darwin mass shooting shotgun australia
In this image made from video, police proceed to apprehend a suspect on the ground next to a white truck, Tuesday, June 4, 2019, in Darwin Australia. Media reports say a gunman has killed at least four people in the Australian city of Darwin. Northern Territory Police Duty Superintendent Lee Morgan says a 45-year-old man was in custody following Tuesday's shooting. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation via AP)
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Something extraordinary happened in Australia today. A paroled convict used a banned shotgun to open fire in downtown Darwin. He killed four people and wounded a fifth.

The firearm he used — a pump action shotgun — was banned in Australia 13 years ago. That’s beside the fact that it’s illegal for a parolee to possess a firearm.

And then there’s the fact that we’d been reliably informed that mass shootings don’t happen in other countries— particularly those with such strict gun control laws. 

Here’s the AP’s report . . .


MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — A man who was out on parole was arrested after fatally shooting four men and wounding a woman in an hour-long downtown rampage Tuesday in the northern Australian city of Darwin, police said.

Police did not reveal a motive for the shotgun attack, but ruled out terrorism.

It was Australia’s third mass shooting since the country introduced tough gun laws in response to a 1996 massacre in which a lone gunman armed with two semi-automatic assault rifles killed 35 people in Tasmania state. Mass shootings are usually defined as those resulting in at least four deaths excluding the shooter.

In Tuesday’s rampage, four men were killed and a woman was wounded at five places around Darwin, said Northern Territory Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw.

The 45-year-old suspect was released from prison on parole in January and was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet, Kershaw said. Police did not say why he had been in prison or whether the bracelet helped police arrest him.

“He is an individual who’s well known to police and has a number of interactions adverse with the police,” Kershaw said.

The woman who was wounded did not have serious injuries, he said.

The Health Department had earlier said two people were taken to a hospital with gunshot wounds and both were in stable condition. It was not immediately clear if the second victim had been injured in an unrelated shooting.

Kershaw said the man was arrested after he contacted a senior police officer. An Australian Broadcasting Corp. reporter said she saw police tackle and taser the gunman at a busy intersection.

Kershaw did not explain why the suspect was being held under police guard in a hospital. The suspect had yet to be charged.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner described the incident as an “incredibly difficult night.”

“This is not the Darwin we know,” Gunner said. “This may be an event you prepare for, but this is never an event you want to respond to.”

Witnesses described the shooter using a pump action shotgun to fire multiple blasts at the Palms Hotel and Buffalo Club. A victim was killed at each. Kershaw confirmed that the suspect was armed with a shotgun, but could not confirm what type.

Pump action shotguns have been virtually banned from private ownership in Australia along with other rapid-fire weapons under the country’s tough gun laws designed to prevent mass shootings.

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  1. Its almost like criminals don’t care about no stinkin laws. Pass some more laws progtard serfs.

    • Banned gun
      Banned criminal
      Leashed criminal

      Triple ban synergy, go!

      It all failed, but we definitely need moar!

      • That’s what i’m thinking. The follow up action, if any, is more gun laws and more failure. Aussie Gov insanity indeed.

        • But, but, but… what if he keeps his fingers crossed behind his back??? Then it doesn’t count, right?

          Small consolation to the dead people and their families. They’re still dead, and fucktard is still breathing.

          So the libitard answer is MORE laws that criminals will ignore? NOW who’s the stupid ones???

    • I guess those homicide and assault laws mean nothing to repeat offenders in the Down Under……?🤔

  2. Their rate of “gun violence” was very low before the controls and it continues to be very low. It’s increasing though.

      • Theyve gotten more creative in recent years, quite a few of those were fires. Goes to show you when someone wants to kill others theyll find a way

        • No. Chlorine bleach and ammonia. It’s been done by accident more than a few times. No fatalities, but many taken to hospital with respiratory problems.

      • That list is a text book example of other weapons that will be used to carry out a mentally ill persons intention to harm someone. Gas. Knives. Fire. Vehicles….

        How much more proof do you need that the object a killer choses is not to blame? Blame the person.

        Sadly, all this stuff falls on def ears when it matters most. It’s all about control.

  3. That’s so weird. It’s almost as if gun control laws don’t actually work. 😐

  4. Fake news. Those guns are illegal… it’s Trump’s and Bush’s fault… If I was a leftist these would be my thoughts

  5. I hadn’t seen this story anywhere else in my daily news readings. It’s almost as though it is intentionally being ignored, since it doesn’t fit the gun grabber narrative of the gun free paradise down under.

    In other disappearing news, the media fell silent on Friday’s shooting as the details came out and, once again, defied their narrative.

