrived to find Williams, 24, in a bedroom, a gunshot wound to her chest, according to an arrest affidavit. Shinault told them he and Williams had been using a 9 mm Taurus handgun for “sexual gratification and arousal,” deputies said. It was an activity they had engaged in on prior occasions. They were fully clothed and seated on his bed.”

    Sooooooo, she had the unique experience of coming and going at the same time?


  5. “The most outrageous thing that’s happened to our democracy is how much fear, and division, and hate has been spread.”

    Well, she’s right about that.

    As for who has been doing the spreading of such, if she practices her TV soundbites in the mirror, she has a great view of the problem.

  6. Okay, TTAG, what gives with this stupid captcha thing before I can post a comment? I’m not going to keep doing that.

    • It’s either the captcha or the comment get shit-canned for potentially being spam…

      • I’m using Firefox, and there’s no Captcha here. Captcha is a google product, are you using Chome?

        • On Chrome and Brave (which is Chrome based). The captcha seems to be served by Cloudflare, though, so I don’t know that it has anything to do with the browser. Maybe it’s an overly aggressive ddos protection from the hosting platform? It flags me about 60% of the time, and I don’t know what makes the difference.

      • How much spam is there on TTAG?

        For a few months now the comments section has changed, almost a 180 for what it used to be. Can’t edit comments, embedded videos not favored, people getting banned for saying taboo things, words being censored, comments deleted, quoting/italics/links not working all the time, region/IP blocking…

        I went to recently and noticed that the culture there is very different now. Seems a lot more meme heavy (aka millennial age group). I didn’t like going there in the past because it was mostly older people talking about things they didn’t know as if they are experts or have personal experience. Now that the NRA associated people bought it out, I don’t have much confidence in the future of that board.

        Where are 2nd Amendment people going to hang out and talk in mass in the future? Youtube was the place to be before Google bought it, before that it was It’s not like the NRA spends money on building a social media platform for 2nd Amendment stuff and people to freely use. We have to rely on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and Google.

  7. Just another socialist in a rather long line,hoping to become premier,aka just another would be petty tyrant.

  8. Democratic party politicians threatening legal organizations, I thought only despots did that but I guess that what some of them want to be with all the people controlling programs they propose, taking total control of the medical world, destroying parts of the insurance business, which evidently do not realize will dramatically increase rates for other types of insurance. Nor do they seem to understand that EVERYTHING associated with medicine will become less available because of the reduced payments all providers will receive including Those who produce drugs as well as cotton balls and tips. Then there is the matter of dangerous organizations, which one kills more people, “Planned Parenthood” or the one that protects a Constitutionally protected right? Which one is more like a Nazi organization? We have legislatures in this country cheering after passing legislation that permits the killing of VERY viable human beings at the verge of natural birth and SUPREME COURT JUSTICE stating that pregnant women aren’t mothers. And she was the heroine of a recent movie. This was six or so days ago during the debate regarding an Indiana law that aborted babies be buried or cremated. I truly never ever thought I’d see something in this country that could be compared to something the Nazis did. They killed babies only if they were infirm as well as children and adults. She calls the NRA dangerous/ I can say the same about the Democratic party and that oxymoron “Planned Parenthood”, which advocates neither planning or parenthood. RGB should retire. In 2006 on Egyptian T.V she said that if she was to write a constitution she wouldn’t look to the U.S. Constitution for direction. This from a Supreme Court Justice!

  9. How many think FOX is going to he!! featuring & hiring leftard scum?!? KG can’t even get play on CNN…anywho her “A” grade is out there!

  10. “The most outrageous thing that’s happened to our democracy is how much fear, and division, and hate has been spread. I think the NRA is the worst organization in this country for doing exactly that. They care more about their profits than the American people.”

    I actually think a lot of that is true. Maybe not the NRA being the worst organization in the country doing that. The other stuff is accurate though.

    All you got to do is watch NRA TV, listen to Wayne speak, read the letters the NRA puts out, read their social media posts. You can deny all you want but the evidence is there.

  11. The coven of prog maggots are ALL running around Iowa pretending to care about/understand rural America. This on is clearly a Ivy League Sorority broad that doesn’t have 3 brain cells to rub together. AND a damn lawyer.

    I think most of these turds just want to ride the “former presidential candidate” ass on TV gigs for the rest of their useless life.

    • I call her a political prostitute, she has plenty of company in d c . Fire them all and turn d c into a tourist attraction.

  12. Only Two Faces? I suspect that most any sort of examination beyond the most casual will show more than two.

  13. She’s more than willing to take back rubs and deep hair sniffs from Joe if it ges her on the ticket as VP.

  14. REMEBER this is the woman the GOP said Republicans had to support because she agreed with so many things the GOP stood for. I kind of believe that that may be the case now.

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