  6. And the knee jerk backlash of punishing the law abiding firearm owners will occur very soon. Even though this incident is one that should have been impossible with a convicted criminal, a prohibited firearm, and multiple murder.

    Is it possible criminals don’t obey laws?

  7. Barely mentioned in the lamestream media…so wuddaya ban when they’re already banned?!😩😢😏

  8. I’m sad for the people killed and injured.

    As an Australian firearm owner it means that I will almost certainly go home in August to find more regulations on licenced shooters. After all banning pump action shotguns is working so well the government should pass more laws for criminals to ignore.

    • It’s called BOHICA time. Bend Over Here It Comes Again. They’ll come up with some petty restriction that makes things difficult for law abiding firearm owners but in reality achieves nothing.

      Punishing law abiding firearm owners makes as much sense as a farmer beating his dog because a fox got into the henhouse.

  9. “Mass shootings are usually defined as those resulting in at least four deaths excluding the shooter.”

    No, that’s literally nobody’s definition of a mass shooting. The number of killed have nothing to do with the number shot.

    Australia tries really hard to pretend they stopped mass shootings after Port Author, but the truth is that they just got really good at pretending they weren’t happening.

    • No, that is exactly how the FBI defines it and has done for decades.

      If you’re talking about “progressive” governments and news outlets, however, then you’re right. Their definition is whatever suits them at the time.

  10. How much you wanna bet they would have included his name if he was “Anthony” or “Michael” or “Chris” instead of “Muhammad” or “Saeed” or “Aziz”?

    • A convicted criminal with a monitoring device? That would never happen in my America, Isn’t that pump shotgun Crazy Uncle Joe’s weapon of choice? Bet that changes before the next news cycle..

    • Yeah, but that is gun control in Australia. We’ll do it right here in the USA. Just like Socialism.


  11. Australia’s population is 1/10th of the US. Three mass shootings in about 22.5 years is the equivalent of 30 over the time period. Less than the the US but as pointed out above Australia had a lower murder rate than US did before the ban.

  12. This is what happens when you take guns from law abiding people that could have stopped him.

  13. Banned, confiscated, it doesn’t mean a thing to a murderer. Some silly law will not change a thing. I’m sure this event will be hushed up a quickly as possible.

  14. That awful fully automatic machine gun , military style assault pump shotgun dragged this poor man around town and shot multiple people while he struggled with it , trying to stop the carnage. He in now being guarded at a hospital so no other shotguns will attack him.

  15. Where is the fake Vlad Dracula? Must be waiting for Shannon to tell him what to say.

    • This is exactly what I mentioned in a different post. We have 330+ million people in this country. Our pool of crazy is significantly larger, meaning we will have more crazy people doing crazy things. The media compares us like we have parity of population and it just doesn’t work like that. When you look at it as a per 100,000 statistic, you see a significantly different story.

      • Hasn’t received it’s talking points yet… Or maybe it hasn’t been paid for all that crap it ran over the weekend…

        • Reminded me of ulnar nerve dysfunctions posts from last year. Especially that quoting entire posts bit.

  16. “Paroled Ausralian Convict Wearing Monitor Bracelet Uses Banned Gun in Darwin Mass Shooting”

    And that’s about as “criminal” as it gets…

    • Not only was the accused “known to police” but was “well known to police with numerous altercations”. And the monitoring bracelet did absolutely stuff all in preventing this.

      • And also known to associate with outlaw motorcycle gangs, so there’s a possible source of the firearm. When the police raid a OLMC club house, they always find an interesting array of firearms.

  17. Proof positive that voting with a pencil is now useless.
    We all need to begin to channel our Founding Fathers.

  18. The gun law free crowd likes to gloat about this but the real truth is that since the 1980’s when the new law was passed there has been no mass shooting on the scale of the o original one that resulted in the law. Yes there have been a few people killed since then but not in the numbers of the first mass shooting. So this law did work and is still working. No law can be effective all of the time but the track record of this law proved it was needed and has worked far better than anyone would have thought it would especially over this long a period of years and years.

    • Yeah but how many on that scale happened before it? Is it possible that the reason it hasn’t happened again is because it is a highly unlikely thing to happen anyway?

    • You’re obviously not from round here. Port Arthur happened in the mid 1990s. Probably ancient history to you because it happened long before you were born.

    • I see Vlad received his talking points. “Laws aren’t 100% effective. Who knew. The fact that Australia has 10% of the US population escapes him. One mass shooting in Australia equals 10 mass shootings on the US on per capita basis.

    • Nobody gloats. We feel sadness for the victims who were most likely defenseless as the Australian law dictates.
      We are just pointing out the bald faced lie that Ausie style (or any other style) of gun control can do anything to prevent mass shootings. You know, the same gun control proggies here in US push down our throats under pretense of caring of “gun violence”.

      Only law abiding people follow the laws. They are the only ones disarmed by gun control. But they are not the ones you have to worry about anyway. So in the end your favorite gun grab just empowered bad guys and rendered their prey defenseless.

      Btw. How many prisoners did you impaled lately, Drac?

  19. MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — A man who was out on parole was arrested after fatally shooting four men and wounding a woman in an hour-long downtown rampage Tuesday in the northern Australian city of Darwin, police said.

    When seconds count, armed LE are only hours away???

  20. This simply isn’t possible. AU had a gun buyback after 1996 that magically secured safety for all citizens and completely prevented mass shootings from ever happening again.

  21. But I thought that Australia was proof that gun control works? You know, after they had that one mass shooting and banned guns, statistically showing 100% success rate with an n=1. That’s how good statistics work, right? In other words, my magic shark repellent socks maintain 100% success rate, so I’m doing better than gun control in Australia right now.

  22. I thought Australia had never had a single mass shooting since they banned guns in 1996. Liberal NPC Jim Jeffries said so.

  23. Send him here, why not, he’ll blend right in with all the other criminals that have or had multiple chances. Everyone 1 else comes here to piss on our streets, commit crime, rape our women, Pray and prey in our streets, pass new laws cause we offend them. This country was done for the minute we said bring us your weak, your tired and yatta yatta. I was born here, I use to have a gunrack in my truck that I fucking drove to school. I haven’t shot 1 some bitch that deserved it. Oh, I guess that’s a law too. Drop him off at a Mosque maybe they can convert him.

  24. Can we have the names of the 4 dead people so we can check the Obit and make sure that they’re not some that died in “Other” mass shootings? After all, our government, our Big brother (who would be watching me type this now if Snowden wouldn’t have told me to cover my webcam) would never lie to us. Nothing was ever at area 51.

    Is it just me or do guns always get blamed for mass shootings I mean mass murder but a towel head, camel riding, snake eating sidewinder can wear a clothing bomb into someplace and kill, oh that’s right – more than 4 not counting himself all in the need for Allah. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t speak for all of you, you help. Why, if I was Muslim and my parents didn’t name me Muhammad, afer Allah’s Chief Servant I would want to kill people too while yelling his name.

    Why would we want to bailout the Big Three? After all, the are vessels/vehicles, ways for us to drink and drive to kill people and live thru it ourselves, mostly. Lets not let all the alcohol makers off the hook either, they get us drunk. Why stop there? Lets put all the taverns/pubs/night clubs out of business that sell drinks. Where does it stop? Half these shootings are bullshit just so more pricks or Hillary’s can make promises to fight for something & keep us fighting against each other.

    Why do you think all the big money is going to start over on another planet? So us dumb shits can die here & they can start their own supreme race over on a new planet just so they can turn it into a piece of shit and hope to return back to here after the next big freeze, space rock, tsunami or button gets pushed. White man has screwed everything up that they’ve touched.

    Don’t hate the gun, firearm or boom stick – just hate the prick that used it as another means of a way to get what he/she wanted. Ya can’t stop a dyke from throwing her baby off a fucking bridge so she can have her girlfriend all to herself.

    • Reports are he was looking for someone named “Alex” who was interstate at the time. One of the victims was a taxi driver on his meal break. Others are currently unknown.

      And the attacker had recently been fired from their job for repeatedly failing to turn up.

    • This shooting doesn’t exactly push the narrative that gun control works so I don’t see the conspiracy angle

      • Shutup and pass me a tin foil hat. I want to join in on the lunacy!!!!!!

  25. I don’t understand how he was able to break those laws!!!! BUT THE GUN LAWS WOULD KEEP US SAFE LIKE AUSTRALIA …DERP DERP DERP

  26. Why don’t the Aussies just ban all firearms? That way only the criminals will be able to find a way to get a gun.
    Because they always do.

  27. We’re all missing the big picture here. The photo (and released video) show the miscreant frothing at the mouth rolling on the ground beside the vehicle he used for transport for his massacre, a near new Toyota Hilux ute. It is obvious that only a brief period of exposure to Australia’s most popular vehicle pushed him beyond the limits of sanity. What does this say about the safety of Aussie cars and trucks? His recent incarceration meant he was clearly unused to driving in current conditions. Is traffic that bad? Road planners should check on this, lest we experience a rash of vehicular manslaughter whenever unfamiliar drivers push themselves out onto the roads. Maybe the ankle bracelet interfered with the car’s computer? And how did he get the Hilux? Concerned citizens need to know.

  28. “It was not immediately clear if the second victim had been injured in an unrelated shooting” how many shootings do they have that they can’t be sure which one caused the injury?

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